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WWL>Topics>>3-6 6:15am Tommy, NFL extra point proposal?

3-6 6:15am Tommy, NFL extra point proposal?

Mar 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, an NFL insider & senior writer for the Sports XChange

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Has he talked a friend of ours Clark judge in NFL insider senior writer for the sports exchange about this. I. NFL about extra points morning Clark. There are Mardi Gras with well we did and it was cold and miserable and a lot of people Clark goes skiing at Mardi Gras and it was actually warmer in Denver than it was he. What the former New York now that it out that it wasn't that's one it was in the teens I'll tell me what's going on with the NFL and the extra point and how serious aren't. Yeah I think that fairly certain that you mentioned exploded in the fact that Roger Goodell floated it. Couple months ago but he -- the idea of doing away with extra points sounds to me like they are accurate about it I think he when he floated the idea of doing away with it. It was that if he -- he waves sort of getting people used to well maybe this is going to change they're never gonna do that support that market announcing -- I I I think you're dead on because I think which you do is. You start with Indian corporate atmosphere you're taught you start with you spread the room early you know it could be cutbacks could be downsizing. And when pay cuts come around it's well that's not so bad I still have a job which is what the plan was to begin. -- -- and and I think you know the last season early and let the Bill Belichick actually mentioned something like that that. At deport you don't like the move -- back moved back 1015 -- twenty yards one now that. Have been talking about seriously and I brought that the couple kickers here at the Super Bowl and their point without -- well taken it did listen this is only part. A big gain we get penalized for excellence. Eight -- that you -- touchdown passes they want to do something about the passing game they want to curtail it now they want it. Bandit but with kickers we talk about emotionally with a kick up they do win their support. I began indignantly -- -- these guys for being very good to get. But in terms of Peyton Manning is all about people -- to see long touchdown pass out of the rules have been altered for that and I guess. They've done some kind of focus group research to show that people are not enamored with the extra point. What I think he needed to focus -- tell -- -- the you know attack it if you're watching a football game when ego get hot dog probably when they're kicking him. -- the point is that an automatic. -- you look at the numbers it is fairly automatic and it -- but the suspense until it move it back to back 1015 how to talk about the 25 that the forty cared you know well that's an automatic. You think they picked the Tony side because. Maybe they've run the numbers and cnet's were kickers begin to get a little inaccurate. Yeah I I think it's probably true I mean I know the guys in the competition committee and have been around him for years and. They do a lot of research on this and certainly that's something would get picked randomly yeah that's probably something to that. And when you look at. -- has been and how good proficiency are we -- start with where are they in the forty to the 49. I think that's fifty to the sixties so I think he you're right now without any particular forty before that that's exactly actually nominal economic gimme. And that's an attractive. In terms of Islam. People mean entertained by it and you know you time -- gonna get a hot dog if you ever gone to a game and be into signal watched TV footage. To see right after the touchdown what kind of movement there is in the stadium to see who gets up -- going to do whatever they may have to do and just wondered about the the entertainment value and as I would be entertained by it but. Nice to be half fast kicker in high schools on on the anomaly not the that the general rule and -- other thing and thing and -- what they do with the two point conversion. Not an -- where would they please balls in there. They do get it to teach you to the occupant of the what you say. -- -- we're gonna get the support of people who backed the 25 know where she gonna go over to all okay it would -- the two yard mark. Now that you can kick it from the do know you can run for two point conversion. But it's gonna happen immediately I don't know the answer that there is divided opinion on that certainly kickers that are against is that special teams coach is but. And -- is special teams such as you mentioned selected carrot and stick approach. It said listen don't get rid of it if you gonna do anything I can -- in the back all OK now they've opened the door. I'd let me an idea let's bring back the dropped it. Yeah out of McMoran what Doug Flutie did it with the that -- at one point and -- and in this Pakistan -- soccer some -- listen to me you don't think I go back. But detectors can do it because I'd already seen him at the -- pregame warmup screwing around with. Yet Tom Brady was pulled around with a that the patriots this year ones haven't practiced but you actually can do but that. If you really wanna do wanna make it that you want to put an interest in the game. Make it drop kick something that you can do it again and I I agree with you but I think this is the talk is serious -- happens this year Tommy I I don't know but I think it's gonna happen eventually. I free agency in five days it opens -- -- get to take on Jimmy Graham. The forgot the tank pleased with the I think that protect it or not exclusive franchise to let another team and have to give up two draft pick the first round graphics are using missiles story and Anglican and a judge crystal ball. Yeah active distort it and with Jimmy Graham being with the thing for a long period of time -- he's the type of player they haven't come to a contract resolution immediately that it is what you do it means. You look at the Drew -- situation basically somewhat the same thing was he got a loose debris they did that in the long term deal that he didn't protect tender. And keep talking and hope you can work at a long term deal. Before the summer before July if you can't replace the one you attended the do the same thing all over again but -- -- network -- guy and you know it's funny only what you think. What are we -- -- that they can't somebody do that actually it's very rare that anybody that. You know when it comes to. The here's a news conference and mountains where you can be more objective about this then. The people here it seems as though. And politics our second favorite sport here after football -- got to realize Clark so in the first year I think Jimmy Graham could run for governor after his first season. Second season I think if he ran for mayor he'd probably get into a runoff. So being objective. Did Jimmy Graham have what is fourth year nationally coming years Jimmy I don't know what for yet. Is is he being exposed that he just haven't offseason looking at from the outside what do you think. No I did Jimmy Graham that is eight -- beat players immediately got a lot of people love to have. I would they paid 2% kept informed bill that -- -- what they think about that excellent look at these guys that. People that. You can develop and Jimmy Graham is developed but he's a terrific player and he's perfect and that offense -- -- back on the -- another topic I don't know that. But I know with a stated that the nightly at that said on the I -- don't expect you get a team that went anywhere but norm that I do feel. I don't belong to deal done sometime in the foreseeable. Clark appreciate your time is always somebody wants -- Polyone Twitter. Mac market would be guided thank you are at a -- --

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