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3-5 5:20pm Doug Mouton

Mar 5, 2014|

Which would you rather have...Jimmy Graham long-term OR two first round draft picks? Sports Talk guest host Kristian Garic talks to WWLTV Sports Director, Doug Mouton, about his thoughts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doug -- on AKA -- know why he was no I -- in my era and W real TV sports director. Yeah you look good then. You -- oh yeah or I'm gonna disagree with you I have had become the paper realization. But I am not a good looking woman. He you know -- Marty garage and we'll call or the other and we didn't anticipate -- we decided that it would -- -- old in little dresses. That the wind chill was going to be 27 degrees so. It was slightly cold or Mardy or. Yet just slightly just attack I was out there at gal U haul for a couple hours who were Hollinger each other across saint Charles avenue. Have a little fun as you were doing your TV shots I was doing the radio thing. Here with T Bob over their guy you always get down to business. Doug moved on WL TV sports director joining us now and Doug Jimmy Graham 21 round picks are Jimmy Graham long term which one do you want. I think immigrant long term I think you win championships -- special players and I think he's special. You know I heard people play and I don't disagree with -- that -- only replaced ballpark -- now on the same topic to strip breeze and I don't disagree with that but. If you let Jimmy -- -- you're letting go your best weapon in so many ways that goal line weapons that middle of the weapon. Opera now the -- and don't be a weapon which is unfortunate got to fix that. But he -- he just does so many unique being any guy that makes -- deep. Played differently chuck wide net epic game plan and just this guy. To me that guy's just too valuable collect go to court try to -- it and it. Hypothetically. Let's say the Rams would come it and and it's going to be two picks. But you pretty sure going to be in the top 70 yeah reconsider but the -- is the only team that -- allegedly grabbed the ten million dollars a year is going to be somebody like Seattle so you're not talking about two picks. In the top ten or even in the top twenty you're probably talking about 32 and thirty. And for those picks I read that you regret. Doug it's my understanding even if they were a team like Cleveland or Saint Louis to their 21 round picks. A part of the the way that it's -- not too because a non exclusive. Franchise tag tender they can only trade depicts. That are they -- Car I don't exactly understand -- yeah yeah yeah yeah I know that there. But -- my understanding is well that they can only trade around. Right yet so I mean I know a lot of folks -- laws it's -- who's yet to. In L harvest Cleveland he had -- you're not gonna -- their little would be to return did you get form but not finally got a fine quarterback to throw to throw -- of our. I think if you look at it -- do you look at it matters how they obtained Seattle in the playoff spot more than a hundred yard. This team is not many pieces. On the championship. You keep the peace but you can't. Not a team. -- had enough -- we will rebuild mode is to look at old one or two pieces and it notable of these is not gonna give up one spot at least in my career. All -- a little -- that they didn't want to at least. Think about it they wouldn't have put this -- in its engine program that could put the designation autumn -- of -- need to talk you know and and they Cilic got kids obviously. There's something in that they at least one actually our options are public. -- hit it that bad move by. Technique you get your -- that you don't want to why would you pick would you rather have. Two number one. Yeah I take of where where and his why. Because. The bargain of rookies these days makes your team so much more fiscally flexible. And and and I also think that is is good to meet his greatest Jimmy Graham is in Nike for all I'm not -- you know. Just totally. He backed off a year obviously would would Jimmy Graham but he's dynamic in he he he he mentioned that but I also think for a player. That doesn't affect the offense of play. At nearly every play like a quarterback would. Are at least thirty times a game. I think it's an awfully. Tough offer to turn down when you consider. When you consider that he could because you're twelve to fourteen million dollars however. The whole in my argue all of them I love the you know shoot holes in my own argument -- hold my argument is this is that. That capped it won't be is difficult with Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham because of the Tony fifteen salary cap and it's 115 TV doctoral. Are you gonna have more guys get that much money. Money is there -- owners of NFL teams are making the money -- multi sport that Drew Brees has been the Jimmy -- -- the money what they actually like -- -- and Ellis set up now is that there was a time. Well what's 1520 years ago that rookies were kitten absurd contracts and they had done and thank god like Jimmy Graham had -- -- time getting what these year's first round draft it would yet. Actions were all Jimmy Graham has earned a big contract you -- get it from somebody. I think he is a championship -- player in the Super Bowl he's a guy you go to that -- you touched it and compete this team is so close. And a special it Drew Brees does age when you know. You know how many more heated and more years you can -- many more years he's got -- at this level. You take your shot right now -- to win a championship and that's not. First round draft pick next year. That's not in the Ivy League and around these era in 2014. And one of those two grant Dickey in the you can you can still being college. I'm -- make a run right now and -- Jimmy -- on the team that did. And this is as Jimmy Graham is the Saints won a suitable with an opportunistic defense a great offensive line. And at that time and Jeremy Shockey. Above a slightly above average tied it. -- sure sure you had special players -- public is absolutely yes. But right now this team this offense is built. A -- a lot of things Jimmy Graham like that at that time you had Reggie Bush which Reggie Bush was never as productive as -- -- Reggie Bush was a god that horse defense this. Two game -- fourteen. And do and hot guys like Marcus Colton and Lance Moore could be so productive because you had. Reggie Bush that would speak that -- replaced him.