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3-5 6-7pm Kristian, Graham or 2 draft picks?

Mar 5, 2014|

Which would you rather have...Jimmy Graham long-term OR two first round draft picks? PLUS, NFL free agency opens next week...what are the Saints biggest needs?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right our number three here of sports blog WW well I am FM and a VW well dot com jacket Metairie David and I tense at tight. 260187. Their toll free 86689. At 0870. Will get Dave Cohen RW we will -- -- record here that element of our first break to kind of recap the breaking news out there. By recent visit. By itself Irish Byron by you excuse me. But. You know you hit argument in his that it comes up in this Jimmy Graham conversation about. Getting to five for a first round draft picks and what have the Saints done. Recently with their first round draft picks in happy it's fair to compare them to other teams that have won Super Bowl since 2006 and I also thing is to. Fair to compare the positions that were drafted. By a Saints in by those other clubs in. -- impact full. Their draft picks were in a first round NFL's least fair look at that. The draft as a whole and also college free agents. AM EU team is not just you know just get first round picks you get seven. Picks and all and a traditional draft when you're not. Sacrificing takes whether via trade our pedals it panel being penalized our. The likes. But if you look at. The draft as a whole for the Saints. An undrafted rookie free agents have come in here and contributed. Then. You argument doesn't hold as much. Water. And if you look at. How they've how they've contributed the players in the fourth round sixth round some ground. And there's been some misses there and the Saints have missed on -- first round yours. They've also hit two and it comes down that trust in the front office and the coach. And the general manager and also can cultivating that talent. But. As a whole. Saints of an -- at the entire draft. They've done they've hit on way more than they've missed. He now it's and you don't miss on some there are a team that -- of holes and last. What nine years. Have missed on at least 21. Round draft picks. Maybe more. And a broken down all of model and on the Indianapolis COLT and his pick two teams the Colts. They won a -- 2006. And most recent aborted in his Seattle Seahawks. I so if you look at the saints' first round picks since 2006. Obviously the first pick was Reggie Bush second overall. Now admit it was a Reggie would bush a flop -- of the -- flop. I think he was. A product. -- -- -- Call the Heisman Trophy. And what he did to the college game maybe he didn't live up to that height and because he was the first pick. -- shopping there may be carried a little bit more significance. And the expectations were a little higher than maybe it would have been. For another player. So I don't think he was a and out now bust. Robert Meachem. 200727. Overall. Now he was a big impact in their 2009. Suitable championship season. Maybe had the biggest play in any of that season that year in Washington when he stripped. The defensive back and ran an effort touchdown after an interception. He provided the Saints offense with that deep threat along -- Devery Henderson. I wouldn't call that -- either. Help when the civil Sedrick Ellis. Of the first three he might be the miss. Seventh overall -- traded up to get him. So the pressure was there for him not held up the -- number it was him and what Glenn Dorsey. Between those two players at. Sedrick Ellis had by one good year really good year. Outside of that not much of a factor. So we do it wouldn't call -- -- Malcolm jig is I'd say was -- is a wash. -- necessarily hit not necessarily. Amiss. Gave you good rookie season was part of that defense. As a cornerback at a time. Did his part was a role player. And at first round picks you don't want to be role players they -- the only impact the game. Impact your season. The most -- out hunting has done a wash. Patrick Robinson day it's MS. Also injury prone -- you know deal with some injuries -- and if you -- and intelligence and tendon injury. This year. Cameron Jordan. Not a missed big here at twelve and half sacks this year. -- -- -- you just scratching the surface. It describes a service on what he can do. For your team in the developed now I think he's doing it even better in this game especially. That's a centerpiece for your defense. 201128. Overall. -- traded up to get them Mark Ingram. I guessing complete maybe. We'll call miss you had to be fair. Jamey Carroll. Hit Sami -- true misses due to the Saints have. Sedrick Ellis. Mark Ingram Patrick Robinson. Three out of 12345678. Three -- Finally. He got. Really good production out of yeah 1234. And the eight. There were part of a suitable -- have squat. They held to a Super Bowl. At some point there at 2009 season all four of those guys Reggie Bush Robert Meachem Sedrick Ellis and Malcolm Jenkins made. A couple plays to help you win a game. Which allowed you to go on in the playoffs which allowed you to go on and win the Super Bowl now. Let's look. That say. The Indianapolis Colts from 2006. Joseph -- thirtieth overall -- year. Pretty good pick wouldn't call -- in this. Anthony Gonzales wide receiver out off Ohio State who. Missed. Donald Brown. -- -- will be fair but they that same as Malcolm Jenkins got a -- You know in between. 5050 wash. Jerry Hughes. What's he done. And because gonzo offensive tackle 2.2 overall. Yeah I mean it's one of -- into Indiana offensive -- that's been productive for -- pretty solid Andrew Luck. Sure fire it that's it that's it. -- Borg Warner. Outside linebacker Warner. May be I hadn't seen -- Colts enough. So maybe that's kind of an incomplete as well don't know yet. First -- Because I'll watch skinny -- on the Saints a little more closely this year. Night and day that -- Carle between -- for dropping a Saints and it now. Look at the Seattle Seahawks from 2006. Kelly -- Jennings. Cornerback. -- -- Not I wouldn't columnist Lawrence Jackson. Eric curry. 20094 overall. Big bust you got a league in three years. Russell -- Offense alignment so. You know maybe grade in different did you -- early cedar impact on the play and play out basis. Earl Thomas hit. James Carpenter on guard 25 overall and an Alabama. Again offensive line and harder to great debt grew serving defensive end. Hit so. It's about the same for -- about every club and all three these teams that won Super Bowl championships. They're not gonna hit on all of them. Latter round picks for the Saints. Third round Jimmy Graham fourth round Jahri Evans pro bowlers. Marcus Colston should have been -- or seventh round pick Carl -- don't forget fifth round pick. Undrafted free agents for the saints' Pierre Thomas Chris Ivory. Junior to let. -- three -- starter at tackle seventh round pick. So as a whole how they drafted. Way better. Than a majority elite. You keep your team the team's -- -- that win Super Bowls and the teams that -- the Seattle Seahawks -- case in point. The teams that win some holes draft well in the later rounds. That you great value. Richard Sherman fifth round pick. Can't chancellor I think fourth round pick. In that neighborhood. When the top wonder when the third 11 second or third round. So. We look at it. What the Saints do with their picks. Look at it. From the entire draft perspective. An undrafted rookie free just now you also talk about free agent veteran free agents Saints about it and hit on. They've done well there they haven't been big players in free agency. In the past over the last you know seven or eight years they'll make those big splashes aside from Drew Brees but he was a quarterback that was injured. Had a bad shoulder at the time in the unknown factor within. But jar yet jar and Jabari Greer. Pretty solid player they got there they got their return there. Keenan Lewis threw one year. Solid acquisition of free agency. They know what they're doing I mean it's it's very obvious thing to do. But just I encourage you when you start bringing down first round draft picks -- saying they've missed. -- be you know be careful about which Ole miss. And it hit on maybe more than. Some people given credit for David on I ten year on WWL David. -- -- -- -- It's -- well meant little bit of side news there hearing Allen. Yeah -- And Jimmy. The first question at all you. If you agree with -- What the problem -- I didn't. And believe he did. So. I doubt they know what. Oh. Now. -- according to -- She wanted to do. It time. Not a team should he spoke so it. Upbeat spirit that the. I think certainly the league does in the team does the teams do. Mean it's not hard it's not hard to go back and break down our film me these -- these guys have access to all that stuff. The idea what the on Italian is the guy -- -- -- -- nick at tackle. -- I think we gotta you gotta say what defines. A tied in into diss NFL and correct that question might have been. That that the answer that question out of a different 1012 years ago but if I get -- last 67 years it's changed hurt drastically no longer are they -- and the extension at. Of the offensive line I used to be what tight ends or our thought of -- you know I think I'm gonna go off all the little rant here but I think David. That has to do with the fact that. Do rules have changed so much in this game minutes so much more. Of a track game in his down the hash marks in the NFL that's where this game is played and that's where tight ends can get to Dallas seems. -- -- -- Com well or football are just truly but we're on it if you. Always look what. As a lot of pride in a lot of time back there I didn't want to see yeah they do a lot. What are you wanna get glasses you would like. Where cornerback -- somebody. He was covered on covered the damning in his number. You know still where you just. Double all the and I know that it -- and you know for the same page what would you be. Yeah I know this I know this David on his Twitter page he's listed as the tight end. And I think. I'm -- be wrong come on Twitter and I kind of created low profile. So I think you get to do that does that mean may have had someone else do that. But he had to say on how he's you know I was Twitter profile is going to be. Depicted 21 round draft picks or -- -- in Jimmy Graham long term. Welcome back to sports talk crushing Garrick in for the big chief -- -- via. 2601878. Hole 3866889087. Tech state 78721. Round picks. Are -- in Jimmy Graham tight end Jimmy Graham at tight end Jimmy Graham. Long term. You tell me. And if you're another NFL team 21 round draft picks. For tight end Jimmy Graham. Off like the thing about Jack in Metairie. You're on WL Jack good evening. Jack are you there. I project back on -- go to Scott marry. You on WL Scott. Hey Christian first time -- Long time Lesnar. Well -- you very much and welcome to the show. Thank you very much a lot of the first Wednesday. Love Drew Brees I think he's -- Putt at the same time. He was in -- contract didn't leave enough room for eight supporting cast. And I think Jimmy Graham is the first one take them by -- that. And Udoka Milan I mean I've got to -- -- am 68 million dollar I think I would cry. But -- hundred million that you did the -- everybody else and we can't have the supporting. There won't fight goes the offensive line and everybody else what do you think about that. Yeah. Well I mean do you think that. God Drew Brees -- up more of the salary cap to keep it supporting cast -- who's capable. No. No and here's why. Couple things first off that's the going rate for franchise quarterback another team would have paid him the Saints didn't second off it's not it's ultimately. What he's trying to get in value and it in in what he does like his value was also. The salary cap can be manipulated. Especially now with a collective bargaining agreement rookies are much much cheaper. And as far as Jimmy Graham goes. Aside from Drew Brees every player this offices in my belief every player this office is interchangeable ever to supporting cast all interchangeable with reds. Except every -- except Drew Brees. I do believe that but it same time. I don't think that did that they take sides of the lion's share out of a big chunk you know because I like whoa where'd everybody else. Well listen -- they still got a ton of talent. And he's still got a ton of talent but. When you look at the way the teams have been bill. And -- that the Patriots have done and how they handle Olazabal a while but they've constantly reshuffle the skill players around. Tom Brady receivers he's worked with some receivers ego who who is one who is this guy. And he's he's still put up pretty phenomenal numbers and I know the argument is well since Jimmy Graham. Came to the Saints -- give a full time starter in 2011. Drew Brees just over 5000 yards plus every year while that's great. What's more important five K. -- Lombardi. Nice shiny Lombardi. -- Okay then so the point being is that they'll. It's a player that affects the game shirt sixteen touchdown passes 12100 yard receiving this year. Does he have a bigger impact than Drew Brees now. And what was your franchise The Who really built bodybuilding drugs and you saw. The KC -- for probably for several years that Tony -- -- -- cited in the game coming -- -- -- -- they went with him. I'd I'd -- enough and I mean I think your point I mean I -- I think maybe I'm just coming off my emotional side then. Mad you didn't need so much lately had a little more ago ran in the -- Yeah but I think you know especially. With. The collective bargaining agreement. Like it's structured rookies are. A much bigger bargain the veteran middle road middle class if you will. Are no longer a big factor there and acted as much tension you're not paying those guys -- sacrifice the middle class for. The up and comers and the and you will attempted to divide the money out that way not to mention you get TV contracts that are coming and it's when he fifteen. That. There's gonna -- the salary cap anyway they -- a phone call Scott I appreciate you take. 504260187. It's all free 866889. 08 Seve won more Jeff -- loss. -- -- -- -- -- Good Christian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't want to say wanting a former a -- skull made yourself like just say that if if we would have kept true breeze for the money we're paying him. In seclusion Sean Payton for a year sent our south these people would be -- give them twice that to get -- back so I don't want to hear about truce. -- just. Is Orlando is that is the only problem that I mean I look trust me out but I get it and here we go on and I concur. But Sean Payton -- does not count against the salary cap mean -- That trite but I'm just saying we went south. Without -- without him as a coach where we go without just got you know that that shouldn't into this conversation about looking. Look will look hit Drew Brees without Sean Payton and point 20 not as productive. -- -- Just part the other thing yet another call that said that -- -- were true as great as he has his age now the chart which is the one great reason to keep Graham. I would not -- up. Do you the two draft choices -- and allowed two -- both for really four -- that was -- -- -- -- -- great. You know. A great thing to look to consider. I -- I'll look what you would you accept that call. I was a call. For players to be added etc. I know but now I can't take credit for -- recall. That was a close to it the best -- -- -- a pitch out. I guess that touted Q had basically stick my. -- Jeff thanks a bunch gentle arm RWL dot com columnist joining us next love the great outdoors WL was -- -- Annual hunting and fishing buddies to the 35 annual Louisiana sports and show and festival. March 13 through the sixteenth at Lamar Dixon expo center -- Gonzales. Get ready for the big -- contest kids' village in everybody's favorite the splash dog -- sports talk. All week long 40 PM when you're the duck call that -- you to win in car win line. Will give you the number if you're lucky caught a break you win -- good luck from the station loves Louisiana has great outdoors WWL category text message here at 87870 grand got traded. And he got Nash a first round pick this year is there a package you would put together to get an early first round pick if so who would you get -- Lil Mac. Buffalo. Outside linebacker. Can rush the passer. If there's one thing that I think the Seattle Seahawks in San -- 49ers. Have taught us. The noticeable. Than the Peyton Manning looked pretty average because of that. Devastating pass rush from the Seattle Seahawks affect the passer the elite passers. There not as. Not nearly PC it's about time we Drew Brees. When he's in smacked around when he's under pressure and address. There -- a lot less lethal. Jeff form RWB well dot com -- joining us now -- -- baseball five games in five days basketball. At Vanderbilt tomorrow starting -- baseball Jeff. -- really what are you looking to see before they get in the conference play that this weekend but next. Well you wanna speed and continue to pitch well if not I'd bet. Game against Yale -- Louis six nothing lead date they pitched well for the ball -- You want to see him you know it with runners in scoring position you know sometimes that's the black you know a little bit with the skiing or other and there are some badly you want to see them you know hit it. A little bit more there than what they've been able to hit so far maybe it for a little more power. Maybe not necessarily power but doubles and more but I think that and he's got. But I think pitching at the big thing I mean they're gonna put their pitching. Pat here over the next eight date point seven games but he -- We'll get a better idea just how much depth there it with that -- he -- Jeff I know that lost to Yale was disappointing but come. What kind of team what do you what do you know about their midweek opponents in and of course Purdue coming in this weekend. Lot of life sacred heart tonight and actually trailing early in the game against baker are one and not that great buildings starting pitcher for -- you. Gave up a solo home run to the second Saturday -- -- but I didn't and yet an -- idea -- pregnant and now -- actually did struck out well. After what it and it's one not -- -- are pretty good feet to two to lead to weigh in and -- And in the NCAA tournament. To a lot of the last three years ago. There are adoptive a worthy opponent or you know nor what state. I'll say is that you know they're gonna play tomorrow -- -- clock and activist. That's kind of a a rebuilding effort error at that inaccurate -- There and coaches only in his second season as they try to build that program. Back up but that's a good test and the fact that you're gonna enter your (%expletive) -- -- Will be the starting pitcher for LSU and I came will be its first chance that. The pitch and I know they've been awake and that's one of the things that coach there I want to be. Because right now he's got the edge obviously over Kirk acute for that third and final weekend rotation spot. But coach and -- it would like to see. Policy role in me. Away environment or world environments before it broke about -- against Vanderbilt a top ten seed. We still -- after that it I you know I got Purdue then -- pay. I don't know I think they got the other after that. A nickel our program can maybe challenge about a little bit and it went would you want to get -- that he. You have the idea ability to get the loose there anymore so I think that -- an export five days we'll have them here quite a bit. You know getting ready for that what will be a big series against Vanderbilt we brought it. Winding down -- WWL dot com columnist Jeff Palermo and Jeff are pretty -- -- being able and it Debbie to do all dot com 21 round picks or Jimmy Graham a long term which one he taken. There I -- you ID get a decent lost first doesn't go well. Here the way I look at it. -- -- called what are robberies and if you had another up and coming wide receiver on the team out there -- that I would like to rapids. But considering right now you. You know one option that you can really count on and Jimmy Graham. I'm -- -- At the other thing now. I wouldn't mind you know just keep Jimmy Graham on that franchise tag in and wanna play out the year well let let's see him you know one more season and what he can do -- Iran I am the one yeah I love Jimmy Graham that you -- great player but it does concern -- game like. Seattle in England and granted he got hurt against New England that. You know you know you Optiem. The have that big of an impact in games like that so why not have one more year. Go out there and prove himself to be peaking yet via the long term contract I don't think that's what happened I think they'll eventually signed to a long term deal that. I don't think it would be the craziest thing in the world they just let him play in 2014. Under the franchise that. WL dot com columnist at Jeff Fuller and -- are in on Twitter thanks a bunch meant great stuff. Dug in New Orleans you're on a W you'll go ahead. Yeah but wondering. Correct then that -- -- -- -- got released from your. The Rams and -- -- that he thinks. Annually rob Rondo try to go out there can a quarterback in the second quarterback on. -- Now already doesn't doesn't fit I'll think -- -- -- and goes back the conversation we're having earlier with the in that middle class of veterans now right where. There and caught and it cost so much more than -- give the same player in tennis fourth round third round and a caution much much less in the -- only have one point five million dollars of operating room and cash right now. So Al -- they're they're players for for anybody until they restructure or potentially release players and policies not the end fit the profile thing because. They're looking for players typically over the last painful years the Saints have added players in free agency that are in that 462527. The year -- you know the age. Range. And with their best football ahead of him. And I don't know that you could say that about Cortland Finnegan I think his best of football started and played. And I know I know he was one of the better quarterbacks in -- couple years ago. But in less is it unless you know that what they've had success though with players looked on Darren Sharper I know might be a poor example right now given everything is going on him but. But. They've gotten value -- era on all on a one or two year deal and and gotten great return the guys. Stephen Stearns congratulations. Just won four tickets to the Louisiana sportsmanship -- and festival march 14 through the sixteenth at Lamar Dixon expo center and Gonzales listen for your chance to win each day this week -- look. The mistakes that loves Louisiana's great outdoors WWL. Next hour Mason Ginsberg. Covering the New Orleans pelicans they just snapped an eight game losing streak. Covers intelligence for -- -- shots dot com may be a downtrodden. Lakers team and also save -- also you guys done. Coming your way next hour. The -- the phone I'll talk with the 2601878038668890878. Jimmy Graham long term. With the Saints. Or 21. Round draft picks. -- all the tables -- He won the sports talk on W into LA anathema dot com.