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3-6 4-5pm Kristian, Saints free agency

Mar 6, 2014|

Pierre Thomas, Lance Moore and Darren Sproles may be salary cap casualties for the Saints as free agency approaches. Where would you trim the fat?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several -- the no huddle kind of a two minute offense edition of sports -- here on WL IM FM and WL dot com crushing -- in four Deke Bellavia ninety minutes. Fast and furious coming your way we hand things off the DL she Sports Radio network for Tigers men's basketball. -- -- right to the big news from today that he heard a sports flash would more -- according to ESP in the Saints are actively shopping running back Pierre Thomas and wide receiver. Lance Moore and reportedly are open to trading running back Darren Sproles. The Saints meanwhile have tendered restricted free agent. Safety Raphael bush at the original round compensation level which means if a team signed bush to an offer sheet. The Saints wouldn't receive any compensation. Bush went undrafted in 2010. And the Saints have very little wiggle room under the salary cap with some big salaries still on the roster. A couple of which I'm -- talked about Darren Sproles Pierre Thomas and Lance Moore and here on the top salary cap figures for the black and gold and when he fourteenth. And -- cap figures what counts against the cap Drew Brees commit an eighteen point four million dollars his base salary is ten point seven. Jahri Evans counts for eleven million dollars on the cap. Base salary of six point eight -- being Grubbs nine point one million. On the books. Six million dollar base salary Marcus Colston. Against the salary cap eight point three million. Base of five point five. Defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley. Six point one million dollars of cap space he's taken up base -- four point four. Curtis Lofton five point two million dollars. Of salary cap space when it's more accounting for five point one Mahan Q Lewis at four point six Darren Sproles we talked about. The minute four point three million dollars. Against the -- base salary of 3.4 million. David Hawthorne 3.5 million -- top ten base salary of -- on a million dollars appear Thomas did you we talk about are there. Being reportedly active. Are the Saints reportedly active in shopping Pierre Thomas. Two point nine million dollars a base salary of 2.5 so virtually no dead money if they move. Pierre Thomas. Now Lance Moore look at his point thirteen season. 37 catches 457. Yards just two touchdowns. He missed three games with an injured wrist Pierre Thomas missed the post season with a chest injury. Not Tyler Robinson and Mark Ingram they're cap figures two point eight million combined. For 2014. Two point eight -- combined so if you're wondering why Archie getting rid of our potentially shopping Mark Ingram and -- Robinson it comes down to dollars. Pierre Thomas two point nine million. Those two players entire Robinson and Mark Ingram -- cap figure two point eight combine. Find the money. Only nine players remaining from the 2009 Super Bowl season three of which. Are unrestricted free agents to reportedly according to ESPN on the trading block. So all of the two players. Pierre Thomas only it's more which one. -- you like to keep we will depart we both of them. We knew about possibly sending Darren Sproles out of town via trade. 2601878. -- 3866889. Is 087 into this -- Jamie dukes of the NFL network. The breakdown Saints salary cap situation and also pick his brain on free agency was actually opens on March 11. The teams can begin negotiating. With players this Saturday march 8. They can't announce it reveals the -- are talking to. Potential targets in free agency this Saturday. So who stays and who goes I just rattled off the top ten salary cap figures for the New Orleans Saints. I'm I think we all agree Drew Brees pretty much untouchable the -- Jahri Evans Ben Grubbs Marcus Colston. 24. When the eight million dollars twenty point four million dollars. Between a three players right there Broderick Bunkley six point wants -- 34 million dollars. In four players. Saints have about one point five million dollars of operating room right now. Under the salary cap. For free agency. That's with trying to work got to deal with tight end Jimmy Graham. They've expressed interest in resigning in bringing back. Offensive tackle Zach Strief. A lot of wiggle room this point state do -- in season moves here. Next you know 472 hours they wanna be players in free agency. So who stays and who goes. Who simply not worth the money to 601878. Told 386688908. -- he's also weigh in on the text line and 8787 I so of the two maybe three players in the Saints are reportedly interested in dealing Lance Moore Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles. And it's harder coming grasp. Darren Sproles he did so much those Dolphins when he came in 2011. Pierre Thomas being here's a mainstay since being on drafted. In 2007. Lance Moore a great story is well undrafted guy in 2005 and put up great numbers in 2012. 65 catches career high in 2004. When yards six touchdowns. This past season now. Drastic drop off 37 catches for 107 yards two touchdowns in his three games with an injured wrist Pierre Thomas. -- 49. Rushing yards. A career high 77 passes for 513. Five touchdowns. He appeared every regular season game. Many suffered a chest injury that sidelined him for the post season maybe his most productive year all around over a thousand yards from scrimmage. Aged 49. Darren Sproles thirty. Lance -- thirty. To unite that's I'm as young why I'm aroused when I'm thirty. 35 now and -- 36 still feel young but. By NFL standards 4930. That's old. Especially running back there all through those players are probably at the tail end of their peak performance. And you know all likelihood. Darren Sproles Pierre Thomas. Lance Moore Moore thirty Sproles thirty Thomas 29. And they've been productive all three of those players highly productive. Of those to worry. Which one. Are you on a par with where you wanna keep new era he William and all three album. Salary cap figures -- one point five million dollar salary cap room. They're gonna work out a long term deal for Jimmy Graham potentially. Sacks three. Maybe add a player to a free agency. Tough decisions. I had. Lot of money tied up between four players I rattled off earlier Jahri Evans being -- Marcus Colston and Brodrick Bunkley a 34 million dollars tied up right there. 260187. -- -- 38668890870. And a physical at times for. The fans we talk about guys are on the saints' roster that helped them win a suitable. Pierre Thomas. And Lance Moore Darren Sproles wasn't around that 09 championship run but contributed greatly to their 2011 playoff wrong which. That team might have been better than neo nineteen. And it's difficult it's emotional. You don't wanna see some your favorite players leave. But mean this is part of the process in the NFL unfortunately for fans. They got to stand by and watch it all happen but. I mean. From the saints' perspective. He had no choice. You know it goes back to a when they're done give new utility animal player it's -- -- audio C later. The way it works in the NFL. You can't hold on the aging veterans. That have huge salary cap it's. Bernard investor in -- on W well. -- -- Are you are going to reiterate. Do applaud the -- for a track to make a -- There -- rules in the industry. You have told that no fear that we -- about it it was. What it's time for the players -- you know part ways with these -- people that we love -- -- we have to be young adult position. You know. We've looked at the New England Patriots will look at this episode before Ferdinand. -- -- -- -- And we need to it is certainly the biggest soap before and Patriot and in the release some Indy regional in this is the same it's a necessity. We need to really -- we need to yesterday at the receiver position we we we would have been in the field because that position. And right and it wouldn't it would. Would. -- it and we can do. Right and its rules in yet to will be marked the opportunity to do shall decided -- be seeking to do so the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't our. And it you right in on a necessary evil looking to get for Pierre Thomas what can you -- for Lance Moore. Late round picks. Fifth 67 round both guys were on drafted however productive. In their time with the Saints. Looking you get Darren Sproles give me a little harder to get out. Funny to Saints grasp. He can command now -- on the again in the third fourth round in aggregate number one number two for and not a thirty years old. How would think. Might get a third. Was the value. Of those three players to another team and if they don't. In a consummate a trade with somebody. Another team. I'll expect the NC at least two of those players either -- Restructure and take a pay cut. Or may be released. The cold though as a -- you look at it. I get it. Your favorite players. 260187. It's all free 8668890870. Darren Sproles four point three million dollars. Against the cap his base salary 3.4. Million dollars. Lance -- five point one million. Base salary of three point one me a text message here at 8787. Me way too much money for more now more than at all maybe one or two million a year at best not five million. Tony on the West Bank. You're on WWL Tony. I'd aggression. -- looked -- at saint wouldn't be and salary cap issues. And I'm not just picking on on the same time and I -- they -- and what other teams upon himself in this situation do -- -- here. I wouldn't be greedy and -- -- for him and it's a temporary it is absolutely which ain't. Flyers around you to make between. An odd thing you think I check it. Mark Ingram think it would be an upper round pick -- up I think it really hit some important. I think -- -- great running back idiot difference maybe it seemed like the on the ball excellent pitching like that urged you know look at it on the ball a lot. I think that's strange haven't -- Mark -- out parachute because that's awfully well -- quarterbacks. -- -- -- to. Comment on the green and I -- too much money. Were. I disagree on both fronts. Law I had a good day alive first off -- choices you have -- for Drew Brees and oh by the way. They're not these plays like greedy amid attorney market value it's it's the league that allows in the -- and as the game. Is the system that's set up. There's millions billions of dollars in and they wanna get their piece. It's fair mean owners are making a lot of money off of them why should they get a cut. That's all are trying to do their creamy he's a premium player. He's trying to get paid like a premium player. As all premium players would. As far as Mark Ingram what's his trade value. Not I wouldn't think as much as Pierre thomas' oh by the way. His cap figure not nearly as high. And look at the dollars in this. We've done about potential moves doesn't make is months since they don't we have as much cap space. By letting go of a guy like Mark Ingram. Oh by the way look at -- Mark Ingram not 29 years old. I'm running back standards. That's you know up there who Altman now Jamie Dukes and FL network analyst joining us now on the DL I'm sure you heard the news about. Potentially Saints shopping Pierre Thomas and Lance Moore. Might be willing to listen off first. Floor Darren Sproles. Surprised by -- in this. What golden eagle and a -- surprise -- the other guys what value do they have. Seventh round pick -- Welker. Yeah that sounds don't ask that. I've been part of the back of the younger fresher legs -- bit lucky at some of the -- but you're only eighteen million running back that are available. Told bat not a big deal there. Matt Moore basically just disappeared. Over the last season so all. What value was there and we'll put somebody younger fresher. I think so. All that doesn't make sense the small things that I've bewildered as -- you have to comedic. He's one of the more unique players in the National Football League and so that you know -- I would I would be here originally questioned whether or not he would be one of the guys that will be there. Sproles appearing in fifteen games last season 220 yards on the ground 71 catches for 604 and a year for total touchdowns. None in the return game four point three mean that mean dollars against the cap does that equate to return. Yeah I mean it would have probably -- -- a reporter because I'm black and that with a bucket and that number you can't find. But that -- more if you know we could trim that number but I've certainly put Drew Brees would not be look at it try to get -- -- more weapons. He's got Jimmy Graham I don't know them other guys you know -- the -- -- yes and they you have bowl. I know he. No unproven commodity you still got one dimension. That that's you know that's the quality quality production party running. So for me I'm co Q okay we needed him having those dollars -- what at all dot. -- for players. Take about 36 million dollars of cap space Jahri Evans being Grubbs two offensive lineman Marcus Colston. And and a Brodrick Bunkley at defensive tackle of those four. Whose age if you're Mickey Loomis who are you going to of those four and say hey you gotta come off some of that tonight cash. -- -- you you would get caught with everybody I've never been one that paid a lot of money and commentary allotment would like sacrilege. I did feel you can bet money that tackles. Now I'm -- that you want to tackle that deserve that kind of money and Kevin obviously is you know the big time player. And sometimes you find those exceptions to the -- it grows a great player in this league as well. So what I look at you know. I did you ever get a fair enough adding that kind of money in my interior line. Told yes I think that that kind of but fundamental flaw there. -- how they -- because you want at best only in the stat book look at who has awed by you could find quality guys. The put him in the middle. -- -- -- -- -- Jamie -- FL network here on sports talk in the Jamie free agency starts march 11 officially but. Teams can start negotiating. On March 8 do you think there's a team out there that's could have been that would be willing to. Say let's see was Jimmy Graham and asking price would be in let's make a phone call and would they be willing give up two number ones to get him. I don't think anybody in the suitable for -- -- and she's. It just -- I have a pretty good pick about -- yeah I mean you look at what's happening with a lot of reps at what they gave -- argued pretty. And I still believe that they've made the right will be giving up 43. But. Or any other position where they're just not work with the -- got to get in the ball first. Goal. I don't the any team at all coming -- you know giving up a -- in this case especially in the economic times that you have human being. Work on that -- -- one -- at fourteen then. If you -- yeah that would you structure. It's -- higher value -- it they run their coveted even more now under this CB way than they were four years ago. Exactly because of this ilk that have predicting -- I've and -- look at it will be out there but. Now when you -- quality what happened five years. 4748. Million dollars shoot you don't you don't pick -- They went -- from shop and at Neiman Marcus to cost go. But in terms of in terms of that the bargains -- you can find out their Jamie -- inning and before Ellis to run and has great dog days. But that limit your composure throughout the war I think that. What they have to figure out when it right now -- -- -- all of these these pass happy team. They're not going to be the top all the NFC. So somehow some way -- about the reintroduced the -- you'd be fine. But I think from the opposite sides of the ball. Back got to be re introduced -- New Orleans in Atlanta anywhere else if you want to -- if you're trying to compete you've got to be physical pleasure that. You know tampering important Lotto without. So you think they're kind of change in the way that the -- -- model is built now. Given that the -- -- -- as much power effectively as we are yeah the tree that they're looking at the best one. Paul ratio that would -- you didn't run pass ratio on the gold standard you've got up and visited the residual effects okay. If you're in the all that we could be let go because because of what happened in training camp. That means you don't beat them because you're one in the ball that's how -- physical when you run when you talk and you work on that -- -- bit -- That's when -- double. And that's why you saw basically he ever took with them I think the Denver because it won't be that would have been typical. And the issue and that's how Victor -- -- -- especially in the and a week if you're not if you might have ST if not more work. Inching way to put it Jamie -- NFL network. Thanks a bunch you guys out will have a comprehensive free agency coverage starting on Tuesday march 11 thinks about that time Jamie we appreciate it. I'm 45 minutes to go here 530 LSU men's basketball back to phones we go Kerry in New Orleans -- on a WWL carry. I'm Goodman thanks for the call. And I'll -- -- -- well as well. Public PPL like he had my pinkie. I don't know any other dramatic and run screen better than him. So I was trying to keep you know -- put in that it -- -- the people that you want to publicly and -- Lance Moore is part of it. You know didn't look like government go about it. It -- -- won't elaborate -- I moved from receiver you're going to -- another I didn't created the current program. In the NC you can get like Barkley called him over the got to restructure. There are there contract. Not too much the last that there although you know. You split hairs tight -- receiver movement. Wide receiver with a -- Graham you can still -- -- you can still -- a tight and it really it just depends on how used you movement in his scheme these. In other and they they move around so much -- really doesn't matter now. I as far as you know Pierre Thomas and you know the value there are getting you right he is the best screen game a running back the Saints have certainly and I just wonder though the running back position overall has been devalued so much in the NFL because. -- -- that what is -- one -- two. Mean -- you know. Ball carries for every team I -- the them talk about there might be one and Adrian Peterson and another team outside of that I mean Marshawn Lynch for Seattle. But outside of that -- I don't know by -- three or four guys. Get by committee and it's such a -- position and we've seen the success the teams have had. And namely the Saints at finding. Undrafted guys I mean listen. Pierre Thomas is on -- Chris Ivory undrafted Kerry Robinson undrafted Oakland running backs right there that this regime has found. -- it that the draft them. So they they've got to feel like they can find that production. Elsewhere now might have B and one player might be into. But but. The -- that position I think. Is so. Devalued now that they did they feel like eight hiking I get that back and you'll find another. Another Pierre Thomas are another player similar and skill set now Darren Sproles. I think you'd be hard pressed to get a guy that brings what he brings. But. How much of his prime -- still have left -- -- You saw the touches wane a bit last year in terms of carries but he was highly productive in the passing game. So the easy he brings a unique skill set. To this offense and now I Wanda Howell. Quickly you can find a replacement for him I think he's part of replace honestly then Pierre Thomas. The year that I got a -- to -- a little questionable -- everybody looked at an early in the week about getting to number one. Possibly could give a ground ball to the following. Comment about that is I don't know we -- -- Jimmy -- I mean what would that would number one pick before and. We'll listening yesterday. I don't carry out invite you and because I don't wanna I wanna rehash that. But I would invite you to go back and look. And since 2006. There's you know I pick three teams that won Super Bowl since 2006 the Colts the Seahawks in the Saints go back and look. At their first round picks as well. And go back and objectively look. At the saints' first round picks and say truly what is -- What is kind of 5050. In what was a hit in. You'll actually be pleasantly surprised that they've done better than I think people think. They've done all this there on par kind of with the Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks I mean honestly so if you he gives you go back and look at it today and you'll. You might walk away from it thinking differently. Okay I -- Q -- -- you same to you saying you know. Figure I'm all right -- -- we've been man I don't read about it I wouldn't count on a -- did -- yeah. You know it's it's it's just stated we built this program -- -- the most dynamic players. That that we -- in the -- thing that we did in the integration burst type character. It goes into what he brought some pretty. Closest thing -- better than Reggie. Well if you told -- he can actually you know that they were ready do it obviously you don't do a catalyst to really bring the excitement. I think -- being so predictable that don't remember exactly where our world whenever you put extra bit that you -- availability. You can go out lap that data for the Texans made Detroit so you know you can't discount that mean. Put everything gets pulled his talent to put it this date this critic yeah I don't know the thing about that the you -- to get around those guys. What we did different weapons in terms of drew -- those different the different weaponry -- don't believe in you you're you're you're -- Kind of. -- -- echoed. Things that sentiment that appetite for very terrible time. Absolutely -- to breathe it in. Don't -- you'll agree you appreciate getting him more nineteenth in that type of. -- that type of leadership that type of -- Of mentality -- -- editors but it football IQ. Which Republicans and defense and the decade in two decades district public timing couldn't get to. What was done it feels like -- did it every time. I walk to open Q talk about Drew Brees breaking records tendon in all of apparently it is specific opponent that creek. But -- is the day. If we can make it to -- that couldn't see it. When you let it come against teams that are going to be tough for me it is critical with guys in in the deal. That you don't do. It. Yeah I think I mean Chuck -- Iran but other -- Jamie -- is dead on its gonna change the way I not changed very simple way. Teams are gonna win championships. Run the ball their pass run ratio not extraordinary. And very very physical defense I think the Saints are on their way of getting to that physical defense and on par with its tariffs of Seattle. They're getting there or Carolina. Anthony Walter -- Got a half hour left for -- she basketball squeeze in. Next hour to 60187 at all for 866889087. This is sports talk on WB well.