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3-5 7-8pm Kristian, Two 1st Round picks for Saints

Mar 5, 2014|

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Rock and roll when it into the final hour of sports start sports talk excuse me. Doing well doing the right. To 60187. They told 38668908. -- I sports lit by the give up some that I love for sports. Trust think -- Can't give up football obviously it's not very relevant right now. I would say. Like I mentioned earlier. Sometimes have a bad habit of FaceBook you were tweeting during sporting events and -- about an hour -- this. Earlier this morning he Canada's two and we missed some of the action. It's a mild Achilles agency now most of it is in the -- our FaceBook post so. For -- no more are tweeting and texting. And FaceBook team. During sporting events a lot pelicans games. LSU baseball games but then again who -- caught the bind there -- -- idea how to do that at. But. Agassi is much of -- I -- apart -- play what have you. If -- tweeting. The dilemma that's my sports when when I'm giving up we'll hear from you. What are you given up. In the sports world for -- is there an 82601878. Told 38668890. With seven outs of a bad habit. Of that is not a bad -- listening to radio but it's a bad habit of listening to the radio in your car. I mean in your driveway for example in the like go inside. And listen to say analogy game. The baseball game our basketball game. That there are spots -- commercials etc. And Esteban -- some reason I have grown to be comfort comfortable. Listening to. Baseball and basketball games. In my car football games do I do that it also my driveway of 1520 minutes was -- to a game when I go inside -- on the radio. -- do it. So we're trying to get out of that habit as well they -- up a lot. Turn off our least when there's a break in action. -- off. It he had the ignition. Go inside and -- on the radio. Louis always in Kansas City is that right. You're on WL -- a -- Casey. Yeah I -- The view Internet bank and I'll listen to you on Internet yeah. Thanks for taking my call. I just wanted to say you know we did Tony get out here -- long time that. Never made it to the Super Bowl I think it was mostly out that you missed on the attic we just didn't have a quarterback like Drew Brees. -- and a lot of other parts also put it. This sport Jimmy Graham goes I agree with that guy -- Let him play next year and lose one you're talking about. Number one draft choice or you know two and number one draft choices on the nut to crack shot you know you don't know what you're gonna get. The end it you know as far as -- -- I know I don't recall. Any reason. Saints number one -- to -- it would Jimmy Graham has amounted to. So let's look at first round pick shall we. Did this earlier. Do it again though I two of three teams I'd speak three teams that have won the Super Bowl since 2006 and that's the measuring stick because that's where Sean Payton took over. So -- look at Indianapolis Colts in Seattle Seahawks first round picks. Since that over that time span. Niemi pro bowlers the Seattle Seahawks had their first round. Well you know. Lately the -- only really -- How many for how many amicable as them. I don't know you know I'm zero really at Seattle stand no comment. I'm not either but any of Indianapolis. Won Parole Board that came and Andrew Luck this past year. The Saints -- since 2006. -- -- -- One era one thought Cameron Jordan. And so so as a whole. Look at the argument of the argument of all they haven't hit on first round picks doesn't hold a whole lot of water if they were missed on first second third fourth fifth and sixth round picks then okay yeah I get an issue. -- it every team is going through that crap -- roll of the dice we've -- my first round picks every team has missed every team has hit. Every team has had a so so ones I mean. It's about value and in this draft it's especially deep and it's about value and saving free agent and saving money and I think the caller said it earlier in the program. Potentially potentially you could add four or five players between the draft picks that you get program in the money you saved by not paying Jimmy Graham. That is. That is significant when you talk about we talk about you for five of those players if you hit a three out of those five west regular players you just added dear to your roster opposed to keeping one that has an impact of 68 plays a game. Not a quarterback. Pay it seems like pretty. Pretty simple math to make. Well -- at all you know all while two how much it's gonna cost to keep him around. You know. That certainly you know that's a big factor that you know everything you're talking about but he got -- not at all this. It's what. It all up. No more ifs if you don't miss if you don't make on a first round of the 21 round picks that's all it's too many holes scenarios in -- -- about -- if you about it it's a bunch of yeah. -- right. Yep -- that you know we you've got to say. I mean Jimmy Graham lets prove themselves I would skip them and not year despite didn't set that gave him another year. I was Jeff Palermo and it here's what I don't like about that because he he can show up two games into the pre season. It's our plan do you wanna go through that you wanna go through the contentious. Contract negotiations that spill all the way into August I know Sean Payton doesn't like distractions. He talks about it removing that distraction. Don't listen to the noise while that would be huge distraction we tied it isn't there. At the start attorney -- training camp any opening press conference -- not talking about the team you've just feel that you're talking about a tight end that had that hasn't shown up for camp yet because he's don't have to. So I don't I'll that you want that either that's why don't you -- the one -- franchise tag not to mention. He's not don't want to it is going to be a little ugly he's gonna miss time in the offseason would Drew Brees. He's gonna miss the start of training camp and all until he gets there that's what I guarantee somebody last till about that every day. It till he arrives. And I know he he'll probably say but I don't want talk about Jimmy Graham anymore but. The media court the national media is not gonna get. And I are coming here to say OK if I we won't talk about it that'll be the main story in -- arrives. You just let it. Well it didn't think guys instead bit. He didn't want to play with any other quarterback except true -- yeah. Yeah. Well it up yeah. Sure I mean. But at the end of -- -- He's he's saying that from a player to player perspective meaning hey I love Drew Brees. And sure. He does like playing with a and playing on the same team as Drew Brees and he realizes that he's a better player which Drew Brees. But. That doesn't hold any. Bearing on negotiations. I mean if the Saints were to try to use that as an average age it would last interface. Come off. It left in the faith Mason Ginsberg Burma street shots dot com joining us now talk a little. Basketball. The pelicans snapping an eight game winning streak -- -- -- losing streak gosh I wish it was an eight game winning streak. 132145. Last night over the LA Lakers. Pay did anybody play defense last I -- It sure didn't look that way in the first half but not a great there by sixteen points and no I think he turned around really quickly -- and the game India maybe I was really tired what -- apply to other. The equipment at the beginning of the growing up. What ultimately decides the injuries. Forget about that ticked off the table right now. Has been the biggest issue. With the pelicans. Off the court can mean the injured county has so many things so not -- you losing the job of players that -- court. By the capital chemistry come and play to end it like you guys if you were taken being used as a player certainly aren't used to playing with one another. Are -- -- -- -- coaching slot it is in the town go on the court so I mean injuries yet. That he's been so late in the -- that they neatly and think surely there that note how badly injured and hurt the team Eric Gordon in a minute. And it you don't go out and communicate -- his uncle -- -- you'll give a pass because of those injuries. I. I mean that he's the only thing this -- was around and it's done very he's the most not to. Other than these players -- think that you've gone on how -- an -- to become really good team but. I didn't. That feeling. That we really didn't expect on an expert here but it's disappointing because you want that you can start built chemistry and start to grow at a bitterly at the end game. If he would dominate. Even even more technical and the -- he has career. Mason Ginsberg covering the delegates for -- -- street shots dot com thinks about for the time -- -- folks up follow your work -- all -- working -- was three shots dot com. -- -- The broad street shot on what on Ginsburg real tiger batters out and got carried out that the team just consistently or remembering ring related in it now but he. This stuff Mason will be talking again soon I'm sure -- get -- JD in Shreveport. You're on the W to do well JD 21 round picks. Or Jimmy Graham a long term. A remote that it mattered in the warrior they ago or so what's fair that you leadership earlier. That the only person that would truly effective if not in in the game leader worries. -- -- -- -- I think older person who were truly effective it would lawful major worry. -- -- regular if it'll matter -- away your degree they all go. And but or Jamie Graham fan. Put. All -- public now or transfer the ball you know what what -- for the tree. So is that and our team. Well what is best team. What it. Rarely rarely right now I -- Jimmy Graham if we can afford it we can't afford it bit ago. Yeah well a lot of weapons -- -- that we can utilize. One point five million dollars in salary cap space right now he's eating upset Carlyle what he's eating up seven million dollars. Guys aren't -- aren't. Well if you look at it from a fan perspective they're for apology keep -- Graham. Bought from a golfer's perspective directly -- -- someone. I let it go. Like say a great I think that's best for the team I mean nobody want to see -- go well. I thought it would be fine without. I think we do better than we actually did battle it out there regret it 10 immigrant yeah. Comfortable for -- -- and we spread the ball all out war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And most crucial gave it really -- to show what he would not -- Is the dominance. Better than. I'm -- off between two individuals and Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham better than perhaps. A totally well oiled machine of the entire parts. I think they're well oiled machine expect to how we operate. Would be a lot more -- I JD placement. I TDs report 260187803. 86689. At 0878. -- few moments here I said Dallas -- -- -- will be guys out earlier this afternoon. Give his thoughts on. Jimmy Graham in the running back position a lot of people feel like AB's Pierre thomas' Terna. Hit the road because of the salary cap. Situation. -- vastly disagrees with that one. Jack in Metairie. -- -- -- -- -- And aggression back fan mail to. Our product you agree we didn't read Jimmy Graham is really. -- ask me yes. Yeah top. The -- about their little bit last week -- -- -- bad -- it's not that I agree with getting -- I think is the better -- I think it about a moat into into you know what he's. But as a couple of things that people don't look at he doubted how pop and so Blondie not a good blocking tight end. And we usually get runs happening catches what rob receivers that block I don't really. Blocking not his strong suit thinks for a phone call Jack in Metairie Renee and Algiers you're on WL. I didn't Croatia and my comment I wish he'd. Give me grandchildren because we know we have Jimmy Graham unfortunately it Saints are not very successful -- -- exit Mark Ingram. On occasion where you Williams. Are. Lately along eliminate you can't lump Ricky Williams into this draft class -- now under this coaching regime. And I agree to your mom saying it ain't about it by diamond in Iraq that -- coast and it's. The other day around the track it change change that approach rail traffic I don't think it ain't that bad then. I'll -- terribly successful with. -- -- -- -- What do you what -- did define success in the first round that I -- -- -- A -- and someone to. Get at staying around and so what yeah so wouldn't get first. -- don't -- -- and I don't know Donovan. Well you know I'm really think. We know we have been giving -- I think it's magical. Too much of a risk would be having Jimmy -- Well you gotta top guys that. The -- -- jayhawks aren't that double team them. Graham obviously he's just amazing -- tall. He he is an outstanding player. Guy at -- you I don't reformer -- me and two toward the rare cheap cheap cheap cheap to -- Not know what you can get in the -- -- yeah it would cap which are. What if you could have. One and wrong. Below. On the latter. If you have two players on offense at the skill position. That there is that are one wrong on the latter below Jimmy Graham in terms of ability would you rather have that or Jimmy Graham. I'd rather to have Jimmy Graham -- You know again mind you that you don't -- much she has Eric eating out I left and left we're talking about top notch often. Bar -- which the Saints eat. But again you know I mean they're chanting -- Graham and I still think. It would take the risk breaking up. I also I also know what is the cost to keep them and that's a factor things from a phone call and I enjoy terribly you know I you know years we welcome in now Saints color analyst of the guys on and bogey first off how -- your Mardi Gras. -- well but I don't participated in. It was very good. That yeah calendar -- -- get that answer but nonetheless hey listen. Free agency starting in the NFL march 11 and of course Jimmy Graham has been a big topic of conversation. They use the franchise tag the non exclusive franchise tag. On the all pro tight end -- -- another NFL team would you be willing to pay 21 round picks to get Graham. Well that's you know that's a good question guys personal army. It what cannot teach your onion you know that a lot of teams in NFL right now only the board of irked at him -- opt into it and what they do in it and now. So -- eat eat you got. You know just. Process of elimination. Dominate a lot of teams you know I mean meat part and now the -- treaty until like to see talks. Option it probably wouldn't fit in Minnesota opposite so. The 49ers -- -- -- 11. But at that point -- does that equal value in Eugene Ingram and develop opted to around him are you gonna do it granted to assist them. That Girardi got I got in late so. You know in that a lot of that team GA you're still in that standpoint -- guys -- really got you know forty years of all corners belt including that. Once Satan in college and in the slot and he's got to learn. You know he had just beaten only not in a very good situation you know where he he -- -- -- -- as time went on so. I think you got the look long and aren't that. If you're nineteen willingly give up two number ones. You don't that it still warrant. -- with New Orleans not having a lot of money at one point five million dollars under the salary cap. I would imagine you still feel like more cuts are restructures are coming in order for them to add a couple players and upgrade their team. In free agency do you think were done seeing some of these guys restructure contracts or outright being released. Move you know you kind of stopped only about not a great beard that when you start talking about. Don't want to you know restructured but you know that's got to be in agreement. It's always -- -- to the club been -- -- -- players wanna part with that money on the day of the year ago you Sammy -- field. The only issue RT your -- -- -- contracted you know and Al's -- years mean to come back and restructuring Indonesian bank so. Players -- to be willing to do something like -- and -- Agency. It's so different. In any saying that out there were involved in in you know the -- time you know yet -- and was -- one thing you know you read about what different guys to do it. Not -- that once you start dipping into the guy's paycheck. Now. Easy you know you kind of you to bring an appetite inside in the net. You know some guys because not is so willing. Do that restructure. It's some -- I -- you -- some guys that you like a yet what are we to make his team better and. We all know that as long as Drew Brees is still in each time we still got. What you are doing -- often but you don't have time for those draft pick to develop to Wear you down the road to become the. The big content we'll opted to leave something like that you kind of need to go into the the -- free agent market and they help you win right now like at you and Lou missed it the -- You know like -- law and is done at the linebacker position -- -- you get right in a place the. All the way to -- LT did. Mean it can -- career when you get bullied -- better create news they come in on day one. They make you better right away and when I'm playing with the years they Drew Brees has let down. Everybody talks about the window of opportunity. Well it's you know you figure -- drew is going to be the next two or three years. We don't have gave it that there -- they develop to. It back to the Super Bowl right now you've got to do apparently quick it is the way to do that is the arena they'll create speak so. Well a -- doesn't you know B and does some of these guys trying to restructure whatever. There again it all depends on who is willing to do something like dead and we got there. The team first -- that -- their match -- both do well just give me my money in after that got bigger things don't Merrill. Visiting with Saints -- Ellis told the guys on here on a sports talk WW LI MFM and WW well. Dot com -- you played running back in the NFL you scout at the position. With the new All Saints and certainly as the Saints color analyst over the last decade there's applause. You've paid attention to that position closely and know how much you like Pierre Thomas as -- Saints overall best running back. Is some money may be to be had on the table for the Saints and they got rid of one of those running backs and and if they did. Who should be the one to go. All of you know that we had this discussion. They're couple weeks ago when. I was only you can keep out. And it gave me. Marketing would be the guy is -- only but I tell me I'm not marking the basher but don't like because he went to Alabama. I'm like I duplicate the production. That he put on the field in to leave it on a bank for you but. I like Peter Thomas because he fit in everywhere -- that good Hartnell runner. The other guys contribute in the passing game mean more than anything else you know -- protected and where you've got. Well our franchise quarterback back in the pocket at your back you're every bit as important the -- and aren't picking up -- Pierre Thomas knows it the lupica you know how to block and so as the total package you eat that guy is. You know Darren Sproles is a little bit more limited him what'll he do that I most explosive back that unit also a role player situation player. Are we can carry Robinson the only young he's not cost hold -- -- The good thing about carrier and even if you go back in the pre season -- he was running at the end of the season which I was running and appreciated being considered in the mid. I think I know what I'm yet and that gap. Mark Ingram we see action from time to time but. He's had enough. Opportunity that he had made it to election proved that. Beat again it should stay here so and the psychedelic tremendous jobs in -- -- as it is in here. Of picking a guy. In college created -- it comes in here get wild everybody. You know Pierre Thomas was the first twenty occur if salary in a lot of talented and. -- Kerry Robinson in Troy bell. That's like that did you know nobody ever heard of the community Bowman appreciates -- it got a monster out there so. The that you could steal but that back out there and -- in the gathered. Tibetan culture Obama can still. I mean that's not treatment on it. Saints are Ellis -- guys' knowledge give back to which you were are doing enjoy the rest of the offseason man I'm sure will be talking again soon as we get closer. And into free agency and close to the draft and many things about so. Yeah well -- you don't know that they want free agency here you know Daughtry is over. Yeah yeah come march 11 IA go back to not having much of a life anymore so that's not a thanks so. There goes Saints killer Ellis -- guys Jon -- I. All -- John -- in their unit take over for. -- the way is a master control in the east saying in my head call me a fool fool. Thing is the best move the trade Jimmy Graham. -- and dons a diehard. Diehard that. I haven't heard a compelling argument of why they shouldn't. Are pretty jaguar people online at WWL dot com. Which would you rather have Jimmy Graham long term in a black and gold uniform wore. To. First round draft picks 56% of those voting in operated jaguar people online at W do well like -- See 21 round draft picks 44% Jimmy Graham long term. Win here. For the next eleven minutes your phone calls. Here are sports talk to 60187. Neitzel 3866890. -- having Korean Picayune Iran WWL. A credential of a scorer how. Don't go our way and trade in -- Graham because he's got the values. Of the pain in serenade at our goals and -- give that a -- Florida. But they couldn't Tony fifteen. Well they could yet they could structure it. And award. I -- -- let me ask you this would you agree that. Drew Brees makes everybody around him better on offense. Pretty fair statement right. Did you -- but I think that. Jimmy Graham is -- you Drew Brees statement he looks -- -- much any of them are. Too much of a -- perhaps. I don't know that I'd say it's a -- is -- traditionally spread the ball out maybe its. Ineffectiveness from other players. Well it's yeah exactly you're right. It because it's Wheatley were and had an offense or our. And I know I wouldn't say it now how would say inept I would say not as good. We can't we got out I don't think we we don't draft. A left tackle and we got the future. And turn around and and then. I mean out in -- Sergio and he felt I think we have people on a chancellor. Senator. They would need out -- and it starts senator. Well I mean you know and it's been paying. I think what people really man in the ground out insecurity in just take highest paid part and partly. He wanted you out at southern. All right now though at this stage in the game. Are there any deadlines. Or is it before it's before free agency have you missed any workouts so why would you take. That. If you Jimmy -- You don't have to take it right now it's way too early in the ball game. I wouldn't mean. I've missed practice not want having missed won't work out. Haven't missed any opportunities for bonuses are in line that so why I'm not taken any here I'm Jim Ingram. Misses this is hard stakes negotiation. And I think -- gates. Lost at times I also think fans have a hard time when it I've. Have learned that that's part of it that you know there's millions of dollars on the table here. You're not gonna take it right now you don't -- use my first offer right -- it's in my offers you categorize self at the dollars for. Item you're not gonna go automatically all the time yes definitely. You know you're gonna unit try to you know if you had a priced at eighty dollars. You know really have a ticket the now I -- count and write a solid too of countering. I agree I agree I think I blame the agent more than in general very. Yeah well maybe but it -- agents responsibility. Isn't that the agents responsibility though -- is much money as you can for your client. Yeah. But I about it skate by. With the whole house. With the system allows. And then -- Because he eats he can do that they've they've helped him and because you're bigger because they can't block their foot wired the person -- total program. All that CEO of the day I mean it's in their -- missed practice at the issue and try to figure it because they're trying to elbow. Yeah -- he came within that way. So do look at and it's hey look. With the collective bargaining agreement allows them to do. Well I mean grievance it's an employee right thing. It's that -- right MAU -- show you guys have employee -- -- certain recourse you could take right if you feel like you've been treated unfairly every every workplace has that. So this is his recourse compliment for that. Well other way -- and -- you know there's going to be -- last lesser. Free agent inside and more. That they go to. Being go oh no there hasn't been a huge lucrative deal over the last three years. Yeah it's cheaper but have you the last three years that I mean. Last year the cornerback position was one ever thought gosh abuse and knock on the players mountain break the bank came Lewis included he five million a much higher -- any actually end up with. The Saints that's because teams are. Placing it. I'll Lar are smaller emphasis. On free agency because they cost more because of the way the CBA's structure with the veterans getting higher salaries -- these rookies now the veterans try to do the right way. Focus -- on the on the -- guys but in all actuality they heard himself -- is the middle of the road guys are going away in the NFL. Rookies in premium players that's what it's about. That's what it's about because a with a rookie union bargains of the premier players you get in the hot proven commodity a big time talent they you know you're gonna win -- So -- worked the night. You know -- I Korey banks of judgment. 2601878. -- free. 8668890870. Scoop coming up tonight what's the talk about. The city. Scooped. Looked at 412. During. The future. I it is though he'd be the first to know breaking news about saint Ellis you have elegance. Sign up for WL text alerts just text the word sports 287878. Message and data rates may apply. So if the argument is Drew Brees makes everybody. Around him better if that's truly how it works. Doesn't make it easier. To just think he can get another player. Or two and wide receiver slash tight end. Wide receiver wide receiver to tight ends may -- and he should miss. Should -- too much of a -- -- Drew Brees gonna make a ball better -- that that speak to. The fact that might be even better. The trade Jimmy yeah Jimmy Graham and make that argument a bit stronger. It Drew Brees really does make. Everybody on offense better. Why not trade it for those that are opposed. To that deal. Or accepting 21 round draft picks. In compensation for another team signing Grahame. To an offer sheet. No Saints would have given them the non exclusive franchise tag. Had they not been willing to if somebody. Can pay that price and is willing to pay that price. The Saints would have exposed are taken that risk. And they -- willing to accept that as a possibility. So -- comes in. They get above. Where you wanna. -- -- ballpark you're playing in terms of money. Yeah a lot of guilty you get 21 round draft pick -- let him walk. And that's value. That's value. And the Saints have had these discussions. They had two of before they put the non exclusive franchise tag tender our offer. On Jimmy Graham what are you willing to give up. What would it take for Jimmy Graham to not be a black -- uniform. And clearly the Saints think that if that happens to number one's. Would be pretty solid compensation. Spiny in New Orleans you're on WWL spiny. Yes it's -- but I spying on my. Approach at the media. Which talk about over the middle class players are the ones that are not the superstars. Well it replaced by the -- rookies because of money you think. They -- stroke or what percentage they get that this expect over the rookie year. Better than Annika isn't there are being in -- signed or being let go that veterans that are six -- your veterans so you think. That's effecting. No me. We -- here every year a great -- it is a much better as the bout -- -- two years ago. You know your questions some of it I think you know. When it comes down to an eight year veteran in a rookie that is a special teams player. Meet guys like Pearson -- who made their money in an inning and had their longevity and career in any NFL because of their ability. Do reversal play special teams have become a role player on defense those players are are not. As prevalent now. Because you can get a rookie to do the same things. I almost at the same talent level. And I think the talent level is waned not necessarily. I think the experience factor. As. Suffered. For obvious reasons and I think that might lead to. A slight drop off and play because that player hasn't seen what may be that eight year veteran. Player has seen over. His career so I think those two things are factors but. If if all things equal talent. And you gotta make a decision between an eight year veteran who is gonna command a certain maximum minimum salary. To play a role on your team. And you got a rookie. That is just as talented he's going to be cheaper. They're taken a cheaper rookie every time. -- -- -- I haven't been in the program continuously to let ours but you know we have achieved and we don't use -- as an example -- -- -- a first string player. The play the Saints and the least. Talk about like at the impression that he it's going to be let go pro rookies. Ball he would be a player that may not might not have lasted. Ten plus years in the NFL under this new CBA and rookie he was a starter. But. He was that he was a cheap talent by by and large. As an for what he did that for his defense. In the in the fairly cheap down. And right now it's even cheaper. Four rookies. And he's a veteran he's a veteran in today's NFL. You know they can find players like him. In a rookie crop of free agency they sort of phone calls by any I appreciate it. Big thanks to Shelden Williams and master controls. I'll be back with -- tomorrow four -- 530 LSU basketball at 530 tomorrow. Scoop coming up next. I'm crushing Garrick. Simplify. I am out of here.