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Mar 5, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here it is the day after morning draw Ash Wednesday and I'll tell you this city is so amazing to me. Yesterday I was wading through trash in the streets and to this by this morning you didn't even know that there was a party year. I can't imagine any other city being that quick and had good. And cleaning up that goes to. That the city of New Orleans and the workers here and it was just amazing value -- the weather wasn't great yesterday. I got here -- -- and part of the -- Mardi Gras mambo yesterday here with a crude of the WL. And I was part of the review until 6 o'clock at 6 o'clock left and draw some stuff off at home and then walked into the quarter. And it was just amazing how quarter the crowded what how her part of the quarter was buy say at 7 o'clock. It was I took a picture at noon. Of the -- sinister balcony and urban street protests at this out to on my Twitter account. I took a picture of the balcony the sinister and Herbert street at noon. And it was desolate. Nobody was on the balcony and only a few people. Walking down the street just -- I've never seen anything like that on Bourbon Street. No matter what the weather's been like on Mardi Gras day and by 7 o'clock now what do the same spot and took another picture. And it was amazing because the balcony which packed and people were on the street. And you know it nobody had to go out there if you if you went out yesterday when he went to a parade -- to the French Quarter it was by choice. And everybody who was out seemed to be having a good time some people seem to be having so much fun I'm not sure they even remember how much fun they really had. It's time for tonight's top -- -- dates in the topic things we'd like Jeter though as we begin our show tonight under VW will number eight. Yesterday people were mystery party for -- draw and today many of those same people. Who were in church getting ashes on their foreheads for Ash Wednesday. Yesterday was -- blowouts. On the Christian calendar before the -- sacrificial time of -- Are you giving up something for -- here's what I love this time of year talked about it last year believe -- we'll talk about it again this year. I love the way we talk about crawfish boils. Turbulent. Friday -- -- on Friday during went. So -- crawfish boils we've. Go to our favorite seafood restaurant to order these incredible seafood meals look this is not much of a sacrifice. I'm telling you not to enjoy your crawfish I'm not telling you don't enjoy your seafood and all the things that -- -- during what I'm not saying don't enjoy it but don't pretend. It's any candidate sacrifice. So let's talk about what -- you went out yesterday he should stay home -- again that the French Quarter was once crowded and are you giving up anything for -- You know I thought about this in church earlier today I'm. I'm gonna work on some things for me. It really have a lot to do with -- obsessive compulsive disorder so it's really nothing concrete that I'm gonna give up it's really nothing that I can. Really explained to you but it's some internal things and you know I I think it's boring to give up something I remember priest once. It was last year. Before. Actually was last year during lent. A decrease was -- talking about how you should give up something that you really light. That way when you start doing it again after -- over after Easter you realize that you gave up something new you made a sacrifice. Sometimes people say -- you should give up something that you don't want it ever do again people try to give up things that make themselves better. So I would try to think of something tangible. A to give up but there's some things that internally. I would like to to work on personally as far as I'm concerned I hope you for -- thought about those things is well. Or perhaps you're gonna try and be more like Jesus as archbishop Gregory -- is suggesting. So we'll talk about that on the show tonight number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Three were great students. At a central California elementary school were caught smoking pot. Now police want to find out where the kids got the pot. To eight year olds. And 19 year old had been released. To their parents. Once we got the -- for their parents they would if they stole their parents stash. Sonoma California police chief says stated that I -- had to -- eight year old who -- nine year old. Were discovered by another student last week of the Senora elementary school in California. They were smoking pot in the school bathroom. The student found them told officials and officials -- contacted the police in the third graders were then. Taken into custody but then released -- to their parents. And they're trying to find out whether or not someone gave them the pot or did they find the body quite often -- I'm sure there are lot of parents. I know a lot of parents smoke pot. And if you're not careful on your kids confide audio we had a story on the show I guess it was when they last week. From Denver there were -- area veterinarians. Around the Denver area who were saying to people bringing their pets in. Because they've gotten into their their pot stash. And to the moral or mutual once were an iguana in a turtle. And I'm thinking what with the symptom. All you know my pets really lethargic he just sits around doesn't do anything but what -- turtles and -- do they don't do anything anyway so how would you -- -- -- one. Is stoned. In any event you know if you do smoke pot I would hope that your careful with it because it's your kids find things and I'm sure when -- -- you found stuff that your. Parents and that -- weren't supposed to necessarily find. The it to. Something like drugs or may be magazines or something number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. House speaker John Boehner says that he is sure that congress will. Looked into law that was passed by the DC City Council. They it's decriminalize his possession of less than one ounce of marijuana in the nation's capital. Marijuana it if if is decriminalized I guess it's kind of like making it legal in Amsterdam it's my understanding and that surprised me when I learned this recently. In Amsterdam pot is not legalize it's decriminalized. So there's really no penalty for an official penalty for that's essentially like. Making it legal now win the DC council does pass something this is the District of Columbia. And that's in the Washington DC area as you know. Congress does have the power to overturn laws that are passed by the DC council. And so this was something that John Boehner was asked today he cities unfamiliar with the law. But congress does have the authority to invalidate a local law. I haven't done that however in the last twenty years the mayor of DC Vincent Gray intends to sign the deal. Which would make possession of small amounts of pot a civil offense subject to a 25 dollar fine. However smoking in public which you'll be. A criminal offense so it'll be interesting to watch this and and maybe this is one of the ways that America in general as a as a nation. Not just individual states but as a nation. Could somehow. Emotionally. Justify. Making pots. Not a criminal offense if if this country in general doesn't wanna go is to -- -- -- of forced to legalize it. Maybe we could chest decriminalize it which again essentially. Legalize -- the that the panel before it then it's kind of like making it legal. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Is this another sign of the changing image of the Republican Party something that we focus on quite often here on dispute shield. New Mexico governor Susana Martinez a rising star in the Republican Party is calling on her political opponents. To stop the harsh rhetoric she's also asking critics. Of President Obama who are members of her own party. To respect the office of the presidency even if they disagree. With the president politically. For those who say respect. Must be earned by a president. For those who say I disagree with the president and what he's doing therefore I cannot respect the office of the presidency. Many of these with the very same people. Who were telling the bush haters you may disagree with the president but you should respect the office of the presidency. And once again we point out a blatant hypocrisy. It lives within so many people in this country. This and governor of thumb of New Mexico. Said -- these comments when she was talking to a prominent Bettina and -- -- advocacy group. And she said that she was critical of the group referring to. Obama as the deport her in chief. -- the person who made that comment was denouncing president Obama's administration's. Deportation of nearly two million immigrants. The governor of New Mexico Martinez said to her own party -- to watch its tone and rhetoric when talking to minority voters. And she said at a conference and dead date if the GOP wants to recruit women and minority candidates. And minority and women voters they're gonna have to change their tone. We'd be talking about that for quite some time and now that message seems to be spreading. -- -- in the Republican Party and it it must if the Republicans want to win a national election. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I -- survey teams who consume energy drinks are more likely to be involved in risky behavior including drinking alcohol and smoking while there -- some shocking news. You know this is a really interesting thing when I was reading about this -- it's a Canadian study. And they they did a study of a public high school students in Canada and 62% reported having an energy drink in a last year. One out of five say that they consume an energy drink. At least once a month. Now according to this study. Young people are also mixing alcohol with energy drinks which is a dangerous thing I know people who do that I don't think it's a good idea because you've got a stimulant and depressant working together. And had their comes a point win. The the stimulus not working and the depressing is working and look I I've I've been with people not everybody but I did with some people who. Mixed alcohol with energy drinks. And I tell -- -- as the evening goes on it's not pretty in form it. But apparently if you drink energy drinks and you're young you could possibly be more depressed -- other people which makes sense because. It's a stimulant and when you come down off the stimulant you might be depressed. It all so apparently is an indication of risky behavior. Now some of the young people say that that they like the energy drinks because. It's. Well because it basically gives them a boost. And if you're less likely to consume these energy drinks she might be less likely to be involved in in risky behavior I don't know if it's the fault of the energy drinks. It might also be well of course she get hyped up that's one thing but it also might be the fault of of just the type of person who wants to. To get that big boost a young person who's looking for a legal way to to get a boost and that really brings me to. I think an interesting question. When when I was a kid the only coffee that I ever remember drinking. Weighs just so filled with Milken had a distinct flavor it it at the flavor of coffee yet we were not allowed to drink coffee -- for kids. The united drink coffee is as a team and I'd I don't drink coffee today but that was at a time in my life when I -- drink -- -- I do drink coffee but I drink decaf. Now if parents. Allow their teenagers or their kids to drink coffee. I'll be doing it just for the taste. Or did they allow them to drink coffee. Because they want to allow their kids in their teenagers to get a boost. Well if you think about it that's that's an interesting message to give your kids OK so you you wanna get ready for school have a little coffee -- -- -- good caffeine here. Is it is that a good idea Italy kids drink coffee. Is -- a good idea what you're kids drink energy drinks. Now I don't know maybe before sporting event that would be different and may be. Maybe this is something that is totally acceptable. Should parents let their kids drink coffee. For the purpose of getting a boost but what -- we'll talk about tonight if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we talk about tonight our numbers 2601870. To all free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text Amber's age 77. Here's an interesting text when domino shows up mr. house with an insect pizza. You know -- lizard or turtle may have got into your stanch. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Drivers of the state of Louisiana will soon be able to get a driver's license with the designated. Crying cajun on it. A state senator believes that this will make holders of special driver's license investors. For the state of Louisiana and a good conversation starter. So you collect your ID -- somebody or ID and it says right under the picture in big bold print it says I'm cajun. It cost a five dollars extra to get this in and that's gonna go to a special fund in Louisiana. But I couldn't help but think that you know there are a lot of other people in Louisiana who are proud of of who they are. So should there be other designations allow our driver's license. What about I -- more lenient. And if you from the state of Louisiana and you from New Orleans you might not want to you might might not what people think that you're. For some other part of Louisiana because New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana are quite different southwest Louisiana is different from central and and north Louisiana. What if somebody wanted to put to I'm correct -- or. I went to private school I'm from Louisiana and went to private school some people might want that kind of designation. -- I'm real. To maybe there should be open to different designation I'm I'm -- And I guess it's. I guess it's a bit I mean anybody who -- should be proud of their heritage. And I still love what I haven't done in a long time and I love driving through. Southwest Louisiana you pick up those those -- radio stations where the -- speaking cajun French -- to me I don't know what they -- -- -- it's just. It's so relaxing to know that something like that exist. Again to join our show tonight with your comment about anything we're talking about our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number estates and he seventy. Here's a text that says the license could read I'm not from battery. Number two -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Judge has rejected a New Jersey students attempt to sue her Paris for financial support including her high school tuition. For the remainder of her senior year this year. Rachel -- eighteen years old was denied 654. Dollars a week. And thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees and reimbursement for her high school tuition and -- New Jersey Catholic high school. She claims her parents kicked her out of the house a couple of days before her eighteenth birthday. Her parents say she left on our own over a disagreement about curfews. Respect. And chores around the house. The first thing that comes in my mind is this girl's going to a Catholic high school she's got a problem with respect. And curfews. And she's got a problem with with doing chores -- big response it doesn't sound like she's getting much of -- Catholic education there. The father says that he's a very liberal parent. And he said I wish I would have grown up in my house I was tougher on the copies at -- -- is a retired police chief. In New Jersey and he said I -- tougher. When Mike cops on the street. And I've been in my home that's for sure. He -- our family's been destroyed. We love our daughter she's -- try to enjoy the door is wide open we were -- to come home but no she is she has sued. And to judge has denied a lawsuit. Is this another example. Of how. Kids. Think they have too much power. And is there any. Reason to believe that. -- this person should sue their parents for support. Now again we don't know exactly. How she left why she left she says they kicked around they say she left on her -- we don't know who to believe. -- -- eighteen years olds and even if it was a couple of days before your eighteenth birthday do you think this girl has a legitimate lawsuit. Our numbers 2601870. And I think one of the problems we have in this country is that there are far too many young people who have gotten the feeling that. Now from very early age. They are totally independent of the parents. In this is not the first time like a young person has threatened to sue their parents. Our toll free number is 8668890. Which seventy at a tech's number is 877. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's lists the top eight and eight. Mr. -- I'm not from -- occasion I'm not from battery. Number one. But the body of a missing nineteen year old you know a teenager has been found the body was found submerged in her car. It ends four days of of multi agency search for -- University of New Orleans student Haley Howard's car and body discovered your Irish by U. And ITN. And the focused on is Terry because those the last. Cellphone action ping from a cellphone tower came from that area. Very early Saturday morning essentially a Friday night. And a PD police chief of -- -- says the crash is being investigated. But it appears as if she veered off the road and into the water. This is not the first time that we are hearing -- practice. Now I have heard that she had a flat tire and it's certainly nice people stopped to helper. With a flat tire. And Vinci. Apparently. Drove on according to. What the police are saying at this point it looks as if she just veered off into the value it and and drought. Monetary Lehman that that was a tragic situation in and by you saying John and yet. She was seen drinking before that incident in this. Young woman Hilary Howard was seen. Button drinking before this incident. Have you ever have you ever stopped anybody from from driving drunk. Have you ever stop the stranger if stop somebody you don't really know in a bar. From getting in the car. Have you ever helped anybody get home. Now a lot of responsibility falls on us although it's ultimately the person who decided to get drawn but a lot of responsibility should fall in on -- the problem is if you try to stop somebody from from driving when they've been drinking. That's not -- always be. Met in a congenial manner. And and I think we all instinctively. Fear trying to tell somebody what to do especially if they're -- But the last thing we all wanted to do is get behind the wheel car. If your W stay were distributed to all of your calls it if you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. A text number it seats and creativity this is the -- show live in -- Wednesday night it kind of feels like a Monday because yesterday -- day off for so many -- -- But it's Wednesday already expecting some rain overnight into tomorrow morning but it's going to be beautiful by this weekend. They were coming right back with your comments on -- WL welcome back to -- show on this Wednesday night we had a great day yesterday whether it meant going out and dealing with the weather and having fun or just been staying at home. Earlier today police found the body of a young girl that they've been looking for since Saturday uses forty searched. They found the body of -- Howard nineteen years old. You know students that they found her body in her car on your Irish by EU and -- -- submerged in the water this brings back memories of materially in the -- And the cart being found with her body in -- -- and by using John. And it appears is here if drinking may have been an issue. Before both of these girls got in the car and ended up where they where they ended up. Here's a text that reads it bothers me that in these car in the water accidents. It seems it only happens to females. Who were driving alone this. This that you and a student apparently had been help with a flat -- by some stranger she described is it nice people to her boyfriend. And entry into. Driving in according to what police say now she veered off the highway. Into the volume. We're also talking about a New Jersey judge that has rejected a New Jersey teenagers attempt to sue her parents for financial support. She's eighteen years old and she was said denied it. Support from her parents she claims they kicked her out of the house before eighteenth birthday they say she left the house on her own. Over a disagreement with curfews George chores and doing stuff. Respectfully. Within and to be respectful to them that should should kids ever be allowed to sue their parents. -- are talking about -- to join Russia with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven it protects a breezy 77. Wing -- on -- W -- you have a report an accident. -- the -- a one out and about away. Why you are -- problem earlier there's an eighteen Wheeler that broke it but -- But there are caught the night. Not just drove up -- do there's no police. That there's a truck -- lakers on. The battery is -- and I -- people someone who gave -- that -- what do. So this is Teresa I ten is this heading east. Correct -- bill. It about a mile away from our spotlight. And everybody be aware of that and mostly Sunni middle you know in the game. The redesign. The light to very -- room and you can drop -- audit should be. He'd need to. I thought about -- you'll. I mean I appreciate that it you know this is an example of what we do on the show is feared driving and you see anything that is a hazard or your report. Whether to us at some point or so much traffic accident you call us immediately and will do the best we can't get you on the air right away so. About a mile away from Irish by you and eighteen Wheeler in the middle lane. -- says steer the lights are flashing but it looks as if the batteries going dead satellites are going DN. And I look the way people -- -- in this search or violate new world sees between the twins fans. And the on highrise. My -- she wouldn't take long for somebody to just. Crash into the back of of that eighteen -- so just to be aware that if you're in the area for mobile Wayne -- under the W a good evening. I could you hear your tired your -- a -- Catholic also yes. Okay well you know we always do when you're -- You give up something and this year I decided to do -- again -- always been -- made today. I'm not overweight at things like that love my -- he would love my string stuff like that. So you don't you don't like I used to give -- -- used to give up chocolate I'd buy love chocolate today and I don't we give up chocolate everywhere and and I was always so happy Easter morning detainees would consume the Easter Bunny. In just -- India one city. But I wouldn't give up all suite so that that's a tough. Do JB and it is really -- made it out beyond that well and -- like bitten it always occurred -- -- -- out. And but -- outlook and it made and they were I'm from I'm from. And bird mystic originally bat mobile. And -- look like are due out there. One of the night that I remember a free talk about one time -- apparently any you know all that Cuba abated thing you can always. And it made a comment that well what I did what I have done most of is being Catholic. By the rotary X one. You know try to do what next what ever died in at this -- on New Orleans other than just given up but -- adding. Yeah that's that's also a good idea I know that there are some people who decide to go to mask weekly during -- -- or may be I think there was a time in my life when. On my wife and I used to enter -- at least read the Bible every night. A lot of good. -- good mayor buddy we need to Albany that what we're. But they needed to -- -- part that you know you reading the Bible here today it's sad part the good guy dies -- -- -- -- content can be depressing. Well yeah but the good -- you know we only. We know packed yeah you know you could begin and I want to near automate that but you know. Shot. Driving and I had to go to salt for a comeback through. I am not picked else might have been let go away old. And not about guys they have there and am in doubt about that ability like that -- -- -- -- Smaller degrees don't euphoria. Don't know that now it is an issue I'd build a massive portrait bit of their. Over -- Leo and they don't agree laborious. And -- Issues you know I. Still I still have mine that was it Rouse is earlier today and and is somebody who works for a grosses she said. Eskew what that he is like to see a lot of coming in with that today as Danish wind and Catholics finishes under on the forest. -- Enjoy a well you're not really supposed to enjoy land because it's a sacrificial time they'd -- be reflected in good luck with the giving up a suites. Yeah I hit a -- got to look out Sunday July Indy. Hi -- -- -- could time -- thanks to listen to our show. If you're -- stay -- here's a Texas says police are on the scene I'm assuming that is in reference to. The accident the eighteen Wheeler in the middle lane I ten east very close to Irish parties -- still be be aware that. If you have Sunni attacks who get to you're Texan coming right back -- more of your comments if you enjoy as for the comment about anything we're talking about tonight. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is there at seventy. -- ever is it simply seventy here's -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight have you ever stop someone from driving drunk. Sure opinion by going to WW dot com tractor pull through on our -- give you an update coming up here. In just a few minutes. WL -- -- -- -- upon issue and instead of going to hear -- when it is get a lawyer and -- your parents well it's not exactly what happened but it -- New Jersey has rejected in New Jersey eighteen year olds attempt. To -- her parents for financial support. And her high school tuition for the remainder of this -- senior year. Rachel -- eighteen years old was denied 654. Dollars a week and thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees and reimbursement for high school. Tuition at -- Catholic high school. And this year. She claimed -- kicked around a couple of days before eighteenth birthday her parents say she left on her own over a disagreement about respect curfews. And chores and we're also talking about the tragedy that it unfolded this afternoon we've got the full story on our website at WW -- dot com. It's about this in 190 you're a student they found her body submerged in her car apparently veered off I tend. Heading -- east on my tan and tragic situation. We don't know exactly. Why she -- her why she veered off the road. By two people did state that she was drinking before she got her car and that reminds us of the terribly in the net -- by -- John tragedies well. Have you -- stop anybody from driving drunk. That's a W a pretty general opinion poll tonight 24% saying no. And 76% say yes give us your opinion by going to WW dot com from river ridge -- your description of good evening. I don't talk about it girl. -- Yeah you know. Or. Our law went to choose. A terrible. -- an attorney an attorney took up this case a -- an attorney took it up on on her behalf so she she was initially charged. -- -- -- -- -- You're 80 now is that Japan earthquake that they all and you can't have a parent of -- -- these. Apparently held without an ally on the part of trying to -- -- in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- be yours and they're able to beat you bit by is -- -- -- making it. It was -- -- actual -- we did not. Net so you tell you can that you tend to blame the parents in this case what would knowing what little we know about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's not like and it sound like she had to redo the bathroom. And I do in the re doing never go. Well stored in the thing about your card in -- -- he expects -- -- -- about -- -- You need to have occurred. A Yorker he should be shorter -- -- a little. Why isn't. We know we'll see you girl. -- to get -- usually get the -- all the -- -- called first rookie to get home after agreeing that they. Okay. But don't you know they'll -- need to have a curfew as well. The melted Albuquerque but -- the -- Albuquerque for. 8:11 o'clock. Get a date in Albuquerque for eleven and we felt pretty well -- app to get our goal in would be well. But parents don't really coordinate -- although that would be an interesting idea OK you're dating my daughter. Here's the curfew for our daughter and we think your son should have this curfew. Even England is different and the digital -- -- -- you have to come all he can't read because the and apparently. He had a couple of. Why she staying with the relatives are for best friend. To a world when you come out if you get them. You look at Korean parent would call. Absolute bottom there's no I -- that today right. Put your parent holding him. So Diane this is what I first thought -- this is just indication. Of the powers that. Teenagers and even your good teenagers think they have over over Paris. So I hit it you know even even I guess even young people have bought into this idea that you can always sue somebody and it it's it's not your fault. Oh yeah oil and that is that the war on what what they all could it be aware of what we work you know. It will work like. You know the real world is going to be a shock to a lot of people. Only. The -- But in the real. Then a bit concerned about the bottom about the dollar you know and it's hard. And yet there aren't. I'm glad you brought that have -- and because when you get in the workplace. Your boss is gonna give you the equivalent of -- And a curfew and responsibility and expect respect and you can't sue your gloss over those duties that your given at work. And packed some bad. What it yet that'll help out they all. Diane I'm gonna get to a break but I really enjoyed our conversation he brought us senators to stuff but thanks for us UW WL at night I'm -- and will be. Right back -- this does kind of you know I've I've been tempted to say welcome to this good show on a Monday nights because you know yesterday it was just a big holiday for so many people are so much fun -- streets. There's actually Wednesday so we got a short week it is Ash Wednesday. Now we're talking about this a teacher in New Jersey who. Sued her parents the judge denied the lawsuit. If she left the house according to her parents say she claims her parents kicked around she's eighteen. And she's suing for financial support. Is this. It is this an indication of where young people or in terms of respect for authority today what does this tell you about America's youth and about America's parents. Hi -- your under the W a good evening. Sorry -- -- -- -- Our. People entry and why -- and why and how to ride in on right. Here again about it I. Thought it. A -- and yum. Guerrero walking in the street. Actually morning. She. Want an area like it is now -- Wednesday walking in the street what. -- and she says. She election. Are there and -- ANC. And spring break and she. Mercy of the -- Iraq. And that she and mr. and my car because she did she know where our friends you know. I don't think -- out the door. It didn't. And then call in at number. Sit here at Oakland -- in the off. And how it is she's lucky that I found her and Nolan now. Yet you know a similar thing happened to me and person -- I'm dating on Saturday afternoon and I'll tell Astoria after the news. Did did she resist the the the attempt to helper. There they Whitney -- an hour to sign a one acre off much. Wish your first concern when you saw this girl alone and truck and be honest. I -- -- like someone -- that got her take her away. And on the national news doesn't say honestly wiped out if it did during spring break in the world. Yeah I don't know. And I I saw a girl Saturday afternoon I was walking back from the difference inaugural Saturday after a supreme answering your parents want you back to my apartment and this girl was just wrong and literally. -- propped up and propped herself up against the wall of the building. And anyway it'll or I'll I'll tell the story after news Alley I'm glad you do what you did and thanks for listening to WWL -- night or did you wanna join us with your comment about anything we're talking about tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Text oversee 77 your calls -- your text coming up right after the news I'm scoots under -- will.