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3-5 4:20pm Scott Shanle

Mar 5, 2014|

Today on Sports Talk with guest host Kristian Garic: Which would you rather have...Jimmy Graham long-term OR two first round draft picks? Kristian was joined by Former Saints linebacker, Scott Shanle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk to Scott -- former Saints linebacker here on WWL. Scott welcome that a program in you missed -- Gromit. Scott there we -- I don't. -- -- Lot more. What's that. But I admit that allow more at Ottawa. You go right you know put it on TV and and they have beaten up around ballots and they can indicate that don't pick up -- -- -- had to do that figure. If that Scott let's get into -- mean I'm sure you youth. Talk quite a bit about -- in have been asked quite a bit about it Jimmy Graham of course franchise tag at these clues of rights level. By the -- All Saints last week in. Do you think there's a team out there and it's willingly give up to number one picks for our a player that doesn't affect. Com your team or -- the game every play like a quarterback would. I you can cry and I don't pick between that would -- to give up that much. Sort of position on the other than quarterback position. On. But you know get bigger in the definitely -- can -- can contain enough that the changes what you have to defend Duke. But still your -- 21 round pick -- a lot in terms of building credit. If you're the Saints would you be will depart with Jimmy Graham for 21 round draft picks if the conversations really -- am talking about in a team comes in says I wanna -- Jimmy Graham fourteen million dollars a year. Well I think it to the -- you probably look at who do we have in the first round acute problems are that you court players who. -- we can build around and also likely that if they're the contract comes back that's just out of this world. It's a pretty -- you'd have to consider because when you look at. You're signing his contract couple years ago moved the train every year's look at numbers are just gonna grow in eventually. You're gonna have to start him even more roster turnover so I think about it which came back and look at a little bit epic a lot of it depends on on who goes first round pick will be. Visiting with Scott -- former Saints -- -- B Saints linebacker here on the WW well Scott you're part of -- New CBA collective bargaining agreement that. The -- governs the NFL now. Do you think I read an article today that basically said. That the NFL middle class players. Are getting basically. Abolished with this new collective bargaining agreement it's about. The premium players in about the young rookies would you agree -- I agree with. I felt that way. It's been that solid QB they obviously don't look at the time we were happy to go back to work in the fact that. You know we wanted to -- -- permit the check it and that's that's pretty booed the truth I mean. Nobody really cared and they've -- down and look at it. That perspective bit. On the NFL is about those premium players it's about the players that people choke on under the tree. On and then beyond that owners and management wanna play at one okay guys in the first rookie deal the first reported because those guys. -- -- -- -- -- I just how worked out and it's important because there are a lot of players who. At their peak after they're third -- here that don't have a good chance of people play because. You know of their salaries go up threefold compared to us from the rookies that are not gonna -- takeover play at a young age. So you feel like Disney CBA maybe did more harm than good to those veterans I mean guys. And guys that -- that are not necessarily the stars but every team needs those niche players right and those players that. Are just a good fit and not necessarily the engine that maybe the engine coolant if you. Thought I -- them out -- we had more guys like. During our time in -- on -- and the success that we have any other Q we had guys to. I'll work on approached just want to win and knew their role and you know they were out -- for a few dollars big just they they wanted to personal special and that's what we did that. Now I think like the ultimate TBA gets the point where. Players in the league keep those type working can't keep the player will be written -- more even though they want to know just because of the way on the court that the structured and went to the -- he -- it -- it -- a lot of really good quality players not out of the lead which correlate. Does it place a higher emphasis on draft picks now because of the bargain. That they -- they have become. No question and I think that's what -- beat teams on what went to the hop. You'll feel like I'm working during the regular or are they now play. Picks worked for all your players and I think that is so -- you. It a lot of it is because of the dollar amount they want young players are relatively inexpensive and three year deal. And if it happened again superstar one of those and then they -- and in the long but that's very rare. When you talk and you don't report -- -- that much twenty or putter in his opening hit on new putter so. That's where the league structured I thought it about star power and they haven't cheap labor basically. Scott two more for you before we let your run. Going back to Jimmy Graham is -- a tight end or wide receiver. -- -- have been I have gotten this question a lot of a lot of different rate so I sweet sweet. I haven't wavered one bit even more in the pulpit Amato and odd that this leave the debate because. To lead to bigger over the tight end in the article -- on where recruited yesterday I think it was a little harsh. But they're inherently and I mean Jimmy -- to the Kohler the president he was drafted -- the president. You can't look at a guy's stance and change to a position he played -- trust that and I mean the target that. You can't pick of safety and yet he gets ten -- and he can't go -- say -- repay what Phillies. Bet you confidence is a little more collect stats don't equal position you put it where you want about. And it's it's the guys -- -- most Americans. You know Jimmy is is that to me the top tight end in the league topical of people argue that that. He's not in the top wide receiver and it's all about. Dollars and then people understand that but I'd like to -- it occurred argument that I have. But he did line up at wide receiver more often be lined up at night in. Yeah and I think a lot of that is is not to permit match reasons. You Carolina that that side. Who can overpower reporters. On the aggregate amount of space. I don't I didn't. I think if you really considered him a lot receiver -- lined -- against deep but the back. A lot and what -- -- because teams like to depend would be to actually the real government. I just think he's a mismatch who's ultimately tied it -- and integrators. I -- and had two more Morry now I have two more for him but quickly we is with the old grand situation and -- the franchise tag. Ultimately does that. Just all played right into the Saints fans I mean they they have the most leverage in this right. Oh absolutely -- its one of those things where. You hope you can his deal done but if you don't own the team has the leverage in fact that it will slot that label on him and he's not going anywhere for you here. And that I wouldn't negotiate with him and and hopefully. Didn't hear your opening agent a player -- on acceptable terms that you have because. Not a player restaurant another year and very under a franchise tags so that it a lot of leverage that we're -- looking into the club. What do you say to. Fans are analysts alike. The media guys that would argue -- not the player wouldn't be the player he is without Drew Brees. Well I think you can make that argument for a lot of star players in the league who play it would start where just. You know and that's important is currently you can play better record inopportune repeatedly about it and it just goes on down the line a lot of players make other players great. But. Would Jimmy up in numbers and played without quarterback but I don't think so but I still think you would be that the matchup nightmare. And still make game changing plays and and that's what players -- up in the air but. Scott Shanle former Saints linebacker here on a WWL thanks abuzz when I appreciate visiting within -- W maybe -- -- -- the draft. Eyes got silly they're goes front of the program friend of WL and of course former Saints. Linebacker. Richie New Orleans rocket man of bill Tony -- mark in Portland. Sit tight a promise your phone calls are coming up after the news headlines and they got. A lot of things to weigh in on Jimmy -- he heard Scott Shanle there when I found -- was the fact that. Com. In this collective bargaining agreement you've got to rudely spend your money wisely more so than you have in the past if you're NFL franchise. Those rookie guys coming in there's three or four years. In the premium players. The middle road guys a guy like Scott Shanle. Maybe he's -- -- league faster than ten years maybe that'll only gets six or seven years. It means the players thought that they were doing. Themselves a service by giving veterans paid. And his new collective bargaining agreement when in fact. They they actually come off their nose to spite their face.