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3-6-14 12:35pm Garland: on the wetlands

Mar 6, 2014|

Garland talks with George Barasich of the Louisiana United Commercial Fisherman's Association about how best to save the wetlands.

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All right again apologies to make. -- endure and -- -- -- -- until about a gov George bare essential appeared president. Louisiana you know and commercial fisherman association god Mike winning. Who is video owner of rotten renewal dot com and captain George -- presidency of Louisiana foundation. On whether it's. And I got to apologize. Had you guys appears some of these -- and and heard the same thing from Gregory's and other. True -- level of respect groups categorically. These diversions. Will not hurt fisheries and backed. They're gonna increases species. And you guys said not true you can destroy this these cities and I discounted. And and I've been -- that blow here. But that's -- well we've been at this for a decade. Mark would you wrong that somebody again this this is. -- Britain. Former. Chairman of -- from protector and restoration authority. This is why -- discount what the instruments and and I believe what the statements tell me because of this plea to them. The large TV golf recently appointed an independent sites handled that as scientists from all over the United States district. Entities including Woods Hole and and a number of universities around the country. They are going to be doing it independent science review of the diversions. The the various. Concerns that were raised associated with the person looking at pictures impacts the water quality. Looking at ways to to improve the performance of diversions Houston -- to increase or or or or stabilize. Ecological outputs as a result of these projects and so they're gonna be provided me. -- another review of these things and additionally the stage doing it and disability federal agencies are doing. Just what the other cities -- Over the obscured rage German coach production restoration authority before it was. Killing -- above a plethora. -- of studies major studies all of the delicate. That proved we were doing the master plan work now. We're good news experts scientific panel here's what they're concerned about. We have accumulated enough data is reporter. We got to reduce. The uncertainties about settlement diversions more redundant enough. We have uncertain about that a -- -- outcomes the social outcomes even the design and operational structures. So now we'll get a scientific panel. -- -- fisherman right to be concerned about the river diversions. Let me start with -- -- -- to commute. Well thank you again for having us here and I actually except -- -- -- we really expected duo would have requested that that. George bricks and myself founded DS LC that say Louisiana coalition. Many months ago and nominee in the very beginning not many people agree Lewis. We don't get paid a penny to do this is in fact it actually -- this money we got involved because we sought the dead zones being created by the carbon project. And now by -- marked and marred past which is basically converting that martian that are it to fresh war. Now I take exception to what Gary -- said what he says that night and hurt Fischer's book has. You don't have to be a genius to understand that fresh for doesn't support speckled Trout -- finished flounder. Shrill voices and that type of thing the way they they need bracket march and when they put these diversions that that a 31 times larger than could Norman. In multiple locations it's gonna convert to bracket ward -- -- -- fresh. And it's gonna wipe out to industry and and it's a shame because we have the two best that you errors in the world right here in Louisiana. Which is we were talking about earlier it will be more babies made so it is no more babies -- opening more adults so I'm gonna keep it short market talk for a long time -- -- Original do love them and correct me if by accident rate one -- There will come a day or very short period of time that the eschew wears a little band that freezes the foot of Louisiana right. British troop in the broad vision inspection everything else. Makes since their babies grow up in the go to the gulf right. When that little if you weren't you a bracket war salt and -- I just the bright screen image when that goes away we lose one we know as well war. Fishing industry and to win yes and -- -- -- like the East Coast West Coast but -- VCU you know what we're used to here goes. Through and and sometimes we're portrayed as fishermen but in reality what we are citizens of Louisiana. And what a lot of them people don't and -- fish like we do. Don't understand is one on eight people in Louisiana supported by the seafood and she's so what happens when that -- feelings about it -- as the -- gone. Are hardly ever -- Olympic break and come back toward earth central captain ordered ripped. And let's find out what you guys from proposing. Appearance in the old camping -- way we got to do something you guys against what. Coming up next -- DO. Big 870 -- 53. Are -- thrown make too short -- we can talk to view of people involved in human food industry. New battle scientific experts come to -- they take a look at our master plan it take a look at what we're doing. And as these seafood industry people have been telling us for burial. River diversions. Or going to be a problem when it comes to destroying. Habitat. And the state and a lot of scientists have said not true in that setting categorically. It would not hurt the pictures in fact it's going to be beneficial. Well we got a new group of scientists -- their news. They come and take a look at it mr. No Bernard of the correct data -- is still in certain media. Don't know enough about settlement diversions still uncertain ecological side and so from side of the operational side of a lot of uncertainties. So today we're listening to people have been trying to whistle while George -- -- president. Museum united commercial reforms -- Good afternoon I welcome a report like this because basically this is just an affirmation. Of what obviously for twelve years and would -- -- -- -- jump on the bandwagon. They're trying to make everybody understand. You know the problem as I do not have a Ph.D. Obama names so I get dismissed. Tom and Tom again Clinton nice -- on the very panel that came up with his proposal. And we challenge just like these people are challenging all the editions have been challenged time and time again and the vote came up to where there was no vote. -- You know from our numbers missiles small that would dismissed but now people thought to wake up. You know the media with people like you do it shows like this and had the entire region admit. And apologized that didn't require -- wrong you're wrong and obviously wanna tell you if if you can prove to me as you gonna make more trapped. A -- and improve Murray's. I'd be the first one help when -- I'll be pumping water myself but I know that. I was one the youngest advisory panel lets -- -- can Auburn I knew what happened when it was 3000 CF -- -- sort of destruction when it went up to 101000. What makes anybody think that at 31 times jump is going to be have a case. It's not. Captain George rich president -- Louisiana foundation. Pick up -- -- you would think that's about it. It paid correctly garments in the leader coalition. She. That's a good. -- -- probably can't go -- and and happened this week on that in part panel of independent this that you're talking about back room. In January. And well in also in your presentation of a panel from John Deluca the corps of engineers. And -- presentation stated. That estimate to land and capabilities of the rebel but -- it was totally -- rated. Campus initiative that would -- So and then that you are public sentiment. Is not the problem as did. Delivery system that the revelers would cause the damage or injuries and and also nutrients and -- That -- -- But this is is -- these uncertainties. That this speak about even know. They're raised questions of these uncertainties. We just the first round of BP money 67 point nine million dollars. And what to do. They took forty dollars and in Portland can engineer and is admirable the bird. And so did what we. Normally come -- -- -- And and navigation engineer and as I'm. Version does we're all a question Brady's. But that could be problematic -- apparently -- Would be the concerns. Article engineers. And and and yeah uncertainties involved and and and now they're not one. -- Social economic or all psychological impact -- So that now an engineer -- is that money in their pocket. So what we in. Right now in the army would chairman of the senate natural resource committee. We in the process of -- -- additionally. And and and others -- destroyed being waste. All right well Michael. This avoidable said to you if I hadn't found out about this -- to prepare a money. You know we've been at this for forty something users. -- were you do -- lose everything you know we don't do so. And these people. They got finally got a master plan and in the -- all of these scientists that say that -- organ -- problem. And when you say well we ought to be doing more is dredging its suits too expensive. Don't troops studied that to Joseph. That's not -- we do -- Kathy just put out of a number of support he's a scientist in Baton Rouge. Arm and the economists and economists yet and I'll be ours are looked at reports and I couldn't understand what it was about a so complex are related to get it. So he sent us a synopsis for the full laymen like myself to understand and basically what it boils down to is that. The the timeline of what benefit if fanning -- did -- diversion it's gonna create. Cost money went and happening now twenty years from now thirty years from now what good is that when dredging can happen right now and Iago to check -- To me after understands. So he's saying the divergence won't be completed. Or it won't have any effect long term benefit to you cannot -- bill -- today. The talk about -- inland over twentieth thirtieth period. A little bit at a time so the economic benefit everybody can. Yeah record and I cannot it's not that they're going to it also and -- the look emotional presentation was the first five to ten years of the operation of the liberation. They actually accelerate slam afford build. So will we lose sixteen and it square miles a year or so it is if that's true. -- ten -- -- it was r.s 65. -- Where am I urgency about where my outlook for the British built one. -- And what do scientists want to -- news as saying. If you -- you get the results immediately correct me here and there are four. When you extrapolate that -- it's cheaper largely -- not imports via sprint that. Cost benefit analysis that works out. -- Like that this NPR radio which are underrated. By the cost of dredging and and and -- underestimated that that the cost it was a very. That's the coastal protection restoration. Right right -- they'd been estimated value added that the cost of credit would be like 3000 dollars and -- can we -- to dredging barge and the call was actually closer to 60000 now to think. Okay. Yeah here's the question let's say you're right it's very doubtful. That the group that's been saying for thirty years you're wrong. It is gonna come round two word think but. For somebody listening to this has got an open mind and they got to believe that you got a lot of validity on your side now. Because we're -- scientific panel not related to Yahoo! and saying. Got a point. So -- it would go don't we just continue this battle and ports of state goal away. Probably get perhaps there's gridlock. Well we we wanna see him stop wasting money on these diversions and and and and stop on a threat that's gonna create Saudi and all that let's start dredging right now. Because we can -- land today. And if you used to -- the math is where you don't mobile. It pumps and and at anytime we want to -- all cost to put those pipes back let's get to work now. So please don't let anybody on the other side say we don't want to do anything we do wanna do something we wanna build Louisiana. And we can no we can do with drugs and without destroying the estuaries without destroying the greatest fishing. And and in that in the United States and has nothing to do with -- going on catching fish would Iran really has to do with money. That it brings in so much money we just wanna say Louisiana gulf that's it that's right. Yeah captain Europe in about Cameron would get about a minute or are you getting in response to this report and what you've been it's. Oh yeah so we're getting tremendous response -- and which isn't a bill introduced. Billy cannon which was introduced. Last Friday. Represented Patterson introduced bills that Dutch so that they're gonna have to if they do operated divergence and have been be operated. -- -- To protect our interest. Gonna deal would four point one billion dollar a year industry that you -- with -- commercial and recreational fishing industries organist at Louisiana. Now I ask the taxpayers -- gonna make -- bad. -- -- Gentlemen this view under the curative in Britain long sharp as -- wide open anytime we come back. Educated a little bit and that should -- -- a little bit more will be talking books. Preachers to thank you thank you very much -- double BO biggest celebrity moral 53 yep all right to. But to ensure that there were definitely -- more and end. For the people that are all for the master play in all -- Some excellent told. This wouldn't show. Singer role. This show Tuesday. At least in my view all of sudden. I'm gonna scientific panel of experts. That coma and liberal side. When -- columns to. While we're gonna do with river -- it's. Either Scioscia economic. River diversions and sells. The infrastructure and so is uncertain. And my point was and Garret graves all and and -- a lot of respect or like him very much. But I played the sound -- that and our -- the interviews with them and it's conclusive. The river diversions would not hurt. Fishing industry maybe maybe it should but -- the pension industry. And at the same time long term would benefit. While this is scientific patent saying you're not certain. But when it was presented to us it was not presented as weakening. Or Stewart's daughter in it or or this indicates. It was declarative. This is the -- Now we've got fisherman. That have been told by other scientists when you extrapolate the cost of diversions. The bill went over 220. Year period. It's actually cheaper or the same -- to dredge. And put the Palin now. And the reason I did the show is it would seem the group should get together. And come up with the united program what were to do. Because we -- -- frost. Watchers saying. Nothing goes -- take a look at Washington it's gridlock is nobody approached each. And Julio has a terrific show coming up. Do not go away but a BO bigger celebrity AM 1053. Yeah.