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Mar 5, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: a new survey indicates that teens who consume energy drinks are more likely to be involved in risky behavior – including drinking alcohol and smoking. Do your teens drink energy drinks….should you let them

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Are you just heard in the news alligator is seafood. Although it's it's a reptiles but archbishop there Gregory -- has now confirmed alligators seafood so here's more good news for you during the season of lent. Yes its OK to eat alligator meat. I guess on Fridays and and I -- the talk about this during let it we did it last year. Look it's OK to have crawfish boil it's OK to look for all the wonderful things that you can get away with eating like alligator call now to the alligator sauce to cult. Now a deep fried alligator we to have all these other -- look at the way we eat seafood down here. It's really not much of a sacrifice. To eat fish what he eats seafood on Fridays during went in fact it's really actually celebration. I don't think you should stop doing it but I think we only to be honest enough with ourselves to realize. It really isn't much of a sacrifice. A today's Ash Wednesday and I'm sure you saw -- you might have measures on your forehead right now you may have seen people walking around with Nash is on affordable smudge on their forehead. Couple people that they tried to wipe it off of my forehead. Yesterday they were so many people partying in the streets for morning draw and many of those same people were in church today getting -- on their foreheads as we begin the very sacrificial. Reflective time. Of -- which ends with the most joyous day on the Christian calendar which is. The resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday are you giving up anything for -- are you trying to. Maybe make yourself a better person to -- you are always have to do is give up something says something else we can talk about tonight also while we're talking about. This judge in New Jersey there's rejected a New Jersey eighteen year old. Attempt to -- her parents for financial support. Rachel canning eighteen years old. Goes to -- -- Catholic high school in New Jersey. And she I was denied 654. Dollars a week and thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees and reimbursement for her senior high school tuition. And -- Catholic high school she claims her parents kicked her out of the house right before her eighteenth birthday her parents say she left the house on -- road. Because she didn't agree with their rules. Curfew. -- And being respectful. Her father who is Saber tiger police chief in Lincoln park New Jersey -- Miami very liberal parent I wish I could have grown up in my house. I wish tougher on -- cops at work then I've been at my home that's for sure he said this whole thing is destroying our family we love our daughter. She is our pride and joy in the door is wide open we wondered come home. She is currently staying with. Relatives. Of her best friend we had a call in the last hour from -- you brought something really important there was a time when you wouldn't be harbored. You wouldn't be taken care of by your best friends relatives they would call you would say hey. Your daughters over here and you know you really should well not that you should come -- but we're we're gonna bring it to you. There was a time when you wouldn't be able to stay with your best friends relatives or just it seemed like things were different. A long time ago in the -- today what really stands out in my mind about this particular story about this a student a suing her parents. Is this idea that the young people. Consume their parents. This idea that young people can call the police on their parents. The problem is some kids really are abused. Some kids really need to reach out to the police and two. Child protection services is some kids really need to reach out because they need help. But they were too many kids walking around this cocky attitude when I -- kids I mean preteens. And teenagers. To make his walking around his cocky attitude like you can't tell me what to do. And they they do this with parents and teachers. And I'm not sure what it's gonna take to restore. Respect for authority but it's something that every parent really has to strive to do. And it really has to start a very appear if it has to start immediately. I mean immediately. There are many situations where you're not supposed to pick up a baby every time a baby cries. Because that is teaching them they can get whatever they want and if you're gonna give them whatever they want. And even though they might not consciously realize what they're doing -- -- situations where you're not supposed to pick up the baby when the babies drawing just -- baby cry. And I know -- hard is it but it's not easy being a -- nobody said it was. And if you're not a parent yet. Now before you become apparent realize that it it is a challenge. But very early in everybody's life -- needs to be disrespect for authority that is is still instilled in kids tonight I don't think that happens. Enough today if you wanna join us with a comedy do you think this girl is a right to sue her parents. May want what do they did kick her out of the house. Gucci -- her parents for. For back support. For. For her tuition. Could couldn't couldn't child -- Their parents if you wanna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688907. In a text numbers 877. I don't know if it's still there but it might be we've got some reports tonight of an eighteen Wheeler broken down in the middle lane of traffic on the I ten east. I think it would be between the issue boulevard and Irish by EU. That -- positive but I think that's that the general area too many of us an update on magic and a caller -- a -- that they designated texture you -- have that person not you if you're driving. Texas. More specific location but -- I think it's about a mile away from Irish -- -- Heading toward the east eighteen Wheeler broken down in the middle late this is an area earlier where. The body effectively Howard's nineteen year old Q&A student who had been missing since since Saturday this is where her body was found this afternoon. We have the full story in it's accompanied by a beautiful picture of her smiling. And it's unfortunate that this beautiful picture of this beautiful girl isn't accompanying. A better story. The idea tragic story a police believe that her car veered off the road. And what I'm picking up in May be for something that I haven't heard but do what I learned to before going on the Airways. That she apparently veered off the road ended up an Irish by -- near I ten. The car was submerged. The last thing that anybody heard from her was -- very very early in the morning on Saturday. So essentially this was after a Friday night -- and she's heading to Slidell. There are reports that she had didn't. Drinking I don't know if this is a contributing factor. And I don't know that for sure and the police are waiting for an autopsy to determine. The cause of death and and and even if the cause of death was drowning I believe they can determine what the blood alcohol level was. I inner body but. It would no matter what happened this is another tragic story. And the last thing that was heard too I believe she called her boyfriend. And said -- -- nice people stop to helper a change tire. Now I don't know if she showed any signs of not being able to drive. At that point. But it really brings up a question about people who might have seen her earlier in the evening. You know we have all been in situations where. Where we have all I -- let me let me stop this for just a moment and -- go to runners on a cellphone is gonna give us an update on the eighteen Wheeler in New -- c.'s -- go ahead. Passcode just in LA -- -- and police all they have now. Like slashing. Saint Peter's goal that broke out earlier this. Or out. Or -- aren't a lot. Sending -- -- and ambient was Benedict all that track but it is a bit and are. There it seems like it took a long time to respond to that and I don't know may be the search for this does body in this -- card did distracted from that but I had a call earlier from somebody. And a right to we had gotten on the year after 8 o'clock. That there -- there were not even police there yet. Well it's been that way and that spelling had a -- off -- or back area now and American actors situation that they do their who. Police vehicle the at all. In it speakers of the problems though it better quality of vehicle to vehicle ever walk away well. I don't know what they -- -- -- I appreciate that update. -- and this is a reminder that if your if your out this is like radios so each year in traffic if you see something that you one of alert other motorists about what you see. If there's weather that you ever -- report to call us immediately and there we will get chew on here right away. So getting back to this the story about this. This girl again we don't know what happened but it also brings back memories effect early in the net. Who ended up in in by you Saint John after. Drinking with friends and having a good time. We have all been in situations where. We have seen people who have had been drinking too much. And we don't do anything about it and it and it really shouldn't be our responsibility but -- I find myself sometimes wanting to do more. But I know it's an in my business. But then again but I think about letting him go. If they're leaving that it it it is my distance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And she literally forced the girl to get in her car because she was worried about her. Worried that somebody might take advantage for being totally intoxicated. Not being able to. Reason where she is or who she's going with take advantage of her and she might end up as a national news story. And that brings me to. The very intoxicating girl Saturday afternoon. The person in dating and I were were walking back from missing the beginning of via -- -- actually we walk from the city park area where Damian begins with a concert stuff. We started there we ended up -- all the way back downtown to my apartment from from that area diversified fund walk and we saw a lot of great sites. Along the way we get back downtown in their serious. This young blonde. Leaning up against a building. And I mean she is really really out of it and we passer and the person I'm with says. Are really feel like I need to go back and talk to -- -- -- if you feel like you need to talk to her -- let's go back and talk to work. And we went back to talk to her she was totally disoriented. And our immediate concern lies. This is the kind of person who anybody could pick up she's not even capable. Of making the right decision. About who to go with. And somebody could say I will take care of view and she ends up a statistic. If she ends up with a picture on our website and on the national news because of -- horrible tragedy. We spent I don't know 510 minutes winner and she did -- ago I wasn't to bring it back to my apartment. So. My recommendation recommendation was what we news to people in a bar around -- corner I'm by no the owners of the bar. So what's just don't stand out here on the street until your friends find you she was separated for over a tilt your friends find you. What shall you contact them when your phone go sit in this place where we know people can. Make sure that nothing bad happens to. Well in the process of trying to convince her to do that. Her friend one of her friends found her came around the corner and was just so grateful that we were with her. But if your friend is really really -- -- You've got to feature your friend like which. Means you can't leave your friend. Anything could've happened to this girl. And fortunately. We were there with the rights. Intention. And everything I guess worked out OK but at that point she was was -- different. But we really all should be challenged to do as much as weak and too. You know to take care those people who are. Incapable of taking care of themselves even though they made the conscious decision when they were conscious -- -- to be in that particular state of mind. Here's -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight's. Have you ever stop someone from drinking and driving. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up here in just a few minutes discuss blog tonight is titled. -- drawn is more than just a boxer -- I'm sure somebody will disagree but it's a really feel good blog about how we in New Orleans and everybody who participates in Mardi Gras. Deserves credit for the success of -- -- and the weather wasn't great but it was and other great -- -- And that's the blog morning grow more than debauchery and again I'm sure somebody will disagree with me because there's always supported -- -- disagree which is fine. I'm in any event today you can read it and share its owner -- -- -- -- -- -- accounts this is dispute show if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Text numbers 87870 here's a text that is telling mean. I say it's the girl and dating not the person I'm dating I got a call the other day wanna -- to define who was like dating a male or female. Well it shouldn't matter but yes that the girl I I don't even think about that but yet the girl like dating and I were involved in the situation. I'm scooter will be right back and editor hero ball goes over as -- look back I think we can celebrate that it was a tremendous success and that the best thing to take promoting growth the idea that we can all come together. So I wrote a blog about that tonight voting Droid is more than just a debauchery and it's on our website at WWO dot com also it's on our FaceBook page if you wanna join that conversation. Go to WWL radio. And his comment from James on our our FaceBook K page. The best thing to me is how many of our kids are marching in these parades. The pride that they take from it we need to give them all a big thank you it was a wet. Colds a year out there. Yes. Indeed he once and I have no idea how long it takes those thick. -- uniforms. And host Dick -- Hats to dry out anybody could join that conversation on our FaceBook page -- WWL. Radio and gave viewers some updates on that coming up here just few minutes. Rihanna a year on the -- showing their VW -- good evening. I. Like that -- ever and hectic at record. The couple people -- about it in your car in her. Clearly not able now we can't teach him. Fertile body cat in cat and Taliban -- coming -- bar. Not on high street the couple made -- they had a lovely dinner and and they could barely walk and they walked to their car. They are over who was going to drive and I am and I I'd. Hate each cat and -- got the -- Other people need to help and the couple but that guy. Could drive the -- you want Albert -- it appeared out by. They opened the door I continued with a couple that was blocking -- please let. Cat. And car. Third quarter handicap on and off the ball and it. Cat and happening and we act now -- They took -- but there and like I. -- It on. So you you were trying to help them and they got in the car anybody and you you're alerted police and and they were arrested. Absolutely. And the people. Mean. If he can't quite make an out there. -- and get their car and another couple was going on. And they you know I try and block their cart by. -- -- -- -- And it. And the quarterly. You know keep. And what they Atlantic and -- Aren't. There are a little like amber and action in and how -- and later that thank -- in and they got. Where you're really good citizen because when you were first on historically what a great way to get business if you're at petty cab driver. We got to do -- to hate you know you're too drunk to 22 walker -- that -- Connecticut we do you really get the right thing and I mean I I admire you and and appreciate how far you went to do the right thing Sony's. Thank you and -- right because you think it and meant -- it -- because you know you don't hear that story and on the in the -- It's -- -- and what you have to do it that -- it out and the work they -- they would and got my -- business. -- -- You know I'll take that. That's a great story and it has to make you feel good that you did all you could and actually ended up with a good thing I mean that actually the the best thing to happen is that they were arrested for for dear life. Light and unfortunate because I'm sure the content people a lot of complex he had and that means you don't do -- -- why you're celebrating it's a great city. You have to be irresponsible and I. While the platform I applaud everyone that wrote my kitty -- and tech -- at it it might even because I know it's frustrating sitting in traffic Whitney. I'd could've done something else but for whatever act cat 76. I think in Big Apple. So when you work when you pick people would be deeds did they ever get sick in the camp. Yes as a matter what are you really early 1 morning of course the people that are all night. Got my cat from the -- and they wanted to go to parent and on the way the young lady. Yeah if -- got sick and I felt former you know that the guy was barbaric. -- Not to charge him what's that ninety did somebody get sick and can't. Well right now at 200 dollar immediately after the it out. Because it gives you. Got smell. Bad exactly yeah. Your work order time it takes to get it back now. Allah and. Do you do people pay that with without too much resistance. Well yeah they did it because the police and sport I mean we we can call without a man if they don't comply. So. -- to think about you know it of course now we don't want to discourage -- and getting in Cannes. According to Campbell might throw up -- we just drive home. -- really slow nineties he cleaned it up in a hurry you might actually make money if people get into him. Exactly -- they -- a couple dollar portable tracking and -- -- I enjoyed our conversation and I am large I deployed to what you did as a citizen. And thanks -- every WL ignited. IE that's it that's another thing we could talk about tonight really good stories about how do you stop somebody from drinking or how you do did the right thing and it's it's not always an easy thing to do. Got a text a moment ago from somebody who said that they punched their friend in the face to get the keys away from it. Basis fortunately was so drunk that he didn't even remember the next day a from Slidell marked here on the ski show and every WL. It's group. Maybe it's campaign -- just. Did -- Google would be it would -- -- -- -- you -- it's you know capital what was separate I think it is a -- work to. Do the best -- Haskell. We played in the few and I think one of them involve donkeys. Yeah would go on back is that -- him for his role again. I heard deal between you know between the good -- they say in this person was stroke. Well I don't know if she was struck right back. I don't know I don't know if this just brings up the conversation because there were reports that she had been drinking. Earlier in the evening right policing apparently she veered off the -- I don't know if she was drunk at all I had no idea. But you're -- radio stations in not. You know wouldn't you would open in the news that he said it will persuading the federal it's byline that would are I have to say that they -- she was brought. -- that upsets -- because it's not stated fact sheet she was working appear out of. It might have been and I I'd have to to listen to the news it might have been a case where police say she was strong and you might have thought it has some people don't usually -- -- to -- well you know that's something that we need to listen to. Right if you go back with that that's what I. Because she was I I would not say I don't know if she was strong and I just in a few moments ago there two weeks of the autopsy. Today. That advanced to the radio station said the person said that she was struck -- out there it is apparent must now with this seat is typical. These said that it lost the child. She knew she worked as -- peer -- that night. She went to make its magazine street hit a couple of -- for the prints she brought it back to you window let that all she wrote I can -- but our. Somebody came stop it you know. It's a flat tire she got a couple until our board -- as part of what we. It would it would have taken away I don't know that the court opened -- gentility that regulators with the brother wants you -- of it. I don't know what happened baby wouldn't she she post it takes you'll you'll bridge highway eleven bridge -- if she could. They had turned up dead insert you'd give up I can't be good to get to -- -- we -- them. Sometimes. -- and slide is -- in conclusion that there. Well on the other thing is that the water would be very cold and it's here yeah I would people tend to panic hit it and you know -- not everybody. Would know how to get out of a car that his series going in water. It took me. Well and will I'm an -- looked into that mark. I can I only speak for buy it but we're -- we're very responsible WWL and I will looked into that in nature -- right -- -- That an odious give the opposite it just hurt -- apparent that this was said. Is everybody's greedy right now in it was said she was strong it is cyclical awaited minutes. We don't know that lets see your tax dollars. Well I I agree it and we'll talk about it that as well but right now we're talking about Tuesday there are some similarities with. Somebody driving off the road and having had drinks earlier in the evening like Terry -- Mineta and and ending up in by using John and it's just a reminder. That if we do. See somebody who is it too much to drink -- -- have a short drive for a longer we should we should do more regardless of what happened in this specific case. We should do more to. Stop those even people we don't know from drinking driving. -- this -- right now you would that include -- hypocrites in this state. We setup the other -- road blocks right. OK why -- we do this happened I was sure saints came. While we only do this to certain why don't we let we perpetuate this up the football games. We -- is this week we let people go to football -- you'd go. You -- -- of this that they -- it dropped Japanese game it would that I keep it would be -- state police. It'll PD adopted they sit they sit there after a football game it's up to speed -- the right checkpoints. He get these people actually can happen this bill because it's politically. They they connect -- win this. That -- right or wrong. I think it's a very it's just a question and I'd like to find out why that isn't done because if it's done for political reasons that's wrong if there's some something logistical about it dead days it it can't happen well I would I would entertain that that excuse. The whole thing is if you really wouldn't deal with the safety. Of these type of thing. You should Tibetans and looked. Well what would you do would you stop everybody coming out of the -- Venus is not even logistically possible. Failure to stop anybody could see you can sit there look at. You -- Kabul. Well again there might be some logistical reasons why that hasn't done but I do understand the torture make you -- not I appreciate you bringing that up in itself and that time to consider talking about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Topic. That you don't don't look at the right collapse you've taken disgusted. If you look at both. Our I -- -- the ball well I think you have to you know it's it's it's like an attorney going into court I mean you have to look at though if you -- -- If you're gonna defend your position that you have to look at the other side and I always have a position and sometimes it's perceived as being the last sometimes it's perceived as being right. But I have to consider the other position before I take a position because that's the best way you can. Defend your position like I really enjoyed our conversation I think you bring up some really interesting points and while line and I'm I'm glad to color show. This is never a show about lecturing people about what's drinking and driving. But it is it is appropriate to once a once in awhile remind ourselves that maybe we don't do enough. And and maybe there -- times that we wish somebody would help I mean remember helping some people get home. -- that has happened and number of times in my life have you ever help anybody get home who was. Stricken and was about to drive. Or have you ever stop anybody from getting behind the wheel of the car when they had too much to drink again this is not about lecturing it's not about making you feel. Badly about something or not doing something it's about hey you know what. Maybe we should all pay a little more attention that this I don't know what happened in the case -- Howard the student from you know. We do know that she apparently had drinks -- early in the evening. Ends up veering off the road and maybe it had nothing to do with alcohol -- -- net which streaking before she. Unfortunately. Died in her car and that -- by you saying John. Are these situations that could have been prevented. If you wanna join our show with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Protects Amber's age 7870 here's a text whoever served or alcohol should be in jail because she's underage. She's nineteen. This is this -- show. And we're coming back after this break into the WL if you're listening yesterday when I was doing the -- -- the review here and to be revealed yesterday afternoon hours talking about it and it counter -- -- this year than it is well countering it with. Some of of Jesus freaks in the street. During moniker on Andy they've picked me out and did just. Said derogatory things about me not knowing anything about me even use profanity and addressing the crowd about. About homosexuality union you can -- what you think but to proceed derogatory things to say. Is -- derogatory things about me when it nobody that's one thing that's very judgmental and not Christian like and but anyway I I I saw I saw a sign. Yesterday last night -- -- night I saw aside in this same area or saw the Jesus freaks another on another site with the religious message. There was actually a really good message. And I'm gonna tweet that out during our next break so join join me and Twitter and try to find things like this in and tweeted out. If you wanna join me on Twitter it's act scoot SEO OT. WW -- at scoot WL -- -- a -- what I thought was a really. Good. Religious message on assign us on the same area with Jesus freaks I'll tweet that out during the next break from Algiers Julie you're on the -- show on WWL. Oh great heat and each article I'll only a -- you know -- It and me me being me I lie. Killed actor tracker in November. -- -- -- And that cart came out into the act and my brother and our our -- and -- are Kirsten why. About it that there and it got an -- -- -- -- -- I am not by the would be alive today. I'm sorry had to go through eventually. Can. We have a -- I can make it. You know. About it being -- -- and it -- That -- and it. Two people -- Period. I I I -- I I agree. I got a text earlier about what happened to. You're my brother's keeper and your brother's keeper you know we all. We all should. We all should look out for each other and and I know that you know if you if you take that to literally it's just invading somebody's privacy bill when it comes to. The safety of of everybody in society. Well we should do as much as we can to keep people from doing stupid things like you're drinking and driving and I don't want to feel like a lecturer. And I -- because I have to admit there were times in my past when I drank way too much and got behind the wheel of the car and thank god. That nothing happened I'm I'm one of the lucky ones that nothing nothing happened to me and I didn't do anything -- to anybody else so I am fortunate and so many of us can think back on our allies who we did that. And we need to do as much as we can to remind ourselves to do all we can to make sure that people don't do that if we can stop it. And remind. Me I think. Aren't real. I. So you know and I don't think you're out -- and what. -- Well. Hey. I can't thank you. -- you know. Very. Yeah she took time away from possibly getting somebody -- a penny camp to make money to move to follow these people and all she could to convince him not to drive and then they get in the car. And they leave it she calls police and gives out the type of cardinal license number and police Paloma over arrested for drinking and driving. She and other. You know Ali thank you appreciate. I'm sorry for your loss and I appreciate -- CW -- -- If you -- -- your comment on numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a six a receipt 7870 here's a Texan -- it was reported by many stations that she had been. -- drinking or drunk I think it was reported by the person. She dropped off the family didn't say anything wrong -- it. I heard that for days that she had been drinking for several stations here is and other texts that reads. Marcus -- calling him a few moments ago. Decision announced that she was driving drunk that this which were talking about Haley -- the nineteen year old from you know. Who had been missing for several days and her body was discovered this afternoon we have the full story on our website at WWL dot com. She according to police her car veered off the road and she ended up in and in the in the volume in this was around Irish by U. And I ten -- -- it was reported that she was drinking earlier in the evening and their memories. To instantly come to mind if materially minute to waste. I've been drinking before. On her car veered off the road and she into an opinion -- -- Saint -- so without. Without this being a lecture. Should we not have a discussion. At a time like this we don't know what happened -- we don't know if drinking. Contributed -- this girl going off the road and and ending up in the situation that she was that we we don't know that. On however. It is a good time to talk about it. Those times that we have all seen people and known people who really did have too much to drink. And we kind of we kind of turn away and we we cuddle time ago. Here's a text that reads I stopped arguing with drunks once they start the car in that visible condition they are breaking the law. Just call police. Have you ever stop somebody from drinking and driving -- -- what's the best way to take somebody's keys to a guy had such a few minutes ago from somebody said a punch my friend in the face. To get the keys away. And fortunately was so Truckee didn't even remember the next day. Spoke what's the what what's the best way to get somebody's keys away from what's the best way to get keys away from somebody who is. A stranger somebody you don't know which you can see that there intoxicated and the reaching for their keys and you know where they're going. They're going to get in their car do we bear any responsibility. When it comes to trying to stop somebody from drinking and driving he sent a ball they got drunk but do we bear any responsibility society to try to stop them. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is a seven Jason -- coming up I'm -- a tweet out this picture of a sign with they religious message on Bourbon Street that I saw last night Mardi Gras night. That I thought had a really positive message a tweet that out on my Twitter account act scoot WWL coming up during this break and we'll be right back I don't ever remember getting this much ash. On my forehead. On Ash Wednesday. This is gonna come out of my pillowcase. From Oswego Sheila -- and a -- -- -- well. -- -- -- -- I'm crying and you know we use content at this Mary. And man you know argument about the nineteen year out Ireland as a unit that could -- Powell. We can. Some warmth from drinking and dropping them. Okay and I heard you speak with a woman a while ago. She the payment comment about what was killed on your lap you know OK and -- that would on it before they can I have done to. OK and yes I realized that I could ever I -- but you know. Not -- government considering what I don't think buying a -- person like them you know someone had gotten -- Parents say it's hard to find those people. While being true but I mean I know people that don't you. And you know I'm Noah tried to do that but I'll let them -- so. You know like -- man okay maybe about it like -- and I'm happy. -- a person from doing -- then when you know. Like when you talk about Iraq do you. Someone saint hey you got stopped blowing out. You know you can't count sound like they can and cannot do it. And -- at -- and -- people young guy that is you know this happened I mean why she out -- -- the morning. You now and I mean you know -- college in. Well you know Sheila I don't wanna be critical of somebody being out early in the morning because you know my show ends at midnight and -- and I could be if if I just spent two hours out it's 2 o'clock in the morning and somebody disable we don't what's he doing out at 2 o'clock in the morning so they're there are reasons people around late. Right I understand that. So what am I am without brand. You know and like keep that it should tractor brand -- and a brand new he had neglected giant -- -- different -- -- play -- -- now. Well I'd I'd I don't know you know the first thing I heard it I didn't hear all of the details in the beginning I knew she was missing. The first time I heard that she had a flat tire and somebody stopped to help the first thing I thought -- was whoever started helper. Might have been involved in her disappearance. That may not be the case because there are a lot of reports that she was -- drinking before -- and again I know this is such a hard difficult time for the family she's. You know whether she's a beautiful girl -- -- doesn't matter she's a human being and she's. I'm no longer witness and and I I've I admire your honesty for being honest enough to say that you know we've. Many of us have to admit that we were drinking and driving and we really should have been -- issue I gotta get to break been a really appreciate listening to WWL a night. I've got more of your calls and more of your text to get to and all of that is coming up right after the news on this good show under the WL.