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3-5 5-6pm Kristian, Graham long-term

Mar 5, 2014|

: Which would you rather have...Jimmy Graham long-term OR two first round draft picks? PLUS, NFL free agency opens next week...what are the Saints biggest needs? Kristian takes your calls.

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Welcome back our number -- several side of sports talk here on WW well I am FM and WWL. Dot com Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia. Surprise surprise we're talking about Jimmy -- Free agency march 11. Teams can make a play for Jimmy Graham. When free agency opens. Course -- the non exclusive rights franchise tag. Charlie and Arab -- at that a promise coming UN about ninety seconds the Green Bay Packers telling nfl.com that. It would be beyond dumb to give up to the number one picks for Jimmy Graham. And AFC personnel guy says. He's almost is Bible -- three or four of the top quarterbacks almost as valuable in the week. And he expects a team to make a run at Jimmy Graham. 21 round picks. Or Jimmy Graham long term and also. Sports slant when he given up eleven sports. -- -- -- A win on that here in a few moments the kicking around all day not really short on only give up anything in sports. How watch soccer Sheldon psychic given up. He's got recently love. Shelden Williams a master controls a soccer. He loves to give me the rail on soccer and he's constantly prod me that's not hard to do. Pretty easy I'm -- here comes 321 becomes a double attacks I -- soccer. Charlie Harry -- on WB well. Yeah it I think the yacht. Jimmy Graham situation or position players. Pretty Hendry. I think -- budget limit the wrong way. -- -- yet the -- to look. And see how many times these stopped and wide receivers that he thought the pitch up to. It sounded -- -- -- up at -- back. We to question zero pitches over there it got to me Jimmie credit -- -- -- a bit or senate. Well there are wide receivers that occasionally and had a bunch formation will do lineup. He's done well with their hand in the ground. -- yeah. Elect at all but calamity. But here's the deal though Charlie and listen I wanna I wanna be clearance of them I think he's -- tight -- I. Don't know that I'd be way out all -- -- -- that I would be willing to pay and twelve the fourteen made fourteen million dollars and sixteen million dollars a year however. The loophole in the CB allows for this conversation to be had and if all -- agent and Obama player. And I know that I could potentially file a grievance because that the collective bargaining agreement says I can. I'm doing it and at least try at about and his walk away from five million dollars without even trying to get it. Yeah -- I'm not. Cilic -- thought it was. I've rooted dated to try. But don't trade -- all also leg I'd do it short note that in India have a -- -- Yeah they -- a phone call Charlie Armey a Texas is here at 87870 from 24315 is one of the Seahawks. Offered Graham offered you 21 round picks and it's the 32. Pick this year obviously Super Bowl champions and maybe -- thirtieth Detroit sixteen that's the team and not. Just the Seahawks a team like Seattle it feels like they're knocking on -- There one or two players away. And that's going to be a player that puts you over the top that in all likelihood if they get there they're not going to be taken early round one -- top fifteen anyway. That that's a scenario where I think you could justify it may be. But again he's not a quarterback he doesn't affect the game on nearly every offensive play. 68 now some of those sixty plays that he's in on. Could have a profound impact on the game. He's a huge weapon. Huge weapon. Literally and figuratively. Big boy six foot seven. Tyler engine -- you on WL Tyler. -- you guard on Goodman. I let -- go to first paragraph it. Jim -- all and we're allowed to bet I don't look at when they enter the army. There's an energy that tortured -- can't -- it got vertical. -- -- Yet Colston hole in the receiver -- it was cheaper Colson was cheaper remaining Carl Nicks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you don't want. The trumpet assists. And took over at the world about bad but it shouldn't. Politics and it kept everybody understands -- Seeing an old habits are very proud that. And they actually went out -- and a -- Yeah. -- Well not the the interceptions haven't gone out because. Because of an offensive linemen I think there was a number of factors really -- twelve I think it was drew pressing more so than any thing in. In -- who -- trying to do too much and because defense was so bad and in the coming off of money issue now also look I think there's somebody said four. Contract negotiations that spill into the summer. Inevitably have some sort of impact on a player. And his season and I think that you saw small fraction of that and Drew Brees. And I think you've seen in Jerry's Byrd and Buffalo he was played by hampering her thumb injuries. Nagging injuries all season long last year. It. -- -- -- these -- particular game could be a bad back problem when you hear all. But is that because Tyler is that because. He didn't have enough complementary pieces around them in other words I mean. Marcus Colston. A threat sure Lance Moore didn't have a very solid year last year. Kenny stills. And a good rookie year not a great one Robert Meachem disappeared for games at a time. So. If your defense. You base that on anybody but -- anybody but Jimmy's going to be yes. 'cause you can with stand as a defense Marcus Colston go six catches for ninety yards seven yards. You can you can still win that way Jimmy Graham gets six catches for ninety -- pondered he -- you look at two touchdown grabs in between there. Of those six Doug -- time AKA I know why he was -- right in my Yahoo! IW a real queries sports director. Yeah he looked good men. You hugged oh yeah or I'm gonna disagree with you I have had become to the people realization. That I am not a good looking woman. He you know -- Marty and we call or building we didn't anticipate -- we decided that it would winners -- little -- That the wind chill was -- -- 27 degrees well. Felix politely poll or -- Yet -- slightly just attack I was out there. I -- U haul for a couple hours who were Hollinger each other across saint Charles avenue have a little fun as you were doing your TV shots I was there on the radio thing. Here with T Bob over their guy you always get down to business. Doug -- on WL TV sports director joining us now and Doug Jimmy Graham 21 round picks are Jimmy Graham long term which one do you want. I think immigrant long term I think you win championships substantial players and I think he's special. You know I heard people -- and I don't disagree with it that you only -- ballpark but now that same topic is Drew Brees and I don't disagree with that but. If you let Jimmy -- go you're letting go your best weapon in so many ways that goal line weapon that middle appeal weapon. For now the bat down a weapon which is unfortunate got to fix that. But he he just does so many unique -- any guy that makes it deep. Played differently chalk board damn that the game plan just had this guy. To me that guy's just too valuable collect goat to Bertrand -- And hypothetically. Let's say the Rams would come it and and it could be two picks. But you pretty sure going to be in the top seven. Alternate reconsidered the is the only team that -- allegedly grabbed the ten million dollars a year is going to be somebody like Seattle so you're not talking about two picks. In the top ten or even in the top twenty you probably talking about 32 and thirty and for those picks I'd rather have Jimmy Graham. Doug it's my understanding even if they were a team like Cleveland or Saint Louis to their 21 round picks. A part of the the way that it's a not too because a non exclusive. Franchise tag tender they can only trade the picks that are they don't. -- -- Exactly understanding Ilya that you now know that there but that is my understanding is well that they can only trade around. I guess so I mean I know a lot of folks -- laws it's -- lose -- -- In L harvest Cleveland he had but you're not gonna -- their little would be stupid or. -- -- finally be a fine quarterback to throw to throw two of our. If you look at this Saints team -- -- -- make -- look -- -- -- I would -- Seattle in the play -- Bob more than a hundred yards this team is not many pieces. On the championship. You keep the peace if you can't. Have not seen. Bad enough host we will rebuild mode this to look at old one or two pieces and a notable like your decision not to give up 1 o'clock at least in my career. All blow. A little area that they didn't want to at least. Think about it they wouldn't put -- -- -- son Jimmy Graham Vick could put the designation autumn -- of audio need to talk you know and and they sure got hit so obviously. There's something in that they at least one actually what our options are -- Are you hit a bad move by. Technique you get a grip that you don't want to why would you pick which you rather have. That you're number one. Yeah -- take of where -- -- here's why. Because. The bargain of rookies these days makes your team so much more. Fiscally flexible. And and and I also think that is is good to meet his greatest Jimmy Graham is he like -- for all or I'm not gonna you know. Just totally. He backed off a year obviously would would Jimmy Graham but he's dynamic in he he he he mentioned that but I also think for a player. That doesn't affect the offensive play. At nearly every play like a quarterback wouldn't -- least thirty times a game. I think it's an awfully. Tough offer to turn down when you consider. When you consider that he could because it twelve to fourteen million dollars however. The -- in my argue all of them I love the you know shoot holes in my own argument a hole in my argument is this is that. That -- it won't be is divot called with Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham because of the two when he fifteen salary cap and it's 115. -- -- a little looser you gonna have more guys get that much money that money -- there. Owners and then have to look into making the money I'm all explore they Drew Brees is in the Jimmy Graham. And money what they actually like about the -- and -- set up now is that there was that time. Well what 1520 years ago that rookies or get an absurd contracts and they had done anything and -- Jimmy Graham had aren't aren't getting what these years or so abruptly quit yet. Much as role Jimmy Graham has earned a big contract. You -- get from somebody. And I think he is a championship -- player in the Super Bowl he's a guy you go to that -- to -- -- -- Can beat this team is so close. And especially Drew Brees -- -- when you know you know how many more heated and more years you can debate many more years he's got at this level. You take your shot right now. To win a championship but that's not. A first round draft pick next. Here that night at -- -- around -- era in 2014. And one of those two grant Dickey in the immediately he's -- will be in college. -- -- make a run right now and Allen -- Jimmy Graham on the team to beat. And this is as Jimmy Graham is the Saints won a -- with an opportunistic defense a great offensive line. And at that time and Jeremy Shockey. Above a slightly above average tied it. -- sure sure you had special players are public is absolutely yes. But right now this team this offense is built. A ran a lot of things Jimmy Graham and -- -- that at that time you had Reggie Bush. Which Reggie Bush was never as productive as Jimmy Graham Reggie Bush -- -- god at worst defense this. To game plan fourteen. And do and that's all guys like Marcus Cole and Atlanta more. Could be so productive because you had Reggie Bush that would speak that the replaced him. I lined up like Jets. On a run away. Phone calls will get to you this our. Rest of the way till 6 o'clock it York's pilots star win if Jimmy in Metairie you're on W -- -- Jimmy. How long ago. Our -- My opinion on only -- that Jimmy Graham issues political -- is that correct going to be at one. Two players one that's going to be -- or player. Why do you -- that. I'm listen and you got my attention. Will get that. Well -- twelve now that you kind of create this could break them. -- -- 26 million belly where it will be pretty much -- up there on the total vote with their position. He didn't let receivers in the -- -- maybe another offensive lineman. We need Bennett's speed and offense the offensively at the compression -- that take away the screen game. Hospital's ward active because they didn't at least be in the -- received some good want. If -- cornerback. So he got to look at it didn't get what good players for that price. Fiscally Smart it. Fiscally Smart Jimmy ally to take anything else he would come I'm willing give you some more time he he really got my attention in any else. I doubt that I don't -- I don't think it is an offer -- that. I didn't like the way that he. You put a big. A big call on him and he could be taken out to -- you know kind of disappeared in Japan that time -- -- somebody is going to be. -- cut -- by one player. Yeah. And it's a lot to ask a lot of -- depends on -- collagen a lot that depends on the weapons around him as well. Sam on the West Bank you're on the B to B well Sam how -- Nick first animal -- parliament that because of not just awful blah keep and and and Bobby when he gets back but it. -- is debating this -- and a wide receiver receiver tie it and and I'm surprised that no one. Has brought -- up. That if you look at ten points but billion let's use reference cap number of world wide receiver. And he played wide receivers 67% of the time you can look at it from. You know from from -- is one of you are that's seven point 035. And then mutate. Seven point 05. Million which is cap number for a tie it and what you pay played 33% of the time. That's 2.3 26. And a total on that it is not a point 36. So that would be to start point George I am 67%. Of wide receiver -- And then 33%. Of pride and money and again starting point. Negotiate. Well look at that is. Let's look at OK it was 67% of the time you played wide receiver. Split -- up well let's look at that way -- -- I mean I got that could make that simple for me to go up which like. You know at the end it's -- look at that and again it's not okay that's what it that's no that's still important negotiation they go from there. They made sense to me. And I mean however than what -- What kind of president he said there. I know -- he's not exclusively. Dog nobody you know they knew the allow like Scott Sealy said you don't allow us safety that happen to have eight sacks in a season. All the sudden start start commanding the veteran Mark Martin yet. Well look at look at on -- change sparkles as the wide receiver Iran back. Yeah -- -- -- -- -- out of the number of players that may be -- try and make an argument but the bottom line is how are they listed how they draft and how they listed. -- and an end and I get it don't you know Jimmy Graham wants. If they're gonna slob what the franchise tag you want. You wanna try to. Try to gain as much leverage as you can anyone as much if you have to play under one year deal that's not that's not. Guarantee long term when you're trying to cash in because you feel like. Listen whether -- be from the Saints or any other team. He's gonna make more than nine million dollars a season I'm more than seven million dollars a season and the seven million dollars is what. He's -- to Baghdad as a tight end so he's trying to get. Ultimately we would make maybe. From the saint anyway in one year. Because it's not a long term contract. Big game Jermaine I like the name so you're on WWL big game Jermaine. You float with so that it'll work out a bit slow actually OK tuck in the ball to for a -- it. Bucket they should -- where are picked in the our old tricks. -- in the pit -- program are not against him not against the she finished he didn't shall initiate initial and they know what if you give up on the line of scrimmage and you punch me and smiled. This portable on the net the ball and all the whale. -- -- -- you that you didn't you pick weeds I need I need somebody has been able take that parched. -- -- Hey -- I think I via the name of the caller a couple I used to -- hours ago though. He got to look at it and he was dead on. Four players potentially. For if players -- -- thought it. Because of the draft picks that you maybe get and the cash money that you would -- -- to go out there that I mean you think about this you head to. You had two guys on that offence to players and an offense and two good players and a defense. -- -- What do you look at you with Victor Butler didn't hurt last year and comment -- ask -- that extra pick for. Yeah unknown though. Unknown disease coming off an ACL injury. Can't bank on that just like Joseph Morgan can't make -- -- still have that speed to be that deep threat big gain Jermaine thanks so much of a phone call 504260. 187 -- all 3866889. At 087 -- John and race Juan you're on W well John. Personally don't and a good -- -- you try and Chris was warmup. Yeah due to lessen its -- top concern. About do not believe that the Saints. All level one so mobile -- breezy on ninety and it is my arteries in. You can't -- Tools to -- some all of that money and so our cap. And expect the big team around what you really the and it became -- on the -- speed up a bit on. The team's gutsy ones to mobile like this Seattle's. This simple a bunch of great young happily. No Wilson is probably not the best I support act but -- dues he could move the ball as manageable. Very athletic. And it -- big on him back. I am happy game content switching and Ian Cadillac C unit in college. Is that where these teams at all and a running back our community to through running backs. Pounding the ball and it used to running in the recent passing game. I don't know what they -- Jimmy Graham is part -- but it is is that you don't but you team around him. And it's all -- -- a bruise on the bounce it is here that ball he's cramping all Colin Campbell. And Diamondbacks note deepens the backs know the ball sailed long and and social unconcerned. Jake take whatever you can get -- ball well and rebuilt. -- but before we give you get slippery and again regarding. If you can do it it took -- tropics. That you -- -- you can give up more topics robberies. -- credible and Koreans the young talent. -- John John John John John John you had me until he started talk about Drew Brees straighten it. I argued that's what -- so yeah. -- them avoid night or did they average Joseph Montana. They trade Joseph Montana. I'd say it is you gonna have to go with that you know -- collect a lot of east teams have done and spread the money around. Looked at where the Saints loss on court to do what they do that that made it that up and go on and ritual. It sure it'll have -- they've brought them back you know -- were a lot more like Chris soccer though. You know that he didn't play in what back and led all receivers are able. I mean Marcus Colston is is that he's just oh and throws it up -- -- and I just and you put all your money. There are hot except a book about you that you it has been in in in -- And -- it gets Cold War. But that's just my parents. I'm not coming pretty well thought out take there. 260187. It's all 38668890878. Well to Wear out disagrees you know even stone trade a franchise quarterback like Drew Brees not not right now he's still got. He still got at an ability to win a championship within the next three years if he surrounded with a right around talent. That -- I -- I get a lot of text messages about the saints' inability to hit on first round draft picks in the Sean Payton. -- was there and for the most part. And if they missed on him more than they've hit on. Want to explore that I got to count are to some of those I. Won't spoil that next hour. Back to the phones we go nick in Memphis. You on the -- nick and nick. Akers got a great job as a man thank you -- -- artwork thanks Robert. Couple comments questions or you I was wondering is that other people. I can achieve in light after the draft and can -- they went -- to drop it. The well they can't sign them to. Offer sheet until. I mean you know they can't they can't sign them all to an offer sheet on March 12 and -- say. Oh he you know we're gonna wait till next year. But but as far as I mean you were -- which raskin maybe they wait until after the draft and -- signed Jimmy Graham to offer sheet etc. Yeah I don't. Not a -- I'm Smart enough to know. What I don't know who in that cannot lie about it that so I don't know the answer that I'm not trying to dodge your question I'm just trying to do now. And I I have to admit when coach article Christian I -- -- -- well -- all about it injured. -- jet Saints mindset artwork nominees and I'm starting to convert your side about all things that you know the player that comes to mind. You know how you were you were talking earlier Jimmy Graham played another team would not go to. I gotta think about like Robert Meachem you know and let the -- go to San Diego got to got to well. And I think they'll credit -- -- great how great true established emanate as courier I am. And now he's back with the Saints and I'd be open where Utley after Graham I don't know you would if you drop off as much -- -- I got my biggest concern is that we didn't Jimmy Graham I just wonder how much speed all at art because. Really we we out untrue and I'd open I mean we don't know what's bill we don't put Joseph Morgan I mean we. That's why ultimately Annika. Well you gotta trust -- trust the coaching and in the pinnacle of nation and development of talent they should default on it I next ours are breaking down the first round picks. Of Sean -- -- it's so much. Talk about how they haven't hit. -- let's look at. The whole picture first round picks will dissect those just how much they mean to the Saints next -- also your phone calls to 60187 he told free. 866889. At 08 -- sports dollar rolls on next hour.