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3-5 4:35pm Jon Stinchcomb

Mar 5, 2014|

Today on Sports Talk with guest host Kristian Garic: Which would you rather have...Jimmy Graham long-term OR two first round draft picks? Kristian was joined by Former Saints offensive lineman, Jon Stinchcomb.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

John says don't former Saints offensive lineman joining us now and -- I'm sure you're shocked at what were talking about today and Jimmy Graham. That is remarkable no one across the Patriots talked about it Kyle I hear you about arm problems though. And thanks for. For -- we down for money Grumman. I couldn't I you know we we like to try to come back. -- couldn't have been calendar this year. I listen -- before we get into Jimmy Graham I want to pick your brain on the offensive line. Area for the new All Saints Brian -- point they -- three free agents. You think all at all when you look at it at that those two players that. The aching get a deal done under the the salary cap constraints the Saints are are working with John. Well I think it's going to be difficult. To keep both yachts which you. I hit that. Kurt I'm sure they want would want to but. You know who their little bit strapped like many teams artist of the year trying to figure out. Where they can spin it and what's the Max number they can go through each -- -- particularly get stretched and people -- comeback. Giles talking to Scott -- a few moments ago on on the show and a -- today about. The new collective bargaining agreement that was hammered out -- couple years ago. And that it's almost done away with the middle of the road veterans. It's about the bargain rookies in the premium players. Win when you guys were were hammer this out did did that. Fact I mean did -- we all aware that I mean. Did this come and play and we all think about the long term impact did it show that it could be an impact when you guys were trying to work this out with the owners. Well grow our they're clear they're in fact that we care that we are now on the middle -- -- -- record in the helping that played out then obviously. You -- we try to set up things almost blew up. Clear perhaps it's time. -- to ensure that there was money for the veterans. And give them. An opportunity that that's happened the more dollars in the way that played out. There just like you said that it's. It's saved a ton of money up front with some of the rookies -- yet. It's only that -- the rest of that money is only funny late to a certain number of heat Lakers and and everyone else in the middle of the China. And squeezed out so. That wasn't that was my intentions but that's step one where you find yourself now. Yeah it's I know I'm sure one of -- it is that you guys were trying to make sure and I thought at that time that was the were absolute right move why pay a rookie forty million dollars in guaranteed money. Under the old CBA when the veteran to the ones that have been established -- setter but looks like some of those guys are that are starting -- squeezed out Scott Shanle -- -- feels that way -- it is. But judging by which you said you feel the same way going back to Jimmy Graham John as it tight in our wide receiver. -- -- -- I know you love backlash and I. Well of course but it could go the way the Saints use him and apparently he's got a pretty strong cage. You know that will be able to figured out. What what are -- What you can to try to match as. America and getting into. Terrible battle that is our. I think it during the day you go get go a long term deal hammered out that'll be. A non issue hopefully for both parties got. That would five million dollars on the table I think Jimmy got a pretty good case just with the way -- years and despite the fact that he is to try again. He refused to. Extent simply in. What can very easily be seen as as electors equal so. I think he's got a pretty good case. John you love all these questions of the hypotheticals. But on a key thrown Thornton matchup would you give up 21 round draft picks to sign Jimmy Graham to say thirteen fourteen million dollar per season. Oh. I don't nobody Q that they can check our staff. I I think Jimmy is obviously the best at what he's done. And they're you to come close so -- are mixed that makes the argument. Debatable. I think for. Pretty much every other. Non quarterback out here. Supertramp -- an automatic deal breaker putt with the play making ability and really there's no one else saying in my opinion that your -- same clap and cheer me. If it makes it something that you at least discussed from -- management level. Can you actually overture that can give away those 21 round picks. I think you really have to be confident in the restaurant. Restaurant locker room in your roster to you to be able to separate parts such -- Such a way that they can you can build on -- you know you look at teams across the board now the ones that are successful and able to do so in the draft so. Oh yeah you you just have to really. Cautious -- I think any captain your your future by. Tree in the way that depicts what our -- ticket so talent that makes it worth that discussion. How anxious are contract negotiations for players we've been through it. It's you know it's tough because for a lot of guys you can count them. Changer that your family's future and some significant. Amounts of money but also. It's it's work environments and or where you got to move your family to -- the anxiety of not only in. We're going to be in where your options are. You know this time -- year you put a lot of faith in your agent that. He's conveying to the scene that what what you want him to learn your give them information that's coming back your way from from. Different management -- It. Can be pretty stressful. If you try not to let it get trivia and try to realize that a lot of guards. That yourself no matter what happens to. I don't have an opportunity force and the long term financial security and hopefully you've got options to choose from when it comes to. What looked more -- more got worse or stay with the right team -- -- -- for -- You just hope that that case now it's now it that way but. -- about -- or some guys it is and that so a -- he -- -- the day -- pretty stressful for everyone and ball. Yeah I would imagine and John I know. I don't live in this world it's it's a world that that most of the NFL players do are some the fortunate NFL players who live in. And when they have an opportunity -- if there's five million dollars left on the table mean there's not going to be a player in the NFL it's gonna walk away just simply walk away from there. Barbarian that that's pretty market to justify -- back -- -- we talked -- your family and I'm pretty sure that. You know on the hard hard pressed to find some player -- player -- I know that's what the case much gambling that. To come home and say what the five million dollars -- you. And then sent you know normally we're older and much so. From that perspective him -- -- -- mark which is possible and train and his whole life shouldn't -- Five million dollars is there a number that you never came close to show. Not that I think that probably more than you warmed and the unaware around. So when you look at it you'd trainer -- perspective that's -- figured that's pretty cart -- -- Johnson's home former Saints -- -- -- hey thanks so much for visiting with this man and -- Good luck to you and and -- and in future endeavors whatever it is you get into these days and you your family. Appreciate it thanks so -- particularly on. -- any time. Johnson's film former Saints offers a --