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3-5 4-5pm Kristian, Graham long-term

Mar 5, 2014|

Today on Sports Talk with guest host Kristian Garic: Which would you rather have...Jimmy Graham long-term OR two first round draft picks? PLUS, NFL free agency opens next week...what are the Saints biggest needs? Kristian takes your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several five welcome into this Ash Wednesday edition of sports talk here on a WWL I am FM AW WL dot com on crushing Garrick in for the big chief. Deke Bellavia all right so we talked about the Jimmy Graham situation pretty much ad nauseam since the black and gold tagged him over the weekend and non exclusive rights franchise tag. It felt free agency starts on March 11 and teams can begin to make a play for Jimmy Graham the Green Bay Packers are on record as saying it would be. Beyond dumb to give up to number one picks for Jimmy Graham. One AFC. Personnel guy. Reportedly according to nfl.com. Say Graham is almost is viable as three or four of the top quarterbacks in the league and he expects a team to make a run at Graham. With that price tag of wanting what run wide receiver money top wide receiver money at twelve million her. He have you up 21 round draft picks. To get Jimmy Graham. So who dat nation you tell me. Which would you prefer Jimmy Graham long term. Or 21 round draft picks. 260187. They are told free. 866889087. On a text and 878 set any Saints general manager Mickey Loomis. Spoke to Sirius Satellite Radio earlier will have some of that although it later on for a couple snippets on Jimmy Graham. And what are the Saints biggest needs in free agency. The only have about one point five million dollars of cash. Even though the tag are that the cap went up to about a 133 million dollars. Now that's a lot of money that. Signs of your own free age that you wanna keep. Much less go out there and make a splash in free agency a guy like Kenny Lewis from a year ago. So my life that you looking for help upgrade your secondary that's in need for the Saints. At cornerback. Safety wide receiver. But one point five million dollars not a lot of Jack. To get guys like Zach Strief or or Brian de La -- back on a contract. In appears. His other don't let Malcolm Jenkins got a test the waters. And see what he brings back. Maybe the Saints go all right now we can we play in that ballpark they just Nomar it's been nice knowing. We'll see -- back of an offer. On a program today Scott Shanle former Saints linebacker. Johnson's dome at 435 former saint Dolphins alignment. In a 5 o'clock hour Doug moved on. WW LTV sports -- rule -- -- -- free agency and Jimmy Graham he also hear from hokey guy John. Saint color analyst and it's 6 o'clock hour. Double LSU. Basketball and baseball with -- RW WL dot com columnist John Palermo. And of course. At seventy warning Mason Ginsberg covering the pelicans -- or -- shots. Dot com I don't your commute to first round draft picks. Or Jimmy Graham -- long term your preference. To 60187 Neitzel free 86689. And 087 in. On the text and 8787 in the NCAA. Football rules committee table the controversial 102 rule the polls will today that would have slowed down college offenses. Smart move table at bringing up later. Do your homework a little more find out if it is it is. A safety issue. Key to ducks in a -- each argument line if you wanna pass this. But I think the biggest problem is people. They try to pass under the veil of player safety oh it's for players' safety now it's the defense of -- he coaches out there that can adapt it can't keep bobbled it adult that they don't wanna try to. Reinvent their defense is because their offense. Is move would have also -- eleven down the field. Guys like Nick Saban. If it's a coach like Debra B LaMont. That'll keep pace of that. High octane offense I think is good for the college game. All that scoring. What do we want we want points right its fans. Will see action packed games. 107 -- born. I'd much rather see a 34 31 shootout wild one -- great overtime games have you seen the college football. In the thirties and forties. In the last ten full years. I'd prefer that when you -- rather watch that. Then ten to seven. Yeah 8787 -- -- text. Richie rock and mark sit tight. Take your phone calls on Jimmy Graham. First let's talk to Scott -- former Saints linebacker here on WWL Scott welcome that program in you missed my -- Scott there we -- I don't. -- -- -- Lot more. What's that. But I admit that a lot more at Ottawa. You go right you know put it on TV and and they have beaten up around now and they can pick could -- pick up rhetoric that it had to do that bigger. If that Scott let's get into -- mean I'm sure you youth. Talk quite a bit about -- in have been asked quite a bit about it Jimmy Graham of course franchise tag at these clues of rights level. By the -- All Saints last week in. Do you think there's a team out there that's willing to give up to number one picks for our a player that doesn't affect. Com your team or -- the game every play like a quarterback would. I you can credit and I don't pick them in that would love to give up that much. Sort of position on the other than quarterback position. On. But you know -- bigger than him he can he contain enough that the change -- what you -- have to defend Duke. But still your pocket 21 round pick up a lot in terms of building a credit. If you're the Saints would you be willing to part with Jimmy Graham for 21 round draft picks if the conversations really -- am talking about in a team comes in says I wanna -- Jimmy Graham fourteen million dollars a year. Well I think you do the thank you probably look at who do we have in the first attitude problems are that you core of players who. Who weakened builder around and also like he said if they're the contract come back that just out of this world. It's a pretty -- you'd have to consider because when you look at Peters signing his contract couple years ago moved the train every -- look at numbers are just gonna grow in eventually. You're gonna have to start him even more roster turnover so I think about it which came back and look at a little bit epic a lot of it depends on on who goes first round picks will be. Visiting with Scott Shanle former Saints -- -- Saints linebacker here on the WW well Scott you're part of -- New CBA collective bargaining agreement that. Who governs the NFL now. Do you think I read your article today that basically said. That the NFL middle class players. Are getting basically. Abolished with this new collective bargaining agreement it's about. The premium players in about the young rookies would you agree that. I agree with the and I felt that way. As soon as the ultimate QB they obviously don't look at the time we were happy to go back to work and the fact that. You know we want to commit to any kind of our government check it and that's pretty boot -- -- I mean. Nobody really scared and I don't -- look at it. From that perspective bit. On the NFL is about those premium players -- about the players that people choke on Sunday the city. On and then beyond that owners and management wanna play at one OK guys in the first rookie deal the first reported because those guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- just how worked out and it's important because there are a lot of players who. At their peak after they're third port here that don't have a good chance of people play because. You know of their salaries go threefold compared to -- from the rookies that are not gonna -- -- over and play at a young age. So you feel like Disney CBA maybe did more harm than good to those veterans I mean guys. And guys that have that are not necessarily the stars but every team needs those niche players right and those players that. Are just a good fit and not necessarily the engine that maybe the engine coolant if you. Thought I -- person out there we had more guys like. During our time in a war on there and the success that we have many other Q we had guys to. I'll work on approached just want to win and knew their role and you know there were out there for a few dollars big just they they wanted to personal special and that's what we did that. Now I think like the ultimate TBA gets the point where. Players can't even keep those type working can't keep the player will be written into more even though they want to know just because of the way on the salary cap the structured and went to the -- he gave it to. -- a lot of really good quality players not out of the lead which correlate. Does it place a higher emphasis on draft picks now because of the bargain. That they -- they have become. No question and I think that's what you see teams on what went to the pop our bigs that are not willing to part ways were trapped it -- I mean. You'll kilograms working during the regular for a purpose now play picks worked for all your players and I think that is so shall you. It a lot of it is because of the dollar they want young players are relatively inexpensive and three year deal. And if it happened again superstar one of those guys and then detailed and and the -- that's very rare. When you talk and you don't report draft class that much twentieth or putter in his opening hit on -- so. That's -- the league structured I thought it about star power and that happened cheap labor basically. Scott two more for you before we let your run. Going back to Jimmy Graham is -- a tight end to war wide receiver. Oh man I've been I've gotten this question a lot of a lot of different rate so I we saw each week. I haven't wavered one bit even even won the pole thank you I thought it odd that the three of the debate because. To -- a -- over the tight end in the article -- on where recruited yesterday I think it was a little harsh. But they're inherently and I mean Jimmy went to the Kohler the president he was drafted -- the president. You can't look at guys stats and changeable conditions -- based -- stats and I -- the target that. You can't pick of safety and if he gets ten -- -- and he can't go play -- repay what Phillies. Bet you confidence just ignore that like stats don't equal position you put it where you want -- out. And it's it's the guys you're going against most Americans you know Jimmy is is that to me at the top tight end in the league -- of people argue that that. The united -- top wide receiver and it's all about. Dollars and then people understand that but I suspect that the current argument that I have. But he did line up at wide receiver more often be lined up at I didn't. Yeah and I think a lot of that is it not to permit match reason. You -- -- guy that subsided. Who can overpower reporters. On the aggregate amount of space. I don't I didn't. I think -- it you really considered him a lot receiver you do find that again because the back. A lot and which he has because teams like -- -- would be to actually the real government. I just make it even that match who's in the lead tied it and and the the greater Q. I -- and had two more -- now I have two more for him but quickly we is with old -- situation and you know the franchise tag. Ultimately does that. Just -- played right into the Saints -- mean they they have the most leverage in this right. Oh absolutely -- its one of those things where. You hope you new deal done but if you don't own the team has the leverage in fact that it will slot that label on him and he's not going anywhere for a year. And that I wouldn't negotiate with him and and hopefully. They didn't hear your opening agent a player comer on acceptable terms that you have because. That -- -- -- another year and very under a franchise tax so that it a lot of leverage that we're most looking into the club. What do you say to. Fans are analysts alike. The media guys that would argue -- not the player wouldn't be the player he is without Drew Brees. Well I think you can make that argument for a lot of star players in the league who played without star players just. You know and that's important is currently you can say you entered the record of opportunity is about it man and it just goes on down the line a lot of players make other players great. But. -- -- Numbers and -- -- with -- quarterback in Iraq but I don't think so but I still think he would be that the matchup nightmare. And still make game changing play them and that's what players -- up in the air but. Scott Shanle former Saints linebacker here on a WWL thanks a -- -- appreciate visiting within -- W maybe -- -- of the draft. Hi Scott silly they're goes front of the program friend of WL and of course forward Saints. Linebacker. Richie New Orleans rocket man of bill Tony -- mark in Portland. Sit tight a promise your phone calls -- up after the news headlines and they got. A lot of things to weigh in on Jimmy -- he heard Scott Shanle there when I found -- was the fact that. Com. In this collective bargaining agreement you've got to rudely spend your money wisely more so than you have in the past if you're an NFL franchise. Those rookie guys coming in there's three or four years. And the premium players. The middle road guys a guy like Scott Shanle. Maybe he's -- -- league faster than ten years maybe that'll only gets six or seven years. It means the players thought that they were doing. Themselves -- service by giving veterans paid. And his new collective bargaining agreement when in fact. They they actually come off their nose to spite their face I've -- -- still reaching New Orleans you're on WWL Richie. I don't about. I want to tell you man I think this is Benjamin Graham is being orders -- to saint organization you know it took -- tickets on you know. You know mainly wanna ensure he's -- great sound to play but a lot of English you made the initial while a big game keeps I'm definitely it is. They showed up now here's our here's what I would argue. Against that is that. A team's focus solely on him and took him out of the game. And B he was battle he was battling. Planter fascia ideas which for a skill position player like that it's -- -- how well -- whole -- to hold on -- and along. I now I will agree though that. Maybe have to look at and say am I I've said it but may -- -- look at it and go hey is it worth. For the team. To spend that kind of money on a tight in. And -- where -- -- Henri Richard serology all agreed it would do. To treat for -- and I don't you know let's look a -- all post that. I would hate that it didn't include the -- and workers and shouldn't change what did you regret the best in the week I disagree. Comfortable out. Problem -- play at least algae in the immediate coverage is all probably will receive the shot all the time and seen him beat double teams triple teams stuff like that. And you know being on of the analysts say and I -- -- -- you Scott did you and what is considered himself in elite receiver went into what we -- that. I never seen him beat trouble comedy like Howard Johnson's that'll put yourself in that category just quite yet. Yeah me draft and is -- in on Twitter you listed your self as a tie in the year all pro tight -- you know the Pro Bowl as a tight end. The collective bargaining agreement allows him to file a grievance though he is agent. They allow this argument because of the loophole there they allow for this argument to take place. It also seven million dollars potential after shooting five million dollars potentially at stake. For Jimmy Graham between a tight end and wide receiver John -- don't former Saints offensive -- joining us now and -- I'm sure you're shocked at what we're talking about today and Jimmy Graham. That is remarkable no one across the Patriots talk about it Kyle I hear you about arm problems -- And thanks for. For Jonas we down for money -- There are couldn't I you know we'd we'd like to try to come back. It is to be given calendar year. I listen -- -- before we get into Jimmy Graham I want to pick your brain on the offensive line. Area for the new All Saints Bryant -- point they Zach Sri free agents. You think all at all when you look at it that those two players that taking get a deal done under the the salary cap constraints the Saints are are working with John. Well I think it's going to be difficult. To keep both yachts which you. I hit it. Kurt I'm sure they want would want to but. You know who their little bit strapped like. Many teams artist of the year trying to figure out where they can spin it and what's the Max number they can go through each guy that. Practically dubious stretched and people -- come back. Giles talking to Scott -- a few moments ago on on the show and a dream today about. The new collective bargaining agreement that was hammered out -- couple years ago. And that it's almost done away with the middle of the road veterans. It's about the bargain rookies in the premium players. Win when you guys were were hammer this out did did that. Fact I mean and did -- we all aware that I mean. Did this come of the play and we all think about the long term impact did it show that it could be an impact when you guys were trying to work this out with the owners. Well go. If we're there in fact that we Eric that we are down the middle back. Toward equal or greater speed. -- it played out then obviously. You know what we try to set up things walls -- up. What are reps with the -- -- to ensure that there was money for the veterans. And give them. An opportunity that -- happen the more dollars where that's played out. There just like you said that they. It's saved a ton of money up front with a group -- expert yet. It's only good that the rest of that -- only finding its way to a certain number of key play hitters and then. Everyone else in the middle of the -- And squeezed out so. That wasn't that was in the Accenture and the best that point where you find yourself now. Yeah it's I know I'm sure one of bar it is that you guys are trying to make sure and I thought at that time that was the were absolute right move why pay a rookie forty million dollars in guaranteed money. The old CBA when the veterans are the ones that have been established at setter but looks like some of those guys are there are starting -- squeezed out Scott Shanle -- -- -- that way -- it is. But judging by which you say you feel the same way going back to Jimmy Graham John as it tight in our wide receiver. Pat pat pat pat. I know you love backlash and I. Well of course they're good the way the Saints use him Eric he got a pretty strong cage. You know that will be able figured out. What weather what you can define demands. American are you kidding in two. Terrible battle that is our. I think it -- the day you go to go a long term deal hammered out battled the I'm not the issue hopefully for both parties but. That would five million dollars on the table I think Jimmy's got a pretty good case just with the way that -- -- and despite the fact that he -- the tight -- He was used to. Extensively. In. What could very easily be seen as I don't work -- rule shall. I think he's got a pretty good case. John you love all these questions of the hypotheticals. But -- a -- thrown Thornton matchup would you give up 21 round draft picks to sign Jimmy Graham to say thirteen fourteen million dollars per season. I don't nobody Q that they can sacrifice that. I think Jimmy is obviously the best at what he does. And there you would come close so. That makes that makes the argument. Debatable. I think for. Pretty much every other. Non quarterback out here. 21 round picks and an automatic deal breaker putt. We can play making ability and really there's no one else in my opinion that you and that same class and cheer me. If it makes it something that you at least discussed from a management level. Can you actually overture a man can give away those 21 round picks. I think you really have to be confident in the restaurant. Reps in that locker room in your roster to you to be able to certain parts such an. A week that they can you can build on and you know you look -- teams across the board now ones that are successful -- able to do so in the draft so. -- you you just have to really. Cautious that opinion that the near future by. Trade where the two picks that are legacy can be such a talent that makes it where the discussion. How anxious are contract negotiations for players and you've been through it. It's you know it's tough because it's for a lot of guys you can -- them. Changer your family's future and some significant. Amounts of money but also. It's it's work environments and fall where you got to move your family to -- the anxiety of not knowing. Where you're going to be in where your options are and you know that time you're -- put a lot of faith in your agent that. He's conveying to the team that what what you want him to in your give them information that's coming back your way from from -- different management so. It can be pretty stressful. If you try not to let it get to -- and you try to realize that a lot of guards. You're setting yourself up no matter what happens to -- Don't have an opportunity force some. Long term financial security and hopefully you've got options to choose from when it comes to. Outlook toward more to you more got worse or stay with the right team find an erection for yourself. You just hope that that's the case and now it's not always that way but I'll. About Garrett or some guys it is that in that so a lecture went -- the day changed pretty stressful for everyone and ball. Yeah I would imagine John I know. I don't live in this world it's it's a world that that most of the NFL players do are some the fortunate NFL players who live in. And when they have an opportunity and if there's five million dollars left on the table mean there's not going to be a player in the NFL it's gonna walk away just simply walk away from the. There -- a liberian that that's pretty market to justify you know you go back -- You talk to your family and I'm pretty sure that. You know on the hard hard pressed to find some player -- player yet another -- case at -- let. To come home and say what would five million dollars -- you. And then -- You know it's not really -- all that much so. From that perspective -- my dad -- market which is buses and trains and it's a lot actually and -- Out five million dollars there's a number that you never came close to show. I'd -- I think that's probably more than warm than -- -- around. So when you look at it -- trainer Matt perspective that's. That particular that's pretty cart -- -- Johnson's home former Saints -- -- hey thanks so much for visiting with this man in -- Good luck to you and and you know that in future endeavors whatever it is you get into these days and your your family. Appreciate it thanks so -- particularly on. -- any time. Johnson's film former Saints -- -- Tony -- You're on W two all Tony. I don't Christian. I would ask that question. What's going -- with Drew Brees has anybody approached him. I've -- that she used the big view what is what is captain of the jumps really -- -- -- -- to match you know it's ask you about yeah structure and a lot of. To my knowledge that those conversations. Have not taken place however. Drew Brees told me last year when you know who they were right up against the cap beginning till the last trees will do whatever it takes to help the team and help field a championship team a competitive team what do from. That's close I mean because Peyton Manning a couple of years ago when it was him and Tom Brady go off for a contract extensions. Took -- to keep the better team around. It's less he'd take less he just -- well despite the money -- let's not make a mistake don't think these places to take -- take especially the premium players I united take money back from a guy. I give them justice like you know any regular job to make much sense until I get that -- but I mean. You know Drew Brees is saying what he's saying it that it felt good and everything you know but. And Drew Brees is don't get me wrong settlement have not the quarterback like -- is such Arafat and how much of Famer. But is what he's saying in that service are now so waiting till next year to say okay struck. No I'll think is lip service what I what I do think though is that Alf leaves Drew Brees is job to go to the -- to say. Takes him you know restructure my deal I think is the Saints as -- other organization the other ones and have to keep all these -- money. Under the right in on spread about -- keep them under the salary cap etc. They don't it's up to Drew Brees go to them they should go to drew and say hey. Are you willing to discuss this argue Marshall let's talk about it here's what it would take usual will usually would likely to do. And it all it is is not taken a pay cut it just restructuring. And just shift in signing bonuses around and move money from one year to another earned. It's beyond to be out of him to. Beyond my math capabilities to cut grass -- to -- Start reading are thinking about. Some of the nuances. Of the salary cap smokes -- to come out of my years it's a more complex than. And I think I can understand in terms of the finite points of it. Love the great outdoors WL wants to -- you annual hunting and fishing buddies to the 35 annual Louisiana sports and show it festival march 13 through the sixteenth. And Lamar Dixon expo center Gonzales get ready for the big -- contest. Kids' village and everybody's favorite to splash dogs was into sports talk all week 40 PM. When you hear the duck call that -- -- call our win line will give you the number. If you're lucky color number eight you win good luck from the station and loves the -- is great outdoors WWL hallway of Portland. For mark you're on WWL mark. Papers and -- to a great job but thank you very much it. Brokered before and Jimmy Graham -- -- the -- that you and Bobby do you can't come to the new name for the Hornets. From the accident that put the bulky with the pirate logo. -- I. Get. On to -- anyway so be it can. And so when -- -- -- gonna offer to -- picks even if that's our only ten million dollars and how to take that. Fiscally Smart fiscally Smart and we get an opportunity now what you do them picks. That's up to you. Except that even if he used one of the picks in the first round and you'd -- -- the second -- short. First around the next year a correction. You've got a little flexibility and the thing that always concerns you about the salary cap are things like the band crops such. Can be Jahri Evans where it stopped approached the sack in Europe and chills you -- a third trip that took years these contracts yeah Pachulia pines. Indicate -- myself be devastated Jimy got let it GQ baker and go to. -- -- You've got to do about the good thing and it's gonna be tempered topics I don't care it's not a 1000010 million dollars year to take it you. Firstly I say if a team calls me right bounces gimme a TV too much to first round pick today and we just worked out -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- first -- out -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's consummate this and -- Right exactly and I put. Jimmy -- ago. You know you -- think the -- approach and just think it'll let ability to think what -- much even and later Ralph. We -- having to offer a prediction -- if you could packet that give you got to take solid golf game as dumb announced I don't and keep it is a little bit. Now wouldn't I wouldn't do it thanks mark I appreciate it but it's a call and I wouldn't do it for a player that is not a mean if your quarterback is a franchise quarterback. Yet but he's I think the team is not gonna -- the non exclusive rights franchise tag on a Drew Brees Peyton Manning. Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers not gonna happen but for tied into first round picks. We heard that how have the that the prices and the bargains the rookies are to be had for. Not only is gonna happen will see -- march 11 free agency sports talk rolls on next hour.