WWL>Topics>>3-5-14 12:10pm Garland: on new domestic violence laws

3-5-14 12:10pm Garland: on new domestic violence laws

Mar 5, 2014|

Garland talks about the push for new domestic violence laws with United Way public policy chair Kim Sport.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Louisiana has long have a major problem with the domestic. Violence. Now the senator. Effective thing to centers in prison term legislator. And on represented two of of these civic organization -- or users should. Or flooding back to try and expand the legal options. For the victims and increase penalties for the perpetrators. Talk about does this have on form where it can export blues public policy committee chairman. For the at all to Williams sultans who -- -- and Kim welcome -- the Chicago. Thank you Garland at -- this afternoon. -- assuming do united way has many reasons to get involved. Absolutely. I'm -- I can connect to island art. And that's critical areas that -- and then health and human services industry. And it's particularly important because. Where children are involved. There more than likely to protect you Michael violent -- and witnessed -- children. And we like you and everything we can't. Find a number. Agency. That deal with. Providing shelter to victims that -- -- violent. Provides psychological services -- children. And women and men are victims Stanley -- We have a tremendous. Financials. Impact. On. Domestic violence. But there's not enough money in the world that you can throw some problems and make -- way that we need to have stronger laws. Get a summary of these domestic abuse bills are you familiar with these. If you don't love what you're here let me go through one once censured promote. The -- article one of three include physical sexual abuse spiral -- trial. One of the spouses as grounds for divorce with all the way to -- That is correct it because if I'm currently at 180. Day period. Impact of war. And you can get and where New York. I'll commit adultery. Or if you're. Is. I can do hard labor -- gap on me commissioner -- Electorate suddenly -- we have -- 100 gateway yet. Now I know -- -- -- to get it to try to preserve marital harmony. By the cooling off period. And hope that our. Person seeking double what -- consider. -- McCain and keenly island. We know that. Once again and take GAAP Q. Seven in the marriage and separate. At a time when Utley and domestic violence escalates. A matter of fact how many percent. Called -- and who are. Yeah. In. Killed by the perpetrators. Killed after they kept separate. -- -- it and this is the safety measure. Can help and then -- -- -- to help victims -- walked quickly through the court and and I'll achieve provide them. Monetary relief in the divorce proceeding that they might not I don't like cap. Did you say 770%. What an 8%. And 0%. Of -- Doesn't that percentage would. Seemed like it would make it common sense. To do lawyer with a hundred -- day waiting period. Or you told by an -- legislators in the experts in the league will be -- that you talked to. As to why that wouldn't be an easy thing to get done. I have I have seen no one at -- and pray that there should be competition to effort at all. We do note that narrates is. Considered. Marriage is very much valued in Louisiana. And I ideally you'd think -- the -- If this in -- behind. People really be pain that. Maybe it would it would shift fine. If they're probably some time. At -- -- -- -- -- -- Mac harmony and it can get constructed it is destroyed. By the time 11. Out next. -- horror upon another -- which is to physically -- mentally. Are sexually. Abused. Partner. Is -- a definition. Of domestic violence that is. Hard show. And the qualifier for the definitions as a slap. Quote apply for the definition how they determine exactly what it is domestic by. Tactically correct and Garland and many different definition -- domestic violence out there and if you look through -- Ultimately he and -- -- -- you see that. -- throughout the area. -- -- -- It really. More appropriately -- domestic abuse. It meant that could be. If that pattern. Are typical. Sexual. Content economic. And emotional. We are intended to control. -- like to court. And and dealing me that he or she might that. Might otherwise wish to do. So. Domestic violence arbitrary and I think time domestic abuse -- Physical. Violence. That you will more than likely had been going on for a very long time. Most domestic abuse cases dark -- Verbal abuse and put -- an occasion and I'm sexual Decker -- -- in Asia and correct. The -- of harm to. Did it and children are pack on his victim on -- -- herself. And and also financial control. Cut back. Has that been the victim. Really scary few options available to kick him or her to get as an average. It land -- it and start handing her. And -- whole I -- I want me is generic when he gave this. Land the technical buy a car. Now in under law you know that battery can be a flat. I mean -- get their question their shopping. Bag on the other hand it also. Aren't holding. A fire line to someone's head and saying I'm going to shoot you and that certainly is considered an act of domestic abuse. There are limits are gophers breaker -- content would. Allegedly to build going to be you. Introduced. I think the legislature goes and does session marked -- that. And it's two raised the bar for domestic abuse. -- perpetrators. Anymore. In the -- not just all. In an attempt to stop the many many many cases in this state. A domestic abuse come right back Garland Robin with you it's the thing to. Well we'll get a bill headed through via legislature to cut down or hopefully. Impossible all of them and it is -- responsible diminish that -- when -- in Louisiana. Are double the BO Prodi opinion poll where everyday. The result lawmakers -- new -- just said sword fighting domestic violence. The planes include everything from gun laws to divorce proceedings is that the kind of change needed 64%. Of Busey app salute. One of those involved and -- sport. Public policy committee policy committee chairman put the united -- -- -- appeased museum Jim let's go back to is from W movement you're going to be putting -- Article 112. -- along some award a pliable puree ought to support in the court's discretion. But did. Well currently we don't have a -- -- court. An album when we're talking about final report here were talking about what to call -- And I'm right now. -- -- I explained that companies like he debate. They turn the tide of permanent support. Now offer -- out in me. It really -- war. -- very expensive. And had nothing do with her that the quality of life that -- that Al had a four. Affordable. And what we're trying to do. It understand here that the time -- Q a quiet deal. All the rehabilitate it out after he and they cannot get domestic violence. Is going to be longer and the at each person. I had time to acquire the skills and it irritation. Credit lump -- award. If you read further in the bill. You can see that he can make seat and 13. Of the payers in com. Am right now under the law. Any permanent support award cannot. -- and 13 of your net income of the year but in this and and where they're finding by it to force jet -- That -- -- that -- -- in our domestic appear that award. Can be a lot. Number one to make sure that if if it. Not absolutely necessary. The chaos and the me yeah ever ask you deal featured in a month that they can. And that they're you know concerned that the -- little further abuse. Expect out or try to entrap the victim by playing well don't want you. Meet me at such and such like county view your support check. There are lots lots of -- and high net. But the main thing it under -- and that appeared in a -- in the domestic violence you repay. Rehabilitation period probably would be. Quite longer and back country averaged out. I've heard policeman -- over the years. One of the most dangerous calls is domestic abuse. When that yeah there have been -- -- gonna happen whose dorm to whatever. But they also say that on a regular basis. The woman or the man which -- one as the victim. File charges as the pleas for help and then shortly thereafter. Turns around and dropped told chargers. Do any of the gives an amendment to make that not possible is is -- way to back caliber of these. It if you filed the abuse charges. No actually I don't think that's a lie anymore I'm. At one point someone and rested. Corner and in that could be battery. It really out. That they can hand. And and we really we have really tightened up -- there. And say. You know he claimed any -- -- -- -- mean to me as -- Not testifying against. We do every -- count yet -- -- right. I'm Mary. First well will go back to what about enforcement. A lot. -- 14%. Of all officers killed in the line of DB are responding to domestic violence call. And that I -- 97%. Of those killed. When we're finding is connected island and start the actual firearm. Another thing people probably count now. -- in matching. -- 87%. Are called eating. And all packed domestic. Partner. And Leon how horrific that -- she can be. And that land and computer is. Going in unity. And place of work. Or two. A school. And we know kind of habit that they. And then another. A lot of people jammed -- is that. Comment. By iron and I got caught a gap. Of women -- pregnant. And that usually within the first three months pregnant. And those are committed by their intimate partners. So. So there's no nanny. Read and that we should take the fire arm away. There's a mini me in bank. Armed men and women they're big and are back firing. On -- help in the prosecution. I my. Grandfather. With the Catholic parish sheriff's deputy who was killed. When I was ten -- a hole. On the responding to -- if their patent. And he live shot with the first ever. Armed police officer. In the Jefferson Parish shares -- and to beat children in 1980. We would have read that drug dude you're pilings driven toward turns the gun law. Here in Louisiana anytime you say anything about taking it on the way. Usually get a tidal wave coming back peeled away -- does though. Big issue of the gun laws threaten overall portrait trying to get down. Well we have to build design or bill. No it was definitely by the weight eat could be filed by. To Jerry curry to legislators I'll play on representatives. On a marina. And monitored JP well. And the bills they're four separate bill that covered dairy area. We feel that. And most likely to -- -- dealing Second Amendment. And renewed fire arms around odd person who got to protect our borders. And from persons who are can be you know. I'd -- -- it could be battery or another car. And -- family member or house member. Incredible meeting and he cannot prohibit. Individuals. Concept in a domestic violence protective order from possessing a firearm. I'm there at that she switched. And I -- that caught a lot Byrd amendment and then shoot. -- tackle gun control act. And it can't. -- scrutiny. Over and over again. Under Second Amendment -- and so we have really simply trying to top. Don't expect a lot Byrd amendment 118. Milk I'm wearing a protective order. And another rule milk on. Eight conviction. I'd be back -- island. And it does exactly. What effect a lot better amendment. Say they have. Except in architecture strict scrutiny. They have been found to be narrowly tailored. Actually -- compelling government interest. And I don't see why wouldn't happen here and we can. Only be at a Supreme Court. In January. Dealt with new constitutional amendment I think you can that you act. Where. If it -- -- can agree that. The right kind of firearm is a fundamental right. And that any laws which would -- you in and on the right. Would be subject to strict scrutiny in court. But actually you know Supreme Court so far. I expect that amendment. Certainly if not restrict the legislature authority have laws on different. And so I like it is a time. When we had and since the year. And shocking statistics. Regarding -- from domestic violence. And we had a lot -- amendment which passed -- -- it will actually believe. In court case. Which says that our -- constitutional amendment did not restrict. Restrict me legislation. On. -- fashion. I think at that time it -- it now. -- -- -- very important issue. Keep us posted if you need to come back on and tell anything more to the public Gibbs called Euro was walk. Thank you so much Garland for having me and I want to -- they're buying. All of the people who we have Matt would try and get the attorney. Teixeira. Is he he ask you all the chapters of domestic violence arms. Catcher in the league team and a -- kind of wait HT matter to court next week he'll likely. Coalition and that we may be able to get it. -- Kim -- good luck to you have a good -- Thank. Them right back.