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Scoot Show 3-6 8:30pm, Cars

Mar 6, 2014|

a new study lists the top 10 cars most likely to go over 200,000 miles in their lifetime….is your car on the list? What’s the most mileage you have ever put on one car? What car did you own years ago that you still wish you were driving today?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our show got a delayed start to our show many of you just heard -- issue beat Vanderbilt in SEC basketball player which is certainly good news. Terrible talk about a new study that lists the top ten cars most likely to go to 200000 miles or more. And I'm sure you're not going to be surprised which cars number one. And which cars really number two. How many miles do you have on your car or your truck. What's the most mileage you -- reportedly car. -- -- real thing back on cars we've had that -- loved -- we still love them even though we don't have them anymore. What Carty you -- -- she were driving talk about that on the show and I'd like to think of a cup. Nine in my past that I just love didn't you think back on this course Billy bush still had a car. Which always be proud of our culture. Does it matter who we are we should always be proud of our culture. But what if adhering to your culture. Is not healthy. The state of Mississippi is in cleared the most obese state in America. According to a new poll. And many are saying that it's the cultural cuisine. It's the laid back lifestyle the culture that. This -- -- but the laid back lifestyle. It is contribute to Mississippi being America's most obese state now Louisiana's number four on the list of the most obese state. A lot of people credit that to the fried food Christine that we need and kind of vote laid back attitude here in Louisiana. It's interesting that no state in this entire part of the country. Made the list of the ten. Least most of these states. In the early 1990s there was a debate in San Antonio. Over traditional Mexican food being served in public schools because the food did not. Meet the new nutrition standards and it was considered to -- for the kids but it was a it was a big. Calls to remove the food but then there were other people switching -- you can't remove the food this -- and Tony of this is part of their culture. And it's the part of the culture of so many of the kids that were in school and in San Antonio. Many argued that even though was unhealthy it was part of their culture so which is more important maintaining culture. Or being healthy. And and you can maintain your culture but today at issue. Encompass a point where you admit that eating fried food all the time eating unhealthy food all the time line that maybe part of your culture is in good. It may have been better for people in the past because people were more active in the past. If you acted like. The generations before you as -- in your culture that may be eating those foods in the same amount would not have been a bad thing. But he has become a bad thing because people are not as active as they once were also there's a new study that shows that putting a television in a child's bedroom. Is went to child obesity. Is the TB to -- or is -- the parents' willingness to allow their child the opportunity to spend too much time in their room watching TV. And also Tony we're talk about whether or -- you had a TV growing up in your room. I did not I don't remember when I first had a TV in -- room and I did not have a TV effect I don't. I don't know that I had a TV in my room until I left and was on my own. Did you grow up with the TV in your bedroom. And your kids have a TV in their bedroom and is there any limit on the amount of time that they can spend in their bedroom away from you as a family. Watching TV. If you enjoy an issue with a comic tonight about -- we were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. -- -- -- -- It's a 77. Also tonight we'll talk about cellphones they're everywhere almost everybody has a camera video recorder with them at all times this isn't this isn't a new moment in the world. He didn't used to be like us you know you have to have your camera with a you'd have to go get -- camera but now everybody has a camera with him. Your picture can be taken anywhere anytime by anyone. And apparently. So can some areas. Of your body that she thought might be private. Massachusetts lawmakers have approved legislation to stop. Those who secretly take photographs or videos. Of the sexual or other intimate parts of the woman or children in public places. This week the State's High Court in Massachusetts ruled that a man. Who took cellphone photographs are the skirts of female passengers riding on the Boston subway. Did not violate the law. And I remember when I was on the -- in Seattle there was controversy about this in in Seattle Washington. It was not illegal. To take photographs. Up somebody skirt. Even though it's a private place on your body since it's in a public place. It's it's illegal to photograph it I don't know if that is ever been challenged your Louisiana or in this in this part of the country. Do you agree with the law making it illegal to take photographs up the sort of vote on a woman or. To take not a picture of and disgusting as this is. A Childs. A private place of a child if it's if it's valuable. In public view. And and couldn't put anything could be done to actually stop people taking these pictures. And and are you bothered that people can take your picture anyplace anytime if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here we simply text amber is 87 -- 87 from New Orleans Eric here on the -- show good eating. Eric. -- -- -- -- Did you have a TV year old girl and I'm a little delicate. Never did. What it graphic -- it. And I hit -- -- in the -- and about Obama and you know. Now you kids yet giving -- the TV room. Yet they had TV news you took amount all the added that it detonated but it tracked in. And they. So you your kids had TV in the bedroom what you took you took the mound. Yeah. And a hot -- they react to that today with a you can open. It. Well. You know that would go over so well with most it came. Out and when -- -- opportunity and while. Erica I'm. Like to call the show and thanks for listening and I think is an interesting discussion. They're going to be people who were gonna blame television and blame programming. And blamed the commercials on TV commercials about things that you can consume. For obesity but I don't think it's that. Is it really more. The fact that there's a TV in the bedroom and the fact that their kids can seek that solitude. That passive activity of just sitting in the rooms indefinitely. At watching television. I don't think the problem is that TV in the bedroom itself. The problem is more parents that might not set limits on how long the kids can spend in the bedroom. Watching. Television. If you and enjoyed our -- an -- numbers 2601872. -- free 8668890. Point seven. In a text numbers -- 7870. Here's attacks TVs were invented when you were a kid yes they will. Actually work. Here's a text about cars 421398. Miles. On my 203. F 150. Driving. After. Finishing this text -- Our border -- are more vehicles are coming up. It's dispute show live from New Orleans it's Thursday night already and we had a big break in this part of the country -- -- -- but it's it's almost the weekend in the weather is going to be great this week and so. I hope you make your plans to get out and it. Ever coming right back after this break on WWL a new study lists the top ten cars that are most likely to get 200000 miles. Number one on the list was the Honda Accord number two was the Subaru Legacy will have the full list for -- It makes me think about cars that that I I've I've had in the past what's the what's the most mileage you've ever put on the card can detect just a moment ago from Saudi. Over 421000. Miles on his 2003. -- and it. Oh yeah 2003 okay that's -- at 2003 F 150. 400 twit with those -- you if you take care of a card did they really do they really do last -- it changed the oil changed the transmission fluid changed the timing belt if you need to change one of those analysts in a while. Just take your. How much have you driven a car and does this make you think back on some of the cars that you still wish you had I could think of cars that I I got rid of because I had a chance to get another car so I got rid of it and I got another car. A new car. And I think backing -- I wish I still would have had some of those cars back. Which car that you still think about that you you wish you had back and how many miles you have when your car if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. -- number 8778. Ross are talking about the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Ruled that a man who took photographs with his cellphone up the skirts of female passengers riding on a Boston subway. Did not violate the law and that inspired -- Massachusetts lawmakers today to approve legislation to stop anybody secretly taking photographs or video. Of these sexual or other intimate parts of a woman or child. Even if the -- a public place. -- texas'. If you let it hang out and don't be surprised if somebody snaps it. Should people be allowed to take those pictures I guess that's. I guess that's part of their freedom that we have in America -- yeah I mean it's it's sick and demented to think that somebody's going around doing that. Without somebody's knowledge and and this was a big controversy. Gets in the mid nineties bill late nineties late nineties was on the Seattle. This was a big controversy they're somebody's going around taking pictures of the garments of women. And it was perfectly legal to join -- -- with your -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And it -- a receipt sanity Saturday for -- George -- -- on the -- show good evening. -- -- my first car was. 1970s. Tune Chevrolet. Shoot at all. 3072. Barrel. To -- He -- still remember. That. Spot magic eight tracks. Player and it rush and the cheers when my first eight track. Outputs and blackjack -- on -- -- -- holly. Two barrel put on -- I had cherry bomb off on it while. -- You know on. -- -- -- Blue. And that call or a pocket on another call like that even looked on line. Trying to find on a 72 should bell it was not a -- -- we know interior. And and -- frame Nagel for 20020. 30000. Dollars. So that's a car you would -- you wish she still had that car. Oh man scooter but still and that car right now -- -- -- around. And some man grooms on it. -- -- Although Iran. -- -- -- -- -- I tell you what type of mistake -- that was my first -- page 700 dollar. Or allow. George are going to draw is showing especially coming -- much lousy of on the car yet you drug right now. Apple's board -- one if these -- -- 68000. Miles on and I got it Toyota Corolla. -- 54000. -- on -- -- just bought a Ford F 150. 302000. Miles on -- 2003. And it reminded her -- likely to hit it's so quiet. And they did vehicle and maintain its current synthetic oil limited is old changes so as long as you don't let it run hot. You keep gold changed it. Google retreat for a thousand mouse can. George are glad to draw the Sharia that's that's the thing that you know you need to do you need to take carrier vehicle. Time this makes me think about the very first story overhead but I got to take a break that'll tell you about them of the sun -- did you are -- be envious of the very first card that I -- and I would love to have that -- today. It would be worth so much I was so fortunate to have this is my very first car. But I gotta tell -- I you know I I went I went to a number of years recently in my life without a car. And I recently got a car. And it's like it's I think it's in 2003. And has a 169000. Miles on it. But disservice right this woman kept service records on this car and it's in great shape and right now this is my favorite car. But I do think back on my very first car the payments were 53 dollars a month. Got a financed. I was working at a gross and a lot are out I'll tell you certainly connect if you wanna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. A text -- 77 a lot of text about people on. A driving cars for many many miles and they're still running well will get to your calls and those -- coming out. Next maybe it's because -- gone a couple of years in my life recently with without a car that -- appreciates what I have now but it's it's just look at it every day and vote on every -- -- -- considered in her garage. And it's it's I've lived downtown and worked downtown still. Want to workers still walk home still walked to distort and -- back but I -- at least have according to to some of the things that I I need to get to. But to I just see -- it just is so it just seemed so perfect in my life right now but I I would I think when I talk about cars that. I've had in the past tonight and you can take of course if you've had in the past. I think about my very first car. Imagine if I still it is today. 1965. Navy blue. Mustang convertible. White top. Bucket seats stick shift. And -- We got it from I I guess I wish I guess it was 1516 it was a it was you baby -- to 196665. Or 66. And it just was a classic. Mustang. Original navy blue with a white topic -- on the street was going to college and he was selling it and I don't remember how much it cost efficient miracles B 53 dollars a month. And I realize that as well as working at a grocery store bagging groceries and they do and check out and and just by -- block in the shelves. And I realized that I was working to pay for car. That I only had time to drive to work because I had to work to pay for the car. And at the time. That was the money that I was based I've really didn't have had a car but I didn't have any time to go anywhere to had to work to pay for the Carson thought that was kind of interest. We're talking about new a new list that has come out of the Carson most likely to go 200000 miles number one on the list was the Honda Accord. Number two was a Subaru Legacy. Do you think of a car that it's you really drove over. A 100000 over 200000 miles and and what's a card that you would -- load they have today and how many miles you have a new car right down for medicine Gil Gordon your WW real good evening. Details Tuesday to take in what's called Chicago. Listen I had in 1980. Low in the zone all of body pickup truck bought a brand new ran a call as -- -- put forty years every day. I have 468000. Miles on that -- -- it never even -- -- the bar and all it is the original timing chain. Was still -- months on truck broke down let him use it well -- I've picked out boarded up there and that. So do you still have this Toyota truck and your family. No well I don't I don't let let most sought to use it because -- -- his truck went down. In an -- -- and he lives a block and make our case publicize it and it and it round rate -- but a vote truck which still was still -- How many miles 468000. Miles -- didn't even smoke. Just kept fresh blood -- and it just terrible and you know we ought comeback for the largest city and you know you've -- much of look at what that was the most dependable vehicle that. So. And -- difficult place for a thanks for -- in a story let me get to double res textures attacks that missed the LSU score. I don't know what these extra I think it was 57 to 51 but L issued did beat Vanderbilt. In SEC basketball tonight. Here's a text to 2006. Shipping Malibu V6 turn 201000. Miles as I'm listening to the show runs great best car I've ever also somebody right now. Is it 2006. -- Malibu V6. It just turned 401000. Miles. While listening here's a text 2003 -- -- 363768. Miles and still running well. If you take care of it it'll run so how many miles do you have on your car. And what's a card that you remember that you love to have today this is dispute showed were coming right back after this news update on -- WL.