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Mar 6, 2014|

a new study lists the top 10 cars most likely to go over 200,000 miles in their lifetime….is your car on the list? What’s the most mileage you have ever put on one car? What car did you own years ago that you still wish you were driving today?

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It is you know it's not Chilean especially when you look at the calendar -- in March 6. It's cold outside and very windy as well that got my big coat on tonight and a scarf. And I but by the weekend it's gonna be very nice -- look at the forecast partly cloudy Saturday and Sunday with highs near seventy or in the low seventies so. It's going to be really really nice but it's another chilly night tonight now. Remember is gonna be so hot this summer. That even if you hate this weather right now. And it's march and your ready for warmer weather. Let's just enjoy it while it's here because it's gonna get hot this summer and there's going to be a time this summer when you're gonna think back and you're gonna go. I wish we had that cold weather again and so again while it's here. Let's embrace it goes so far it's it's been very very well with the exception -- draw a day overall. We've yet to even approach to really warm weather yet but it's it's coming. We should all be proud of our culture. Whoever we are but -- -- hearing to cultural things is not healthy. Then his culture really that important the state of Mississippi has been declared the most obese state in America according to a new poll and many say. That the reason is because of the cultural cuisine. The fried food and all the stuff that it is so much a part of this southern a traditional cuisine. But also it's the laid back lifestyle. Now Louisiana was number four on the list and no state in this entire part of the country made. The list of the top ten. Mo at least obese states. So nobody in this area know stay in this area is among the least obese states. And you know we do have great food but you don't have to eat all the time. Also in the early nineties there was a debate in San Antonio over Mexican food being served in public schools because the food was so fattening it didn't beat new nutritional requirements and guidelines. As a there was a call to remove some of the Mexican food from schools and many argued wait a minute. That's our culture and is the cultural part of many of the students who were in school in San Antonio and still are so even if that foods. Unhealthy dated when it removed because it was part of the culture. I think there comes a time when may be culture is an important as being healthy. And you can always have something to be part of your culture but you don't have to eat it as much. And you could never blamed the the food at the casino in New Orleans. Four. Do not looking the way you want to look because well you'd be in you can moderates which you consumed. Also voted to go along with there's there's a new study that shows that putting a television in a child's bedroom is linked to child obesity. Is TV the -- the problem is that to blame or is -- the -- willingness to allow their kids the opportunity to spend too much time in their rooms watching television. And I got a text a moment ago saying it's really not about TV anymore it's also about their tablets they're cellphones and computers. And that's true. It's not. It's not the technology. It's not the computer it's not the content to the computer it's not the television the content of TV as much as. It is the passive activity. Of city -- consumed with. The contents. On TV or a computer or or tablet for so many hours. And yeah I remember growing up I didn't have a TV in my bedroom. In fact. I can I don't think I had a TV in my room. Until in my bedroom until like I left him was who was on my own and and I guess. When I was first married I guess we -- I am I'm trying to think but I guess we had a a TV in the bedroom. But I don't specifically remember did you grow for the TV your bedroom. Andy your kids have TV they're different and is that the TV or is it really just the passive activity of watching television that's the bigger problem. -- are talking about this new list of on top ten cars most likely to make it to 200000 miles. At the study was done by. IEC cars dot com. Andy based the listings on thirty million vehicles that were advertised for sale overdue over the last year. And he looked at models from 1981 to 2010. And -- -- ranked the models based on the the percentage of that car that made it to 200000 miles. Honda Accord was number one. Subaru Legacy number two. The Toyota Avalon number three. The Honda Odyssey that -- van and affect -- only -- into the top ten Honda Odyssey was set for a Nissan Maxima. Number five. -- Toyota -- number six Ford Taurus number seven. Honda Civic number eight number nine was the Acura TL and number ten was the Subaru. Outback. Can you think of a car that you drove over a hundred over 200000 miles. John -- studio producer put appeared -- a computer screen 2000 Lincoln has a 190000. Miles on it. How many miles to -- on and can you think of a car that. You can you wish you had today there are those cars in our past. And we wish you would have taken better care of them we wish wouldn't have have gotten rid of them I mean I can think of cars that I wish I still had. And cars that I got rid of because well I collect you know I OK it's got some miles on it so I'm just gonna trade him because I can't I can get a new car. And I think I was stupid to do it. It was it was dumb to. Get rid of a car sometimes as soon as I would get rid of a cart I think back on some of the cars that I had including my first car. Is either 1965 or 1966. Navy blue mustang convertible white convertible top stick shift. Debt car was amazed at for your first car that was a great car if you at a join us with a comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 1870. To all free 8668. -- early seventy. In -- text of receipts and creates Havoc in a lot of text to get to get to this coming up just -- moment let's go to Picayune Lloyd you're on the -- show. Very. Good -- I have 2008. Buick Lucerne. And -- -- 306000. Miles while what's the secret. I don't like there is one. Porsche most mile mile road miles and I'd change -- whole course month dropped so much. I don't know I don't know that there's music. But that seems to be AT and end a lot of people don't maintain their cars and therefore they're worthless and they don't make it as long as say as long as they could. Now do you do other things other than just changed a real do you do you maintain a pretty well. Are pretty much you know I changed the transmission fluid thanks for the third time. I can't remember I think they recommend you do better read certain route browser on apparel and remember which is you know. Well I think probably. The best thing according to my mechanics and the people there about Turner's fault it is the fact that on -- -- -- Yet because there's less of that it is you know let's stop and go less accelerating and has been slowing down. It less Wear and tear on the engine if it's just steady highway miles. Right and that's probably 95% of mom now -- it has been highway miles I don't know. -- good for you Lloyd you'd you'd beat the system. Because they they they what you have to buy new cars only. And look there's nothing wrong with -- getting a new card nothing nothing smells better than that dead brand new car although. You know some cars just have a really distinction now you and you know you dispute you know you love the cars perceive it as soon -- -- Wouldn't like to share there was did did you ever a TV in your bedroom when you grew up. No as a matter -- And you you're probably too young to remember there's. But I grew up in long ones and I remember one -- L television remote air it was 1958. We had a role model the role of black getting like twenty inch. Screen television and the only channel week ago was channel six. That -- the issue. And then I was so for a Gold Coast. You know we have Butler channels or we could watching -- would be due to jail and more and channels. Find what you do you look at young people today and I mean several young generations not just the current young generation today. And you think how could they have survived with Aaliyah a couple of channels like we had. And that -- went off the air at midnight our -- shortly after midnight I remembered that the jets in the star spangled banner and it would go off the air -- the -- And it was like his does this buzzer or whatever the siren that bit but it brand. I used to get up on Saturday morning. And -- pattern was on when -- And the first thing that came on it was -- Howdy -- And Bennett would order Rogers and then it was Syrian analyst guy -- all right in a -- I have memories I have vague memories are of a couple of our shows and -- guy came to me and it made because the guy had a plane right there at his house -- had horses. There I didn't get any better than sky -- my dad was a a pilot in the navy in the navy reserve and I was growing up. And he was also one a pilot on his own so. We we sometimes would have access to two private planes and flies so -- -- sky king yeah I thought that guy and it made. Lloyd I enjoyed our conversation of graduates into WWL ignite if you're on hold stay with -- are gonna get your calls you're just a moment. Also more you're -- coming up here's a quick text. -- 2006. Dodge Caravan. 4161194. Miles no more work no transmission problem best vehicle I've ever owned. So how many miles do you have on your vehicle. Or what's a vehicle from your past that you still wish you had today and you put a lot of miles on it. If you and -- join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Text number states have VH seventy this is the -- show and we'll be right back on -- WL what's a car that you remember from your past that you. -- love you you still love it and you'd you'd love to be driving it today. -- -- had a couple of course that's when I was on Monday 97 and bid that was fun and it was flashy and and I honestly I can honestly tell you that was it was a fun time in my life and it was it was fun to have accordance. However. I don't know that that's something that I would we choose today. And then there was -- at the time in my life for hours back into the WL in the nineties. I had. Ram a black. Ram. Truck. Sport. -- We -- -- last tax. -- side rails. I mean this thing and everything it was. Amazing. And you know it got like 75000. Miles on it by you know I need to trade -- -- -- on insidious I traded -- and I I look back and you know I took care of that -- truck. And if I would continue to take care of it. I'm mighty would still have that today I mean that it was a classic classic truck I mean it had everything on. So his era on a car truck simply that you go to the passage. You wish you had today and how many miles do you have on your vehicle right now also if you're a mechanic in you know a lot of buy cars that you want to. Give us advice on how to best take care -- -- -- to keep it -- a 200000 -- were talking about this new list of -- vehicles that is out. From a website that did a study of a car's from 1981 to 2010. And these were cars they were on sale. They and they took the percentage. Of the cars that made it to 200000 miles and made a list of the cars that were most likely to make it to 200000 miles Honda Accord was number one Subaru Legacy. Was number two if you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And text -- -- 7740 text are coming up let's go to in the two GM Europe this crucial and heavy WL. -- -- -- Thank -- McConnell -- department talked. Look around what are your story lawyer or so ago. There. Already up to 200000 -- -- -- when you've got to needed 200000 -- Not -- -- over 200 now okay. -- -- feared that bodies. Were pretty year round trip while. -- you know one noble branded. Oh. Oh like tomorrow or -- -- Poor tall order but it -- now. Well while. There -- the cultural partner of chemical and follow. So much earlier age group that was so smoke. You could you could. Now. Not on -- order. To cooperate. You run today. -- -- on today. You're out -- 401. Now. -- you beat the system. And take ever car like that and you have a car that long you beat the system. -- -- and -- take care of the interior is well. Richard. Jim us grade and endeared -- you don't feel the need to go on and get anything new right now. Well -- remember financial collar so you know that's just sort of some -- I don't -- the optimal blend -- -- they're not around town. But it is gonna be hard feet apart with -- is a yacht cars become very personal force. -- around. A 1990. Park -- grand marquis right now with. Eight top -- original models that now that's not burning any fuel is it. Aren't pretty good on -- let's head to Chicago but it they're marketed tonight -- not -- and it got real mom. Jim thanks to those stories. By choosing to them -- -- at night here is a Texan -- currently driving a 2007 Toyota Camry. With 2181657. Miles using lots of oil previous camera had 289000. When I sold it prior to that I had two other camrys 260000. Plus. Live in Louisiana work in Mississippi. Equality -- camera has gone down. With each design. And next horrible see it's interesting you know everybody's gonna have their -- stories about cars that. But the fact that some of these cars are still on the road today isn't really. And an amazing tribute to -- it and it even American -- and a guy called the little while ago. A two and a 2008. Buick Lucerne with 306000 miles on it but he's taking care of it. Here's a -- 1995 Dodge Caravan 374000. Miles still running synthetic oil. A lot of people into the synthetic oil. Here is. Taxed. As skewed this should be a wake up call to US auto makers in nine out of the top ten. For an all our -- none of the top ten afford autos -- look at that list again. List of the top ten cars that are most likely to go to 200000 miles according to the web site. Icy cars dot com and they they base this on thirty million vehicles that were advertised for sale during the last year. -- looking at models from 1981 to 2010. And taking the largest percentage. That made it to 200000 plus miles. Honda Accord was number one. Subaru Legacy number two. Toyota Avalon three. Honda Odyssey number four Nissan Maxima five Toyota Camry six. Ford Taurus seven. Honda Civic eight. Acura TL nine Subaru Outback ten. The Ford Taurus is the only American car in the list of the top ten. Now it'll be interesting to see if in recent years America has been bragging about the vehicle cities have been putting on -- Detroit or wherever they ultimately come from. And it's going to be interesting to see some of those cars hold up as well list. A Ford cars have held out the in this in this country if you wanna join us with a comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. In a text Amber's late 77. -- are talking about cellphones and with cellphones as you know. Almost anybody can and can take a picture view or to a video view any time. A -- public each year susceptible to having a picture taken -- But you may not have known that pictures can also apparently be taken of areas that you thought might be really project. Massachusetts lawmakers today approved legislation that would stop those who secretly take photographs or video. Of the sexual or intimate parts of a woman or children. Even if there in public places. This week. A Massachusetts High Court. Ruled that a man who took a cell phone photograph -- a woman's skirt he was doing -- with women passengers. Riding on the Boston subway. He did not violate the law. And in the night in the late nineties that there was a controversy in Seattle. About -- people going around and taking pictures. I don't know how else to put this up the skirts of women in public. Andy was perfectly legal. Do you agree with the law making it illegal to take those photographs. Or fewer in a public place. Are you susceptible to somebody taking a foreigner like -- it's it's. It's -- -- reprehensible. I mean it's it's it's not a classy thing to do it's not the right thing to do. Should there be a law that makes it illegal to. Take those pictures I mean I guess the only way you'd find out if those pictures were taken. Would be if somebody posted somewhere. But that's probably what's happening but if you were not aware -- I don't know if this has been challenged here in Louisiana or in the self or whatever teacher Rian. But since there have been some courts that are ruled that it is not illegal for somebody to take a picture appears skirts. Or I guess if you're -- after a guy and anything was. It what is and -- global. I even though you think it was protected in pride that apparently it's really not that private. So at least now you're aware that somebody could do that and it's it's not against the law a to join our show with your comment tonight are numbers 2601870. Told 38668890. At seventy. In a -- -- receipts have been seventh event took at least next here is detects it reads I have a 2005 Toyota Camry. I'm still driving it with 200. 281402. Miles. It still runs like a -- You know we're so used to. Boarding things new getting rid of things that are general thinks we get tired of we have a very short attention span and it's not just with young generations. Mean I have to admit that I had a short attention span in my life and I look back on that and -- I I regret that. I wish that I would have been a little more appreciative of some of the things that I have had. And not been so quick to go -- you knowledge is treated in intercepting him. Mean I remembered what point in my life is a -- 97 years ago and a white Corvette. And the new corvettes came out ahead one year and I traded for -- black. I did when it's -- 02 year old largest giver you know -- and get a black. And then there were half the times when got a certain point in its -- I justified well you know it's got miles on on -- -- get rid of hitting get something different. -- get something new it's almost as if I would justify. Getting into car. And an ugly probably didn't need to get a new car. Now. If you listen to -- a regular basis you know that I've gone. A couple of years without a car at all. And I've been fine it's really been great walking and I -- love -- downtown work downtown stores downtown. So I do a lot of walking downtown and I'm okay with and I still do that. -- -- the cars parked and our Spotify finally did get a car. But it's -- 2003. And I border with a 160000. Miles known as a 169000. Miles on it. And it runs great and I just I. I I can't imagine having anything board tonight it just it fits me perfectly so I I feel really blessed my brother who is really good with. Craig's list and eBay and things like that helped me find it in it was a woman who lived in negotiate. And she had an office in grand day. Alabama and -- used to drive from Scotia a two great -- this woman captive. If she gave me this stack of service records on his car. Oil changes transmission. Fluid changes timing bill changes each you've really maintain the -- if it's just it's immaculate inside. So you can find those cars and and -- -- I plan on. Taking his -- -- this car as she took care of it. And if you -- get that card if you love the -- so quick to just trade media and because you want something new. -- if you take care of -- chances are it's gonna last a long time and can you think of a car from your past that to you still think about today you still wish you had this car. -- you're gonna join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is 877. Here's a -- racist dude I've got 225000. Miles on my 2000 Toyota Tacoma. Two wheel drive truck you can't kill him best vehicle ever. Here's a texted to might. Be remembering rock might not be remembering right. But I believe. I believe I sold you -- white Chevy celebrity wagon. For 300 dollars it was the first vehicle I ever owned. Missed the trunk space. No that would not have been because I don't ever remember owning a Chevrolet. Celebrity -- Here's a text of Buick regal 1988 has a 160000. Miles on. Another text cars. I used to sell. For a living. I currently work for a delivery driver I find the vehicles. At last the longest are the best. Mechanical vehicles on the vehicles that with bigger engines. When it comes to the number of leaders. I have a Honda CRV with over 200000 miles. Eight -- miles eight Toyota Camry with over. But he Toyota Camry with over 200000 miles and I find it it's a vehicle that doesn't. Last the longest if you would if you take care of it on the compact cars if -- stinks dispersion thinks that it's the bigger cars with bigger engines. That ultimately last the longest you know we're getting a number of texts from people who are talking about to American cars that they own or that they owned. And they have lasted a long time but on this listed it was comprised by this website icy cars dot com. The top ten cars most likely to make it to 200000 miles out of the top ten only won the Ford Taurus which have always heard is a really good car. It is in the top ten you know there are so many I think this Ford Fusion is a really good looking car and I see a lot of those on the road. And if it's too new to determine whether or not it's gonna last as long as the Taurus but today right now it seems to be a very very popular car. I discuss blog which is still trending on our website at WW dot com and to our opinions. Is is about -- girl it's more than just to blustery. And even though were a couple days away from -- brought you haven't read this and you participated Monique -- Or if you've never been demoted -- you know what I know about Modi draw and what it says about our community. I enjoyed writing this blog because it's just a lot about us a lot about you would me. And and who we are as a city. And who we -- as a community and and who we are as an entire part of the country after those if you come from Mississippi and Louisiana from all over this area to participated -- -- He says something about who we are the fact that we do have -- -- every year. And the fact that it is such a peaceful event of course there -- incidents but such a peaceful event. In particular relative to the size of the crowds every year. I -- -- to be WL and from -- Jeff welcome to our shooter right. Still wouldn't suggest. First that the movement. Wrong. -- -- out of school. That's 500. -- so much. It was so the so that. Transmission. Seeing that. Group. -- that I mean certainly the musical. I mean it was the root -- it was like. And had been put into -- the -- -- should mean that much of the there are now. Of course -- -- neatly. -- -- -- -- -- -- It would be important is that. -- -- in that -- league I remember the name. And also on the remote. Technical. You that you put under. Under the -- Japanese -- I'm actually drivers and programs -- under 65. I have never had one trouble there there. -- don't want you. Would there have been no regard except a couple of things. -- -- that will support -- let the good. News we wish I could do it. So -- for the most part. For the most -- take -- visited. It will last it'll a lot of people don't take the time to take care of their cars. Hi Jeff -- alleged cult nationalistic if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seven -- And a -- -- 87870. Is a text about two legally being able to take pictures. It's somebody's private area if there in public I would be more worried about someone shooting me with a gun and then with a camera. If falling have to be concerned -- -- on public transportation is someone taking a picture by private parts I consider myself. Just find -- interesting but a lot of people feel like that is quite an invasion of privacy. But yet apparently courts of a ruling that it is legal. If you're in public for somebody's take a picture. If you're not sitting like a lady somebody. Can take a picture of that and it's not. Illegal. We'll be right back with more this is WWL I only have a -- you love nothing feels better than. Getting in that car Washington and pulling out of that car marsh is basically got the works. Whatever the -- -- in the works yet. Don't -- in you got everything on it I am I know it's probably good it is prepared and brought the wax on and off -- sell -- for those of us to. Don't do that often it's good to just get -- card right. This front right into the car march always feels great. We're talking about this a new list of the top ten cars most likely to make it to 200000 miles which is just cannot Honda -- number one. Subaru Legacy number two the Ford Taurus was the only American car that made it into the top ten. This brings back memories of cars that we've had that we wish we still had and we're also talking about how many miles you have on your car and to what card do you remember that you just so long been. Now you still wish you had a card today. I'm John -- studio producers of 2000 Lincoln with a 190000. Miles on it. And also said he bought this car brand new and 93. Five point oh. T bird with a 1101000. Miles on it's -- that's how he escaped Katrina. In the teeth -- getting a lot of texts from people down. Cars that they never owned. -- have made it to go over 200000 miles here's Texas -- I -- inaccurate. And the X 2002 it has 350569. Miles. Mostly highway miles. Taking great care of it it's been great to me love your show thanks here's a text auto tech cars and trucks last longer because of overdrive. That the -- staff I would not have known that here's a -- really -- all these people texting about their rice burners I owned a Ford Bronco. A Ford Bronco two that had 245000. Miles on it when I got rid of it. And forward. 250 van they had 496000. Miles when -- -- it made in the USA. Ilia. Here's attacks that Reid says scoot -- still have my first. 57 -- Two door hard top. Red with white bread and white. And still -- -- got a still -- it got over cut over 40000 miles. It is not. It is not for sale my dad gave me the car when I first got my driver's license. In October of two October of 1964. Yep and a baby boomer. Agree -- at -- I you know I think back on my first -- Michigan a few minutes ago. And and I was really like I mean it didn't always have a -- this nice but it wasn't brand new but there was it again kid did down the street. Who was going to college are subject for some reason to -- carpet he always drive by our house I was so what -- cool caller had no idea that when -- would -- it. But -- market for grocery store at the time. It was 53 dollars a month I've with with payments I don't remember what cost but it was a it was either 65 or 66. I'm navy blue mustang with a white convertible top and stick shift and I just thought that was. That was awesome. And if I wouldn't have been such a nerd I'd -- that car would have helped me get dates. And I've -- I guess the dirt factor just kind of out -- really have of really cool car but you know we do think back on the cars that we've had that. We're just really really awesome cars forced here's a text I work for Honda for twelve years the best I've personally seen is in 1986. Honda Civic. With 400000. Miles on it. Amazing. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601872. All free 86688. -- nearly seventy and a text number. Is a 77. I'm sure you've seen video of this this rescue. It in the Atlantic a woman drove her van. With three kids a pregnant woman had three kids in her -- her kids. And she drove it into the ocean. And bystanders. Saw this happening and they rescued the woman and the kids in the kids are shouting out of the car are mom is trying to kill us. Happened South Carolina. Should criminal charges be filed against this mother. That's something else we're gonna talk about that's our show continues tonight. Went to be WL they're -- to the news that at 10 o'clock we'll talk about this a pregnant mother who I'm sure you've seen the video it is spectacular this. This van. Just off to the shore in the surface. It is is bonding in the in the search she. She's pregnant she had three for kids in the car wither and she drove the car into the surf apparently in an effort to kill her kids. And now this a question of whether or not criminal charges should be -- filed against this mother. We'll talk about that in the next hour he's a Texas -- to -- about this especially young children that would not to be able to get out on their own absolutely charge her with attempted merger. And since she was pregnant -- charger with attempted murder for counts. -- her unborn child and the three kids. Now I know for those if you say well I thought abortion was legal. So that wouldn't count yet it does county fair if you have made a decision to. To keep a child even if the child is not capable living outside of your body if you have made the decision. As an individual to. Two to keep the child you could be. Three months pregnant. And if somebody killer -- they can be charged with. A double homicide if you wanna join our shooter -- with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seventy. And a text number is 877 -- a text about this this woman neutral for kids into the ocean. Her defense attorney I will no doubt claim insanity. But that is such a cop out to me of course you're insane. You just killed another person or at least attempted to charges says should still be filed in my book also this happened South Carolina. And that's the same states that Susan Smith was front remember Susan Smith was to the young woman who. Who drove her car with her kids -- -- into a lake. I don't remember all the specifics but she drove her car into a lake. Her three kids to round. She was charged with murder she first said that a black guy. I've carjacked her car something like -- -- but I guess I'm a little. A sketchy on the deet tails but she she blamed it on a black male. And carjacking a course opening and taking your kids and an -- running and and there were something that just didn't fit about her story it was ultimately. -- her fault that she did it to she wanted to get rid of her kids and I think she was having an affair with somebody says she thought well just get rid of my kids don't -- the -- to the lake and they'll drowned. And that's exactly what happens to own this is the -- show we're coming right back after the news on WWL.