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3-6 8:45am Tommy, e-cigarettes

Mar 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Stanton Glantz, Professor of Medicine & Director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California at San Francisco, about the safety of e-cigarettes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- controversial things that. Has happened I guess in the last year here in New Orleans areas the Planned Parenthood clinic that's being built on south Claiborne. Now there was a lot of controversy about this regionally now it seems -- -- -- That's just my perception will find out. Tom represented -- martini joins us right now state senator sellers and gaining martini from Metairie joins us. To talk about I guess something that he had requested. From the well tell me Saturday morning Radio One are good thank you for coming on now I guess originally before we get to the audit from the legislative auditor you had some concerns about Planned Parenthood in what Wednesday. Our concern was that there'd been a lot of controversy over the last several years. -- apparently -- from Louisiana has joined forces with the with the -- there. Affiliate abused him even think it Planned Parenthood. Gulf south and there was some there was investigation going on. It over taxes and that I understand resulted in some sort it. Multi million dollar in several million now. Settlement that would that would compete and alleged anyway after the manner in which they were dealing they would submitting bills. I -- to the -- -- hospital in Texas whatever they call it. And anyway it would it would ended up happening is a day. A great debt that aspect so we're going on we've confirmed. That Planned Parenthood had recently purchased in the effort -- you. Several actually an awful. Also. Claiborne avenue. Where. At least it is suspected that they intend to build a very large. Abortion clinic among other things. And we wanted to make sure it's it's very clear in Louisiana law. That that. -- public funds can be used in any way to the system provide. Facilities for abortion. Except limited manner medically necessary that the that the -- And not so we wanted to make myself. And represented flight call that we filed by -- Resolutions. Requesting that the office of the inspector general the legislative. Department of health and hospitals. And that did it division of administration. Can do this and make sure did that and know that we want to make sure that none -- that that I walls and -- complied with in the construction of this facility. And and that no not -- public and were being used to promote abortions that we. A bomb abortion quotas that's something that came up when retirement taxes sort of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast we've had the people on before. From Planned Parenthood we invited on this time and I don't think we got a response. It would just Louisiana law say about that even if it's not a public money that's being used are their. There -- abortion clinics and in the end there you can you can you know it's not illegal you know over and waited. Because it's not. Right but I mean -- practices within about -- quotas about notice anything else. That's different from during the term abortion quote. I'm beyond that approaches -- very simplistic manner basically saying. Well suited to cancel the debt that we good to -- and public funds. Or on these facilities and on this type of abortion counseling. We want to make in the boat about in the legislature who. Oprah large. I wanna make sure it's different and very extensive. Our policy debate but extra change with senator Karen Peterson where she. At the podium in the senate where she went down while on on the services that they that they actually content that it Planned Parenthood. -- to people have to look at those legal forum appeared to stop them from sound like people in. And dueling. You know certain tests that they can do. It did legal problem my concern war and that's what we have similar can do if the if they. We we want to make sure that no public and well being are being used to love to promote and that's that would regret that would resolution. And we. Would it come out in the media over the last several weeks Egypt one small portion. Of aborted what would being in Cuba agency. On YouTube did changing gears somewhat -- gases have been a bill pre filed visit. Happens every session seemed representative pat Smith wanting to make sex education mandatory and in public schools would've -- say about that now. And is there any chance of what she wants to do passing. Welcome. It's hard -- Definitely it's a habit if you go to -- could be different than -- 1030 and important friends in the senate vote for. You know he went when you talk in general these about. -- these -- -- sex education. Mandatory well. It was just depends on the depth of of these issues when he talked fiscal reform and reform nobody's against that but. -- with the did did did double in the detail. I had not seen I mean we've got thousands of bills. I'm advised by the senate step that I have more enabling more senate bill and the -- quite frankly have been pretty much concern to him in in looking to build around him. Let's admit that they well intentioned individual. I'm not saying I'm gonna vote for a man I didn't get a chance to vote for academic. But. You know again I identity details. Philosophically. If you could see some circumstances under which public schools should. Be mandated to teach sex education or would have been. Well. That you philosophically. Opposed to. It is some -- some sort of educational message you know again and that would lead. You're talking about teaching can agree -- -- -- and you know. Movies that people -- you know having sex with him not to do not not that but but for example. Now wouldn't be about the -- it would depend on. On the on the and I think that we would the curriculum would have to be determined body through the filmmaking process probably many but I mean. -- generally speaking your mind the -- that we oppose any type of sex education I would say you know. But I but I wouldn't say okay. Full speed. Anything you wanted to do it do it again depends on the the agency of these at the individual be sensitive nature of the material that's being prevented Iraq. What is the policy on it now as far as state goes in and sex education in public schools. I'm I'm I'm I'm really an actual yeah you didn't come on talk about an indictment including -- wonder. -- I don't -- I mean I don't. They get it in that in that process and in a process in my view that the you'll learn a quick look to different people did mention. An education -- I look at senator repelled the chairman of the senate. Education committee and and now I'm actually include me in on that but. -- are definitely the talk about the -- effective. While I appreciate your time early resolution -- problem.

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