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3-6-14 11:35am Garland: on Obama and Putin

Mar 6, 2014|

Garland talks with Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute about how President Obama should handle the situation with Russian and the Ukraine.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All of your followed the news at all you know that medium the president saying that President Obama losses were important policy. Regarding wall street journal editorial view of the debut sort of the Ukraine is there a particular. Casualties. A president Obama's failure to enforce his red line and on Syria and who's the rule of reason they think he's to a bad job. Then and political their house talking about Walter Jordan. It's telling. That the hawks for notes upon what must happen Ukraine while sitting conspicuously. Baby about the limits of their sport. What does Wall Street Journal -- the you'd suggest. What must happen doesn't. They are telling the hawks won the six pleats in two nearby waters what happened. If they wanted there to possibly wage war there won't say. It's as if they want Vladimir Putin to think America is willing to use force when Ukraine's. Without actually risking US ports and Politico says but watch the purple call. So that the audits said well let's ultimate experts and see what the options hours you -- ball and really doing. That poor job of foreign policy we have Doug band -- And now and -- as senior fellow at the kid where institute specialist. Foreign policy and civil -- Doug welcome to sure appreciate -- -- -- Give me an idea of what you think about them is that president. Presuming. Oh we brought to our -- loses he and Biden. Further trouble if he has. I don't think the problem here if there aren't very good options as you pointed out. It's very easy hop and pop and he'll send in the -- send in the plains. But then we're feeling. Mean the Russians are not stupid couldn't understand no one wants a war he's in nuclear power. So then war I think the problem for the president is. Number one -- you'd like to get the diplomatic and I mean the more action to stop. The more dangerous to become you don't want shooting between Ukraine's election you don't want and it's Super Bowl. The atmosphere here and we also understand that there is no obvious point that we can put huge pressure we can use economic sanctions we can you. The band uses stuff like that which. I think probably won't have much impact but beyond that there's no limits so I think he's trying to be pretty careful in terms of bill from diplomatic support puts some pressure and recognizing the real limitations. The -- like the Wall Street Journal as the one -- that. Politically sensitive Russian national interest and he doesn't believe we can do much about it -- concept told me what they think we can do. -- I've read about you asset freezes and getting the European Union and they told together but in particular European used to freeze accounts and freeze assets. I bring this in two major publications the last couple of days when it comes to the EU and Russia is funneling billions of dollars of dirty rubles into the growth. Of the EU money streaming ushered in the EU banks -- -- coach out to boost. Course EU policy makers happily looking the other way of Russian wrongdoings. European statement. Bankers statesman and bankers attorneys. Repeatedly commended the -- to Russian oligarchs. By helping them shelter money and offshore havens -- re brought about their investment. In the much. Sound and fury signifying nothing when we talk about freezing -- cents. That's what I like it should be fine by me you can get some of the bad guys and pleasing -- the article which the deposed president Philip. People around him and -- I think probably stole money. You can freeze assets. The people you think you've got in Moscow accused him for yourself the minute that you put its huge amount of -- its content. The European Union -- by huge amount of natural gas from Russia. There's no interest in you know you're part of cutting all of that stuff off. So we're talking kind of pinprick you can make it unpleasant you can't Cumberland and we will give -- these. I mean I suppose that bothers some of the world the oligarchs in Moscow. Not likely to change Russian policy. And we shouldn't have -- about it that they -- all of these things are kind of symbolic they make people feel good. But it's not clear that they actually -- very much. Limited breaker when we come back Greg movement figures of wrong. I think -- Ukraine gets about 60% of the natural natural gas from Russia. -- the pipelines running through Ukraine to Europe and about 35%. Of EU gets their -- Roma Russian. When we come back we'll miss -- your thoughts on proposals to export -- lower natural gas to Europe. Coming right back WOBO. Did 78 immortal five to -- Are you heard right wingers sitting the President Obama is messing up foreign policy in particular room with Ukraine with Syria through it and there are also. But think about the Ukraine. -- Woodside and talk to some experts we have Doug -- know -- this. Senior fellow kid will institute specializing. Foreign policy and civil liberties. Doug go right boy would trip to Africa pros unit of about. Storage today via a number of the major. News publications are saying. That there's growing call for the island states to export natural gas to Europe. Because Euro and Ukraine gets sizeable portion of their -- gas from Russia. In that -- reduce Russia's power to do whatever they wondered do your thoughts. I think that that it will ultimately you can try to reduce Russian power would expand the supply of energy and pulled on the price. The US already is doing extraordinary about domestically in terms of domestic supplies we have laws restrict. Export one of the things that does reduces the incentive to explore and develop more. And especially the provided to Europeans. And the beat out some very good step to take it actually helps opted in which is out there will be more production. And it will kind of a lot of the European kind of make the Europeans must depend on Russia. Right now the election -- they wanna do something about Russia but -- so we're not gonna cut off the sort of adapt. And Russia can kind of hold that over the out to be sort of Russia they need. What to get the money but it -- that we can reduce leverage. Loved could we get. I'll blog LNG imports we have left are running and enlists in the years to. It is we should look at this is a long process. I don't think that we talk about exporting more natural gas as a means to -- the -- tomorrow. I think what we do -- we look at it over the next ten years. You want to weaken Russian Powell. If you want to make it got easier for the Europeans to resist if you want an easier for them to. Work with other countries. This is a long term process that we should look at other mechanisms to. And a quick fixes here and I think that's something over the long term that is that could be advantageous for us as well Europeans. That's that's certainly a sign of the eagle putt a lot of the American manufacturing companies. Saying hey we can we finally have book competitive. Advantage with foreign. Monetary change hands and -- of the country is when it comes from producing product. Because with the advantage of cheap natural guess -- are chipping over there we know that may not have been as cheap as it is what you felt. That may -- -- public -- over the point is we have an opportunity a lot of money from the Europeans are desperate to have some additional energy sources. And the point is that they transportation. So even if they're getting and looking for Obama -- would be paying more than we are getting domestically -- also have an advantage. Mean this -- in which the administration I think could be helpful things keystone project another development project. We should be looking at rationalizing. And improving efficiency. Because regulatory process. They're allowing -- allowing development. It doesn't mean you don't have standard which you try to make it more attention to try to make it easier for companies to navigate. That we don't have a major damage. Veteran a hard time finding out. What the conservatives. Are suggesting President Obama do when it comes through Ukraine. One problem that a polo played deploy shoot from Europe big -- six lead into the black city yourself. What's striking is being those wonderful kind of empty gesture that was I was just actually called in this morning and talking to somebody cookies are. Apparently because I didn't advocates going to war I mean you said that the legal questions and -- Mean nobody really thinks -- going to use it right I think we're optimists in the sixth fleet into -- about DePaul. And attack the Russian fleets. Now we're sending you a fighter jets to Poland and I mean unlike -- comment that I did. Kind of a tweet was we could be strengthening border villages in Russia -- It's obvious that he had -- kind of highlights impotence. We can fly around and try to act tough. Everyone knows that that it's going to be used. And and a political brought up just one active Cuba decides to call -- ball. And we we accidentally get into another war. No that's -- that's what the dangers here is that the more you that the more you put contending forces in potential contact. You -- several over eagerness soldiers somewhere and shooting or doing something and the way things could spiral upwards. This is not to our advantage you know -- I think that there are times you have to go to war and would you do it deliberately. Awfully. And you don't just hype stuff op boards -- like to tell the only advantage to be politically domestically and -- -- -- -- over. As opposed to what did you do anything to actually solve the problem -- And and one of the questions always else. What was Vietnam. Was it South Korea was a Bosnian. Wasn't Brock. Was it Beirut when the Marines died was -- at -- then. That we did so well in guts over to benefit from war that we do again. If you'd. Think. I mean we were quick small countries that don't have much that they can do about it. The -- bombed Serbia for seventy days we invest in them. -- no dialogue with the troops into Afghanistan. And they don't have carrier groups that don't have missiles and nuclear weapons and if they think its -- man. And Russia and its -- domestic but the surprise our historic country -- nuclear weapons and it's gonna defend itself. So this is one -- the other stuff that's something goes wrong I think kind of has an important both Russia something really goes well. Mean you can imagine the spot would that be extraordinarily dangerous side that we got -- the Cold War without a big war with between the Soviet Union America. While we want to have a confrontation with Russia today. In the criticism Obama goes all the way to China. Solemn or suggesting that we. Send our brand new aircraft carrier would turn quarter and -- in the world drones brand new aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean to the tell -- keep their hands all the Japanese and Taiwanese violent. Again that's the question. Who are you prepared to go to war with -- what you vital interest you know it's one thing to be -- Believe you have to secure the independence of Japan -- -- threatening a it's quite another thing to say well should we be on the front lines confronting China over contested territory. The Chinese have an argument -- they -- think about you violence as well Japan. It's not something we should be in the middle and it's not something anybody should use force over. But again we have to think that's the -- China's emerging power nuclear armed it's in the matter we do we have economic relations. A world in which we have friendly cooperative relations is very different world -- world which we have a kind of a each other's throats. You think this -- you don't make up to gesture. Finally. -- will have a minute -- and -- my ignorance. And never heard of Kalimba granted but so immersive Johnston because it's. Number of areas Poland loop when you a debt or NATO members in the extra round. Ukraine. Is that we should surround a little Brad with NATO troops. I think history is cutting board it was in the east Prussia ended. As you know Russians and then when everything split apart it's kind of an isolated pockets so Russia but it's separated from Russia proper cleanup and other. -- what are we gonna do with threatened to attack clinic uber cup clinical -- they don't give Crimea about of course not. Again I think this through that -- really dumb idea I mean it -- which he what you want to doing what they're doing as opposed to actually solving the problem. Doug I hate to meet soldiers at the end of the Shubert due and I think -- -- I know -- -- -- -- one no one ever wondered -- -- I appreciated his time very much ignored become a decision of great thank you can. -- and -- and call the thing.