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3-6 4:35pm Jamie Dukes: Saints free agency

Mar 6, 2014|

Guest host Kristian Garic was joined by NFL Network Analyst,Jamie Dukes, to talk Saints trades and free agency.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome -- now Jamie Dukes -- FL network analyst joining us now on the DL I'm sure you heard the news about. Potentially Saints shopping Pierre Thomas and Lance Moore. Might be willing to listen off first. Floor Darren Sproles. Surprised by -- this. -- -- ago and a be surprised by the other guys what value do they have. And the -- pick -- Welker. Yeah that sounds don't ask that. I've been part of that any younger fresher legs a bit lucky at some of the golf politically eighteen million running back that are available. Told bat not a big deal there. Matt -- basically just disappear. Over the last season soul. What value was there and we'll put somebody younger fresher. I think so. All back doesn't expect the Colts being surprised me a little -- -- -- you have that -- He's one of the more unique players in the National Football League and so that you know why. I would I would be here originally questioned whether or not he would be one of the guys that will be. Sproles appearing in fifteen games last season 220 yards on the ground 71 catches for 604 and a year for total touchdowns. None in the return game four point three mean that mean dollars against the cap does that equate to return. I mean I remember what he may be a reporter because I'm black and that with a bucket and that number you can't find. But that -- more if you know we could trim that number but I've certainly put Drew Brees would not be look at it try to get -- -- more weapons. He's got Jimmy Graham I don't know -- other guys you know but most -- -- yes and then you have bowl. I know he. Don't have -- commodity you still -- one dimension. That that's you know that's the quality quality production -- running. So for me I'm OK okay we have him having those dollars I would at all dot. -- for players. Take about 36 million dollars of cap space Jahri Evans being Grubbs two offensive lineman Marcus Colston. And and a Brodrick Bunkley at defensive tackle of those four. Whose -- if you're Mickey Loomis who are you going to of those four and say hey you gotta come off some of that tonight cash. -- -- -- everybody who would get -- with everybody I've never been one that paid a lot of money and commentary allotment would Alex sacrilege. I just feel you can bet money that tackles. Now I'm -- that you want to tackle that deserve that kind of money and -- obviously is you know the big time player. And sometimes you find those exceptions to the -- it -- a great player in this league as well. So what I look at you know. I did you ever get a fair -- having that kind of money in my interior line. So yes I think that that kind of but fundamental flaw there. You know out there to be good you want at -- only in the -- look at who has awed by you could find quality guys. The put him in the middle. -- you know that's my take on the. Jamie -- FL network. Here on sports talk in the Jamie. Free agency starts march 11 officially but. Teams can start negotiating. On March 8 do you think there's a team out there and it's could have been that would be willing to say let's see. What Jimmy -- and asking price would be in let's make a phone call and would they be willing give up two number ones to get him. I don't think anybody -- suitable for tighter fluctuation. It just to I play. -- think about -- yeah I mean you look at what's happening with a lot -- reps at what they gave up argued pretty and I still believe they've made light will be giving up 43. But. Or any other position where they're just not work because he's got to get in the ball first. Goal. I don't the any team at all coming you know giving up a -- in this -- especially in the economic did you get human being. Work on that -- at one -- fourteen bit. If you don't yeah that would you Duchscherer. It's -- higher value on it they run their coveted even more now under this CB way than they were four years ago. Yeah exactly because of this ilk that have predicted -- I've and look at it will be out there but -- Now when you -- quality at that point five years for. 4748. Million dollars shoot you don't you don't pick -- They went through from shop and at Neiman Marcus to cost go. But in terms of in terms of that the bargains -- you can find out their Jamie -- inning and the for a -- run and has great -- it. But that limit your composure throughout the war I think that. What they have to figure out the -- right now and strategically all of these new pass happy team. They're not going to be the top all the NFC. So somehow -- -- about the reintroduced the technicalities be written off. But I think from the opposite side of the ball. Back got to be re introduced -- New Orleans in Atlanta anywhere else if you want to -- if you're trying to compete you'd better be physical pleasure that. You know they're pretty important Lotto without. So you think they're kind of change in. The way that the -- -- model is built now. Given that. -- -- -- as much power I think Lee is we are yeah the tree that there -- the teams that the best one. Paul ratio that would balance you can run pass ratio all the build and -- -- went and visited the residual effects. Okay. If you're in the all that we could be let go because because of what happened in training camp. We just got beat up because you're one in the ball that's how -- physical when you run when you talk and you work on that as -- -- pinkie. That's when -- double. And that's why you saw basically feel adequate premise that put them -- -- the Denver because it would be that would have been typical. And the issue and that's how Victor -- the pace especially in the and a week if you're not if you like amnesty. If not more work. Inching way to put it Jamie Dukes NFL network. Thanks a bunch you guys will have a comprehensive free agency coverage starting on Tuesday march 11 thinks about that time Jamie we appreciate it. You've got to let -- get -- -- I.