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Mar 7, 2014|

Dave talks about Spring Forward: love it or hate it? A peeing bandit, and do you want it animal style?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's march it's the seventh its 2014. And more importantly. It's pride and. On -- around everybody. We've got to celebrate. Coming up here. Probably -- living off it's fair game. Everybody job. I feel your highs and -- -- toward this Friday I hit the hell you. Since. Still a few weeks ago and I've been working every day. I -- the first big weekend about a driver that won his second straight -- and Marty grounded fit or Fat Tuesday. Or death Wednesday. I'm just so desperate. To lay down and you know there's no reason I have to get up again. For at least. Six now with a cup but -- it -- But of course. We spring forward. Tomorrow night. I lose an hour of the -- you know I solve that problem. I don't spring Ford until Sunday morning differently got. I guess that it's just one -- that. -- But it changes everything. When -- when I come to work. Monday mornings when the clock says 5 AM. It'll actually be foray yet. In terms of we had a problem for the plot to get up an hour earlier Monday morning. And it's gonna take some getting used to adjust to and we darker in the so we're gonna get more life -- No you don't set your clocks ahead before you go to bed Saturday night sort of ahead after you wake up on any Houston of going to -- an hour early hours -- I. Take a little guy -- Sunday that he had a trying -- -- so I think it's exhausting seasons all the sweet and hourly. A lot of trouble on time. Are so as we -- enjoy the fact that it's Friday. We have a serious business talk about here. You have spoken out -- with our legal analyst at four about what's happening today in Los Angeles where former saints safety Pro Bowl. Defensive back Darren Sharper. And it essentially what does the judge in Los Angeles have to decide today when sharper appears in court. Today gonna decide number one it. -- to some what did new bond is set for sharper -- Currently for and a million dollars bond well advocacy he was free of a million dollars bond whenever PD issued or arrest warrant. He got taken back into custody he's been in jail since that size -- he has been in jail for a week. Right and he's being held without bond more than a week -- it was a week ago yesterday. -- being held without bond after new Orleans police files -- rest warrant for him on two charges of rape. So he's his mind right now is theoretically million dollars but he's being held on the warrant -- -- new war on to the judge must decide if he must remain in jail or you can post bail and go for -- -- chick. -- says it's likely now that the Los -- prosecute tutors and say look you know he's got more charges pending against him in New Orleans early this arrest for it hasn't officially been charged by the DA's office here. But he's got this arrest warrant. There's still these other jurisdictions that are investigating and we believe he's an even bigger flight risk. We are gonna ask for ten million dollar bond or perhaps we are gonna ask that you denied bond. And keep sharper in jail so that could happen and they want ten million dollars on the original charges just in Angeles but the judge said no -- million would suffice. And it was opposed yeah prosecutor now likely argue your honor this should. Indicate to use more bonds needed and then the second question is where will he be tried Forrest Brian. Yeah one of assuming charges are coming here in New Orleans from the DA's office that it becomes a question of OK who get some first. And forays said you'd typically. Who charged him first will be further along in the -- it. Try him first he did mention that the charges here are actually more serious because here aggravated rape carries a possible life prison sentence. -- judges decide if he can go free on any amount of money. Pending trial and if he should be extradited to New Orleans to face charges here or -- -- Los Angeles and face charges that. Meanwhile we which humidity in Miami Phoenix and Las Vegas but I also investigating allegations yet. Thank Chris we'll talk to you in about fifteen minutes of more first news here on WWL AM -- them and dot com I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much. For starting your weekend with us here on the early edition of WWL first news coming up why isn't it people. Just there's never. A shortage of stories that make you shake your heading go why. Why would somebody do that. Also ask you. You wanna build your own -- Donald everything you know I just need to start from scratch design mine owned burger. And he ready to spring forward -- like the time change yet glad we're springing for a while more light in the afternoons. You dreading getting up on Monday morning when it'll actually be an hour earlier than you got up. This morning and I'm looking forward to it but I am looking forward to your forecast from the meteorologist -- about tall towel and sports with Steve Geller right after this. Minutes after 5 AM thank you so much for joining us here on this Friday morning and starting your weekend with the early edition of WWL first news man and the weather forecast just keeps getting better and better. Out early today but -- by later this afternoon and temperatures in the low sixties for highs. -- tonight dropping into the forties on both sides Italy closely -- chilly Friday night but warming up nicely for the weekend. Low seventies both days with partly cloudy skies by Sunday there's a slight chance for shower to mix then. From the eyewitness -- forecast -- I meteorologists are blocked out. Nineteen minutes after 5 AM we have cloudy skies and 46 degrees at the airport in -- cloudy and 45 at the National Weather Service office. It and slide now. Friday morning sports and for that we say good morning and happy Friday. The viewers Steve Geller. Playing man. I'm just not looking forward to the whole daylight savings and I don't understand why we have to move clocks we just mystical one well. First -- daylight saving time -- and it. Yet you business -- beings. Now let's -- -- we know that we are saving daylight because we will be lighter in the afternoon -- a former if you in the boy wanna go out after you get home from you know. Pelicans practice or something you'll have more time into the evening to go to the park to play catch to ride bikes to do those kinds of things. -- be darker in the morning. And you and I will be having to come to -- essentially an hour earlier on Monday morning the and when you get here before sunrise and -- and back it up an hour that released thanks meanwhile the party at the club and our parking garage is still going on and and the fact that. Well I'm just trying to look at -- -- now I would advise them to be happy about and smile about more time to get out the the well -- a couple weeks to adjust to the change I mean I feel. Like I said I'm not a former and also -- -- daylight saving and I did enjoy the only thing that was good after Hurricane Katrina was spending time in Arizona. They do not change their clocks at all since then so that was the one bonus of being there of of Matta couldn't. Wait to come back Louise we're glad you came back and let your sports on this Friday morning yes good morning everyone and happy Friday. ESPN's reporting that the states are considering trading Pierre Thomas Lance Moore and Darren Sproles. While these names have been a fixture on the team Jamie dukes of the NFL network is not shocked. Or older to go to vis supplies not the other guys did what value do they -- Kevin -- -- -- round pick. More scheduled to count five point one million dollars against the cap Thomas is owed two point nine million and Sproles is -- 3.4 million. The Denver Broncos have released cornerback Champ Bailey after ten seasons with the team. His released was also a cost cutting move the twelve time pro -- scheduled to make around ten million next season. Bailey's 52 interceptions are the most among active quarterbacks. South pull -- tocchet earned his third win of the season. As LSU baseball left -- -- -- with an 821 victory over Northwestern State is I want to try to -- fastball on the outside it's. Tocchet were five innings allowing one run of and five hits with two walks and four strikeouts the tigers are now eleven and two -- host Purdue this weekend. First pitch for game one tonight is that said it. -- basketball rally for a sixteen point from a sixteen point deficit in the first half. To beat Vanderbilt 57 to 51. The tigers snapped a seven game road skewed in the SEC with their first win away from the merit -- senator since January 11. And rain held up play and darkness and did it before the first round of the Cadillac championship was completed. Harry English was one of the for you to finish eighteen holes and holds the clubhouse lead after posting three under par. Phil Mickelson -- even through fourteen holes and Tiger Woods is struggling at two over through ten. Today -- sports talk let's play scenes survivor who is safe and who gets voted off the by U. Seven -- the pelicans host the Milwaukee Bucks on the flagship 1053 WWL that then I'd Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sport like. In minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first is all right I'm giving you the general -- past congratulations. You're now Mickey Loomis. And you've got to negotiate a contract with Jimmy Graham and try to lock him up long term maybe. Or get 21 round draft picks form somebody else wants him that badly. And oh by the way you've got to decide what to do about Pierre Thomas. There and Sproles. And Lance Moore three fan favorites over the years who are set to earn big paychecks next year. And whose production is in May be now what used to be. Coincidentally I think at least two of those guys have the same -- as -- Ingraham on -- of that has anything to do with this today and could be. Way of the saints telling Jimmy Graham's agent and you play hardball hope it will play hardball. And you wanna help when he clients that they would you do about your other so -- do with the how that all pans out but you're now the general manager. Who stated I'm tried to work out something we're making keep Pierre Thomas -- a -- -- obviously trying to work -- a deal. To see if anyone to take a paid deduction to stay with the team read negotiate right and if I have to get rid of someone out of those three I'm -- part ways Lance Moore. We talk a little bit about yesterday just because Kenny stills has now really emerged into the saints number two wide receiver role. And for him to be making five point nine million dollars as a third or fourth option is just not worth it. And we have to get rid of its like again. Our goal with Roger -- we have a defensive tackle just because the Phoenix to Charlotte when he apparently it's not enrolled more. Dominant. As painful as it would be to me I would part ways with Pierre Thomas of the Border Patrol this because Darren Sproles -- more important to Drew Brees in the passing game. We on the scene -- more than -- he has that -- Of a safety now when no one else is open right. Man you get in the bombing it makes them happen what it's a huge hit though is the instinct ability to run the screen pass as Pierre Thomas is probably the best in the NFL. And the rest of them. NASA it. Thank you -- -- it's worth -- -- to do it again and point five minutes here on Debbie WL am adamant that I wanna cut you. So they graduate them. And I get ready to spring forward folks. I he would threaten turn on the clock for. Think it's a silly waste of time ordeal like the fact eleven other hour in the afternoon we'll talk about that in Europe the saints general manager who you cotton who you keep him. If you've got to decide about Pierre Thomas. Darren Sproles and Lance -- Who you get rid of who you keep it will keep you informed and up to date with your forecast. On this Friday morning right after this. I went 7 good morning I'm Dave Cohen ready for the weekend here's the forecast. High temperatures today in the low sixties says still eight cool Friday ahead but what will notice -- the -- moving back an actress and clouds this morning they will separate buy it later this afternoon. Mainly clear skies -- with close dropping into the forties and a few clouds mixed and the son both Saturday and Sunday were warming up to seventy on Saturday. 72 on Sunday along with a slight chance for a shower. The Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologist. Now cloudy 46 at the airport in Canada north went at nine miles an hour it's cloudy and 44 at the National Weather Service office in slide out text message today seven it's heavily by by by Lance. I'll block -- Pierre Ingram can go to. Germany hill picked 27. Last is coming up he thinks he'll still be on the board when the -- get to pay. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the seventh of march 2014. Chris Miller. PG eyes and it's pride day well column to a surprise. Yeah. Yeah on everyone's jumping around right now. Give up and down. Feel about it. In my -- incumbent. The wheelchair dancing right here in the studio. Happy it's Friday that would report for the time change and I'll deal with -- there's nothing I can do about it just -- get upset about things -- that change. But I guess I need to move hungry or Estonia. On faster and let's at all talk in Hungary and Estonia faster -- -- in the united states of three give America. That's right I'm guessing that those countries probably have some mandates all of these fighters there. Where is here providers will just what the market decide what speed we want and what will really pay for however I exploding -- -- lemmings are happy enough with that that we keep paying for it. They see no reason to give us more. Could have some good news yeah. Interest only hires people talk about how high a speed provides they provide is for it. But I area and Hungary is provide a -- feet -- with the market won't. Papers that hires people I was surprised reason that we had the wireless convention here in New Orleans and Honda officials there was saying that in the on developed countries. In the Third World. In Asia and Eastern Europe. People have more cell phones there than they have here everybody there has a Smartphone they may not have a laptop that man out of a tablet they may not have a PC. But apparently the Smartphone world is developing more quickly in poor countries and people are living their lives with -- mean they have everything -- banking. There. Entire rule livelihood on this -- a complete surprise. The group. But before the Smartphone revolution when it was just the cellular phone revolution itself over you know much bigger. In the developing world because the infrastructure of the hard wire infrastructure wasn't there so boom wireless took off. We'd better start. Moaning and groaning. Who want faster Internet or move to Hungary or is Sonya hi in my wanna go see a movie this weekend. And your choices include mr. Miller here in new additions to lineup 300 rise of an empire. Greek general. -- historically used. Who leads the charge against invading Persian forces led by immortal turn to god -- users. XE RX and pasta please. Anyway it doesn't please to pretty -- there -- -- the follow up very -- fill the class three a into it. And then also for the kids that's 102 minute action drama war. If you want to think PG a new one as mr. Peabody and Sherman -- the time traveling adventures of an advanced canine in his adopted son. As they in Denver a endeavor to fix. A timer if they created is that the way back machine yes they have with them way back machine traveled through time records and as a small child -- out of the rocky and bullwinkle show yes going up against current top ten. Nonstop. Son of god the Lego movie. Three days to kill and the monuments men in the top five was what you think will be number one come Monday more. Or Sherman anti body -- think PG -- going to top the masculine. Follow up to movie 300. And world. Take down some of god non stop the current up to -- like a movie Wilma have become parents I act quickly. If people. Police are searching for a man who has -- urinating on people near the University of Florida campus in Gainesville. The Gainesville sun -- happened to me they wouldn't have to search long forum that the Gainesville sun reports the victims told police. They were standing with their backs turned to the man they felt themselves being urinated upon. The incidents occurred February 22 again on February 26 and a third time on March 1. In various locations near the campus the victims all told police that when they confronted the man he ran away. Police are increasing patrols in the area. Because nothing says funny light going and peeing on people nothing says. No I don't even know what to say about the eyes. I sneak up on people and peeing on them. In Gainesville Florida. -- people how does that happen again. He must be a very fast runner because you're right how to these people now case this guide -- -- How they now get on the phone and follow him until police yeah I mean at that point we're gonna do the only more. -- -- bead on it would taste the guy down and not much has been dragged him he's gotten. And I'm beat it out of -- with a -- makers documents that tournament offers. Oh god let's change the subject as we -- -- and direct the Eyewitness News forecast that they did more -- happy for happy Friday you and yours and as meteorologist Laura about. Now they know we were talking earlier we we you're -- get very excited it's bright but if you had the whole week off for vacation like a vacation. We typical home is RD Friday where this week all that straight people are really upset that. Again because they missed out on work all week they just wish they can work more delegates and if they were all fall we now -- it's and -- weakness that closed Monday dry -- right and I cleared a week ago -- I had a whole week of vacation. -- -- to be Friday out I always have that feeling that we that you have AK goes by so much faster. Regular week. Advance America's Laporte here yet but hey at least it's gonna be -- -- weekend otherwise it -- you know we're gonna see out of the clouds around this morning but skies start to clear into the afternoon. And so we're gonna warm up a little bit today 61 but -- -- the seventies Saturday and Sunday night's 61 today no rain no no rain day except first Sunday there's a slight chance for some showers were -- and it. Bounce back up to 20% chance on Sunday 61 today seventy Mara. How one month on the low seventies -- Saturday and Sunday night at hand and I and I love and I want a little more out. Feeling a little bit more spring like at least for the week ahead and -- day. Thank you for sharing -- the heat know which are -- forward. We are -- forward Saturday night only -- that we worked on day my life and yeah on our I hate that day -- anything well when I really hated Monday. Because you get up at one about 2 AM yes. So it really be like getting up at 1 AMD that's that's what I hate about that's everybody think those things you noted that some tire whatever it up either way -- to what you -- about it. Because now in the state like -- like 8 -- 9 o'clock at night. I go to benefit of thirty you have blackout curtain I do but it still doesn't work you have the little thing you Wear your face the man -- unity that I haven't always been seen. At black healthy it's my backhand has. An army and rightly really think that their people there sometimes though in your yard -- separate clock -- You know kids are outside right by as evidence out there that's a normal life I get it that for many it. It's a you wanna you don't want lighter longer view I hate date late -- I. Life for the news anchor looking that is. What does it take you ever gone to McDonald's and in now I just need more options I need more choices. More maybe more healthy now now McDonald's plans to expand the test this year that lets people order customized burgers what you should do that already out kind of with the world's biggest hamburger chain is testing. Personalized orders with the build your own burger concept in California. -- and an expanding it. In addition to a traditional menu the restaurant offers tablets where people can tap out you pick the kind of -- want. -- -- kind of patty want that's probably get that Phil's girl does that around and I think data yet cat yes a lot that he had paper. To me that's like that test yet detail yet we thought he did you never Japan Sony might get different and you figure out -- -- -- what can achieve he wants -- -- you want. I've just never thought when I went to write downs you don't want this isn't quite right any to rearrange things not only different on -- -- -- -- and leaving their necks like you know they they do one type of thing and they do it you know well that's their bank rate at no rate -- consistent and anywhere in the world to go to McDonald's. Big match definitely big Mac a quarter powder which he's gonna that the train. And I have their specialty -- finale to seems. And it's gonna take longer and a receipt you know I could react to that already already has is to get fast food but now -- -- -- -- ordering you're gonna -- that there kind of decide what you want. I see that kind of justice system like their stolen out that I think about it a big Mac with two quarter pound patties ticket. I just want me to. And could affect a big Mac of meats that -- not what the special Sonos -- the lettuce onions demand it interesting that's an easy bond but more because. The meat patties on a thing like a speck of meat. I wonder they're trying to policy what's that opt in and out burger that's out west to California -- -- and players while that bullets and that I never had. Okay act had it -- -- collector and outlandish and yeah I was on a mission is to eat -- in N out burger and I have to say I was not blown away -- high. They're only secret combinations. Of -- that you can ask for it's likes playing I want animal style and then moved back. And so that you wanted animals. Utes now in the -- he had only it's like a secret my body that knows what to reporters I just ordered -- plane. You know in the -- -- Aslan -- and I -- and the guy next to me it's like. It kinda like when you order at -- house no bets placed in -- and dumped -- covered and smothered and what. It's kind of each -- he'd like rattled off a long list of things to one dentist Mercury app like. Could decide not. You don't -- to decode it felt left to. It's my blood sport -- -- very much you want an animal style but you don't know what animals -- Yet at the I Lanka advocate world like tell a lot of indirect -- an animal -- Chung to -- folks. Okay not -- and all that means but -- that it not me violating off and I open a Waffle House in -- on him again about a hundred by 48 sports in effect. 551 right here. I they don't forget to spring board turn your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed Saturday better like Steve -- display yourself -- good for you. If I view this very technology as I always forget that these stuff like that. If it's funny I sit here all morning until people do it on Friday morning by Saturday night I'll forget details. Passports done I can't forget about that is just an identity and it tells me that the state sports for Steve Geller on a Friday morning thanks David good. Morning everyone the saints are reportedly exploring the possibility. Of trading three notable names on offense. ESPN's saying that Pierre Thomas -- smaller and Darren Sproles are all on the block. NFL network analyst Jamie Dukes was a little surprised -- Sproles is name but totally understands why the romance with layups maybe over. That's more basically just disappeared. Over the last season soul what value is if they we'll put somebody younger fresher. I think. Cash strapped saints are trying to find several million dollars to trim off the salary cap. The one son Jimmy Graham to free agents and upcoming draft picks to Denver Broncos have released Champ Bailey after ten seasons with the team. It was a cost cutting move with the twelve time Pro Bowl quarterback scheduled to make around ten million dollars next season. Broncos boss John Elway called the decision quote difficult. Freshman -- tocchet earned his third win in three starts as he led LSU to an 821 victory over Northwestern State. -- lines and delivers -- intimacy struck him out on three pitches the south -- plus five innings of one run ball while striking out four. The tigers now host Purdue for a three game series this weekend. First pitch for game one and Alex box stadium is that said it. LSU basketball snapped a seven game road losing streak beating Vanderbilt 57 the 51. Forward Johnnie -- the third carry the tigers scoring 25 points with ten rebounds. And rain played Havoc with the first round of the Cadillac championship at Doral in Florida. Harris English was one of the few golfers the complete eighteen holes as he took the overnight lead at three under par. Tiger Woods didn't make a birdie but seemed to have no back problems during -- ten holes woods is five shots out of delete. Today F four on sports talk let's play saint survivor who's safe and who gets voted off the volume. At seven here's the pelicans host the Milwaukee Bucks on the flagship. 1053. WWL. Am -- early morning look at sports and I'm Steve Geller I'm Dave kind mandates for Iraq. A day as we all look forward to springing and head turning the clocks ahead one hour -- go to bed Saturday night officially happens at 2 AM Sunday. That's when you're supposed to turn until 3 AM writes I got that dates to adjust at least before Monday. -- but remember when you get a Monday morning it'll be brilliant hour earlier than when he got up today thanks. But again more sunlight in the afternoon night there were playing saints survivor and I had a text message to -- 7870. Moderate one more time in the game you're reaction here and I can find that thing by by Lance. Why are Pierre. France Telecom and Ingram can go to. Jeremy hill -- 27 will the bruising LSU running back with a checkered past still be on the board when the saints take at number 27. Absolutely even with his off the field issues I believe -- would be a second round draft -- so he should he will be on the board at number 27 but I don't. See this thing's going in that direction at all that waste Olympic that are. Yet just for the fact there's too many other more important needs on this team like cornerback. And also I would say defensive end outside linebacker they need some help there. Some have the -- projected to be taking an offensive linemen that they have been mentors we've done that. In the past now that I got -- they litigate guys in the later rounds and it went around there. Undrafted pre selected that with the corner defensive end outside linebacker or even a wide receiver if I'm hoping O'Dell Beckham junior still around. After the wide receiver needs and he can also be kick returner. Thanks Steve talk to you and about fifteen minutes more sports John WWL he's a kick returner and that means there and all of that. 555 now your weekend forecast on this Friday morning. Right after that it's your weekend forecasted to get one on this. -- today 61 and then dropping into the forties tonight we'll see mid forties north of the lake and upper forties on the South Shore. That a bit milder tomorrow with partly cloudy skies were up to seventy degrees. And Sunday there's a slight chance for a shower 20%. And even mild or look for highs at 72. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I had urologist -- tell. Not a duck president for the next four hours upon honest Friday what you got for us we are busy we're talking about speed traps -- that -- brief filed in legislative -- -- Alter the way they operate when you talk about. That tragedy was the on those student them. Grover cardinal water and and round and driving impaired or driving very tired -- got lost a half million dollars in Vegas casino he says the free drinks made him do it. What has evolved that ranks well that's what he says and we'll talk about a Massachusetts court that set up skirting taking secret pictures under person's clothing is not illegal. And try to rewrite the law that -- --

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