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Mar 7, 2014|

: Governor Bobby Jindal said President Obama is the “worst president” in his lifetime…and compared Barack Obama to George Wallace for “standing in the school house door” and stopping poor and minority students from attending charter students. Do you agree or disagree with Jindal? Is President Obama the worst president in your lifetime? If so, what has he done that’s affected your business or personal life?

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I -- -- sort of with a text just a little while ago hired a guy out and actually -- -- with a guy calling from Los Angeles he's at the Los angels airport waiting for a flight he is like for boarding a flight. And he said digest what what's -- -- I'm listening and he hits a comment about to what we're talking about. And he said to again and played -- night and -- I got -- Texas or is -- that call was probably alive because it's after midnight where he has. Well it was after midnight in Los Angeles. And then -- -- -- and then did this and that person the senate to expect oh sorry my bad LOL. I'm at the East Coast wells that time it was an even after midnight and East Coast as they -- just one hour. Ahead of us. So here's attacks from the guy in Los Angeles this is Kenny at the Los Angeles airport. FYI. Our flight goes through Atlanta. So we won't be back in New Orleans until noon tomorrow. Wow. See that's what I I I've done that on on flights before and it's it's so hard and especially if you're on that. If you're on the other server side of the plane if you're in the right side of the plane. You know you look at that window but the time -- passing New Orleans -- a slight. Oh wait we -- We can deal with -- -- no turn turn the golf and fair. You be passing New Orleans and is it could you go past I hate when you go past your destination and if you go back to I've I've done that a a couple of times and you know -- you just feel like year totally now backtracking. Detects goes on to say from the sky and in the Los Angeles airport Kenny I own a 2000 Ford Toyota Tundra. With 2101000. Miles I'll never get rid of it. Here's attacks I drive in 97 Infiniti Q 45 with 234000. Miles. I gave -- 98 Toyota prevalent. A prepping advance with 295000. Miles to my sign. It recently died with 330000. Miles on it Tony three years the secret. Don't buy American cars. But then I've received a number of text from people who have American cars that blasted a long time. Here's a text high scoot to. A 1997. F 350 power stroke with 700000. Miles on the clock still Roland. And take care take care of your car. Got a call earlier from somebody that a 2008. Buick the cern. Which 306000. Miles on it. So I know that there will be those who always argue that don't buy American but there are a lot of good American cars on the road. We've also been talking about mistakes that we made with cars in the past and we think -- cars that we had. And for some reason we got rid of the cars and we think back. Remember talking about cars like this do you think which are barely had a cart today. Here's a text. I traded in 1969. CTO convertible. For in 1973 Ford Pinto. Da dumb dumb dumb I didn't say -- that techsters saying this on himself. Now it's you know at 1969. And then you've got this new car out this 1973. Brand new Ford Pinto. So you know if you go from. If you go from in nineteen. In nineteen what was its 1969. GTO convertible. To a Ford Pinto. Then you might as well just put a sign on yourself I'd given up. You might as well -- Wear sweatpants the rest of your life wherever you go to Wear sweatpants and just admit it but you kinda given up. I hear is attacks today that reads. -- tomorrow will be super interesting. I would expect the majority of the local people. Will. Roll our president under the bus. As our wonderful governor has so openly and publicly done. Can't wait for Jindal to be out of Louisiana politics. I haven't heard. Haven't had a stiff drink it almost a year. But that. That day I think just. Just might I might just dust off the bosses guy hasn't had a drink in a in a year and when Jindal of Louisiana politics that's Sony's connect. Go have it well hopefully it's not a bad thing in -- not an alcoholic and it hasn't started a really bad trend out at today's speaking to Republicans at the annual. Conservative for his conservative. Political action. Committee grouping in Washington. Bobby Jindal said that implied that Obama is really not that Smart. And you know that's just really I don't I don't know that that that's the kind of of things you should say. And he was rather actually I say he kind of implied it it was it was a little more a blatant and then implying unity he essentially said the president's not very intelligent. And I would think that. That would be hard to argue against. Also -- mean you might not like the president you -- did not like some body and still have to recognize that there and intelligent person. I also want tomorrow we'll talk about that and justice this whole idea of -- using. Race and fear tactics and Bobby Jindal did that to some degree to day. I guess in a roundabout way when he compared President Obama to George Wallace. He said that President Obama like George Wallace is standing in the schoolhouse door not letting minority children in he's talking about his voucher program. Was she thinks would do we're allowed a lot of people agree with the voucher plan. But it would allow. For minority kids or more of him to go to charter schools and he thinks -- -- Obama is standing in his way. He also said the President Obama is the worst president in his lifetime and certainly entitled to to that opinion. And in what else you can say in in front of a group of Republicans however. We talked about this for a long time on the show and it continues to be a theme. The Republican Party needs to change its image if he wants to win a national election and then you've got to Ted Cruz. And he was talking to this group today. And he is ranting and -- About how. Republicans have not being conservative enough. And they haven't stood for anything. There there against a lot of things but Republicans have -- really. Stood for as much is. Do you think that they would stand -- -- that being more it in the past it's been more being against something. So as I said I think the Republican Party. Is in a position to win the presidency in 2016. But only if the field a candidate but it's not gonna bring up social issues that is not going to continue to be ugly and hateful last night -- we were talking about the governor of New Mexico. -- Susanna Martinez. Who said that her party needs to change its tone. And not to be so. Ugly and hateful. And so many Republicans are saying that -- she's a rising star in -- in the Republican Party. And I believe the only. Latino governor. In the country. So this is something that the party itself recognizes but they were those in the party who don't think that this is the direction that they need to go and that they need to be. More. Divisive and indeed that if testing thing is -- -- it is being divisive. I'm reading a book now and and I'll talk a little bit about this on the showed off the differential to or from 14. -- will be on tomorrow night. There's a book that talks about this strategy of the Republican party of essentially. Using race to create fear fear of minorities here blacks to mobilize. Their vote. -- they wanna try to make people afraid. Of the success. Of equality. They wanna make people afraid of of what's gonna happen with illegal immigrants when I don't know I mean and have you lost a job to an illegal immigrant. And if you did why. Did an American citizen hire an illegal immigrant over you. Because. They were cheaper so really I mean who do you blame. The presence of the illegal immigrant with a person who hired illegal immigrant. Mean I think this is a fascinating discussion because to me it all comes down to once again personal responsibility. And there are. So many people who were looking to blame. Others and the Republican Party has had a tendency for many years. On in this hasn't been the case with with every Republican president and George W. Bush I think one of the reasons George W. Bush won was that he ran as a compassionate conservative. Which use far from now what he did an office might be contrary to the image of compassionate conservative. But being a compassionate conservative was at least suggesting. Then it's you're not going to be a right wing conservative. Republican. And I don't think right wing conservative Republicans and anyway it's it's going to be very interesting to watch what happens during this election year 2014. And we're the Republican Party goes and -- seems to be this big divide in the party there are many Republicans who want the party to get back to. Attracting what became known as Reagan Democrats. When Ronald Reagan was it was swift president running for president and re election. They were Democrats who voted for Reagan they were called Reagan Democrats. Where are. That the Democrats that are now crossing over voting for a Republican to put Republican in the White House. They really don't exist in -- -- is it just a major battle going on within the Republican Party right now over which direction to go it. There's going to be Ted Cruz. And there will be those who were more moderate who will try to. To gain a voice. If the election were held today. And if Mitt Romney. Would have been allowed to beat himself. He was a moderate governor. But yet the party. Shrouded him in this more. Conservative. -- I think he would win the election. Also tonight we've been we've been talking about this this woman and I'm sure you've seen the video of it is it's just a very compelling video. Sad but compelling. On a pregnant woman with her three children in her -- In Daytona Beach -- drive down on the beach. Drove the van into the ocean. And the kids are screaming out of the window our mom is trying to kill us. And think about. When you were young. If you realize your mother was trying to kill you. I mean you you look to your parents for security. You to your mother your father for. For protection. And to think that your parents are trying to kill you -- got to be the worst thing that a kid can go through. And yet bystanders. Saw this happening rescued the kids rescued the mother she's in the hospital. Under. If valuation for. Mental reasons and -- the woman's sister I told police that she had talked to her. A couple of hours before she drove into the into the Atlantic Ocean try to kill accuser herself. -- did she had been talking to demons. And police had stopped her two hours before she told the kids into the ocean. And police said that she seemed lucid and that there was nothing wrong with her so -- they didn't have any reason to to think that they should should -- -- so. You know it's not really their fault that they -- ago. And then whatever was. In her hand led her to try to killer kids and fortunately that that didn't happen. If you wanna join Russia would come out and and the question is should criminal charges be filed against this moment. And you know -- I have respect for those who were really insane and not capable of of of thinking. And I don't know anymore about this case than you do. By two I'm not very quick to ever except insanity. As an excuse. For something like this happening. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text number 677. Here is a texted breeze my father -- three dodge pickups 9296. And 03. All over a quarter of a million miles I drive -- 91 ranger currently at 190000. Miles. Here is another Tex a 180000. Miles on my Mitsubishi Eclipse spider. And get offers to buy it from strangers it's beautiful refused to give her up can't wait to see how many miles -- -- And the original owner. -- you have a card that you absolutely love -- you're taking care of it. Why would you get rid of it and I'm I was fortunate to find the absolute right car at the right price. That somebody really took care of and I'm gonna continue that legacy with this car. This is the -- show and hang on we'll be right back with more -- -- VW well if you're a woman and -- public. Should a guy be able to -- his says cellphone to take a picture. Up your skirt. If you're a guy. -- you had the legal right to do that. This is that a controversy in a few places around the country answer controversy and in Massachusetts now. The Massachusetts Supreme Court recently. And said that a guy who. Took a picture of a woman's skirt he was taking pictures of women speakers up appointment skirts who Wear our writers on the of the Boston subway. -- Supreme Court in Boston this week ruled that the man did not violate the law by doing so. And that was also controversy in Seattle. That private part of your body if it's in a public place is legal to be photographed now again I find it's disgusting. Perverted. A total invasion of privacy. But according to the court. Is perfectly legal. Now this Supreme Court in Massachusetts ruling has led to the Massachusetts lawmakers now approving legislation to stop those who secretly take photographs or video. Of the sexual or other intimate parts of a woman or children in public places. Now the legislatures. Can pass this law. But if the court has already ruled that its constitutional. And I'm not sure why they think is gonna somehow supersede the constitution because issued no. You can pass a law on just about any thing but ultimately the court is gonna interpret the law. And the court has the ability to say the law is unconstitutional. And too. Don't belong out. So they may be wasting their time even though they think they're doing the right thing. And again this was a controversy also in Seattle maybe it's -- a controversy elsewhere but those are the only two places that I know where this has been a controversy. And if it's happening they -- then I'm sure it happens everywhere. So. You know it if you're a female there's a possibility that. -- guys out there who were looking for an opportunity to take that picture that you don't think they should take. However seems to be protected by the constitution. Should. Should there be a rule or should something be done to prevent men from. Taking pictures up. For lack of a better when I wish it were a milder way to say it because I'm not trying to be. A graphic but to take a picture upload a woman's skirt. It seems to defeat if you're private area is in public. -- -- Subject to be. Photographed or videotaped. Again it it shouldn't come down to what's legal or not nobody should do with it. But year there -- some sick minded individuals who were doing it and I guess this comes to light because they're posting these these pictures somewhere. If you and join our show tonight with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Told 38668890. It's seventy at a tech Summers 87870. From New Orleans Tracy you're on the -- showing Debbie WL. Thank you for taking my call -- I'm in law enforcement you probably remember. And I heard this spot party -- like you can't you know play against that -- it now. In listening to more well what was going on they were talking about it Google search. And you you you notice that listening -- When it was the Supreme Court. Talk about what the public School of Law the way the law which. And it would. -- remembers specifically what. A he's being questioned. Actually Albert and that's what and collaborative sports -- with quoting now. Again we're talking about somebody obviously look at. -- my -- will allow saying we can't areas it's still considered low. You know what mr. And if someone with even you know. And underwear. Where where hours. That area is still quote -- -- Now that's why -- Massachusetts. The legislator were. To go back. To way to go back. And rewrite that law so that it would include. An area necessarily quote quote calmer you know it's spinach -- well. So what where so so where were so quote reasonable expectation are. So if they if the law is re written then it's a possibility the the court would uphold that new law. And you're right I mean I I didn't mean to make it sound as if the legislature just decided to get together and do this today because if this is an issue that has just been decided by the Supreme Court in Massachusetts. Obviously it's been in the news for a long time on its way to the Supreme Court and state. Correct correct correct you're. And that's what you said I want clarified to like you -- because now. It is. It will be that all will be re fine. All -- with the saints. That can't -- now don't legislation here. So impacting net remember what I thought that. You know. That was trying to were -- that because you. Talked about obscenity. Written out. What can export or -- needed any law. So much Wear and pants you -- out. Without without getting graphic Tracy you want what have you written tickets for concerning obscenity what what have they done against Duncan -- The it like that -- and also well -- individuals -- like which like all your. Tickets. Well it's mostly been you know. Not but -- go so -- let people. Are you don't like to quote quote certain exquisite -- that should be done I would think reasonable person would begin old. You know someone. Urinating in public every now tickets that. Here we talked about the we talked about that before -- to -- that a lot of I know I know I'll look at the ring and begin -- given a lot of -- they are united and -- if it's if I could do it kind of hiding -- like I can -- of anyway it's actually illegal to urinate in public answer because of assembly. That sort him. Out in public so. You know the Alter. Our or explain it -- Which quietly and -- bullet into a trampoline so. What I would move all the legislator went back you know let's take the guesswork out of it let you know. So it's it's not really a case of of freedom of speech as much as it was a case of how the law was written and based on the way the law was written the Supreme Court had to say this is not illegal. If -- if the law was repeatedly or if it was a if it was a law that way or it was a situation it was just more about. Freedom of speech. No legislature could pass a law that would blatantly violate somebody's freedom it's even if you -- to do that. -- Tracey I'm glad you brought that up with nationalist. Here is text about a Bobby Jindal is comments about the president and again I'm gonna get into this some more tomorrow afternoon. At 1 o'clock could be in for Angela tomorrow. Bobby Jindal said the president is -- not very intelligent. And hours on intelligent and Kendall said today talking to conservatives. That. That he is the worst president in his lifetime. Even apologized to Jimmy Carter who was often been a Republican punching bag for the past. He also on San debts and the president is like George Wallace because he's standing in the the doorway the schoolhouse door way. Preventing minorities from getting into charter schools. So here's a Texas said when Jindal said the Republican. Parties the stupid party he was right Andy shows yes remember right after the election. It was somewhere in North Carolina South Carolina one of those states in -- the eastern eastern seaboard. In the east. It was of a Republican meeting to hear and remember Bobby Jindal said we've got to stop being the stupid party. Why is he reverting to being the stupid party here's a text while I disagree with the president's policies about 95% of the time. I would never accuse him of not being intelligent. He has to be to get into schools like Columbia and Harvard I could not get into either of those schools. There there there were people who sang and -- Did bush was in was an intelligent. They -- he made a seat at Harvard. -- they were people who condemned George W. Bush. Said he was stupid. Because he only got to see at Harvard. It's Hartford for God's sake. I -- you get a C at Harvard you're not stupid it. But yet there were those people on the left to condemn bush because he only got to see. But it was it. It was a heart if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 8787. I guess one of the important reasons that we talked about this with cellphones and taking pictures of somebody -- It's affected their people out there doing it. And you might be a woman you might be a father. You might be a husband or boyfriend. And you might have had no idea that there are people doing business. And if people are doing it in other parts of the country. Then there's a real good possibility they're doing it here or wherever you live. And so I guess the best thing to do is to take away the opportunity. Be very. Hard decision of how to use it. And when you. Lean over. And overdo it existed it would obligate graphic but just be very just be very aware of the fact that there are people out there who might do this sort of make. And -- it's not something that I've really would have thought. I would have thought that that would be just such an invasion of privacy but again that's -- Not everybody thinks the way I think for the way you think they'll -- talking about two the car's most likely to make it 200000 miles. -- it was the Honda Accord that was number one the Subaru Legacy was number two the Ford Taurus was the only car from for American manufacturer. That made it into the top ten. More more text are coming in about that. Here's a text ahead in 1997. Ford F 150 have gotten a number of text about forward. F 150 the Ford F series. A Ford F 150 with 450000. Miles. Until someone ran a stop sign and totaled -- the original engine transmission. Would still be driving it today. If not. And here is. Another checks to about Bobby Jindal gentleness trying to remind the national political arena arena that he still exist. Never recovered from the response to the state of the union. A couple of years ago. Here is text governor preexisting condition can't wait till he's gone and it detects a moment ago from sororities addicted. He hasn't had a drink in a year but windows Jindal finally gets out of Louisiana politics. That's what he's gonna have a drink. Lot of controversy about Bobby Jindal their people who like him. It's it seems like he. He changes his his mind about things it it seems like he's really conservative one moment in that it seems like he's more moderate another moment. And two. Two to say that the president is an intelligent. Only adds to those who say the Republican Party is hateful. And again had your criticisms of the president to say stupid things. Just to be derogatory. It doesn't really help the image of of departing at a lot of people were paying attention to what these. These Republicans -- -- Republicans are saying before this Republican. A media conservative meeting. In Washington DC it's and it's an annual meeting and you know we talked about it last year will talk a battered again I just don't -- against Bobby Jindal steel has aspirations. Of being president or maybe he wants to increase news. He's political. Of value by a and staying in the in the spotlight hoping that he selected for Republican wins the presidency in 2016. Hoping to be selected as soon as part of the cabinet. I don't think that he is going to be out of politics anytime soon he seems to be one of those politicians who. Loves the art of politics. Although I don't think he's always that artful with the art of politics here's a text was Bobby Jindal in a coma. From 2000 through 2008. Let's see 9/11. Katrina. Collapse of housing market. Here's the text bush went to Yale. Wouldn't. Harvard wouldn't -- okay I'm sorry he went to Yale. You know those ideally schools. They all kind of had the same areas OK so he made to see you deal. I -- it was Harvard Yale Harvard. And their close. But to make a -- at Yale again is an accomplishment and it was wrong and I was suddenly you're talking about this at the time it was. It was wrong to say that bush was not intelligent I wasn't today in New Orleans. But I was consistent with my opinion that you shouldn't. -- say stupid things about the president disagree with the president's policies. It's politics disagree with his actions. But don't resort to derogatory comments. Just to be mean and especially if you're with a party that has an image. Of being mean whether it's true we're not that's the perception that many have of the Republican Party which is why Republicans have had a hard time. Winning the popular vote in five out of the last six presidential election so. They have to take inventory on themselves and at the exodus -- that Jindal would. Say this stuff and then yet he was the guy right after the election after Romney lost. We said we've got to stop being the stupid party. Well what part of what Jindal is doing now is not making it seem like maybe he's resurrecting. The stupid part of the Republican Party. Again to join -- shooter I would -- in our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. At a text number is 87 he says here's a text obscenity is a felony not ticketed. But physically arrested. Yeah I I I guess I. If if if you are still losing Tracy you wanna correct me on this you can again she could write a ticket for some things which could also be physically rested. And we talked about that before morning -- that you can be physically rested. For. Urinating in public. Here's a text about a a vehicle 200 and -- to 2007. Chevrolet Silverado 368000. Miles I'm driving it as we speak. Here is a text. About Jindal. Says the Democrats -- -- look like an altar boy. -- just in the last agenda. I have been accused of that. -- been accused of that and -- on a regular basis. And I'm consistent with. Trying to. To respect. Certain things in this country. While disagreeing with the the policies of the person. And it's it's it's so many times that there at the same people who don't respect. The office of the presidency right now because Obama's sitting in the office. On the same ones they were telling Americans who didn't respect the office of the presidency when George W. Bush was president. They said you should at least respect the office of the presidency even if you disagree with the president so hypocrisy runs. Wild. Across this country and there are those on the far left who were as wrong as those. On the far right. And I'm I'm I'm continuing to look for signs announcing more and more signs of something that we've been talking about for a long time on our show. And that is. A revolution. Of the middle. A revolution of people like myself -- best described as radical moderates. Of people who have opinions. And positions when it comes to everything people who have conviction. But yet don't subscribe. To. Total right wing or total left wing ideology. And there's a sense that the silent majority. -- Has not had their voice heard and I sensed that starting to change. We're starting to hear Republicans talking about how we have to change is a party. And we have to get away from. On being. The party exclusion and beat the party of inclusion and yet one of the tactics of the party. Over the years and this has been documented. Has been to create fear of minorities. And fear of illegal immigrants for example. In order to. -- to rally the vote in order to get people to the polls. Driving people to the polls out of fear. In the same way that they are are are preachers. Who. Make who try to make people religious. By making them fear dot. Making them afraid of god. And there are a lot of preachers who preach just such. Condemnation of humanity. That there there is really what their goal is is to make you so afraid. That you have to go to church. Well -- more respect somebody who. Who encourages you go to church. By talking about a -- got. It doesn't mean that it god can't get mad. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't be responsible for our mistakes. And try to do good but 22. To make people afraid. And that's why you you take action -- your your -- scared. It doesn't seem to be. The best way for us to do it in in America although that is a way that has been successful for a lot of people for along time. And again we'll have -- and it's a conversation tomorrow. I'd during the day it 1 o'clock here into the WL. If you wanna join us with comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. -- Amber's -- 7870 here's a text poll does it respect the office yeah I know I heard the same thing about president George W. Bush. There's no difference it's. I sit here and I I hear the same conversations. From both sides and yet neither side thinks the other side has said what they feel and what they're saying now. It's called hypocrisy. I'm scoot and we'll be back into the WL a female student at duke is. Doing -- to pay for her tuition. -- -- -- Crazy trying to pay for tuition. I'm sure there are a lot of young ladies on. Barbara street you're paying for their tuition doing what is. Potato when they find time custodial. This is the Scotia -- witnessed tonight here's a text about this a study we've -- talking about that was the top ten cars that are most likely to make it to a 200000 miles. The study about the cars with more than 200000 miles is flawed. Because it only looked at vehicles for sale many foreign owners do not develop the same attachment to their vehicles like domestic vehicle owners do. -- for domestic vehicles. With over 200000 miles it's more likely to be. Held on to or not sold or passed down as a family heirloom and I think that's a really good point. And that could explain why we've gotten so many text. For people that have talked about the American cars that they own. And how dependable they have been here's a text from my Tracy the law enforcement to caller we had just a moment ago. It's yes the state of charge of obscenity is a felony -- charged. I meant to say that I have ticketed folks for obscene acts and the charges being indecent exposure of whatever part of the body. I saw. Here's a text about pres Obama how can you respect someone who doesn't respect the country he's trying to leak. Well. Your view of whether or not. The president respects the country is. Is your opinion of of the pride I don't know that the president doesn't respect the country. You can disagree with how he's running the country. But I don't know that Obama does not respect the country a for the West Bank Sam -- under the WL. Basically don't good. Couldn't promote growth and did you -- radio coverage been enjoyed that things that this may degrade so what great that you might with -- Egypt there. Is -- city. Our average over reporters say well I'll -- -- -- -- probably a tenth the tenth and eleventh great. I was I was I was a C I was deceased student all my life and you know I had I had issues with obsessive compulsive disorder which I didn't know what it was in so I didn't do as well aside I could've done and and an eighth grades -- school they gave us an IQ test and I was called to the principal's office and actually yelled at because. I had one of the higher IQ's in the class and yet I was deceased student he wanted to do was wrong body not explain it to them so I could have though I -- done a lot better but I didn't apply myself. That's same nursing student you know what they've now Apollo eight he'd -- -- called -- agreement. Yeah and did you notice that they want to point something was a -- happened now with an addiction. Yeah -- all over it but it'd be you know the -- the idea you know George Bush oats dude I mean you know it's. But they underestimated but that and it wake up -- it expected back this. Personal shots that that the president there -- there's not one -- you agree with. President Obama on them a Burberry conservatives. Politically I guess. And stuff like this. It is as applied to Republicans or -- and every. Collection audit -- national level that now with interstate. It has its yuppie -- takes say or shouted president. Obama's intelligence. And when he himself. It's. Main accomplishment. Artistic terms of governor has been -- our health care and -- you know higher education. And trying to figure out how to finance this one point four. Period now hospital in -- city. So opt -- -- that second shot to one's intelligence. Also. They need to understand that talking fast to make once more. Boy that's that's true he talks even though he tries to slow down when he gets a four national audience he's he's too much of a fast talker to be considered as a serious candidate for presidency. Yeah but I think we do you know the problem there is that they need to stick to the issues it -- speaking of intelligent student but not one -- -- Between plane trips does that leave president Obama's charm term limited so he can't run again. So why has kimbo. Brought against Obama. That's an interest in points and I'm glad I don't show are not right thanks for listening to David if you -- -- I did -- to. To inject hate and political disagreement. Is something that has become very very popular. In recent years. And it seems like it's getting worse although I'm looking for signs that it's actually getting better because I do believe that the general tolerance for hate. And ugly derogatory comments but the reaction to wiped Ted Nugent had to say about a President Obama. And he's supporting a gubernatorial candidate for the Republican nomination in in Texas. The reaction to that for many Republicans I thought was a very very positive sign that may be. Finally we as a nation -- gonna rise up and denounced those on the far right and the far left. That. That has made hate such a part of everything. If he can't disagree with somebody on a cerebral level then maybe should keep him a shot if he comes down to calling people dirty names and using. You know. Ugly terms. Than maybe you really don't have an argument India. I'm -- we'll be right back into the WL there is some new information about Darren Sharper who I believe is still in jail we've got the latest story on our way -- cited a VW -- accounts of witnesses and now saying that Darren Sharper. Admitted to -- women. Also Christie -- Kansas story about the saints now are shopping some. Some very big names including Lance Moore you can find out all about that on our website at WW dot com. -- those of you were listening RR IFF station when a 53 WWL offend. I'm at midnight Soviets and signal will go off the year for maintenance a committee and a rich here on this crucial -- the VW well. Anything you'd like to talk about the opt out veteran Andy bail out the expanding the last week that Republicans -- that that killed. Elect. What he went billion dollars all -- -- you appear yet that would have added money. Four far better education and more money for -- caregivers that disabled vet tell why smothered except -- Senator sessions Republican of Alabama. Had bet that they'll let them pay for -- it would jets at -- depth as it. While -- there in what page four in belied. -- I understand your passion and you called the show on occasion and I know you're I disabled -- and we thank you for which you do for our country and I appreciate you bringing that up. From the applause Allen your under the WL. A group the -- -- wanted to talk about it when leading to editing one. Didn't I didn't know the story about the definitely. Stroke or Italy or go to war. But anyway -- -- it back to this movie came out I got it primal fear that you know her. Primal fear yen you know Richard Neer Richard Gere and and Edward Norton Norton what that movie. I agencies come -- And I did not see that coming. Now it repeat that what the other guys that. You what you thought it would be doubtful that the one that does empathy and a child. What what what what last year. And you you can be able observers are. Whatever -- you don't know hospital under. Personally I think there are people it believes that insanity and actually get off the hit it pretty old. All of date what you eat. It's going to be chocolate quality but we'll take different but the other two you know. It. Aren't -- here but the -- I. I -- oriented Qwikster archer saying is that this guy is gonna Spencer tell months are really really nice man as he's gonna be relaxed in the middle hospitals some really good Mets. Well they don't get me in bed the detectives think that. Justice -- should be Serb. That are now and I've been getting off. I'd -- -- I do I do agree I've got to get to got to get to Detroit news break Gerri appreciate you listening and applause with the end of our show. I know Scotia tomorrow night I'll be -- for Angela tomorrow afternoon from one to four hope you'll join me then have a great night wondering John -- series producer lug in New Orleans.