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Mar 6, 2014|

the body of missing teen Hayley Howard was found in her car after it was pulled from the water in Irish Bayou near the Twin Spans. It was reported that she got a flat tire in the UNO area and some ‘nice people’ helped her change it and she was then heading to Slidell. Would you stop and help a motorist stopped on the side of the road?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A new survey indicates that teens who consume energy drinks are more likely to be involved in risky behavior including drinking alcohol and smoking. And we really disservice to Telesis this is a Canadian study and they did a study of the Canadian public school students. And they determined that students they it to consume a lot of energy drinks are more likely to be depressed but they're also more likely to engage in risky behavior. Like drinking alcohol and and smoking and I guess that really shouldn't be surprised but it really kind of got me to thinking about the whole energy drink market. Now I guess there are times win. It's okay to get that little boost of energy. But I remember growing up as a kid. My first experience with coffee and we were kids we drank. I guess they called it may be coffee -- was basically milk it had a little coffee unit but it was basically milk well today there are a lot of young people who drink coffee. That Diedrich Coffee because of the tradition because of the taste that's fine that if you if you if you drink coffee if you're if you teenagers in your kids are drinking coffee. To get their coffee caffeine buys or they treat energy drinks to get that that buys. Is that not setting a bad precedent. I also think that when it comes to things like. Surveys it's a skate kids -- energy drinks are more likely to be involved in risky behavior it might not be -- the energy drink itself. Is. A chemically inspiring the the negative behavior the risky behavior although he might be a little popped up a little bit -- the caffeine. But it could be that the type of person who is seeking. That. Elevated state because of the caffeine is also the type of person who was going to experiment with alcohol. And says cigarettes and other things like that also drivers in the state of Louisiana will soon be able to get a state driver's license with the designation. I -- cajun. In bold print right under your picture on the driver's license. A state senator believes this will make holders of this special license ambassadors for the state and it will be good conversation starter. -- -- like obligation. To prove it -- if to prove the occasion -- somebody who's not really cajun. Show up and say put that on the -- on syndication. Tony -- Jeff to -- to prove it. What do you wanted to put on Kunis. Forum. Among creel. A mean of gonna start designating who we are again particularly from somebody said a -- my driver's license. Louisiana regardless I'm not from Metairie. Or -- you from will be given Louisiana driver's license you know -- travel around the country show Louisiana driver's license and you know there's -- people -- dynasty and you know you might want people to know you're from New Orleans. So -- you know I'm into more leaning. And so many designations I would hope that everybody who has Haitians proud of that -- hope that it whoever you are you're proud of from. Of who you wore it cost five dollars extra to get I'm cajun. Are you driver's license and that's that are gonna start I think that -- and a couple of months. You know I don't know leave Louisiana to -- but the public school system here. You might wanna actually put on their I went to a private school so they went to distinguish you from the masses. I here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Have you ever stop someone from drinking and driving 22% say no and 70%. Say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we've been talking about the SN days this afternoon that the UN a student in nineteen year old. Who had been missing -- Howard. And she was missing since very early Saturday morning. Her body was discovered inside Ricard which way -- to subvert Shipley an Irish by U Irish by you and I ten. Outs and toward Slidell. There are reports that she had been drinking earlier in the evening I don't know if this had anything to do -- is what happened to her. They've be focused on this area. And there were so many people who. Who became part of this this search and and there are so many people who give up their time to go be part of something like this because they feel driven to to do that. And it shows they're really good site if not humanity. She. Apparently veered off the road according to police that we don't know exactly why but they were searching this area because there was a -- They came from a cell tower in that area. Early Saturday morning basically -- of late Saturday night late Friday night early Saturday morning. And it's my understanding that she called her boyfriend to say that she had a flat tire. And some nice people stopped helper with flat tire. And that she was in gonna be our way. Well she went away from that point and they found her in an Irish an Irish by you earlier today which again our thoughts and prayers are. With family and with with her -- it is is a tragedy no matter how what happened it is still tragedy. But the -- have a question without knowing exactly what happened in that case it does spring up this moral question about whether or not we do enough. To stop people from drinking and driving and I know this is really difficult when it comes to. 22 strangers. But quite often we allow our Friendster to drink and drive and should there be more times when when we try to stop our friends from drinking and driving. And what's the best way to take somebody's keys away from. -- great story earlier from somebody who who drives a -- camp in the French Quarter and also a cab. She was talking about how over the weekend she saw this couple that was really really -- and apparently they had a nice dinner coming up for a strong they were really really truck and she tried to convince them to. -- to get -- -- up. And they said it's none of your business. And they've walked on and they got to the car she actually took time away from her job as a petty cam driver. As she took time away she tried it first a block them and that in their own state of arrogance got in the car anyway. And drove off. She called police gave a description of the car. And the license plate number. And policed and thanked her later because they arrested them just down the street. Is that the best way to stop somebody from drinking and driving if you going to be airing and get behind the wheel of the car anyway that we're gonna call the police is that is that the best way to do it. I can be most recently in my life I can think of a couple of times. When somebody was leaving a bar and I said look no. Don't drive I'm gonna drive you home in your car and I have somebody follow me. The company beat up after right after I dropped them off. And I drove it home with their with their car but there are -- are so many options tonight. Again as I've I've set throughout the night whenever I talk about the aside I never will disappear to be a lecture. It's more a reminder. It's more a conversation about OK is there anything that we can do is there more we can do to two is to stop people from drinking and driving. And this is you know this is a it's a bad thing that people do this is not the only bad thing did that people do. But I I have to be honest with you there were times in my life what I got behind the wheel of the car and I had too much to drink and I should not have driven home. And to this day I thank god that nothing happened. And I think god that I and I mean I never headed a deal life. And those people who have been into horrific accidents those people who have died those people who have killed people those people who have been stopped and gotten do you lies. They just got caught or something happened they were no different from me. Because I have to admit I got behind the wheel the car that's not. I don't depend on luck anymore I depend on personal responsibility and that's not something that I do anymore. But if it's something that. That you've gotten away with -- if if if you're. Whether you're male or female -- year. If your confidence takes over when you've been drinking and you thankful that I've done this before -- I can do this. That's what everybody thought. Before something happened. Whether it was being stopped for do you -- which she is -- a terrible thing have to go through or even worse. An accident. Injury or or or death so again this is -- lectures just a reminder and when we we hear about somebody who was shrinking and carved. Veers off the road I think about Terry -- the net -- who was drinking before. She was an ultimate discovered -- in Provo and many many and decently I forget exactly how long weeks and weeks later a fountain in her car. It by you saying John it was so long long time before they actually found her. Bitch and I don't know exactly what happened they're. -- might have been too long for them determine blood alcohol level in the body so regardless of what happened in these two cases the point is both of these people. Where apparently drinking of the -- -- And that brings up the the question about is a grieving that we can do to to better stuff people. Here's a Texan reason news reports that I had said that the young lady had died in Irish by U. And headset and a text to her boyfriend. That night that people were helping her change -- She could have very easily been traveling. 780 miles an hour down the interstate. And the spare tire blew out there's a reason why the Macs before the spare tires is fifty miles an hour that there's so much that we don't know. And there is an investigation and again our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends and you know -- buy preferred for -- -- -- well when I got the the alerts on my cellphone earlier from from W if you don't if you wanna get news -- from us it's a free service from us. That message and data rates may apply but it's a free service from WWL it's you don't have to have the smartest most expensive cellphone it's available on every cellphone but if you wanna get news alerts from us. I get a message it's great to find out about breaking news sports and weather you can text the word news. Too late 787. Just text news where you can to exports or you Dick's weather if you want weather updates or sports updates or new -- date. A text one of those words news sports or whether. 287870. And you'll be on our list and I were sitting at home working on the show in and got the -- and and suddenly realize well you know this is something I want to talk about tonight. Now my first when I first heard about this. And I heard that she had. Let somebody know that somebody had stopped her and help -- -- a flat tire the first thing I thought about was a foul play. As a result of somebody stopping to -- And helping her. And and it made me realize they were less likely to data stop in and help others on the side of the road I don't know about you but. You know I I I try to be a good human being but I'm I'm really reluctant to stop and help people that I see on the side of the road. I mean if he's stopped to help somebody in the side of the road and you're less likely to do that today they're different stories in the news about people who. Who. Who fake car trouble. Or fake a flat tire. And when you stop and help him. People jump out in the they Robby when they steal your car. So the good samaritan gets attacked. And and there are those people who were in need vulnerable human beings who were on the side of the road. Who need help. And somebody stops. Pertaining to help them but they don't really help. And the person ends up dead. So -- something else that that I I'm I thought about when I first heard about this story so when when things like this happen. I I I I think it's it's good for us to have conversations about what we might do. To change things if you wanna join us with a comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 1872. All 38668890870. At a text numbers 87870. And I looked -- a -- -- -- story about. Somebody that you've done to get somebody's keys away from. What what is the best way to get keys away from some -- what's the best way to stop somebody from drinking and driving -- potentially from -- said I pledge my friend in the face to get his keys away from but fortunately he was so drunk he did remember the next day. And -- I got a text a few moments ago -- -- likened is still far in this. Texas oh I put a hole in the tire of a drunk. It was going flat when he drove off. He stopped when he went flat and that's when he passed out. I'm not recommending did you do anything like that I'm not recommending that you get into any kind of physical. Or even verbal confrontation with somebody or that you do any physical damage to cart to prevent somebody from driving. And that's why this is that's why this is such a difficult and confusing discussion. Because what do you do. And when people are too drunk to drive they're not necessarily indyk at the state of mind where you can easily negotiate with them. Ever try to negotiate with somebody you stroke. From Pascagoula Fred Euro WWL. -- which gave them a -- ago. You know -- wrote in the situation world you don't have to talk about the other problem. That kind of thing and culture stomped on somebody probably should -- -- you know and you know year prior. Cunard you can big org created it. I know I mean I have to -- I don't two. I don't ever remember in my life. Anybody trying to talk me out of of driving. But I can think back on times in my life it when I'm honest I admit I had too much to drink and issued -- have been driving and fortunately and thank god nothing happen. Played -- -- And have been bird fortunate to do. Never move. That you are -- it never any exciting all -- the theory. That that raw you know all. What would you joke about it actually people -- the Tressel. The -- Bill time what I used to. Stop that in the system and by that I mean there. Shall -- the right now when your out of that area where nobody can write down route and go about about by and the best but the news. Call 911. On the mark actually you don't Obama bar actually sold sold such and such a ball mark. It just ball no if you get some sort. So you call 911 on behalf of the person that your your passing on the highway. Well. And that's it that's a good idea that's a really good suggestion. -- it you know. I'm fortunate. Or via the world. So -- strikes in. Over -- period. -- in slow. Global from the pole. And he looked like he was -- And I couldn't oh. From -- convert. Or whether or mobile. Feel word. Portion you know -- fund. Polish -- and where the market although you don't Geithner and buried in the should what should hold them both my daughter. The court you know little older. You know men are imported goods well. If you situation would do well liberal cultural and sometimes. Not a -- what you do you know -- others. You valiant in very. For published should. Wrote that before Wimbledon more importantly bush told one oh object about not via medical markets. Like. Don't -- they're out. There there have been a couple of times when nine have literally. Walked over people on the street. Literally walked over them because they're they're just they're passed out there and I have called time on ones -- I don't know what's going on here but somebody just electorally passed out on the street. I appreciate you calling Fred thanks for listing if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our number is 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is 87870. -- -- tonight is about dubbed bloody draw is more than just a block tree. And it's really about UN being it's about our community it's about our cities about us. It's and it's about how we make all this happened it's not just the police and city workers it's about you wouldn't be in -- has a lot about who we are. So my you'll read that their share with others in -- -- supportive disagrees with me because that's always the case. But it's on our website at WWL dot com you could read it share. Also it's on our FaceBook page and that's part of the conversation on FaceBook WWL radio so you can become part of that conversation. This is the -- show. -- Wednesday nights and we'll be right back into the WL all right I have not found another sign that the Republican Party may be changing I'll tell you about that coming up here in just few minutes also it's going to be talking about this judge that rejected in New Jersey teenagers. Attempt to sue her parents she's eighteen her name is Rachel canning. As she was denied 654. Dollars a week and thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees and reimbursement for senior high school tuition and -- is Catholic high school. Because she sent home. She claims her parents kicked around a couple of days before her eighteenth birthday. Her parents say she left on her -- because she disagree with the rules of the house which included curfew. Chores. And being respectful at home she's staying with her best friends relatives. And she was suing her parents. Is this an example of Kate's thinking that they just have too much power. -- -- the girls were talking about you're gonna join Russia with a comic tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. In a text number estates of -- seven here's a text OnStar entourage has their customers use their emergency button to help people in distress. You know and I mean that's that's that's great but not everybody had us on store on on star -- -- Not everybody has that. That technology. So you know what do you do if you see -- on the side of the road I have to be honest with yeah I'd I tried to be good human being in my life but I him. Reluctant to to wanna stop then and and help anybody in a situation like that because of things that have happened and it's a shame that there are. A few bad people that really ruin it for. The good people here is a text about the teenage girl in New Jersey the teenage girl in New Jersey that suit her parents. Is she really feels like she was abandoned by her parents. One good effective way to get to get their attention is for her to -- education on a stripper pole. That will definitely get her daddy's attention especially saying that he is a retired police chief. In the town and she is now eighteen years old. If you wanna join our share with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number is 87870. WWL has your tickets to go seen Memphis I I've I've seen some commercials on TV for this it looks really really grated. You know New Orleans and Memphis they share a lot incumbent. But both on the Mississippi River on -- blues in Memphis a lot of blues here -- chance in Memphis a lot of jazz here it's a Tony award winning. -- for best musical it's going to be at the -- Tuesday march the eleventh this coming up real soon. A you'll experience the the underground dance close of Memphis in the fifties and the birth of rock and roll. From the early days and you'll see it through the eyes of Dewey Phillips one of the first two white DJ to play black music. -- when your tickets listened to Angela hill. Tomorrow through Friday from one to 4 PM. And when you hear the hit song from Memphis. And -- the right caller caller number eight you gonna win a pair of tickets valued at 233. Dollars. It's an easy way to win six tickets he -- have Broadway hit musical Memphis from the station that loves theater. And -- the sinker. Every W well. From New Orleans Janice you're -- WWL. I saw in Q when eating out and really it today. Wait until you read. What I told that general who was disrespecting. How -- I am you have to not to make him to -- -- -- and AM. Which girl who was disrespecting her family. That definitely shooting. And dropping out about the gun at people and and saying -- that I would. Money to go to college and everything the one you get mad kids is soon to attack. I -- she was dropping the F. -- -- -- I've been playing in the -- ugly -- -- -- you wrote a letter. Back and say stuff. -- -- The kidnapped and then with somebody if I was in Cuba another -- -- kind object. But if she evidently and Sunday injury that I gave him a piece of my mind and I did you'd want. To get. I didn't need to use that language that I don't have that without. As I explained that the kids because if someone gets tired it's not -- It has been conditioned to completely -- after it. I thought that if he had -- and I would take him to -- And this -- without that type of attack that hit when I would -- -- its kind available at this stage to. And they -- that doesn't have to Stanley Cup that the adoption. I would not have cared what happened because I would not take a -- in my home. I can't and I wish he would you can get down my command. Yeah -- -- I -- had children it would -- -- -- have -- I don't know -- yet -- -- and but I would -- They liked it and tapped his it would have been. Yes I would -- -- -- a -- yes man and may have to people. Police and -- and -- I'd be excuse should get a table and you know nothing but the top -- basic kind of technique but people. I'm gonna deal I'm going to be very interest to do it to find out more about this case -- says this judge zone a lot of people applauding the judge's decision a judge rejected in New Jersey girl she's eighteen years old rejected her attempt to -- Paris for financial support. She -- 654 dollars -- week. So I guess I would be tax free right. Are you would have retired so that would be -- you'd be netting. Six if you for a week from your parents in your you're eighteen years old. Indeed -- think again I need to learn more about this but this may be one of these as situations where. Where teenagers and in his state they have too much power what you might that you can't tell me to do that are called the police are silly I'll call lawyer. -- they're so it's a need to call police. But a lot of kids at this mentality that their parents can't can't discipline them. Because they have rights that supersede the parents and you -- to some degree that's true but not when it comes to basic discipline. Now when it comes to a -- mean if this -- a couple of days away from being eighteen. The turn eighteen and you leave. You don't have to be there. But if they're not abusing you. It's really kind of a stretch I think 21 so your parents and demand. Certain things from your parents because you don't wanna follow their rules if you wanna join us tonight with your comment about anything we're talking about. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number disease 77. From Kansas dug your analogous to show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes it did. Red you couldn't really was drawn Google. No it's right Denzel Washington played this this this piloted the movie flight and he was on Coke and he was drinking and and and I -- you've really could I mean it infected dead in the movie they they said that they had gone through. A city that had pilots go through flight simulator. And nobody. Even sober could repeat what he managed to do in terms of -- so many lives in the crash. There are. Obviously anymore. You can't fill them or he can't kill them -- a -- doesn't affect the network. What -- did this -- -- but but you would you could legally be drunk and nobody would tell. That mention that. There are so used to boot system so but I was pulled over that was turned him or Edgar. And they pulled me over and maybe you'll still improvement mystery you know. I stole. Clearly we will. -- -- you had a drink. Well I don't know few pictures are -- to. Would have did it ended at a certain point. So you might have been legally drunk but yet you could you could perform in and pass the test as if you were drinking at all. Yeah and it killed me there and made me do -- over over over him. For about an hour -- -- didn't prepare well all -- Did they did they did they did the police make you take a breathalyzer. It wasn't legal then but he can. And I -- -- okay. What's promoted. That it went over root crop up but it certainly the leader here so to grow. If you accurately understand and -- immediate peers in the he was. What's that I want cheap drugs straight home. -- approached -- -- Oprah no more through legally like document countered core tool here in June oh -- -- -- -- So you word you're legally drawing Doug but you could totally function. It don't regularly causes my reflections. Of the solar group through him and Fred. It's moment we'll. It's hard to leave and of course we don't want anybody to follow Europe. We know him well well Euro users -- On -- not I wasn't. To me. The arbitrary goal but he handled it and I am not -- -- good. There are so. It just because the body chemistry doesn't treat me like other people you know to him. Well I -- may be years some rare case where your. Your legally drunk because if your blood alcohol level but you can also function. Contention on -- -- But I don't produce but I don't want to adequate yeah I don't pick for a -- smoker and you've still got a little. You know let her Olympic -- Yeah well. She says victory. -- people need to generally smaller boat penalties and then -- trap one another piece -- -- remotely. With one another and you know try to give -- slowly -- Wheaties because you're doing your finger joke in here have their own history your Olympic -- Well you'd eat. In -- you have that Friday keep them at home but use you'll also have to set rules it and I think all of that starts so early in life it. They did they wouldn't think about leaving later in their teen years because they have been so. And it's sold well taught to respect authority and consequences for negative behavior. -- a political show and I I hope you're I hope you're careful even though you can function drink and you know you I guess you never know when it's gonna hit to the wrong way don't don't drink and drive -- Well it never whatever laws. -- -- dom -- I've never been been totally carefully I've been -- been pulled over knows. Trips were there is there you know her own district -- people you know. It and they never even knew. -- I would. Doug I'm glad you're okay and I -- absolutely. They even though. You know -- I don't recommend my friend literature and only NB a when everybody discharge following along with their uncle dog. -- gone by. Appreciate you sharing your story with a substantial listing in Kansas. If you management Russia and I'm not really sure how to respondent in the -- functions. OK that's fine but he's. Legally drunk so you're drunk I mean I. It it's better to function I mean did did the whole key is to function. That the the key is not whether you're viewed in Britain are not the keys to function. But -- you been drinking. Just about everybody can't function properly if they've been drinking so I don't know how to respond to that. If you gonna join us for the comments tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866. Stated and I sincerely seventy. And a text number. There's a 77. More of your comments. More pure text are coming up next. It's a Wednesday night -- a bit like a Monday doesn't because yesterday was not what you -- somewhere in the country yesterday wasn't a special Canadian and here in New Orleans. Everything is closed in people or Austin. People or even though was cold and -- people were still partying in the streets. But he is -- Wednesday night's. Expect some rain overnight into tomorrow morning but it's gonna be beautiful by this weekend. And we'll be right back into the W well there is another sign that the Republican Party may be changing we'll tell you about that in just a moment. To be talking about drinking and driving we don't know exactly what happened with -- in nineteen year old -- student had been missing for a couple of days -- body was found -- Her car and -- Irish Irish by you apparently veered off the road we don't know exactly what happened there. But says there are reports that she'd been drinking earlier and since there were reports that. Terry Lynn -- Who ended up invite you see John had issues drinking earlier in the evening. It just brings up this discussion about is there is there more that we can do is immoral we should do. When it comes to -- people around us to war or drinking and and I know this is confusing and complicated conversation. And it's it's not a lecture but it's it's asking. Is is it and it's a way of asking ourselves is there more we can do a from Gulfport richer and WWL. You live on the beach and go or. Before -- -- -- pleas for dryer combo one -- girl gave me -- blunt one time. And I live next to a hospital and -- have kept things. Are one or emergency room. And point three to look out at all. So the doctor gave me some -- restaurant. Many call the police. And consider our computerized home. They're wrong restaurant. Aren't the war crimes that -- the protests and so -- -- -- and you come and hold them. Lose my offer pro law so he never made it was propped on our own inaugural emergency rooms your. So -- lately they've they've they thought you had drunk but you really war. He wore you out point three -- -- so you -- I'll definitely drawn. Work. So regard. And -- his mosque where -- law on the worries. The largest my way. You are in the waiting room and walk through -- of course just live next door talks but he's. -- he got out of it. Yeah producers are -- But I don't definitely drawn whether it was a chest -- I don't grove hospital and rested you know. Clearly not you know drinking and driving anymore you. -- I don't drive I. Whom since FEMA Symbian Abdul I'll have you ever -- a dark car out there was no -- to run here. -- term I'm going to be in safe and I'm glad things worked out for you here's a Texan -- I was stopped. For a light out of my car. After an afternoon that I spent drinking Jack. Meeting Jack Daniels. Produced paperwork. Told my light was out and set on my way. Depending on metabolism you can function when drunk idea it. But I do know when I should not be driving. And I don't. And that that's that's going to be on their art but there are times that I can think of when I had too much -- but I could still function. The point is not to get away with it. The point is if you you know had too much to drink just that. Don't trying to I know that it is it seems so logical but yet at that moment when you make the decision -- cars here. And I wanna get home. And I I'm I'm gonna be okay. If you keep saying that to yourself. I think it's important for us to maybe not say that to ourselves so often and just don't. Don't take -- came -- Don't take that don't take the chance. I think this is another sign that the Republican Party may be changing. New Mexico governor Suzanne and Martinez who is the only I think Latina. Governor in the country a rising star in the Republican Party. She is calling on her political opponents to stop using harsh rhetoric. And -- even asking people in her own party who are critics of President Obama to respect the office of the presidency even if they disagree with the president politically. We've been talking about this for a long time on our show we've also been talking about how the Republican Party needs in an exchange. And we're looking for signs that it's changing in this is another sign that there are people in the Republican Party who are trying to steer the party away from. The image that it is his hand. A during a conference issue was talking to our reporters and said the Republican efforts to recruit more women and minority candidates. Are not gonna work if the party does -- change its image. Her comments about this came after the president of the prominent Latino advocacy group. Called President Obama did to Porter in chief. Denouncing the administration's deportation of nearly two million illegal immigrants. To leave I guess they were illegal to two million immigrants. I'm governor Martinez. Said in her own party needs to watch its tone and rhetoric. When talking to minority voters. And really it's it's it's up to the Republican Party change. But yet the Republican Party. Gets so much attention. From. Making people afraid. Of minorities. There are candidates. Who get attention. Out of this fear. Of blacks. Fear of Hispanics. Fear of of of everybody who isn't. Like you. And this is something that is has been. Institutionalized. In the Republican party for a long time and it really need it it hasn't always been as prominent as it is again now I mean it was prominent. Years ago which prominent witness Barry Goldwater was prominent win if Richard Nixon. It was. Prominent -- again. In more recent two campaigns with -- but that the party needs to to change his image and that's coming from a lot of people in the party as well but I think this was a really good sign for. The governor of New Mexico. Susanna Martinez to say hey you know our party needs to change if you wanna attract minority and women candidates and if you wanna attract minority. And female votes I you'll enjoy pressure right on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. Texas State 7870. Maybe you still ashes on your forehead. I do. Not supposed to wipe them off Brian I mean I never do I I never remember having this much ash on life by four I got a big guys that got a big black mark. On my forehead. I yesterday people were carting industry Simonyi brought today many of those same people were in church getting ashes on their forehead it is Ash Wednesday. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back -- to be WL have you ever stopped anybody from driving drunk that's a bit RW WL party -- opinion -- as the final date tonight. It's 43% say no they've ever done that and the good news is 70% say. They have. We've had this discussion on our our FaceBook page you're about done bodyguard not being all about debauchery it's said the blogger wrote tonight which is at WW real dot com also on our. FaceBook page at WWL radio and it really was about how we use is as a community we as a city time as people. Now maybe you're not from New Orleans but you're from the metropolitan area or -- from the Louisiana ID you come to -- -- you work. You were part of of of this in incredible event. That that happens every year. And we give the police a lot of credit we give the city a lot of credit for for pulling it off it for working long hard hours. But I think we also need to look in the mirror and give ourselves credit because it would not be a success no matter how good the police are. No matter how good the city's. He wouldn't be a success without us. In -- it would be so chaotic if people didn't cooperate if if if the great majority of people we're not good people just there to have fun and share the event. Body grow would cease to exist. It could even happen. It would be total chaos. It's just it's it's still amazing to me it even though the crowds were lighter yesterday because of the cold rainy weather. It was still very crowded on urban street -- by 7 o'clock last night and and on into the night. And people still had to be told to go home at midnight it was still cold but the rain had gathered for the most part come to an -- so so there were people out. And and every year it's it's the great majority of the people who are they are just to have a good time it's the people on the parade dropped. Who were they -- to just have a good time and it's it's coming together of community I love talking about this because. So often we focus on the things that separate us. And on this this show week. Focus on so many stories in the news that remind us of of how we're supposed to be separate and and we focus on the things that are are different about each other. But Mardi Gras brings us together. The saints do the pelicans suited their other things that bring us together Jazz Fest but -- we just went through Mardi Gras really is. It's really an important time to to look at the really positive things about Mardi -- and that we come together and we play. And we we share this moment and it doesn't matter who we are I mentioned day yesterday it and that the blogger wrote the other day about the topic things. Are you should do about Mardi -- one of the things that still stands out most in my mind I didn't know until I -- I started do -- investigate this in and find the origin of of wearing masks. But the -- of wearing masks. Goes back hundreds of years. And it was two to hide which class -- were from. So there was no class distinction. And everybody was free to party together. And even though we don't all Wear masks today. We come together and we party together and it doesn't matter what your position is in life. We come to enjoy the parade. Sometimes people were in the parade some time for the on the parade -- The we we enjoy it and I think that's the coming together and Monique -- And just enjoying it and and and being civil at the this ability of -- draw far outweighs the few things that happen and when you compare the size of the crowd with a few incidents that happened. You'd have to say the it is miraculously safe. On Mardi Gras. Here's a comment from -- on our FaceBook page unexpectedly shared a moment Sunday. Offer baucus. With a couple in their fifties. They were married only three years. And this was their first morning draw the husband was 98% death. And had an incredible time I gained a great amount of inspiration. From his energy. Even if you couldn't hear. You concede. So much that you actually. See what some people are are hearing. And here's another comment on FaceBook meeting cool new people here's a comment on our FaceBook page. And had a blast Solis who -- Orleans scored eighteen coconuts. All -- trash. 1818. Coconuts. That's got a recent better record. Then had lunch at Willie Mays Scotch house. And that is a comment from muffin. On RO WL FaceBook page to the the -- that I wrote about -- -- more than just debauchery. I -- once again enjoyed our show have a great rest of the evening actually the evening is almost technically over about to head into. But they head into the morning have a great evening what do think John -- our studio producer and we're back. Tomorrow night with more the -- shells on every WL bloody New Orleans.