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WWL>Topics>>3-7 6:15am Tommy, speed traps & speed limits

3-7 6:15am Tommy, speed traps & speed limits

Mar 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Russ Rader, the Senior VP of Communications for the IIHS, about speed limits and safety

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you're driving around on Sunday you may wanna. Watch out if there are some speed traps hitters setup. Text -- in speed traps and 310 are relentless. -- you draw the line between a trap and enforcement of the law. Russ rader joins us right now senior senior vice president of communications for the insurance institute of highway safety morning -- Thanks for taking the time magazine's -- there how do you draw the line between. From what is proper law enforcement and and traffic enforcement even highways safe and is just a trap designed to raise money. Well I think you know what the institute does is try to look at how laws and enforcement. Work hand in hand to reduce crashes the goal is to. Keep the roads safer. And we know that tough laws that are vigorously enforce including speed laws. Reduce -- In reduce crashes so that's what law enforcement trying to do. Now hopefully they are. Making this very visible enforcement that is people though where the enforcement is tough. And that will slow people down and prevent crisis. Know where it's tough because of friends and neighbors they get ticketed and anecdotally the word gets passed along to -- -- they have some kind assign insane and radar and forced acting in here in Louisiana sometimes we have. Signs that say aircraft and force that senator elect kind of thing. I can be both of those things people generally though where. Law enforcement is strongly enforcing speed laws. Signs can help that that the media law has been enforced vigorously in this particular area. About 101000 almost 101000 people in the United States die each year in speed related crashes so we can get a handle on. Speeding. We can have a big effect on reducing debt you know 722. People died in Louisiana and 2012. And if the Louisiana statistics are similar to the national ones which we would expect. That means about 250 people in Louisiana lost their lives in speed related crashes. Com in terms of it. Texting in everything else that we hear about put on make up in cars is distracted driving speed as I understand it is still the primary killer correct. You know call out new bigger intractable problems and highway safety. So bottom line they would would the insurance industry against before something like this whether it's. Trap or nudges anything's slow people down and not necessarily with a profit motive but it. Agassi lives. And safety program that type of vigorous enforcement works and the other thing Louisiana's should considers expanding in the speed camera program because. That's the way to more fairly enforce speed laws. Because everyone goes more than ten miles an hour over the speed limit gets a ticket and we know that it's as strong deterrent. CA said he cameras are better because there is no discretion involved. The cameras or a better way of doing speed enforcement because they enforce the law 24/7. You're you don't. And I have to depend on police officers being present at a specific that's as specific location. Two ticket speeders for a period of time -- they move on. Speed cameras do blanket enforcement and they work very well to reduce crashes. All that said in a -- comes in and sons small town Louisiana highway 21 goes from 65 to 45. Was very little warning view from what you hear there just on the bases of those few words. -- it seemed like a speed trapped -- Well I think it's important for the police to be in for communities to be very transparent and very clear about what they're doing. And not -- that the situation where it appears to simply be a day modern speed traps. Russ I appreciate your time to answer -- witnesses Friday morning talk to you again. You -- -- raiders senior vice president communications and the insurance institute. -- highway safety.

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