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Mar 6, 2014|

Dave talks about if alligator is seafood and what else is? And a guacamole shortage?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this the sixth of march 2014. That a date before Frye and. Is alligators seafood. According to the Catholic Church yes. According to Chris dollars I just asked you before you -- heard that information if they -- alligators seafood you think your initial. -- -- -- I am not sure I could have given a definitive initial response and media outlet is seafood. Is -- anything that lives in the water. Because alligators live in the water but they don't -- the water -- -- there after come out of the water to -- I know we've already gone through this about turtles turtles are -- season. Arnold breathe oxygen right they react they've got to come up debris are -- Alexi yes. Okay. -- -- -- -- Pretty much of it's not a bird or mammal it sounds like Europe came out wandering whale we're about to Wales it would only way we don't need a whole lot of -- around here by that there can be some Catholic eskimos. We don't know. The Japanese like to go whale hunting. As a -- secretly used in this the there's no doubt about that -- -- -- Japanese. The eskimos were converted to Roman catholicism by the Alaskan missionaries -- Don tells me those snakes and that's the food even though some snakes live in water. Water moccasins for example in the water I don't know if anybody's moccasins and rattlesnakes populace or rattle snake is off. The table apparently during. And is an alligator -- and it's good. Am I love -- alligator details sausage. Man uses that on -- bush Louisiana at that the killer alligators. Which you probably can't have that during Friday's -- -- it was a -- got a lot of pork mixed I would imagine. Then now -- -- -- -- here -- isn't it interesting discussion. But no one and a white snakes are now. And when -- about whales. What makes them -- -- -- -- Police sealed. As an analyst spends a lot of time and water but little flop itself up on the rocks to. And everything out there and just hang out McGinley from sharks Fisher obviously -- -- Dressed in a fish per probably involves. What about us Garko. Martha's land snails they usually you can -- -- this cargo okay. -- an important question. Which we don't have all of the text meaningless -- Google what makes seafood seafood. As -- DiSpirito or just the strict definition. I don't know I don't know who would define what is seafood guy. You know legitimate definition. Agassi -- council. -- promotion board. Is this even promotion board promoters Daria. Helping -- I I couldn't tell you can criticize you can tell me more about fifteen minutes -- -- here that we WL IMS. And that counts I'm Dave Cohen thank you for joining us on the early edition on this Friday eve. Coming up I do wanna talk very serious note. About another. Young woman. Being found dead in her car body of water. This is a disturbing and alarming trend that we've seen over the last several months woods. Young women going missing and letter being found on the bottom of a body of water there are -- Police say. That it appears this nineteen year old you announced it was intoxicated when she left you went out ahead this line now. -- people take the warnings got to drink and drive seriously. The other very high profile case of the teacher who is at a bar in my view and is up on the bottom of -- Saint John. Drinking and driving is something that. It's they don't do it. People don't know time will talk about a -- weather and traffic -- guys. I think I'm Dave Kelly thank you so much for joining us through the early edition of WW well first is a great text messages. -- candidate 78 Saturday is we try to discuss what is seafood after the Catholic Church says that. Alligator is seafood and they're -- therefore okay to eat during meatless Fridays during -- Funny that the -- seafood. First of all indicate that something that humans will eat -- it's not just sea creatures its seafood. That means we eat because it is our food. And some -- and our texting me at 878 -- as what about beaver. Beavers do choose to live in water nutria lived in water does that make them seafood some argues no those are mammals but so was a whale. But a -- can't live outside of the water for whales -- it will die. Because it's cold blooded needs the water regulated body temperatures of his -- then the definition -- that needs to live in water to regulated body temperature or to breathe the water. When his seafood ever give that thought we'll talk more about and share some more text messages that few. It's night dropping into the forties as guys start to clear that means we're back to the sunshine tomorrow. Still a bit cool on Friday with -- at 63 that milder -- arrive on Saturday a high of seventy. And partly cloudy skies. For the eyewitness -- forecasts that I'm routes as Clark a. -- cloudy 53 at the airport in Canada -- -- northwest wind at seven miles an hour it's cloudy and 52 with the National Weather Service office in Slidell. Sports time now on WWL that was a happy Friday eve to Steve Geller. Feels good to get through this they are ready I mean with Mardi Gras in August. All condensed really quickly -- for some people a day to day work week. For other people like me and we've worked through last weekend someone like at twelve day work -- right now. Either way sport makes me happy so. Please share my friend told good morning everyone the LSU baseball team earned its tenth win of the season with an 821 victory over sacred heart here's 21. This was hammered for the gap in right center field nobody gonna get that 12 runs will score at least. Robertson on his way to third today going in the second base -- a two run double. The tigers' offense tallied nine hits on the night while five pitchers combined for eight innings of scoreless ball. LSU back on the diamond at 3 o'clock today to take on Northwestern State in -- -- Free agency in the NFL opens in just five more days. And saints fans will be anxious to see if any other teams will be willing to part with 21 round draft picks in an attempt to -- tight end Jimmy Graham. Former saints linebacker Scott Shanle doesn't expect GM Mickey Loomis his -- to be blowing up with offers. I don't think it appears that -- going to give up that much. Sort of position other than quarterback position. And other NFL news former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Brandon Browner was reinstated by the NFL following his suspension in December. From violating the league's policy on substance abuse. He will miss the first four games of the regular season. Record setting returner Devin Hester says. He will not be back with the bears next season he told the NFL network that Chicago wants to go a different route and that the two sides are parting ways. The NCAA football rules committee has tabled a proposal that would have penalized offences -- snapping the ball before ten seconds and run off the 42 play clock. The committee agreed to put up advancing the rule change to get more information from the medical community and allow time for a broader discussion. Advocates for the chains like Alabama coach Nick Saban say it will cut down on injuries. And Wake Forest upset number four duke 8272. In college basketball action. Doubles coach much -- -- -- experience and of dizziness and light headed in this to force him to kneel in the late timeout. And skip this post post game news conference. Although an assistant says he expects coach K to make a complete recovery. Four on sports talk there could be more salary cap casualties for the saints as free agency approaches where would you trend that. -- at 530 it's LSU basketball vs Vanderbilt I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. Like three minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first news dad just wonderful baseball weather lately since its -- So LSU gets a big win over sacred heart a team that actually took two out of three from two lines -- not a bad baseball team. No definitely a solid ballclub and they had. You know a lot of lot of players returning to that team so very experienced. The team today they're going to be going against Northwestern State all the -- year under and a new head coach so they're more in the rebuilding process. I expect the other tigers to handle them as well -- rough stretching. David -- was staring down a cigar guy on the board first you have second batter of the game -- a home run -- These videos of isn't when they came back thickening. Took the lead yet in the bill relief pitchers combined in length and the rest of the way. Should be a win tonight and we'll see how things go. Yet interest being matchup coming up on the weekend and you know LSU up at Alicia will be playing. A lot we'll tell you in 25 minutes when he gets in here with -- more sports on WWL. IAM have been intact I'm Dave guy. OK so whales are not called -- whales are warm blooded they are mammals. But they season. Apparently the reason that whale size of its -- because normally it's body weight is. Supported by the water in large part and if he gets out of -- It skeleton can't support its weight in the pressure ma'am and a lot of new things just because the archbishop says that alligators seafood. Revenue very interesting discussion will continue it with text messages that you -- -- 7870. -- warmer and sunnier forecast for the weekend after this. Five point seven summit tax credits avenue eighth avenue east as they think anything that cannot survive out of water should be decline as the -- Him and also as they think it has do with warm blooded -- called loan officer that -- coming up after your forecast. Clouds around today and them off and on showers beginning this morning and continuing through the evening it's just a 40% chance that there will be some significant breaks in between the rain. Look for heist later in the upper fifties before -- start to clear tonight. Dropping into the lower forties those clear skies means that sun finally returns on Friday with highs right around 63. And partly cloudy and milder on Saturday highs actually up to seventy. From the eyewitness c.'s forecast center and rolled -- -- tell. Don't be fall on wall into a false sense of security rain is still in the forecast WW on the -- time 529. Gave -- on. Some attacks and what makes crawfish secret. -- -- -- -- But it -- -- water or at least in mud. Pass -- and also as it should be creatures that lay eggs receive all part currency could they play gags feel confusing this is getting. Just because archbishop said that alligators are seafood they live in water but they -- there but they are. Cold blooded beneath the water regulate the temperatures that make them seafood -- does that put that on FaceBook that it's like the warm a lot of Christ. That makes something off limits during Friday's meatless Fridays in life. While 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW -- prisoners on the sixth of march 2014. Welcome to the day before Friday. And happy Friday eve to you and yours yes man this discussion about what is seafood has has blown up -- Text messaging rates 7870. Of course had -- -- people is dolphins seafood. What about seals and walrus snakes. Snakes are not the record -- defense sea snake apparently been in a biologist to come on but I don't think seafood is an actual biological definition see food. It's just on the and we used it does not define. A variety of things we eat. But it would we don't eat and food. But we do we -- So it's the Outback Steakhouse it's not the outback land food restaurant to have but they have -- It's on the Barbie lobster has. Hamburgers don't. And request in. I've always told people. Never order hamburger at a -- points in now and don't -- deep -- mistake I've been to very few places that identified themselves as seafood restaurants that are had a one little quarter of the menus as our land -- section -- -- that -- though as the surf. And -- Well that release -- ball serve but they always have that one section for the people who get dragged the seafood restaurant -- seafood so they did you know there. You know chicken sandwich or. And what you -- it a little like -- -- just think anything defined as seafood is back. You know I know a few people like that may edit or the burger when there are few people like that -- tastes fishy well of course it does its cash. Yeah -- the fish's taste less fish. Although there are some fish that days this year than I understand what people mean when new series of the case this year it is thought that Senator Clinton yeah. It is funny and now and then you know larger -- if you get the Jumbo shrimp. Which many people think it's an oxy moron cute little the Jumbo shrimp those -- This year than that the heat sure. -- never noticed and maybe I'm wrong maybe it's on my mind I don't. And it it fascinating discussion alligators -- catering -- By. Snake apparently is not on Friday. And a lot of people are now saying that it has to do with warm blooded vs cold bullet. And they creatures who have the warm blood like Christ are off limits in particular cold -- and okay people are questioning why maker cold blooded or played just like any other reptiles. As -- concede that is because they don't generally live and water. I don't. And and that's about what happens if you eat meat on Friday during like you'd have to consult your priest about that I'm not the person asked that question but thanks for the tax. And 877 in someone else says the summit next into the post on FaceBook astute one bullet musical excellence and announced that. If it says on FaceBook it must be true. The I -- a source better than face a well someone posted on FaceBook everyday at FaceBook mr. right. Right it's a -- of people on -- on FaceBook was it on the pope's FaceBook page as the Pope Savvis is twittered as if they. I'm would be surprises or some kind of official FaceBook for the Vatican avenues actually sought out but it probably do. Well look into that thank you Chris looked like in the tournament -- first news here on WWL I am a -- that counts. Hello and god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast -- as -- -- him. Just being you know we have that and midweek migrant outlook they minority in a long day for us at -- Let you know kind of breaks that little bit except that monotony maybe yet that our jobs are monotonous but. I don't know exactly which I don't think you might -- my mouth I'll just stop talking. I think the last time I had a day off was the 33 Saturdays ago. Oh is that there are parades and subject to market anyways maybe I'm actually like on eighteen day work week right now. Any habit when you're covered parades it kind of feels like a fun day in its work but it's like a plan worked out that I define. I'm not marked as today that I can have a few Beers gas and it's okay. And I think they -- -- had a great -- drink a jacket had you know put my cellphone to decide you know I don't have to have like right by -- -- I check in the weather. And it's kind of hi I like it's funny -- public a week off sometimes a bit acres torrents of a site. So what's the weather going to be this weekend I'm like I have no ID act and I absolutely love it if I haven't looked at any big weather related in a week and it feels -- That's why I don't take it knickers up. Have to turn my. At least an airplane crews got so I'm not and that eighteen dollars an hour when I liked it. I'm -- and the ridiculous fees to use myself on bunkers that violence and as we get away from line. And myself on goes to roaming whenever -- -- -- and put -- -- and not -- and but today it is important to know what I'm with the weather because we still have rain weeks. You have some showers around mostly north of the lakes and spotty showers in Washington -- -- -- and pro for county areas that you are north -- don't be surprised for a little bit of light rain and -- had often on today about a 40% chance for -- showers otherwise if you don't see the rain it's just going to be overcast. And kind of cool where and that low 50s this morning ethnic will be in the upper fifties this afternoon. It's all the rain right now according you're pinpoint doppler is way up north them and it is an off the coach yelled was like dateline can't that we are in Britain -- -- little rain last night mostly along the coast but even -- the French Quarter with about 572 brains -- we kept them what street that that's why but it's not actively -- right now. Although later today there will be some spotty showers -- -- when do we get all the -- united. Are warming when it was -- son again tomorrow finally -- start to clear tomorrow morning and will be back to some sunshine by mid day tomorrow. With highs in the sixties tomorrow -- the -- that all feel that that actually pretty pleasant. But if you can for seventies were back up its -- seventies Saturday and Sunday with -- yep we're out -- partly cloudy Saturday and Sunday just a few clouds kind of mixing and maybe not as funny as Friday but still mild and and I I but again yeah again. -- like that and you know of course we are Mardi -- and it's all the party must stop but then we operate every weekend next weekend -- for Patrick yeah -- and and party in early that the party ever happened most. Even -- to have the equipment like guacamole. Globally well you heard that there was exit poll late Michael -- -- it put in a filing with federal regulators that. There may be he shortage. Of avocados. The route and they even -- due to climate change. Could have to take. Guacamole often and you because it could become too expensive and started panic outdated and less about 24 hours came back is that downed power lines it was just a cautionary statement that there could be a problem for now everything looks fine. Here's my thing that I do like guacamole at like let you know freshly made I actually make a killer -- couple -- I will say on on might read -- are you know to -- -- what you read ovals than like rapper readers and I kind of think. I'm OK if I have to leave the guacamole behind the documents a sour cream. -- -- now I I can't I don't want the sour -- at all not at all it's a no I mean maybe a little bit on a potato really and in a seven layer -- I'm cool with both sour cream and guacamole and mixes and -- it's it complementary flavor but -- I can't just like take a spoonful of guacamole needed pulling no thank -- oh I don't understand that's a nation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My natural -- decision after he used to eat avocados Ron -- at the top -- -- and -- yeah. -- don't. Eat eat eat and here's the best and kind of half. They take it will hit out you know little makes a little kind of role. And you've drizzle some salad dressing and global from the Italian dressing it's sprinkled a -- insult on top I'm like I just -- it. Think -- it's our agreement at a club yesterday again. I've inspired thank you -- the crowd of about now have a good morning to you live and direct Eyewitness News. Sports with the gallery. 5 point 9 good morning I'm Dave Cohen thank you for joining us on the early edition of WWL Thursday's event a lot of fun today talking about whether or not alligator truly is seafood after the archbishop says it's -- he's -- meatless Fridays for Catholics and getting in -- -- -- of what is seafood and what is not. We talked about the guacamole sorted it doesn't really exist but price of did you want to -- the drought in California. Out of racers. The death of Heatley Howard the nineteen world view when those student whose body was pulled from car by -- Late yesterday. And police said in the new Israelis. Last time she was seen early Saturday morning she was driving and she was quote intoxicated. Police believe she was drunk she drove off of the night tan. And into the water. Where car submerged and she died in Irish -- This is something that we've been hearing in the news over the past year all too often wants is too much it. Think back of the other cases in just want off the top of my head 28 year old crystal Friedman. Who a mother who was discovered dead in her car and -- marina on the North Shore. 26 year old Terrell -- that of course who was found dead -- by Yves Saint John all three of these women had reportedly gone -- -- Prior to their bodies being found in cars in the bottom of bodies of water. Of course there while reported missing there was an intensive search for them community rallied to try and find them fears they had been abducted or something. Do we take the don't drink and drive warnings seriously. As they I don't wanna condemn these women. I wanted. Point fingers -- these women who have who have died at this point that the discussion can be had but right now as a society as a group of people. -- think people seriously take the warnings not to drink and drive seriously. And how many dead people have to be found on the bottom. Of the lake or by you. Who thought they could drive drunk. How many of economic times -- have to happen before we take it's seriously could anything make some people take it seriously we all know that person. Who insist they can drive drunk and there's nothing no reason they shouldn't they're good at they've been doing it essentially the whole adult lives you know that person. As a society do we take it seriously or is it just in now. We just cannot pay down the whole idea of don't drink and drive apple people for DWY every day. Obviously the messages not really getting through sports time now I'm happy just -- -- has -- deal with all that's Steve Geller but let's shift the focus now let's talk about sports here -- every WL on this Friday. Local morning everyone following their stunning look at the -- on Sunday the LSU baseball team responded with an 821 victory over secret. -- -- -- -- Ground ball past the diving third baseman and -- -- field for a base hit. There comes the broad of the played it will be cut off Davidson that it takes second base of the ball bound away from the cut off man. The tigers earned their tenth win of the season while using five pitchers to stifle the pioneers LSU plays game two of their five games in five -- today at 3 o'clock. When they battle Northwestern State in activation. Some -- jets are worried that another team is going to come after tight end Jimmy Graham since the saints placed the non exclusive franchise tag on him. Former black and gold linebacker Scott Shanle says that while -- talent is undeniable. That price tag for a ballclub to steal him away from New Orleans it's just too steep. Do bigger and the dynamic he can contain enough that the chain -- defense. -- the definitive but still you're welcome to -- something at such a lot in terms of building a princess. Record setting returner Devin Hester says he will not be back with the Chicago Bears next season as the team has informed him it wants to go in a different direction. He added that the bears are quote parting ways with him that team has declined comment. Mike your chest he may have poured too much emotion into number four duke 8272. Loss to Wake Forest. Coach K experienced and of this this and might have in this that forced him to -- during a late timeout and skipped his post game. News conference a duke assistant says he expects the hall of fame coach to make a full recovery. And despite back problems that caused him to withdraw last week Tiger Woods is gonna try and give the -- today defending his title at the Cadillac championships. The site has changed from the blue monster course at Doral where woods won four times to trump national Doral which is an entirely different lay out. Today -- four on sports talk. -- could be more salary cap casualties for the saints as free agency approaches where would you trim the fat. -- at 530 it's LSU basketball vs Vanderbilt I'm Steve Geller with -- early morning. Sports do you expect. Any starters when the list of cuts eventually does come out for the since those players that they will part ways with Devin Hester we heard for the bears that can play there anymore. Do you expects honors from the science I expect some notable names late. Mush all I think one of the two of either Lance -- For Pierre Thomas will end up you know they can both stamp roster. I just think there's big meets the saints are still need to create so much more room. To not only go after free agents necessary to fill this roster that the gonna need certain positions but also their upcoming draft -- I -- also think Roger -- Cleveland up on the cutting room floor but. Don't think he'll be a big surprise he's not. He's not a mainstay of fans plants or hear them but when you which you can if you had. Us. I'll go where it's more just because I'm such a huge Pierre Thomas fair and production way to. -- ECB emergence of Kenny stills of the number three receiver. Thank you Steve talking fifteen minutes my sport WW. Enough rain to day fifties. -- better tomorrow sixties. Sunshine returning and seventies for the weekend Tommy dockers and for the next far as the bond markets -- David how are you name -- Thomas are you now is treating you caught me. I -- talk about today NFL think about -- the extra point back. Now to make it a 43 yards and a person want to get rated it then no more extra point right now the dispassionate they're putting that -- thrown back in the extra point. So instead of extra points Meehan chip shots -- Trenton 43 yards OK so can be -- a 43 yard field goal. Which could be worth one point or because on the one and a half yard line three and as you wanna go for too yeah I think it's on the three that way that's where the line as they -- that I think it might be wrong now. Will talk to it's crazy guns suspension in school hasn't even done it a little level to look -- firearm. As a kid pointed his finger and another one and said things that we heard about the next guest senator than the actual lookalike firearm. A violation and and we -- is talking about as is administrators go on wilder may be years is some kind of agenda to get. Kids from an early age to think anything about guns is evil. With the kids threatening the other kid's life with the have a history of scientists say it and just bank and a retired about LA voting to --

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