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3-6-14 12:10pm Garland: on the wetlands

Mar 6, 2014|

Garland talks with Dr. Bob Thomas of Loyola University about how best to save the wetlands.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back -- -- rob but it would be in the big thing. I'm reading all. It was a with the blue shorts implored we called Orleans by Bob Marshall. And it's that the first report by an expert scientific. And convened to answer questions about using river's sediment diversions bill -- Focuses on the central issues the inherent. Uncertainties. In these objects. So for reading this correctly the scientific panel. He is saying. What we know now. And and -- and have Bob tones on tell me if I'm misinterpreting. This. Basically what we have now it and master plan for rebuilding the coast. News. Limits -- -- words the scientists and the there repressing uncertainty. In impact assessments. And building in uncertainty. In -- model outcomes. Is necessary. For determining the effectiveness. Of diversion. So it felt like commanders saying we still don't know. Well let me agreed to limit liberal and you -- of that sound by a gut. Check it. Gary graves in Europe former. Chairman of the coast protections. Restoration authority. As soon resign but he worked on the pervert and long time. Devoted his quote he said fisheries. Experts. Have testified to the authority. That these diversions. Won't hurt the fisheries. And will result in increased species diversity. Because. Of expand. Fresh water area. Many of the diversion project have been studied and been pipeline for twenty years. In this is a direct quote from territory. The largest golf recently appointed independent sites handled it yes it is all of these states different. Entities including Woods Hole it -- vs country. You're going to be -- read -- -- -- you operations. The that. Barriers. Concerns raised concerns it would be worth looking at pictures impacts the water quality. Looking at ways to -- group forms of diversions Houston does it increase or or or. State lines. Ecological well this as a result of these projects so they're gonna be provided. Don't review these things it just stinks to me it just what is Jesus doing. Just what the state. And that was formal. Gary -- former head chairman. -- projected growth ration power or authority of the shrine to stabilize our our coastline. And as you heard in the experts from all over the world. All of the United States and particular dueling studies and giving their opinions. Now we have scientists stress need to address uncertainties. -- the settlement diversions. The scientific panel acknowledged the complexity of the science and engineering. And the lack to date. Of engineered versions big enough. To use in my -- model. And Powell's words insurgencies. Are highly relevant and pressing topic for more consideration. Doctor Rob Thomas Jones instructor at the center of environmental communications -- who Roberts -- was active player. -- -- -- Doctor to what -- -- Am -- reading this wrong way and would all like yeah act and we've only got a minute -- I got to meet CBO who we're gonna come right back Kia which of them are reading this incorrectly. Saw it just join you about what hearing. The basically we're talking about. You have basically I'm talking about that scientific panel of experts. That -- -- can basically said hey you guys are saying this settlement divergent things good things can work and got the model of death. From all over the world boob week -- I think you -- a lot of uncertainty on the look at it again. Yeah well you know that. -- we've certainly talked about the process aside from the show and part of that is that we have to deal that certainty I mean at Cleveland New Orleans ought to be very. Climate side of that -- has. Every. Hurricane season went on hurricane his -- and anyway correction we have a cone of uncertainty. That shows you know all of those spaghetti models that did not try to Wear out -- that at all is different lab. Opera I apologize. I'm going to be prudent step and -- -- -- would stay with the don't go away. Coming right back ribbon -- CBOs. Are welcome back the -- straight to buy -- talked about on this. A doctor and I know the -- certainties every. Reason over and Garrett. Video audio. And the reason of revenues quotes. If -- been told time and time again. The -- -- beautiful. At the river diversions have been started for decades. In this you can work in this group's. And now we're being told. We really don't. -- -- -- -- Well I'll update you put the other brand new panel scientist who command. In our task was something that. Is gonna spin billions of dollars. And it's gonna impact everywhere out lie along the Gulf Coast and I think what you're seeing is an immediate reaction. From the first meeting. Conservatism. In their approach. That that mean. That. -- Six months a year or whatever it takes that they're not gonna start settling Edinburgh a lot more about -- take that. You know what that's solid and they're very concerned about the complexity of the issues that -- consistent and accepted that signed -- deal with every day. Very we have a very sophisticated complex. Ecosystem here. That supports many many ways of life. And the last thing you -- the panel people committed to -- it would go to with the data that nobody else -- shore and in the state has made those mistakes but it. There. They're concerned about. Data record has not been accumulated. To there are a lot of uncertainties about the settlement diversions. Uncertain about ecological outcome uncertain about social and economic outcomes. Uncertainty about design and operation operational structures. And and -- expectations. In life among certain businesses what does this troopers in the hours from in the punishment. Have been telling us for years. I know that and and -- but I'm not absolutely and not surprise whatsoever that those were comments made its first meeting. And that in the first report that there has got me get him get him in writing for everybody to really discuss and think about talk about. But the last thing we would one process as a as a panel commandments say OK we're just going full speed ahead we're going to be -- thing. Based on studies in abroad over the last thirty years. Without taking a second look and throwing that thing out about the complexities of the issues the uncertainties. So that. They get it back into this is up and it's gonna generate a lot of discussion. -- did not generate cheers -- in -- should generate that this is the way science works as to address is different certain days. Because I mean I'd note that that the pictures out there very very concerned about. Diversions because they're looking at a couple of diversions and have have done harm to other industry. But there are others who say that we need that we need to get sentiment. I mean a lot of that's it for thirty or forty years we've got it sentiment down shell. If we're ever going to. And I don't want to say reconstruct the well does it work Chris we're not going to be -- or -- -- But to sort of restore. The values of the coastal well and make sure that there is stability and ecosystem. The support of fisheries and we've grown used to support to -- like that that our culture has evolved and and die in and so you know that that's going to be a conservative approach but. We do have time to that is no doubt about it in the -- if you waited in my reading that the side that's saying we have the day. They were simply say -- the feel uncomfortable. With being able to make trouble some long term decisions. Based on what we have today that we need to do some -- now is that we have now to Selena the eagle now taking samples. -- beginning at the beginning it just means taking another look from the annals perspective and the waiter can -- today which is different spot -- And we keep you know we keep making strides forward it would government should work that work where taking the correct -- And I hear every pregnancy news in and it makes suits put. It I've talked with the flu from them and talk with the -- from an -- power and I think they've got signed to print reports it's just the right. -- think they've got studies that true if we didn't hear from wage would be less horrible to everybody calls left and everything you know. But I hope and talk about something on the show called frost. And that some were. And -- -- -- this way out of proportion. But the last time I told him I was apologized to him today last summer -- the pollution and appear. Just basically said to me I've been talking about the reporting years. You know I heard you been -- I dismiss their concerns in the reason I did Garrett race. And many -- -- so it's sort of talked to have made these kind of -- Statements. The better -- -- Couch it and now I'm not totally certain balked. What they say it is we're certain the diversions won't hurt the insures. And rule will result in increased species. Diversity. And again you -- answered Garrett say. Studies. All over the war for decades port to this who who isn't scientific and why would they brought here and it isn't of concern that people that hear -- 08 who the hell can across on this. Yeah bought trusted everything about it we go no where without it all we do it's -- directorate. And now and we've made no progress -- our -- -- absolutely you know that. I talk about that all the time and that that. Here's the thing one when Garrett talks about these things and other people other console side to talk about positions. Date they realize the importance of putting shipment back on this coach lives in its strategic areas. To reestablish. That types of weapons that work well here from the for the values that we expect these weapons to give us. And and what a lot of fishermen are very concerned about its freshwater diversions. That are moving so adamant. -- were basically pushing back the salinity. Lines. So they had to reestablish. There a bit about really understand. Why an oyster -- As an immediate. Reaction to that because it's -- auditors have a very narrow range of salinity Wednesday. Where they -- you prime production. And get it you're doing very well your oyster reefs are that somebody decides to put -- first quarter numbers on top of it all Europe and in fresh water. -- -- all -- -- a lot of money a lot of effort a lot of time to reestablish. I'm still a part of the doctor but I think in -- going to be wrong thing to use the -- representatives thereof. -- tell me they've got they have their guts is -- -- dredging. Really is not more expensive and is it's damaging to the wetlands now. They've been told me that before red that's going to be very blunt public discounted it. Others. We got -- of these studies all of the world but do very quickly before -- Jews who is this panel why why were they brought it. Well they were put together. Five folks Baton Rouge to to sort of have an independent panel. To look at the issues bring in the new ways of thinking view. Approaches to the science and new questions. Which you know both sides know about it -- questions have been getting answers. But their debts now I mean there's not not a traditional papal style you don't. -- the people you but they're here for years. But to other people that have very specific skill. Have a lot of have a lot of experience here -- -- we -- Balkans are based W divert these. But if you watched as the primary literature and they've been working on the east coat solutions. While there -- Portland. -- protocol. Run out of time obviously them do that sure didn't. The short got to see in the back Q cliff troops who got like a demon is gonna work well and. But with that the gold and I think we they that the bottom line it. We just need to persevere and see how that progresses over the next few months. And not not try try to at least in jail for doctor and in the debate if they -- you. If we all talk like few would be for the long in this the buried what I have no long have benefited thanks but are gonna come back when you talk to -- -- -- --