WWL>Topics>>3-6 5-5:30pm Kristian, Saints free agency

3-6 5-5:30pm Kristian, Saints free agency

Mar 6, 2014|

Pierre Thomas, Lance Moore and Darren Sproles may be salary cap casualties for the Saints as free agency approaches. Where would you trim the fat?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lots of folks want to weigh in here welcome into our number two of sports talk on WW LA -- WWL dot com crushing -- in four Deke Bellavia. Course the report from ESPN. That Darren Sproles. Pierre Thomas. Lance -- The last two on the trading block in the team considering are willing to listen to offers. For Darren Sproles. Phone lines jammed up let's get right to it Anthony. On a cell phone you're on W -- Anthony. Take out some credit. Went more. -- Really to me I don't understand that popularity is he's basically go courier on one and then. And -- and so I'm not prior you won't be next year here. And it is. Years back. -- look at production this year Orton. What either cheap out. On. Line and -- and the fact that where we haven't actually really. I'll. Bet on ought one. I think I if you ask me Zach -- and his best year. As a -- enough to use their most consistent offensive lineman last year. -- -- I don't I don't -- -- She was like oh we're lucky seven sacks. I mean you can't hit -- Our. With that offense -- did improve once they made a move to Toronto on that on staff -- a -- that. First half they -- Carolina. Look at it that offensive line improved with protection and in the running game so I I don't know that totally agree with that need to go out and just. Relocate them potentially along the offensive line because you know that's that's you know that's relies so much on the on continuity and I don't really want change three or four parts of there it's not analyst and an idea. Well I am actually a man -- Question I think that you mr. last year. But I've been strong all year and you money I think he got. You know. Or on. On. I don't really get that some as an unfortunate part about Anthony I don't know you get a third a fourth round pick. Well for Sproles maybe but. -- Here here and I'm more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're more they're like. And there's -- you know guys like you and my rookie year screen. Really well. -- -- don't keep morale for the screen game you don't pay him. Two point nine million -- for the screen in Anthony thanks for the phone call what do you what are you are doing in there. I'll do like the Harlem -- in there and that now means Shelden Williams Ellis and Danny and they're doing I don't know what they're doing dance a little bit. They're excited. 32 -- Daria then -- keep me entertain that's for sure. Love the great outdoors well WB well wants to -- you annual hunting and fishing buddies to the 35 annual Louisiana sports has -- festival march 13 through the sixteenth at the Lamar Dixon -- centering Gonzales get ready for the big -- contest. Kids' village. And -- vice favor the splash dogs listen to sports talk all week 40 PM. When you hear the duck call that your -- call our win line. We'll give you that number if you're lucky caller number eight you -- to -- from the station loves Louisiana's great. Outdoors. WWL Walter on -- West Bank you're on to WW. What the hell out you -- the other question I have that look -- up with Barrett kept. In the pot the -- trade grant many about a running back Claude draft joy and picked up by -- -- but. In a lot receive about that that we have right now. Is it possible yes I made in that. In popped up like that and it would that we can we get that much for Graham. That -- Can we get that much but rampant we trade Graham the tight end in picked up the bat but. You know and a lot at the. Well yeah I mean I think he's worth two players are two picks or what have you obviously. The Saints are -- -- -- By allowing him to be non exclusive franchise tag and potentially -- two number one picks I think he can volley get more but. What I what's attracted to me about that we talked about it. Yesterday in a caller really pointed out more so than me is that not only would you get 21 round picks but. You know essence we get to other players because they've not -- that you save by not paying at tight end Jimmy Graham twelve million dollars per season one more phone call Devin on the causeway you're on. -- -- Very -- and didn't. I'll let another one wait and and correct me if I'm wrong. -- talent and Darren Sproles should have been -- the most productive players on the all England. So they came back. Opposite extreme. Is expendable. And more expendable just. Book the fact when they get that generally. Yeah. I stop you for a second -- Okay so that I why wouldn't disagree with -- they have been two of the more productive Saints in their time right but. You're not paying him for what they did. I mean ultimately it's about what you forecast and project them to be able to contribute. And at 2930. You've got up fairly. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's about the that's about the age -- you start see a decline especially the running back position so while they were productive. How productive. Are they going to be is a question I think he got a way to say that that's a hard one that's a hard one. Because we've seen thirty year old running backs thirty when your backs have a good couple of seasons. I'll open it yet promise and parents all vote panel that left in the tank. But what a lot different lot of people call and then they're talking about or aren't in talent there's -- Nobody mention and Joseph Morgan nobody mentioned and they -- JR. Any panic -- replace player. Mom and oh -- into. You know those those pre season against guys that we're out of the league. After awhile and Joseph Morgan unknown ACL injury back inside double coverage to man gave -- to Atlanta G Bobbie we're joined now like. We are everywhere by LSU tiger head coach. Paul and Mary. Coach from an area you know and good morning good morning good morning and you guys ever because have a game up in that neck finish. We here and there were getting ready to board a bus here and couple minutes since. However waited about three and has characterized an activist played Northwestern State and fortunately we -- stressed planned Tuesday. The weather was bad we couldn't get across -- chancellor river so hooked it off and rescheduled for today. And coach kind of brings me right in my next question which is because of the rescheduling. And the game last night -- one regret. You're in the middle of a five games in five days streak what unique challenges does a stretch like that present. Well it presents challenges in some ways it's a great opportunity and others. You know it's it is what it is you can consider it whining complain because you know it's nobody's fault the weather. Didn't cooperate on Tuesday -- no days off between. To the you know Wednesday and Friday's game which took place finder of the challenges obviously with the pitching staff. You know it's gonna stresses a little bit there. But we got off to a good start last night Brady domain gave three good innings checked piercing gave this to a new. Nate Syria has stepped up and gave us two outstanding innings. So you know we've we used a couple of guys -- wanted to Egypt PA and we should have almost everybody available today tomorrow. You know it's if -- in in pitches deep into the game they handle can do the same tomorrow and we should be okay did through the week. But that present that's probably the only challenge I think the positive is that. We get to play five days in a row and for the hitters think it is. It is a lot of pitches they get to play a lot of innings and Cabrera terribly go to Vanderbilt next week and I would think would be locked tendencies and. For -- as we talked deal last time you one in the Yale series two games one at that last game. Your bullpen had a few issues you give up all eight runs he surrendered between the fifth and eight anytime you just take us through take our audience through that game a little bit and kind of what went wrong in the back in that game. Well I will need to keep talking about a game was played several days ago but I Wilford since we haven't talked in a while. You know that started with you know we had six -- -- -- lead they had and scored on this in 22 straight innings. Think critical and it pitched -- really outstanding innings at a lot of ground balls people aren't break the worst group and everything up on the left side of the incidents. The collector and awaiting an easy victory in the Indy did it give you credit they they went out there in the fifth inning and they get five straight base itself of -- and scored four runs and has five hits. So it it got them back into the game and then as you mentioned. The bullpen. You know gave up the road in this I think it's six and -- in the seventh to tie the ballgame and and we get -- late innings it was just one of those deals where. Every ball we hit was right at somebody they've made -- unbelievable diving catch on -- on the -- in the eighth inning would have at least tied the game. And you know we had two guys on in scoring position in the ninth Paterno more just a missile -- to -- -- in the game. And they're winning rally was a couple of bonds you know they never in this swinging bunt they never get the ball test it or so that's way baseball is. The tickets that we turned the page and we're moving forward and we'll learn from Edmonton in and it give credit to our opponent and you know hopefully we'll have a lot of successes we go forward. Coach Paul and -- joining us here. On double coverage to go three and I had to bring that up is because your pitching staff so far this season to ten games has been so dominant. Yes so impressive even more impressive perhaps than you were even last year at this time with. One of the best pitching groups that you. Ever had number one pick up that was in the Yale game but the rest of the year. I tell you from the front into the back end of your bullpen has just band. Outstanding is this even better than you thought it would be at this point. Well I don't twist it's it's better than the order or whatever but you know it was a concern goaltenders that -- doubt about -- anytime you lose. Seven of your top eleven pitchers from -- staff the year before. Are you going to be concerned we have some great pitching last year. You know -- need to as a second round draft choice as a starter we -- Chris -- it was just amazing all year. -- -- -- -- -- -- ball land in and will look marsh where tremendous had a double and force Kevin Berry has his moments where it really helped the slot. Those are a lot of guys in what year. And so we weren't really sure where we're going to -- it fortunate for us we have what I think to be the best pitching coach in the entire country and Alan Dunn. And when I watch these two new kids from the first day of fall practice where we are right now the improvement to -- to continuously make his amazing. And you got to give more credit you know these kids work hard to believe in themselves they believe their coach. You know an -- and they get the job done and you know sometimes. You -- you will not everybody can be blessed with a 93 hour fastball so futility. Tried to 88 miles an hour. You better do some other things since he had a figure which you can do well -- yeah I think for the most part they've they've really shown well for themselves I'm really proud of them. Now pitching you're definitely -- while twelve games played five shut outs in this ball game after the games you allowed one run. Judgment there you've worked a few different guys in that clean up spot this season with -- hale having the most success. -- somebody like me who doesn't necessarily understand the nuances. Of the game. Can you speak to the importance of having a consistent cleanup hitter so that teams can't pitch around a guy like Alex -- batting third. Well you just mentioned the importance of the people that you got to simply protect -- that it went very well never do anything good to hit. Big time hale is. He reminds me a lot of great for a put in the same categories rate -- said. But the greatest kickers and LSU baseball history -- two time all American led the nation in hitting and so forth. He. Connors who is -- and it is the same type considered in this sense that. He doesn't strike out much effect I don't think you struck out on a year. At one time. When you put the ball in play consistently you have chance to find holes. And his sometimes are now. Struck particularly hard the greens got himself a few hits that weren't exactly you know. Frozen ropes. But he bet when you hit the ball consistently sometimes it is hard sometimes -- -- in the gaps occasionally hit it over the fence. But you have the chance to make something positive happen and I think turner Gil as a lot like that he's gonna drive in some runs Forrest he's going to be a top talent. Yesterday it beautifully executed hit and run that was it at a pivotal time in the game it created a two run rally forests. And like -- I think he's a good ballplayer and I think he's settled and that four hole -- -- -- in the five hole has. Who are right now -- -- thirteen man hitting so. You know you lose can't choose rimes and you were like for basically do about the pitching staff but I think Duke -- stepping up into it and managed to. We -- a lot of baseball replace -- that jury's still out but I took a very confident these kids. Coach Bob and -- joining us here on double coverage is tiger's ten and Q&A as Tebow upset in the middle of this five games in five days stretch -- A national top ten ranking if you play Northwestern State today on the road. And in Purdue in a three game series. Over the weekend coach. Are graciously joining us this morning good luck this weekend in death got to make it says safe up there and -- OK okay yeah it's a strategy you good luck. -- -- How -- those your baseball coach Paul and -- on double coverage earlier this morning with said Dunlap antibody there of course the Tigers. Have Purdue for three games at the box this weekend their basketball team and actual hand off to. The Ellis to Sports Radio network here momentarily. Hows -- basketball action tonight. As well the on. What yet Vanderbilt. On the road not too good for the Tigers all -- away from the merits. Assembly center the team that to an eight this year. Eight Nate in the SEC. Seventeen and eleven overall. But the road has not been too kind. To the LSU basketball men's basketball team. Big thanks to Shelden Williams a master controls. About -- get through. Also thanks Eddie -- via -- in firm with for him the last couple days and love doing that and Monday morning I'll be back on double coverage -- -- about 69 AM excuse me Tuesday morning march 11 free agency. Given the way that same day also this weekend over -- teams can start negotiating. With those players on Saturday march 8 and course full swing on March 11 so stay tuned to WL 8:7 AM and 105 point three. -- For the latest on the black and gold on Kristian -- in for the big chief Deke Bellavia simplify am out.