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3-5-14 11:35am Garland: on the levee boards

Mar 5, 2014|

Garland talks about the levee boards with Anne Rolfes of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade and environmental writer Dr. Ivor Van Heerden.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back we're. Doing more -- were chosen the temperament. Of the -- and would you upload protection authority blindly lawsuit that the Pentagon tonight he's seven oil companies. Charging that they had a hand in destruction liberal -- Orleans and suing for preparation. This half hour we have. And Waltz on to direct founding director of regional bucket brigade and welcome to the show. And and doctor I -- and -- and environment editor. Doctor welcomed with the show. I thank you call and it's good to be back. That you for calling -- And -- -- -- public view what are your thoughts about the yeah senator bill coming up and be -- changes to be -- Well I was listening with great interest in the earlier part of your program and that -- after the court question you know what was wrong -- went broke and it didn't begin next. Now senator out there are accused complaint we got a lot of authority. I can assure you complain or from the oil and street once they file and you need to get out of our way. Posted bill and let the legal hot artwork that is the wire way and he isn't practiced in political hiking. Great call the -- he. Well we also accused of the board of corruption in the illegality that in. -- Truth and the court will find back. Out again he would he would varies. He's very. -- Kenyan and his opinion. On the court he is right and it will be turned out. When I read to him. The illusion administrative codes that I thought was based on wall but he says it's -- is huge government. Worded specifically. Calls on oil against companies to restore them re veggie today -- detoxify. Everything else. There's the -- there a bid to boost to the maximum extent practicable. That's their word. And the -- it's reported think that. The oil companies claimed experts claim when you grow back in to fill them with board troop doggone -- understood correctly. Just turned some -- them relief work and a lot of these permits -- or private property. Where they don't have the capability to restore the first. And it it sure use that he should not -- -- all about one court. Look all of his ilk are about circumventing the legal costs -- He obviously does not believe what he -- if he feels necessary to gear and try to get this legislation. You know that irked that he certain planning process and he is match. It is extremely chilling thing. Or state center to be acting at the spokesperson for the oil industry and why don't we. Andre and the or Asians speaking for themselves strikes we saw last week -- probably guilty when he was apparent that actually -- No faction on -- side and you know we're we are really clear. Senator Hartley acting on top oil industry not we you know -- mortgage. And and when we hear him speak when all of you are here and be remembered why you know why he consistently take. Why are we the people here -- honorable -- to the the flooding that. The storm surge in the -- to reports in colon. Correct and shouldn't lose hope there. And I'd I think he'd basically. Have understood prickly and you know to go back and listened to -- partners. That the board the protection authority itself. Have violated laws by filing the lawsuit. And that's why his bill is wild. To put his back in the suit notes from -- said the situation to. You're with Cora can do way with illegality and do way with the laws he claimed they bought it. Actually there. -- and that -- be called. Me in. Then -- it will not stand here there's not much more. -- -- -- on illegal acts one and you reasons. Then sit down and -- court. All right and take golfers Draco welcome back continue this conversation. Comments questions from Sid 01 big celebrity would got a couple experts in the news career on the line. -- Robin -- with a double and DO 978. Amoral 53 at that. Horrible thing good about Mary -- -- do know that some feel some votes. Civilian organizations some arm and Spiegel. Will change the makeup of the itself -- we've been applaud protection authority put the idea power back under the governor rather than. To the protection authority. And we've had a senator at Leo who is. File and build and depending bill. And now we have -- that point and time we have. And Waltz pounding rector and he's in a bucket brigade doctor -- or bend here and environment that are now. Also holding -- we have general Russel Arnold you will -- to adjust his second. Doctor again welcome to the show and we're you able to listen to the percent after the show. I'm a -- used to listen to. And to some of it -- I couldn't get all the evidence. Yeah let me ask about some of the technical side. When I read do. Against their I thought their laws but the permits and I thought governments were backed by law but against naught because. Senators have been a law. A -- codes -- read the numbers in and they Saturday. Very clearly that. The oil companies had to re vegetation detox of fiber to things to return things to preexisting conditions bought. There's a suits and every one of them that says to the maximum extent practical. And the senator pointed out that often times when you put -- to pulled up from marsh back in just turned in the month. That route -- opportunity and and on top of that a lot of the firm natural private property inundated the couldn't get permission to do it regardless Europe. -- also as a whole tournament as a legal document then most of them coveted. Under the 'cause of the management act of 1970. These are there on the oval and that would mean back well. That's correct and they all legal documents. Well I think. Somebody blowing smoke and trying to compute this year the second thing is that we have been millions of dollars in Louisiana restoring wetlands. Privately and that's what that coastal with plants and the protection and restoration act. That's been going since about where in 1990. We've caught sport and I was in the in the governor's office we -- State's special. Constitutional amendment and allowed you to that great oil Iraq strong sense that's right there of that restriction could go forward. And is that simply. Today -- wealth of information on restoring. Private land in the pending processors but the department of natural resource as. Atlanta office that handles that and the that techniques to his stool. The damage morning yet so very well have been practiced many ponds whether it's. It's as simple as going -- and exe not march by the tracks do you expect something that canals with good sentiment there. You know all of this non. It's not rocket science. We spend millions of dollars burning. The prices. You know mark my fear is that as -- to gain big oil. Pristine Louisiana politicians of all and the people are going to lose. On the citizens of Louisiana and at least single -- can all wetlands sweeteners. Increases which on all of a community being blocked gospel church. So it's critical that we had independently and people that he's going to be -- can -- as they -- and unfortunately. We we really need some pressure on legislative that the stones the grateful. And also gearing up for the fight in the legislature. Over the issue. There's a group called restore Louisiana now I think they're via brainchild of general Russell -- -- joins -- now general. Welcome to the show. Well actually. -- -- army on an excuse. That it's. -- -- in the world they've. Try to do it by about justice you know. What we're trying to correct news -- colonel -- witnessed all. And that it -- -- there and uses his left Europe. But -- you conservative in this state for over twenty years in the legislation. Is also an -- oral been dismissed him as -- -- and reports these state reports secrecy go about -- In the last four years ago and able to do business in the legislative. Law. Can help promote politics fitness which is big on jobs so that means that is being put up five sports. And is interpretation. Of the constitution and laws. So. We've got a -- lead -- Russell. Estate development. Poem people part you'd most of all. It was via because. Three vehicle stolen and just thought it was a recovery problem. Diet and fitness and prayers go that property at superpower that yes it is probably property is private property. Because you always speak pencil -- At a price of Lebanon handset so -- Respectively. And that. These. As we might serial mystery. But we've got ample laws to relatively. Short -- construction paper. And it that it so -- -- that. Thanks they have them all well and and respect all. The problem is out. On the state of exception exemption that all law which is already we know. Do you choose someone that the law is law. Intentionally. Our people and oil is conditional. On from there at all -- -- -- should get clean air clean water. Appreciate the property union of what -- -- I like it did that it's human being taken off and not view and that is. The ship -- you know probably in development. Let me go -- go out -- configure report India view. Oil gas companies they have given a lot to do is say -- period a lot of boiled Tuesday. Donated money to universities. And charities and and everything else. And what all this started on Gibson's back in the 30s4020s. Whenever. Nobody knew that the wetland Coogan disappear nobody knew that you cutting. Canal -- would lead to. Parts of the disappearing. And -- -- -- and that should call quality and give Richard tax money did mr. -- the pitcher jobs. And I'm going to do what we want because we bought a cheaper price at the Paul. Well what any of you say to that argument that this is something we asked for. Yet and I don't it do its British -- that are heavily beaten Omar please if you. Talk. Exception. Eruptions and do at all. And brought to these companies -- state law shall -- And our partners. Already open mr. ought to be okay because the company itself four point. Shall -- or structure. And we want to know taxes brought a little bit. Did that come out of Texas to the state could -- get to -- -- topic itself report upon. Texas bottle and well out acts. An -- -- for years. Answered it technical or -- to structure company. That's what the stock on the brown did not tax. Audit so report -- and brought back to -- General thank you so much doctor -- -- and Europe. Well -- and I think he'd be good academic. That you check and true some of the parish council that meaning. You'll find that people very early on. Recognizing the impact so wasn't asking now and and associated navigation canal and and that is one of the reasons why at the -- as a management act puts in by the federal government and monkeys seven Louisiana. But one of these Chinese onto onto. But irrespective. Of the tournament's -- and I district that they permit. Between. The state -- And oil company will be releasing documents between Atlanta and an oil company. More about it on the eagle occupied. And if that document specifically states that. Oil companies responsible for Kenya and -- X in that 90 well. And you know I'm intent on its nucleus and about and yet yet. You know we all have cheap or having -- spent. What you think about if they had done this property excelled in the beginning or even now coming in -- and doing necessary work. It's only gonna -- may be any. Two Miguel. Most of oil and yet in this country doesn't come from prominently at the -- oil we can use -- out there. Doctor wrote. I apologize and run out of time. Oh where did not enough to produce important shortly to invite tool back Wu continued the senator did come on. Try to get to via. Basic truth of all of this -- really appreciated so I'm -- is that runs. --