WWL>Topics>>3-5-14 12:35pm Garland: on new domestic violence laws

3-5-14 12:35pm Garland: on new domestic violence laws

Mar 5, 2014|

Garland talks about the push for new domestic violence laws with state senator J.P. Morrell.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Go to bill a bill in the upcoming legislative session in Baton Rouge expending a legal options for victims of domestic abuse. And increasing penalties for domestic violence perpetrators one of the and it is leading by. Is a united way of -- openings of -- and we've just it can export on. Public public policy committee chairperson. And Kim says there are two very brave religiously doors she put it. That are picking up to build and running -- that. Representative. Wholly -- and centered JP Murrah ships and tomorrow with the report says there to welcome the sure appreciate time. -- What's your overall thoughts on this it's when when I looked at the fact that the starches on gun laws and divorce proceeding. You really do have to be brave to be -- Yeah I mean I don't think you can look understating it whatsoever girl at this forward to your deal -- anything in regards to. Civil war especially talk about guns. Those -- cute things. Are considered controversial would be an understatement. Let's let's show them. Punto who helped build one by one bill 747. Classified as the missing deuces a crime of violence. Is that not already plus some color is a crap on. It and it. It is classified as a violent crime in this particular definition statute what are -- with -- that the emperor news -- mobile anyway. For how we set bond in certain discretionary. Action but it would be excellent -- well practical. It put that in the same. Same part of the statute at several aggravated dances and basically just make of that what we've seen more often than not that -- the state. You've got a lot of -- judges got into that domestic bouncers and look at the batteries out numbers can -- out of our state we are. Leading the nation and now getting murdered. Well when you look at back at some problems judges would be their destruction and because somebody in the court. We have a history of violence may call -- I'll small industrial and walked. -- allegation domestic abuse very seriously. Have to really. Consciously make an effort to make sure that people -- in harm's way and by putting that. On the statute you're and so -- discretion to apple so -- you are our support. -- crucial time circuit for instance. Yes basically were seen that. Because of the way different cities are -- parks across the country domestic -- is our home. There are several cities like no -- present -- statute deals with domestic violence. -- other parts of the state that now look at the city in the world to be -- typically does domestic out right -- people who -- -- the judge. -- -- ultimately get hot on. They get lots of oversight stay away order issued pretty freely and -- -- -- -- -- action on the -- the state where maybe the parishes or the city governments are now -- is put some real teeth into the law bars and so -- has repeated that. All right coming right back when we come. We're gonna continue to becomes direction about domestic abuse you have questions of comments -- call 260187. He told pretty. Anywhere in the country at 66 aided -- 087. Figure about a bill elevated at a board Rio opening them maternal -- Ailing the domestic violence and who's younger and more women you'll hear -- and can you please. In the United States and domestic violence and we've got a couple legislate towards. They're gonna try to put this bill through representative. Of aluminum Marino and senator Judy Monroe. Senator. We mentioned at the only reports added that these efforts and also talk to instant gun laws and divorce proceedings. Number got a number of messages saying quote -- and -- -- mug on the way so. Let's look at how open the top three. Prohibits the conviction. A misdemeanor. Domestic abuse. Or those against whom an active protection orders have been granted. From possessing fire -- Give me some details on. But it -- at six. -- -- In these citizen which Bowden and the woman are killed by other other spouse domestic violence in that. Typically happens that most that is the police come out for an initial call. Date do you look at this situation like it and then leave. And in many instances that apple. Something happens. Whatever is needed somebody get injured or killed. What also happens which is much more regions that you have someone that cases that means there's just to be an accurate -- two or three. A compromise where you have -- straight to the port street. Who get to set. What other over child custody order so perceived slight. And we had a -- suicide not long ago that he hopes -- equipment to help her charge was that happens frequently but. You haven't come to come to their spouses forestry. Work and they kill them a coworker pilgrims -- -- -- Do -- sport artist she's sorry but that's the -- sixties citing. How we lead the nation on the spot spout it out. Cut to the situation you have two albums where. Think that escalated to the court to stay away orders name you want now donor's house. Until that situation at all it's in the best interest of but that that out yet the divorce well they're coworkers. That. Other spouse who may have extra while -- -- To go and be something. They shouldn't be deal I mean that I agree wholeheartedly that this is going to be. The salute most typical -- and go to that that this bill. Is -- update to address something that is completely. In this statement -- violence between. Forced thousands lead the nation. Is more likely that strange spell will be in the state in most other states that's not acceptable. And part of the reason he totally took the lead on this and doing their research to get. -- looked at the state over years over thing. Can be done to legislated through law but it will impact on making it cheaper -- Limited network fleeing the -- Two number of those states. Have laws that say you commit desire to get convicted of the what are you going gets taken -- But it states build rockets. At the proceeding. Pending divorce done that in order. That the problem apparently taken away. We are. Fought and adopting any idea there could be you know like time and whatever why. Even even the convicted felon after so much time the -- the probation. They're able to eventually. Need to reassert their right. So I think. Other states that -- things in Spain. Other states that protect lament for acts of violence and it's the kind of the the beginning of conversely. The legislature. To have a national how can we impact. The availability. People are open to -- violence and domestic -- situation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've actually been on the wrong in. The whole situation. Would treat child support and and haven't had divorced wife and now. Case in Iranian. I didn't have any problems with you know payment -- court the whole nine yards. Backward is that why was ordered to pay a much periods. But I whenever march -- there's the slightest Lugar or shoot her down to -- to room. And what you could report the premium anymore they came after me. And -- in the UK for months on my daughter's health insurance and. Cutter loses supplied to diminished by okay. It here -- -- trying to -- trying to say I'm trying to take on it is it -- -- it -- support our -- and our job port deal here in his state of Louisiana. Is very aggress it when it comes to command. It -- appreciate it and still a true of the board they have to do with the optimists have violent I think. -- was basically saying ex -- -- -- the rights and it's not fair reduced bill in any way affect that make you boards. Not -- understand. We had though a lot of well a lot of movement child support child support collection and child support it is not a joke is that. It's been modified so much Italy's you -- -- Mason on early like some occupational like the child so. Does that eclipse -- touching any other -- part of domestic relations were talking about child or. We're talking about. The only part of this of this of these collection of bills that deals with money. Is that bill that deals with giving judges the discretion. To grant in terms. Of support for domestic violence that. And that as a bill package that not a child what -- It would charge. Is that adjustment that termination but judge determine the house is being abused. She's in the process of being divorced there's only certain. Criteria that -- had a lot to consider -- to do so want in terms support while back on her feet. What you see -- lot -- women who work at these shelters across all but stated that. Typically the wage earner on the primary. Probably waiter is that is the abusing out. In these women -- that it shelters. Actually but partly because they're the -- bit but it definitely wrong. They've been beaten and used and judges don't have the discretion to give them in terms support as they are should divorce -- What does that give the bill package adopted discretion and judges that they are -- evident -- History of abuse they stand on their own determination but that. Person can get -- support while they're pursuing divorce. Back and get out. -- that article 112 says. Hello final Murad periodic report to exceed 13 of the public Gore's net income if the court determines that -- party was the victim. -- -- Inept Cuba a third of their net income. So they do that all at once so that there's not a continuing contact. With the abuser who. Collective -- -- happened now is that that limitation on how much all you can do about oh port and obviously. The relationships. -- at the abuser but also the public wage -- globally they punish the abuse is to cut them off so to speak. And like. Shelters chopped -- -- fantastic work -- body woman resources. And then -- resources that they can get back seat develop -- kind of situation with their kids and get back I'll work force but the problem you have is that those shelters -- maybe -- Kim what you on the she didn't. So approach most most of those -- shelters. To capacity. And they provide tremendous resources but very little -- and in a lot of these chances is if the if the abuse. We're able to receive support. Because she was abuse forced out how -- it would -- it would allow those shelters provide more support to more or Tuesday. Oh we just have a minute left what -- very good chances are. Of getting pieces of this done if not the whole thing end. The issue -- though giving immediate divorce and several hundred navy and they bleeding. While related to the seat next to that are going to be a call for good reason and one that could be difficult for a battery -- -- bill will be passed. That put the package that we passed piecemeal the gun bill will be buried there cart paths -- we need a way to an -- that go into it. There's a tremendous gun lobby a lot of misconception of what the -- article that. The interim support will be difficult past because there is a lot there -- a lot of the key. Among certain members of the community of the of the population regards to giving judges more discretion take more of their money it's about -- a couple. But once you hit on. It's going to be very difficult for very stupid ridiculous reason that they're currently that they at least -- that you only granted in immediate divorce if you. If your if your spouse is convicted of a felony. Or if they commit adultery. Specifically. Outlawed does not give you -- for an immediate divorce. I regret that 200. Terra thank you for the unthinkable what you're doing. You wanna come back on the air and later did it too good to let people know where this is scoring more than -- -- -- to certain to. Come right back Deborah -- bigger celebrity more replied the -- Well in Italy to lose six and I guarantee -- pollutes the water girl you'd like to -- If you usually it is time to reset your dot. She's gonna get -- some help from something called. -- -- They offer of -- -- -- with restaurant rooms and chipped. In then applies existing menu items that are healthy. Help model by oh god and some make them healthy and she's in heaven here to talk to you and some one. -- always been cures you'll love moment. But for business owners and opera. Lot of talented you -- big boomer big -- Which is a -- U a went to -- Jews towards you know code to a good thing. And they just overwhelmed with business except from -- to assault shuts down. With tools that include places here in modern world. And they were virtually shut down will be very introducing seed those that benefit those that don't and that and more coming up Angela -- this is -- a BO.