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Mar 6, 2014|

A pregnant South Carolina woman who drove a minivan carrying her three young children into the ocean surf off Florida had talked about demons before leaving the house, according to her sister who worriedly called police, officials said during a news conference Wednesday. a new study lists the top 10 cars most likely to go over 200,000 miles in their lifetime….is your car on the list? What’s the most mileage you have ever put on one car? What car did you own years ago that you still wish you still owned?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Isle Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal continues to. Paint the Republican Party and as snide hateful and disrespectful. This is not in defense of President Obama it's simply. Putting out a tactic of the Republican Party is gonna be interesting to see if this says it does catch on it has worked in the past will it work again albeit for Angela -- more from one to four. And one of the things we'll talk about tomorrow is a Bobby Jindal talking to a group of conservatives today. And he said the president and I replied the president really isn't that Smart to compared to President Obama to George Wallace. It turns its standing in the schools doorway. Not allowing minorities. Into school and he was talking about his voucher program which. He's had at a difficult time -- promoting -- we will get into that tomorrow. -- actually show tonight we're talking about a new study that shows the list of ten cart's most likely to make it to 200000 miles. The Honda Accord was number one Subaru Legacy number two the only American car on this list. Was the Ford Taurus. And selling it just kind of brings up this idea of and how long do you keep the car -- if you kept your car how many miles do you have on your car. And we think about cars in the past for the is still have it or not. What's a card that you. That you still remember that you really still wish you had it. I think there're there're there were cars and our past him we still wish we had some of those cars. -- and how many miles you have when your car. Or how many miles did you have on it before you finally get rid of it if you and enjoyed our children -- -- comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And our text numbers 87870. -- also we're talking about -- cell phones their everywhere cellphones have cameras and video recorders so. Your picture can be taken anytime anywhere by anyone. And apparently there areas. That can be photographed on you that you might have thought were private. This week the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that a man who took photographs from his cellphone up a woman's skirt. Actually several women he was taking that photographs up the skirts of female passengers riding on the Boston subway. The Supreme Court ruled that he did not violate the law. And that cause Massachusetts lawmakers today. To approve legislation to stop those. Who secretly take photographs or video of the sexual or other intimate parts of a woman or child even if -- in a public place. Now as you know if you didn't remember basic civics the executive branch the legislative branch and the judicial branch. The Massachusetts legislature can pass this law. That makes it illegal to take photographs. Again I wish I could find a better way to word -- -- If you're not sitting like a lady they can take a picture. You appear skirt again like I don't know how else to to word that. I think it's appalling and reprehensible. Liked it apparently is protected. By the constitution and freedom of speech. So the Massachusetts legislature can pass this law. But if the court has already ruled. That it's protected by the constitution. I don't see how law is going to supersede. The constitution. This was also a controversy in Seattle when I was on New -- -- here in the late nineties. And it was about a guy who was going around. I'm taking photographs up the skirts of females who were sitting at -- bus stops in the Seattle area. And even -- this was a private part of their body awareness determined to be a perfectly legal. Under the constitution. So do you agree that this is a part of freedom of expression. Should should something be done to stop people from taking a picture review any time anywhere especially of a of the private area. And also tonight a wanna talk about this woman like I'm sure you've seen. Via the video of this this van bobbing -- the surf this was in Daytona Beach but it was a pregnant South Carolina woman. Who drove her minivan carrying her three children into the ocean. She's hospitalized for mental evaluation. Her name is -- Welker said and she still being evaluated there's a law that allows authorities to involuntarily. I take some body into custody. And if they seemed to be a threat to themselves they can take them into custody nobody was injured in this they were bystanders and and officers that helped save this woman and her children. Our children were ages 39 and ten. Now she was stopped by police earlier. About two hours before she drove into the ocean. Her sister called police she was worried about her and said that her sister was talking to demons. And how often have you and I heard this. -- voices. It's somebody's talking to me an -- somebody commits a horrific act and after the do they say they were talking to demons. And -- for you would mean it's it's it's very hard to understand that because we don't hear those demonic voices whatever they artists. It's really easy for us to say it's ridiculous. But is it -- I don't know -- that should be an excuse. For attempted murder or for murder. But it is something that we hear from people they hear they hear voices. Bystanders and officers did -- save these kids but police let her go after they they stop after. Because they they found her to be lucid and there was really. No reason to -- -- they found that she was fine even though her sister said that she. Had been talking to demons. And this is just really tragic you mean imagine if you -- -- kid to think about when you were young and you were in the -- with your parents. And what are your parents is driving the car. And they're they're driving into the ocean are driving some -- killing. These one of the kids was a shouting out of the car are moms trying ridiculous. -- can't -- she would feel as a kid if your if your parent was trying to -- that -- was trying to QB. May we we look to our parents and as kids. As the people who protect us. Keep us safe the people who would do anything to. To keep a safe and secure than your parents try to Killian. And -- -- of South Carolina south Carolina's were Susan Smith was from and I don't remember all the details but. As she blamed that on a black man she drove her car with three kids and into the lake into a lake in South Carolina her three children drowned. She initially blamed it on -- a black guy she's a white woman she initially claimed that a black guy that had. You know of course that had everybody saying you know you can't trust people in the know what's going on with the black culture and I I remember that conversation vividly I don't remember all the the details. I think she was having an affair with somebody. If she wanted to get rid of for kids so she'd decided to killer kids by driving her car. Into a lake. And if your parents I know how difficult it is for you to believe anybody would do that but there seems to be a question. About whether or not criminal charges should be filed against the mother something else for talking about if you wanna join us for the comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 866889070. And our text over. Is it 77 getting more more text about people who have driven cars many miles here's attacks I have a dodge. Stratus 05. And I have a 184500. Miles on it still going strong. And I'm getting a lot of text from people who are buying American cars. After American manufacturers. And they're talking about how these cars. Our our our lasting even though the only American -- made the list of the top ten cars most likely to make it to 200000. Is a Ford Taurus. A lot of people calling with American cars here's attacks again and -- 1988. GMC Jimmy. Has 620000. Mile -- it's still going strong. Another text my own nine Chevy Equinox. Had 221000. Miles again to join our show tonight our numbers 2601872. All 38668890. A seventy. And a text -- is a 7870 provoke elusive bury your on the -- show good -- Who are updated and I'm not up armored part about it a -- in my opinion it's one you thought our corporate chief amid the well it's. LaMont victory achieved a inward to it in the report that month it marked the boom is somewhat cheap cheap look toward mobile location kind you'll be walking up -- a couple plant. You go signal that what putrid and the temperature. And I've been canceled pure musical but it is -- and the -- people. But. It went after the market and public debt that the while Britain's public at a woman that. And execute people -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you've got it in. He was suspicious and you'll go to public if so what children and -- what will dislike it I think it should be to. Latin night in children and basic and Richard. Quoted go to jail and outlook how to interpret and -- cannot be critical. And the release anything Barry is the it to the temptation to. Could -- this fictitious black person thinking that that's the most believable type of suspect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clear out the big gain altitude which and -- -- they've got. Pumping pumping them out should be written all of it and I suspect that more than output will be all of the killed offered -- children. It went from -- and and do whatever it was an epic pick on him on the check out how much you treatment schedule we've Italian local. And among -- moderate Apocalypse Now -- expect him. Up to him on the person quote child in a big topic without them. Go Google it or put the problem that we agreed to -- felt they needed to be blocked or not it is a critical moment and so -- actually kidnapped the children. -- totally agree with you know psychologically shows priceless thing. -- Texas Betty here on the skewed showing -- W a good evening -- I. Am I am. Quantities tell you both callers. May. Comments about not sure. I and a pair of 1988. Count caller far. Paula how many years and why aren't victory -- I'm -- on the lead with. -- -- -- -- Why do you think it's eight continue to run so well over the years how did you take care of it. Well I -- and trauma care out of loved it it was just great to its. It -- like a regular -- in your living room brought it to me. So you view you change the oil regularly took care of the -- and fluid brake fluid all Latin. He actually out of care our cars can immediately action game that them. I have a daughter off at the time for me to get new car a causing. I was traveling -- and she was sorry it was gonna break and couldn't part of that was the fun. And -- -- -- income data had cheek -- he had too long now idea. I'll bet it to. Them RI Lanka army. About the -- that Gary can't but it the you know NightCall later everybody -- -- -- -- -- -- just tired a bit. -- and its item where U and Texas it's cold here tonight. And rampant -- okay can. You get. Apparently they're camp I would feel. Generally if you know idiot. It's about not Obama to. OK -- that the people it intro that we take it -- What -- -- here are white checkered third years on my that we got short track to. And that's you know and I. Yeah the cold weather that we had promoting garage you guys -- right before we got it and it quite often you'll get a system before we get it. -- and it's cold tonight it although it's gonna be beautiful by this weekend and I'm assuming you're gonna have nice weather where you -- as well. Temperature seventy low seventies and aboard the sun's gonna come out tomorrow -- tomorrow Friday's going to be a great day and weakness with his colder weather. People -- -- really look forward to this weekend and and Betty it you know how hot it gets in this part of the country. There's the people who were complaining about this cooler weather now should just embrace it and enjoy it while it's here because it'll be so hard this summer. Did you gonna think that you're gonna with me and I wish it was like he was an early march. I can't -- -- -- -- actually on that date and quick term to think for honesty I think that. Out. The people. Or. What they beat black why tall short. Currently park and where are saying about saint -- Islam whether you want it to be over so. The most wonderful saying that everybody in just not -- state can agree for a change on the things done. Chipped -- about. That we -- it ended that is it's nice to find those common denominator is that things that we actually can it can agree on. I enjoyed our conversation and -- into our show igniting Youkilis and time. Anything's if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number 877 here's a text my Dan had in 1996. Ford F 250. Power stroke diesel with over 500000. Miles and today. It is -- used as a tow truck. Hears it of its next -- 4 grand am 239754. Miles. -- -- 06 Ford Fusion 197000. 688 miles -- -- -- getting a lot of calls from a lot of people like text from a lot of people who have American cars. That it really. Stand the test of time. -- when your car. And if you. Really driven a car for many many miles and he is still love it or can you think back on cars that you've had in the past that he is still wish you had today also we're talking about this woman who attempted to kill her three children. A pregnant woman told her -- into the surf. In Florida. And now they're deciding whether or not to file criminal charges against her. This is the Scotia would be right back on WW well there is new information coming out about Darren Sharper who I believe he is still in jail charged with reaping women. And they are witnesses who say that Darren Sharper admitted to reaping women. That's not good for him. We've got that story on our website Debbie Debbie will not count. This is Cisco show and we're talking about a number of things tonight should criminal charges be filed against the that the mother of the pregnant South Carolina woman. When Daytona Beach and Daytona Beach you can you can drive your car right on the beach it's -- Mary's. -- Justin drove the van with her three children -- on the with the three kids in the car. Over and into the water police doctor about two hours before she did that but they didn't see anything wrong with her. But her sister said that she was talking to her and her sister was talking to. -- demons. And so these -- voices -- apparently told her to. Drowned her kids should criminal charges be filed one of the things we're talking about tonight from Los Angeles -- on WWL. It's been ignored and McKinney. That -- -- we -- report played back to you won't have been. I struggled to go to war whether it's department. Is it -- -- in LA today it was seventy degrees today at the internal flaw we got hero. A good night and it's been beautiful -- going to use these people out of and I don't know -- morning according. Needed this -- and emerging from here. Yeah need they don't get a lot of rain in Southern California compared to what we didn't hear you know the arguments always made -- -- -- to -- very good -- rivalry -- what it's true. -- -- Happens have a -- I have a safe flight back and I appreciate you listening going to sit in the airport in Los Angeles. -- are just look at WWL. That instrument through our place. All right candy thanks ever have a good flight pregnancy leave at midnight. So that would be about to four or five hour flight from Los Angeles it was a five hour you leave -- Dicey get here at 5 o'clock but that's really gonna be like 7 o'clock. If the play at least at midnight. And he'll be he's not gonna get until 7 o'clock tomorrow that's a long -- -- I'll hoping gets a chance to. To doze off for maybe get a beverage and relax a little bits on the flight. -- remember the first time going to Los Angeles I was an adult and it was during the summer and I remember getting off the plane thinking -- my. Is the middle of the summer and this is what -- feels like. And then I had the fortune of living in San Diego briefly. And that -- It was so pretty I actually missed thunderstorms. The weather was so nice every day a marine fought in the morning during the summer but the marine fog would burn off it would be 72 on the beach during the day. And it would be 56 to 59 at -- Every day. And it was beautiful very low humidity. But maybe it was because I grew appear. I really missed seeing a thunderstorm could we come back and visited -- to steal a good old fashioned thunderstorm if you wanna join our shooter I would come in our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 877. From Mississippi -- -- is cute show. -- -- -- long flight and from a lot easier but yeah -- ball like that that tree. Yeah well hopefully it's and on a nonstop -- today's he can't take awhile to get here if you did that there are. There are nonstop -- there are lot of flights that stop along the way. Go to. And typically come -- equipment issue or problem might well. -- most Americans call our short -- sure war. Remote to build or alt Japanese -- that they're not American may oh. And it's more affordable to. To make the motor somewhere else in Britain reported a critical for the quality of them and you know it was -- in the seventies that the Japanese kicked our butts when he came to have to building cars in and -- -- -- we've rebounded as a country figured out how to put together the best -- that might include in some cases. I'm using Japan two to build motors but and I did the cars in America are better than they were. Well they were they were great a long time ago. And and then they they were just they just didn't compared to four cars for the price and then dad has said that's changed in recent years. There won't -- uptick and -- also from a lot of boot most call on our aluminum law aluminum places he. -- -- -- -- -- When you have a cast our block our -- that circular and the big -- are not what you ball great oil. Or -- straight thirty. All great all. That makes him so much long and the sport or -- available at or. Nine years old order in America. Saul. -- That's a great point when I'm glad you called a show and thanks Lucy -- you do hear about dead. It did their cars are not just all made in one place or another here's attacks it reads. Screwed that called. On May be aligned its way after midnight they are now. Way after midnight where. When its way after midnight in Los Angeles. No it's it's 834. In Los Angeles. So isn't it interesting how people always looking for bird for something to criticize all that's got to realize after a minute no it's 830. And Los Angeles but it released it now at least at -- that he's getting the airport really early -- If you know I don't I don't find it a lot of fun to hang around it at an airport -- -- -- any event it's a it's a long flight I'm glad he's listening to assist the sits at the airport in Los Angeles how we've also tonight we talking about. How we should all be proud of our culture. But we should never allow cultural things too to make -- -- the state of Mississippi has been declared the most obese state in America. Number one on the list. This according to a new poll and many people say it's the cultural cuisine and it's -- the lifestyle kind of a laid back and not necessarily lazy bit. A laid back of the southern lifestyle -- leads to the the obesity in the state. Louisiana was the number fourth most -- state but I don't think there were any other states in this immediate area. They were in the top ten and no states in his whole part of the country. Made the list the ten least. Obese states. I in the early nineties there was a debate in San Antonio over traditional Mexican food being served in public schools. Because the food was. Considered to be too fattening for the kids and didn't meet the new nutrition guidelines. And so there was a -- to remove Mexican food and some Mexican food from the schools but then there were those who said wait a minute that this is part of our culture. This is part of the the culture of these children in school and it should not be taken away from them. So I guess the question is which is more important maintaining culture being healthy. And I would think that you really could do both. I you know a lot of people don't like to do things in moderation they'd like to have it all one way or all another way. But you can still have. Tacos and enchiladas and and burritos city could still have all of that. But maybe it shouldn't be served on a regular basis. In school. And by taking at a school that doesn't necessarily mean you're disrespecting your culture and things that may have been OK with the cultural long time ago because people were more active. Mean not be OK for those. Who -- consuming this kind of food and not moving around a lot there they're less active today they are four. Being and culturally. Correct. By consuming the foods that your ancestors consumed. Might not be a good idea because you're not as active also in I mean this goes along with it there's a new study that shows that putting a television. In a child's bedroom is linked to child obesity. It's a lot of people are gonna blame. The TV programming. -- gonna -- TV itself. When it's really apparent willingness to allow their child the opportunity to spend too much time. Watching television in the room. Now. Today. You don't even have to have a TV in your room because if you've got to tablet if you got a cellphone if you have a computer you can do everything you need to do. Without a television. But the point really is not the technology that's in the bedroom it's it's the fact that Paris. Don't set limits on what their their kids can do. And again this is denied. This is not a lecture this is more a reminder that. It's it's so easy and attempting to date to blame technology. To blame. Video games deploying this to blame that for the problems of of your children of the problems of the young generation. When in reality. It's not the content of any of that it's not the actual technology. But it's the hours spent in this passive state. Of using the technology. Or consuming the programming it's it's to me it's more than you know and when their when there's a study out that says. I kids who play violent video games are anti social. Okay will. Is it really the violent video game that's causing them to the anti social. Wears -- actually the fact that they're sitting there for hours and hours at a time watching. And playing. A violent video game. So to me it's more the activity and it's passive vanity is the content of the video itself. A did you have a television your in your bedroom when you grew up. -- I didn't. And I I can think back and I don't think. Until I was I guess I left when I guess I left my house when I was. I guess I've officially left when I was when I was 21. And got married. And I never had a a TV in my bedroom and I I think I'm I'm trying to remember by ethnic my. My wife and I did have the television the bedroom. And I I do now. But is that a bad thing again it depends on how much you consume and how much you allow your kids to consume did you have a TV in your bedroom. If you wanna join us with commentary about any we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. The text of his 8787 here's a response to the text about it being after midnight. -- in. Los Angeles oh sorry my bad nevermind LO well that's the East Coast yet have would be the other direction. Now here's a -- reads Reagan made catch up a vegetable in schools. Everything in Mississippi is fried. Every course. There's nothing wrong with fried food. But you can't consume it all the time it's -- It's not good for. And I'm not trying to tell you not to eat fried food which you don't have to eat it all the time this because it's available. And I think this is again. -- a reminder. Of how much we we lack personal responsibility. We lack personal accountability. Just because something is available. Doesn't mean you can consume it on a regular basis. Just because you can get sugary drinks. Bitter over sixteen ounces in New York City. Does it mean that you should consume a lot of soft drinks that are sugary and oversee it doesn't mean you should drink a lot of it. Just because things are available doesn't mean that you have to consume them. And the idea of banning things which is that the temptation -- That a lot of people have in this country's the temptation a lot of politicians have let's let's ban it -- -- bandits were gonna band -- When you ban something I think he continued to chip away at respect for personal responsibility. OK what's that's available people are gonna do it so. Instead of telling them not to do it even if it's available let's not let's let's just take the temptation away. You know the truth is who would always be tempted by things. We attempted buy things every day of our lives. But a lot of different levels. Sometimes were -- -- with simple things sometimes we're -- with more complicated things. People were tempted when it comes to sex. But you don't have to participate you don't have to have an affair. Somebody in the office may give you an opportunity to have an affair but that doesn't mean you have to do it. And quite often when a man as an affair their people who blamed the the woman especially she's younger blame the woman for throwing herself with a man. Likely he didn't have a choice here. He did have a decision to make. So isn't -- equally responsible. Again. One of the themes of the -- show at night here in WWL. Is something that really doesn't get talked about very much in America. And that is the erosion of personal accountability. And they are so many things that we deal with -- under the direct manifestation of a lack of personal responsibility. It comes down to you being responsible for your behavior whether it's what you drink where you go who you see what you do with true. Or what you eat what you eat or drink. It's really -- -- of what's available it's up to you. And you can go into a bar and over drink and the tendency is to blame the bartender for over serving. And while the bartender might hold some moral responsibility to not serve view if he or she knows your drunk. There are a lot of people who can hide being drunk and so I don't think our bartender should be our guardians. When we get back to this text here about Reagan made to catch a professional I do remember that that was a big controversy. So another horse in in order to. In order to. To improve the the the impression of the meal that kids were getting a school. Reagan declared -- a vegetable. Ketchup is made from tomatoes right. Tomatoes -- fruits. Not vegetables. Well I guess he got confused. If you gonna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. That we don't get confused once -- -- Toll free 8668890870. Text 87070. Disputes and we'll be back into the WL Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said that President Obama is the worst president in his lifetime and compared Barack Obama to George Wallace for standing in the schoolhouse door. And stopping for minority children from attending charter schools. Do you agree or disagree with -- -- we're gonna talk about this tomorrow albeit for -- tomorrow from one to four. And everywhere -- could show what tomorrow night here on WB real. Also tomorrow is a Friday it's the beginning over the weekend a short week because in in this area Weaver in erupted with. Well nobody really took life too seriously on Monday year over the weekend and certainly not Tuesday with bodyguard -- being a Tuesday so is it's a short week weekend already. It promises to be a beautiful beautiful weekend and we went through -- draw -- whether it was a great morning draw -- A lot of partied last weekend. Still a lot of party morning to a day or you can lay low this weekend to do anything special and what movies are on your agenda. We'll talk about it all of this tomorrow. On the Angeles she'll be in went for -- if you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Your text amber is. 87870. And I here's a -- reads OK to let me go back to the first checks. First text comes in I got a call from somebody who's listening while they're waiting for flights they say the flight is at midnight. -- in Los Angeles. And -- listing of the W collapse in LA you know what when you travel that's one way that you can always stay in touch with what's going on in New Orleans. And if you if you do travel. -- -- you've been away for. You know a week or so for a couple days and you wouldn't stay in touch with what's going on it's supposed to being in shock when you get back in finding -- all the -- is going on. You could have the WW lap with you. And to tune into the station and check out the website WW real dot com and find out everything it's going on where -- York. So this this guy calls from the LA airport just a little bit ago and his wife waiting to board a plane at midnight. So then I get a text a scoop that call may be a lie it's way after midnight there now. And assembled no it would only be. At the time he was only about 834. In Los Angeles 'cause they're two hours of behind us. And then I get the text back oh sorry my bad nevermind LOL that's the East Coast. When here's another Texas part of the series -- friend it's not after midnight on the East Coast yet either because if you're just one hour ahead of his so it's. It's 1149. On the East Coast so interesting now. Confusing that gets and people are so quick to two wanna correct everybody. We've also -- -- talking about. A new study that shows the list of the top ten cars most likely to go over 200000 miles. The Honda Accord was number one Subaru Legacy was number two the only American car debated in the top ten was the Ford Taurus. So how many miles are on your car and how how far did you drive a car before you finally gave it up. And this also makes us think back on some of the cars that we love that we still wish we had today. I here's some more text about that. Text to reside 95 GMC Sierra. And 260000. Miles on it when I sold it a few years ago. New owner still driving yet so. Never. Pass to be pushing. Also it never has to be pushing 300000 miles or more by now also had a cattle like their 200000 miles on it just traded -- did last week. Now I drive a -- Ventura with a 180000. Miles on it by wife got a new car of course LOL. I know exactly how that goes. Here's a -- reason haven't 1984. F 150 with 340000. Miles. All about taking care of which you own. -- changed. All the regular things. Did go wrong I would drive to California today regular maintenance means everything drive an American made car. And take care of it. That's something that a lot of people do just just do the basics. If you do the basics the car will last as I said earlier in the show I I look back on. The many cars that -- iPhone. And I think about how. I I quickly decided to get rid of a car because -- it was a year to Bolton may -- three years old and well I I had a chance to get a new car. And I think back on some of those cars and I really should -- stuck with some of those cars. At a few of those cars from my past. I wish I would of kept. A lot longer. NN I remember when I was on -- -- 97 in this. The mid eighties side and a white Corvette and then the new corvettes came out so demagogue the Corvette. And -- Corvette and got the got to kind of white and an -- not only Gabbard this on the traded to get a black. My god that the payment which just through the roof unbelievable. But at the time that was something that was affordable and had that for awhile and I can think back on this when I was on on WWL. In the in the nineties. I had a black. Ram truck sports camp with did the backseat. Odd glass packs. On extended pipes in the back. Side rails on the side I mean I forget what else it had been it had everything. And when I was in Seattle I just thought I don't know sent -- 5000 miles I guess it's time to -- it is. I really kept took that took care of that truck and I wish I would have that truck today. Hard if you Georges for the comic tonight on numbers 2601872. All 386688. Nines nearly seventy. Protects him receipts -- creativity as you know that's a lot of tension between the United States and Russia and Obama and -- the two presidents. Somebody has sent me a text. About one way to punish potent. That might really do the job and this is something I had thought about. I'll get to that text your calls -- more of your text. When we come back. Under the WL President Obama had about an hour conversation with Vladimir prudent but you know they've got the interpreter -- it was probably a fifteen minute conversation the rest was so he would be interpreted stuff. You know they're they're trying to to work things out and it will talk more about this at tomorrow but I I find it interesting that there are so many people who. I don't want the United States to get involved in. In -- conflicts. They don't directly involve the United States. And I guess in some ways we're we're all involved to globally but there -- a lot of people who don't want -- involved but yet. If Obama is slow to get involved they'll be critical of us not getting involved just because that's Obama's tactic. And so to me that's just a horrific hypocrisy but this is a really interesting text one way to punish -- Would be to interrupt his satellite TV feet from the US and Europe where I'd bring him to his knees in a hurry I'm from Illinois Gary here on WW real good evening. On scooters -- speaking area. I remember I was little about Seattle's in -- world and I kid you digest -- in the senate recently situation and resentment to what our race. And I bought my last generation cast in 2001 in Seattle artists. Look at first city to quote -- -- for -- -- -- obscure Gordon today. Your -- how many miles. You know I'm not totally sure -- -- between three and 400 crowd and it changed the -- and -- cluster. They had the Chinese can get -- a vulnerable. Three months ago only the war on each support and I -- mother that you don't care Indonesia which has never got voted in your -- I had replaced just about everything on the probably keep the ball in which it -- really good -- six engine is very strong. You know I have I have to admit that I wish I wish this way we're a very. Disposable society we wanna throw things away something gets a little older we wanna get get rid of it and I've really admire people who. I take care of the things that they own and there's nothing wrong with buying a new card whenever same -- negative -- that's -- that's a thrill and there are a lot of really good deals on and on new cars. And news it previously owned cars that are currently -- cars. But I really admire people who don't feel the need to dispose of something of wanna just take care of it. -- I I ripe old bicycle like a right call prior to regional and incubation lasts forever and lessons do you story you'll smash. -- it. Among -- actually hurting on the I don't I'm not attractive and you leash for -- but I got parked -- got cured cured suspicion music and still going and the only one in town like it. Gary Glaser called that you have a you have a good nine takes -- -- tonight in Illinois and you know we kind of become personally attached to our cars. I mean decline and I'm fortunate to have right now I just I -- so -- that it's just. It feels so perfect for the that I just can't ever imagine getting rid of it told my got a got a text from the guy at the LA airport let's say about that we come back.