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3-5-14 1:10pm Angela: on Eat Fit NOLA

Mar 5, 2014|

Angela discusses the Eat Fit NOLA campaign with Oschner's dietician Molly Kimball and Ben Thibodeaux, executive chef at Dickie Brennan's Tableau.

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Well I certainly hope that your money -- was all that you hoped it to being. And even though it was a little brisk out there are many little damp it was still fun and and hopefully that's which you had. Insider. In if you were inside I hope you listen to WL radio as we did have fun out there. All right today is the day of reckoning. If we've been living a little on the excessive side today is today to clean the slate and start fresh so this show is for you. And for those of you who give up something edible for lent the show should inspire. So happy to have -- well known dietitian Molly Campbell here. She not only is a dietitian at usher only fitness center but also a weekly columnist for the times Picayune and -- dot com. And she does a weekly TV feature. But she is here today to talk about a great new program called -- that no. And boy do we need that and winter is the nicest man chef then to video. Executive chef of Dickie Brennan's tableau. And that's in the -- Petit theatre wonderful restaurant and he has brought me -- treat and it's healthy and I already feel better. Thank you both for being here thank you -- thank you very much for being here and tell me again what this out real cream cheese part today we make real cream cheese and house and there's some fresh -- there's some local honey. And then almond granola. Okay this is my purse first public comment that. And I never do this but I thought I'm so tired of myself. I've given up sugar for forty days which is like giving up crack for forty -- as a gigantic congratulations thank you very -- -- day one so I'm still smiling. But this is helped. Just seeing this and I have to say it is excellent thank you so I know the British are coming on talking about cookies -- and -- that that hundred conscience for punters that's right. But that's something we can talk about how -- we get over that addiction which is what I hat. So we're gonna start though with Molly and this is such a great idea in a city a fabulous restaurants. And a population that worships but it shall kind of take us back to. Origin OK so so basically kind of in a nutshell eat -- it's a free service that we offer through our nutrition team went Oxnard -- fitness center. We offered to every restaurant in the city and we -- back and forth at the chefs and restaurant and vicious likely -- shaft and it -- plan. To identify either of those existing menu items that are already meeting our criteria or rework -- and to see how can we modify these existing items to meet our criteria. Well come up with completely new ones -- some of our restaurants have done completely new dedicated Ethan -- Menus and -- -- care really is very very strict. And it's pretty tight says kind of what you're just saying it's no added checker it's less and it's Austin's zero -- actually lessen -- he's been about it sticker. No white cars at Austin and white rice never find cards at all and we the American Heart Association upper limit for Adam saturated fat and sodium. Sentiment is looking at a -- to watch their cholesterol and blood pressure diabetes or just their waistline. -- eat fentanyl additions are going to be effect for them and so she called Jew or you called her and said. Well she. She actually called us and came in sat down for lunch one day and just kind of went through the menu and we just had a conversation basically. And then a provider with recipes she told -- set the table these dishes alert the east issues won't work. You might have to tweak a couple of little things here and there. But it really. Worked out pretty good pretty to me an example of something that is existing on your menu that you change well one of the things that I thought was interesting thing you know we offer. Several different cuts of beef and I'm thinking there's no way that that's gonna make it. Well she actually said that a six ounce filet. Witten no -- salt. Just creole seasoning and no holidays of course. On which would fit the criteria and I just didn't believe it at the time but you know she's she's the professional it -- of the stuff so. That's one of the things that I think is really cool looking Jeep you know people think -- Kate number one I'm gonna try to. You know eat healthy and again and think -- that means in a chicken Turkey fish chicken Turkey fish -- and on -- got a plane strike. How boring is that and such a shame it's against her restaurant like. Handler any of these great Russia has to have a New Orleans and and Simmons trying to make the right choice and ends up being a boring choice sue if we can do innocent beef dishes and for dishes. Incorporating our seafood in a -- -- -- keeping her saturated fats led the sauces and check in on that is to keep the flavor and one of the things that I think has a big deal that. In with -- with Oliver restaurants. We don't change integrity of the -- says if we're gonna have to makes him any changes to make it fit that tight criteria we just talked about. The sentiment we're not gonna scrap Clinton -- -- arena scrap it if it's gonna change it just so much so we're not taking anything away from these restaurants or adding that healthy choice and we haven't mentioned as it's actually identified with a little Ethan -- -- and right there on the menu -- that's wants an ass out yeah it takes completely guesswork out of it sent. If you wanna make that decision are leading you to their right here on the menu without -- right by. You know -- and you said she used to professional and she clearly is -- so are you and you are professional in the sense of pleasing people. And coming up with great things so. When you made those changes. And you tasted it did it meet your standards. Oh absolutely in fact there's very few changes I think what we have one on our menu that we have to actually change addition it's. Taken fright -- off of -- I -- rabbit. Address consultants and Jenna only been right yet little little things like that -- and I'm I'm strong enough to bend when it comes stuff like that it's really gotten. Not ruining anything changing anything. So it it was pretty easy and we were lucky enough that we had several dishes on our menus that we didn't. You don't think truffle cracked fingers as a silent -- -- nutritious about it when you think about -- -- oil as it's an oil dissimilar nutritional profile to a canola or olive oil. -- these crab fingers that's. It's amazingly good for SE NASDAQ that the -- says decadent that someone might not order that if they're trying to make. Help your choice that they'll see the little symbol and Margo oh my gosh it's it's a pass and -- exactly. I didn't know where to begin how. How is that the we'd love food so much. I will our culture here it is all centered on food I mean when we wake up we're talking -- in -- for dinner that night or at dinner last night lined out to the right exactly exactly. I I can't disagree in especially in that position and I'm and I mean it's kind of cornerstone of new consumers now prefer -- not just New Orleans but. Louisiana and generally think are you from with a great name to -- Yet from Lafayette. From Latvia a couple of hours less here have you noticed a change how long had you dementia. That's -- patent for arrogance where the has done seventeen years in senior have you noticed in those seventeen years. People's taste changing absolutely the day in and not just in terms of -- -- Tennessee like -- obviously you know and in the feed business and you see things -- hot now on things that are you know where five years ago in the next big thing coming up so but. What I like is -- start midseason. Little bit more health conscious without having the sacrifice. You know -- -- we think it is like good food. You know I have and I appreciate. I have a daughter in law who is as a doll and that it go to a restaurant with her is an experience because she will. Would you take this Austin do this which he did this and in my mind that things should she so polite and sweet about it and everybody does it. But if she my people go home and make -- -- -- again I can feel like MS office in these musicians are essentially and that's what we're doing what we did our nutrition team is the senate take. If we're meeting with our clients in what would be how would we tell our clients to order at this particular restaurant loading at the -- recommend that they get. Well that's what Ethan Allen and it says it's all of those things you dissents at it's that they grew older and sent the sauce on the side were very specific with how much of that -- sentence at. It makes it easier to go out and make this choice is that -- haven't suit. In and special order every thing on their -- we're doing that for you. There is hope I think that is the bottom -- I want everyone to stay with us as we continue to talk to. Diet a nutritionist Molly Campbell and chef wonderful then. To the we'll be back financial under the W well. We are back talking with Molly Kimball and shaft Ben took the down about each fit -- and it's not it's something we need in this town. We'd love food we love to go while we have fabulous restaurants. But we we can make -- sick so we need to make ourselves healthy and this is the way to do it in it's going to great restaurants like tableau. And many others that you've got lined up but what thirty restaurants already -- have thirty restaurants. Currently at locally here in the city we have in -- ranging from tableau and murals in Jackson square. We have let tie -- town and not isn't Vietnamese. Have depended on the North Shore -- -- -- inside down on the West -- -- All different types of cuisines all different price points and its applications throughout the city -- -- pretty much wherever you are right in our neighborhood and Vegas typist has fangs got. Bunches of different options on their senate. Lots of different options where you're going for -- -- again the goal is to take something that's on the menu or to put something on and I knew. That. That's what cranked he exactly says it might be an existing -- I am in my be creating an entire news menu. Theories -- -- created an entirely new Ethan -- menu. Copeland and -- be true as well also they spent a lot of time dedicating to how can we get these flavors and here to create an entire new menus just forty technology. The criteria that we use is the American heart association's upper limits for restaurants for. Sodium and saturated fat. And we take it even further by saying zero write cards and less than a teaspoon of added checked. It -- have -- calories capped at 600 calories for entree in science or 300 calories for appetizer soup starter. You know it is shocking and may be keeping my head in the sand. Is so easy. But to. Realize what you've consumed in one sitting when we first start out with and restaurants and it's amnesty. Some of the recipes as as as. Some of them aren't for just what you might think it's a -- tension. It has these fat items that. That meal without even having an appetizer or dessert of the predators with. My 18100 calories some of our salads we've seen that -- about it 15100 calories so there's really haven't had tailored. You know Taylor this and really pare back and work with different shafts and say OK how can we either use less just things are what can we do have a lower calorie wine and still keep the flavors and their senate and for a lot of these we have successfully brought up from maybe 15100. To less than 600. Without compromising. In the -- standards either but it has been eye opening of you may we may think -- make -- healthy choice. But we're not and sometimes that looks like it isn't healthy choice some of those except in the same manner are -- stakes are -- Portis has. People might steer clear of that thinking it's not going to be as dead. That it might actually be one of the better as the tournament. Is it doesn't didn't some of the chains. Start putting. Calorie counts on their menus exactly -- In new York and in California if you have more than two when he. Restaurant outlets you're required to post the calories on the menu in the same font as the prices -- -- can't get -- -- tiny on there. In the sell a lot of things have opted to -- to do it nationwide says Starbucks or McDonald's Atlantis and you -- and you're seeing the calories there. What can be deceptive about that the issue not seeing what the quality of those calories are so you may see something. On the menus that you know this is only 200 calories that was 300. A lot for the 200. There might be 200 calories of white flour and sugar whereas 300 was healthy fats and proteins. It's a just the calories doesn't really give us a picture of it it's really what we are focusing yes on calories and -- calorie cap but also we wanted to -- the quality of this calories. Is is really great and that we're not getting the stuff -- that we don't you know in the commercial we had one conversation with -- then. That just happenstance he and -- meet and talk about these menu changes and then you go to your doctor three days later. Three days later -- doctor and she tells me that high blood pressure -- round because of my heredity in my family history. Is she wanted to start me on blood pressure medication and -- these pills. I thought about it and he's really didn't wanna do it. And came back -- and commit try it. You know try to do is naturally. She says well announced they'll gonna call on the prescriptions Michael I'm still not in -- I say it's so you know I'm trying to keep open lines of communication here doctor what this -- really hear me. Yes and she's like okay let's just give me three months she's like I don't think about it and I'm like well I'm just gonna take three parts so -- if you're listening out there can. Still going to OC and I think month. But on. Two weeks into it well actually after that called Molly about some recipes stuff that she needed for pretty even -- program said. -- do you have a minute can I ask you a couple of questions. And I did. And I she just got so excited. Michael a coming of age and she's like you really don't have to do that please don't do that on. It was so extreme you know -- -- -- gone from really wanna stream of just a heavy you know. He no holds -- and what he was gonna choose to eat and say you know a lot of times when you swing that pendulum so far to the other it would be so extreme especially in his professional. We can do this in a more balanced way in. So she any pointers and we just really great cheerleader. And two weeks later went back to my doctor and had lost eleven pounds and she's what are you doing. And I explained to her and she cycle -- new recipes I'm like OK so some help but bring recipes to my doctor -- ago. But and -- thirty. Most 35 pounds well. And I've swung my cholesterol down forty points in at the same time I've raised my good cholesterol by almost a hundred points which she said it usually. The hardest thing in the world to do in -- only happens with medication. And let's look my blood pressure forty points both ways so just from it is just incredible just from. Guy and this has been how long this was about. September September about beginning mid September you must feel like a new person. I actually feel. I feel better you know if you ask me a month ago I'd say pretty much the same. But lately that I've started to feel better do you exercise and you worked twenty no I really make a point not to exercise and that. Molly in my doctor -- get down on me about like even if they -- scope for a -- tonight. Tired of running in the kitchen all -- yet but he you know even still that's that's not enough and I know that so. And one step at a time you know Pakistan titans well I think that's a real testimony to the what a change in diet can do open -- let's monumental. And you're still feeling and this is the key if you're not satisfied it doesn't work right and it you know I remember. Doctor gave me three months so I said okay well. I went in to Sears. And I'm like. Really kind of like. I cannot just -- -- my birthday tomorrow and I can I please just have a state can I just please have a -- and she's like of course of course she -- sectors. Remember your portion sizes and in a -- and that's should they don't have a stake for breakfast and lunch and dinner sets them. And to have carefully from -- with -- added exactly so in in she just reminding me she's like don't fixate on things to the point where you drive yourself nuts and my said the same thing you know like you can you can treat yourself every every now and again but you know you make up for on the front and on the back so probably easier. -- -- -- I'm -- downfall like money sugar what was yours. I mean volume not really I'm not really into suites trailing. Big mediator like party cute stuff like that so something net. My wife and I we do at home. Regularly it was a nice steak and salad and bread and that's fine until you do -- twice a week then you know kind of fill in the blanks report Christen. It's not a potatoes rice and gravy most. -- had a delicious things you know wouldn't. People are listening to this they're drooling. On the rise in the great. I want to -- and take a break we have to go to news but when we come back I really wanna know when you say so quickly and smoothly. White -- but it is little off of your time. But that's a serious thing so I think we need to address specific things that we should be minimizing. If not eliminate them to everyone stay with -- we're going to be back we're gonna now join Don names in the news or will we are talking with them. Molly Kimball and executive chef of Dickie Brennan's -- -- and I'm sorry my brain -- panel today. And we're talking about a fabulous program that Molly has created with -- they're going into the various restaurants and they want every restaurant to be involved. -- -- -- -- And it's all about having things on menus that will have the little design you'll know when you ordering it. But it's within guidelines of a great food and great help. Exactly exactly and like you said we went every restaurant to participate and we really do. Luckily we have about thirty restaurants and looking at our website it's Debbie Debbie Debbie diet eat sentinel dot com. And you can see the list of our current partners which is about thirty. And are coming soon which is about when he and those are all locally. And again it's a completely free partnership to restaurants. We also have Copeland and cheesecake eastern have taken it nationwide. -- -- was fabulous Haitian senate he gets it and you know. In Dallas or in Texas and Baltimore and -- opened the menu and you will see the -- -- a -- -- there surgeons really excited that there restaurants are really embracing that's. Without you know it is about taking control of your life. And and listening to my shaft then talk about what he is done. Losing the 35 pounds didn't have to go on the high blood pressure medication didn't have to go on the cholesterol medication that's big time stuff. It really is we have a caller plane. Yes and here thank you so much and in the big Europeans have been cheer up sports at all. -- The title of your program -- it's career or. Let. -- get that point winter. Doctor probably about a month and a half ago. And out all worked out and go to work. Bound by Honda in a clean bill and -- much -- every. Physical -- It in the game he didn't. -- Cholesterol bad number western sixty or not good number. Was one. -- wanted to put me on you want to put me on medications. And I'm just like you show Yosemite litigation after -- research. Somebody they cause more problems that -- been. You cheered. And I just like I'm like I'm not going to -- the -- try it but I'm not take permanent change my -- -- disciplined person and and for the past. Depressed or weeks. It changed my diet and -- aggressive things like what you're talking about and a went up my -- last week so I'm waiting for the results but I am compared hopefully in the very optimistic that they had my cholesterol level have kept coming into chicken -- drop it quite significantly from what it will. Look at -- country you know that is that is and it really echoes what were saying it is sort of the take charge of our lives. And by making these changes if I mean clearly you are disciplined that you can do that in your inspiring mini because because again I'm gonna make some changes. You know what and I want to thank. You know you'd get them. -- went back to my computer and a global. Every single thing. Victory contribute to our cholesterol. And then -- the other our Google every single thing. They've got fiber and being that -- being can be there and surprisingly -- and eating more and put that you'll note. I'll just some of the big thing that you would. -- actually helped to carry cholesterol -- the body to board gets into the bloodstream. -- Umbrella on the journey and and I am I am very excited here. You would you want to talk about -- you're talking about. Well let me tell you it is not not not they're not married with their wonderful friends -- -- Molly isn't nutritionist -- and then again is the -- but they're working together on the on the knowledge that I love your enthusiasm. It just is a wonderful thing to hear. And and your terrific to cult -- -- really if sharing it with everybody out there and that means a lot. Okay good luck to you that he's better plane. I'm only letting let's talk about that something he said about things you can do foods that might help lower cholesterol. What other -- interesting to and he no he sent pistachios and one of the things that we know is. Simmons looked at a lower cholesterol and low fat diet is not the answer. Says any physician or any any person is telling you do a low fat diet for your construct. That's not necessarily dead because our good cholesterol we need is healthy fats to maintain -- and a good. HDL or -- -- -- -- so we have good cholesterol back cluster and have to cut our total -- to land they both -- we don't want that. The good cholesterol promise is kind of like the room that clears all the junk out of the arteries the backlash -- -- -- -- crackdowns at. On our nutritional guidelines for eaten all we don't limit total fat. So we don't have an upper limit for total grams of fat and any of our additions. We limit the percentage of -- calories come from saturated fat. And specifically animal based saturated fat says things like avocado olive oil they actually have saturated coconut. Right so we don't limit the -- saturated fats that are animal based institute and then when we talked about no white cards. White cards and senators are actually linked to an increased risk of heart disease as well. So not only are -- not good for somebody who has diabetes insulin resistance or the -- their waistline. But they're directly linked to use an increased risk in heart disease so for all those reasons and we have very specific reasons why -- this. Strict criteria. And all of that benefits blood pressure diabetes and cholesterol. Overall health in general waist lines all of these things are going to be benefited if they you know I lost my waist about fifteen years ago because I was hoping I could find it again. Does -- can I find it again you know I would say -- you've you've given up shooter freelance I think sugar is as one huge contributor. I'm -- that middle section extra body fat and the white cards to consume and we're talking about white cards that's going to be anything that's processed and refined senate. White flowers as a ton of sugar free products on the market. That are nothing but white flour and says tonnes at a senate just because something to -- afraid Michigan for cookies. The card count as pretty much cookie for -- you the same as your regular world. The went right next and on the south. Soon I would limit to not only of -- the adage cheaters but also those whites white flowers. White rice a lot of gluten free products for example tapioca starch white rice flour potato starch. There's nothing nutritious Poppins thanks so looking to see you know how can we limit these like cards which we do to get more. You know vegetables whole grains lean pre teens and healthy fats and but there are -- you can need their arm -- you can meet that aren't. With the white. Carved on almost all of that it's really gonna be making yourself -- there's really very few things on -- there's I can't think. The store bought cookie or cake or cupcake type of thing that is not only whole grain but also learn how to check a couple of our local bakeries. Wanted that the piece acre -- Metairie will do things that are made with swerve it's a plant based no calorie sweetener and it. They don't use white flowers says something in that it's very very. Specific -- you know we are. Such a great community of home cooks as well. And I think about you know red beans and rice that's good. But not the white rice and change to. Brown rice right. And any note rice and generalist is very calorie dense and -- -- red beans and finally they get source of protein and fiber but they're also trying cards about three times more cards than pre -- -- preferences to your red beans with a lean type the chicken sausage. Adding a little bit more printing and their next the -- -- donate the rice just it's -- really you're interested in yak and an incident here in Iran on TV on -- there's a lot of different. Chicken sausages even into our stands are costs can or arouses. You don't have to get a specialty store for and they're really full of flavor -- not slots here keeping a saturated fat down. You know one of the year comedians late night comedians. -- think the statement after the Academy Awards at the big news that the Academy Awards was at Angelina Jolie in Jolene was seen eating car. A I laughed well but you look at her body and she's beautiful misunderstand me I applaud her and everything she does. But does she eat anything. Wrong. Can't play yet. It's a DREAM -- well. She just in I want a wake up in the morning it's I have no interest in but I should wake up in the morning it's one I -- be interested in health exactly -- out of. If they're craving. Pizza or pasta at Q how could we make -- to give you -- flavors. But without all that all the white stuff from the stuff we don't want sent one little check Billiton of course the spaghetti squash and set of white passed -- -- -- -- little pizzas on handmade pizzas on reported on mushroom cap a senate crest. You're -- in the flavors you signature -- you know that made it kind of flavors and their -- whenever toppings. Pitcher really it's a it's a fraction of the -- I said. Whatever you're craving what can needed it's gonna give you maybe a similar flavor or texture but for a lot less of the stuff we don't want to stay with us -- One we're gonna continue our talks. With Molly and van right after the that's the name of the program is -- fit Nolan and it's going to it's now in thirty restaurants and other when he online. And hopefully every restaurant in the area it's free to them to sit down with a nutritionist and figure out how to make their menus better so we all feel better. But Torre from Guerrero a call. -- -- -- -- Just -- it to a comment about -- -- -- -- program. Just a little bit there are quickly. Was diagnosed with diabetes ought to step outside that. Or years ago parliament to live out here. Art should be. It's a bit well not great game. All so -- started to you know. That they respect your. Asset or Egypt -- extreme or courage or. -- whole setup or and I. Actually stated -- -- dark out there are just kind of watch what you eat I'll answer that question earlier where did you do. You know when you -- you know easily I was. Schroeder and portions no matter what I eat a whole lot and I turnpike for about Coke every day. All. -- well. Four pounds lighter. Doctors took no involvement medications included aren't the indication. Com work out every day. -- one it's called in because I actually used each at no menu. Probably about her term that we. Two. Oakland right now to get via. This and salad and a bit. That's my favorite a salmon have salad is -- and. -- it -- -- and shore up. We're. Yeah that's must look at that. Somewhere between road where -- -- there. Ought. Or. Are out for college and other state out there and oh that you are yours to. OPEC -- anywhere else that you are it. At a game -- -- RBC. You know it it -- -- -- -- -- here. Without having are the sleeper -- Let me tell that you just to the bottom line I can't tell you how much I appreciate this call and I know that Molly does too. Because you're living example of somebody who. One is -- your medication you've lost the weight and you're still loving to eat and you -- -- it with a -- of. Yeah it's it's it's well it's you know and I would you know looking researching forms -- -- these properties form ball on line. There are title how you eat healthy and long. You know because it's just it's it's like either that -- GOLF Magazine and jets. You know court it's all fair. And put it costs. -- like to -- you know. You -- open field and congratulations to you and thank you so much for call union. And I standard and well salmon salad is what you think I'm -- Reverend -- very quickly. Then you say that they -- McCaw. You. -- -- -- for years ago at Iowa State. Law -- out that it did not break out. Over 300. I'll. Write books. Five the level for you Bob could you. How did you -- it. Pit stop being -- like the only state -- you know sugar and sugar and salt in the commendation. But the good -- Chicago he's got the legal weight I'm obligated. And Obama per game now. Real -- to back -- because of that be. -- ball you know we don't like that they'll probably K. At that one thing about the old bat that we. Are you a game that way and I don't believe. Just the pressure. And be on diabetes is active not because of the bill argue that it -- the white told. Inquiry should be about body it was all people. Look at -- -- we cannot be read only be good credit grew up without a doubt the problem so. Basically you know I'm not I'm not doing as good wanna do. Well at all that atmosphere block -- vote. That. If you. Outlook and a -- a global queen G. -- yeah so. I'll correct. You think he. Will be your probable feel good. One tell him you're gonna get back on track you've done it you've already done it and you do you recognize yourself for you slipping up and you're gonna go back. I'm telling you are you -- terrific reverend brown thank you and congratulations on that eighty pounds. We'll be right back and Angela under the that you. Molly Kimball was a nutritionist at auction her L Milledge and dealt also with this is -- -- to that Yahoo!'s executive chef of Dickie Brennan's tableau which is. The beautiful restaurant in La Petit theatre. But the the program is each fit no luck it is about getting restaurants to understand. The need really for all of us to eat better and then coming up with great recipes. Might -- then Hanson. 935 pounds down nomads no let's not -- this is such an astounding statement plummet and yet in NC Ringo. Well next weekend you Mueller at home and Garden Show right and the food thing is going to be all -- that not exactly said to him and guard. -- offense generously and they came to us and sent in and we wanna make the entire cooking salmon states. The eat fentanyl a cooking stage so. It's march 14 through sixteenth Friday through Sunday we have staggered throughout the weekend -- -- restaurants and chefs there featuring. Doing the picking them as -- eat signal abuse there. Where we'll have it when we don't have a -- and Annan will be sampling now some of art he sentinel food injuring as well. Coming in giving more information and yes and likely said it's it's a free service completely free to -- restaurant who wants to participate. And I have to do is reach out to us and we try to make it as easy as possible for them. Get the recipes work with and find out what's gonna be healthy and on that website is -- all of that come forward you know restaurants like that it. And you know consumers -- customers if you're going and you know it's -- out tonight look and see where restaurants are participating and it -- -- -- -- of our high end Spanish restaurants that whatever your neighborhood local restaurant is if you want them to participate. Asked them -- and because that the restaurants will listen to what customers are yes that is right -- Please ask you know let and then just say hey this -- program and even if -- customer says in hey Molly reach out to this restaurant we absolutely well. You know something you just said though earlier this this is the first city wide. Operation like this in the country. Daniel -- well I'm leading the way we haven't seen anything else in the country where they're working with local restaurants. To their level that we aren't too where involving the but the Russians and the city of New Orleans -- Health Department at their initiative fit Nolan is very supportive -- -- the tourism department at the Lawrence very supportive and is so it's a true citywide initiative -- with just our local guys -- -- -- restaurant. We haven't seen anything else like -- are excited to be here Malik Campbell I can't thank you enough chef then I'll be back. Thank you so very much -- my beautiful dessert.