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3-6 8:15am Tommy, e-cigarettes

Mar 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL legal analyst Tim Meche about the laws concerning e-cigarettes in Louisiana

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about. WL legal analyst joins us and a prominent attorney talk about this in Louisiana and other areas morning Tim. How you deal -- Tell me about the law in Louisiana and what it says about -- being as they collender doesn't even address. Like understated and play and -- him -- that we you know really doesn't address. We use of tobacco products. What the state and that you cannot -- is they're -- that's left of the crop and that the that the government who occupied that. What state and that you can use -- regulate when and where -- -- smoke. For instance in places like New York in cigarettes in restaurants and forms. There's a move -- dual board. Where -- where they're trying to -- So that's -- should be exposed to tackle smoke through cigarettes should be adequate like casinos. That artery and all who will and we you know. With. -- And that fierce debate on mark felt that it's as to whether or not. Much discussion earlier that day. But it would. In some public you know advocates say that a lot safer than regular cigarettes and we should be promoting it used to sit in fact. They and Allah guide -- things like. Nicotine. And as nick asking. Mound -- -- that for me to get people to quit smoking. Actually the tobacco companies in there. Massive lobbying machine is going to. Legislatures around the country. And probably the day will actually stepping in and -- or some type of -- technical world. On the cigarettes and they haven't -- yet. I would imagine the tobacco industry. Is gonna want. This may be obvious but they're gonna want the same restrictions on easy cigarettes -- that the field is somewhat level regardless of the health of whoever use these products. Well. You would think so well leave it up to the tobacco companies there and now he's moved to. You know as a like marijuana. Industry. And then they're they're giving. So they're not -- lose their -- this year so. The people who will be squeezed out smaller companies that are natural and so. I. Am. People predicted the two so instead he used that massive muscle and money and potentially take over the industry. Has there been any different -- researching you've seen. I'm analyzing what comes out of the vapors mouth I guess at the other end of this season. Note and that. Being studied -- and they -- -- and that their fierce debate among. Public. A couple of weeks ago -- major New York Times article in the -- section about that. If anybody wants to Google -- it's dated February 22 2014. Pot debate. Cigarettes as a path to the back or from. They're still doing the search they believe in the next two days. Three years that may have been in -- steady. The bottom line of people -- even -- Because what. Is -- -- -- -- -- conclude that something like 200. Or so. Cubicles are content -- cigarette. Only gluten gluten. And in fact it was in. And archived and you know Chinese sovereignty to halt its its proper to. And one in the -- which they -- That war. Future generations -- more than half the population in China. So that has that been decided yet but we will start to -- -- and parents. When it comes to liability in big tobacco is. -- found liable big suit that I think we Louisiana was part of I'm only concerned with liability at this point a lawyer is they're -- they're so many dollars they'll deal with that later. You know record the -- but deliberately and the big tobacco is obviously you know. You know what happened was -- make money and -- And I would partner lawyer after that announcement. But they're still there and still be and so and all that was accomplished weren't states got -- -- lawyers -- The tobacco industry essentially -- repressed keep on operating as they were essentially operating war. And I think that you cigarette companies believe that they would you achieve the same result. Tim we often -- Joseph Pesci here and casino when he says dollars it's always about the dollars and it does seem to always come down of that done -- Yeah. In there's a lot of money to do it and you know -- We have not in. Cigarettes go away even with the people with all the studies that it is the with the lawsuit. Your -- but a quick on the same for all -- -- A lot of people come. -- and -- appreciate you time to him into.

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