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3-7 7:15am Tommy, speed traps & speed limits

Mar 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Regina Barrow and John Bowman, the Communications Manager for the National Motorists Association, about speed traps

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Representative Regina. From. You Barrow joins us right now when did you picture psychic come up with you name represented Regina Barrow joins us who want to do something about speed traps. In Louisiana and John Bowman is with -- as well communications manager for the national. Motors association good morning ladies and gentlemen. -- Represented you know Regina meant queen in Latin. In my producer Jordan -- pistols that -- I'll always like to learn new things. And did you know John that well I don't you that your name means that the let's talk about speed traps what represented it is it that you would like to do. Well what it means that I intend to do with this piece of legislation really I'd get a five would he be trapped he would. And hate speech that in my opinion wind. And individual is and isn't going to hurt the -- approach another's. -- I know that changes the in May -- have enough power to it yet. But our in the process of adjusting. We and they may actually incur a ticket -- going. Over the speed limit. And if you're an attorney are you know -- it seems like you go on a motive here when it comes to. How it is they determined that the speed limit had to drop correct. Right. Has what is -- they -- at a traffic study or something. I'm not quite sure that they -- that I'm I'm. You know probably -- And I'd be reading the wrong thing I thought the proposed law would. At the speed and does not justify the change mine engineering and traffic survey conducted within five to seven years gases specified prices of an alleged violations me. It I don't we talked to John Bowman -- tell me about your organization John. -- Tommy were the national motorists association and we are national grassroots membership organization that. Advocates for common sense highway safety policies. As well as fair and reasonable traffic enforcement. What how you -- fair and reasonable and what are some of the more egregious things that you've seen in the country. Well I I think fair and reasonable is sort of at heart of the bill that represented Spiro is proposing -- it really comes down to. And CD or a police agency justify. The speed that they have posted along a certain stretch of road. Or has that speed limit and artificially. Lowered -- beyond where it really should be as a way to. Catch motorists as at the represented to describe which is sort of this artificially lowered its own. Where they don't have enough time to really slowdown appropriately. And the risk getting tickets so I would say that that is an example of something that is not fair and reasonable. And in that case I guess it does go to motive to. Why are we lowering the speed when is it because of safety or is it because we wanted to tricky would make money for community. I -- that that's exactly right and I think drivers inherently know oh when something like this is going on -- -- drivers tend to drive. At a speed that they know it's days and prudent and they typically do that because they don't want exceed the speed limit and they don't wanna drive and hazardous waste so when intolerance these. -- they know what's going on in. -- very very often there's nothing they can do about it except with a with a bill like this. There are some requirements that have to be in place. In order for this don't operate so the driver does have some wrinkle in terms of trying to find. If it's been justified through one of these speech -- Somebody texted in a couple of people actually two from two different numbers after we read a text that said. You know Germany has the auto bonded and how many speed limits but they do you have enforcement of following too closely and I get a couple of texted different numbers but. Seemed similarly. When says we do you have an auto -- it's called the bonnet Carre spillway Nolan says we have an auto bond installed new -- east. So represented you are not for people drive and as fast as they want let's clear that right. -- the latest is not a -- to promote are on they've gotten practices but I believe them and ultimately hit the nail right on the heated. Which he talked about -- people generally get one shot speed limit but it. We enter into maybe you're dropping wind speed and it suddenly the speech changes -- bill. No reason and we are not accustomed to certain areas inhumane that the -- disk utility that that make. You contacted -- you know if people are behind me if you try to stop. The audience that -- thoughtful what did the ticket and to call and I believe this happened me and committed people being -- with the consequences of pain. Is that the ticket. Which brings me to this -- -- like the ability to comment on this. Fifteen to 45 you should be able a slowdown if you drive that route. Problem is everybody's drive and 65 so what what are the parameters John in terms of fairness that you think would. Would it would not constitute entrapment safety and maybe you know thinking like a chess game go on a step back like this text says. Maybe the the idea is not to get on the slowdown. Five miles an hour but to make sure they're doing the speed limit to begin with. Well I think if you wanna get people to comply with news the posted speed limit you have to make sure that the posted speed limit has been that. Correctly and in accordance with established. Traffic engineering standards in softened. Speed limits or not. And that results in speed limits that are actually that. Too low for the prevailing traffic conditions if you do -- the requisite engineering studies and follow the guidelines. In many cases you'll find that the speed limit actually have to go up. To comply with those standards so. If someone tells me that people have -- I'm going the speed limit in reality that -- at the speed limit has probably been set too low to begin. Wow. See you think it's like. I don't know what the word on vague -- that -- like market forces that the drivers. Their ability can can -- how fast the speed limit should be chairman misinterpreting your. Well -- you're getting it exactly right I mean that that's exactly how most speed limits should be determined is that traffic engineers will look at. The prevailing speed that most people are driving. A lot of given stretcher Brody and what they find his first volley people. Tend to drive that the speed they feel as safe and comfortable at. No matter what the speed limit has been sent to. And that that turns out to be in terms of the number of accidents produced. Specifically that turned out to be the same speed at which to set the post it's. Speed while represented quickly before I let both you go com I would imagine that you're gonna get some push back on is because some communities. And it used to be get a golden man on no look feed as one they depend on this money dumping. Well yeah you know I'm I'm expecting it probably will be but hopefully. We have the conversation that we have it here I'll say it really been in it it's of the fact that my colleague on the scene. How is really impact our situation. Then they would pick up more. Quote what did it. Intent it really active and put your definition of these traps and they should fit. They. Thank you both represented Regina -- -- Too bad John Bowman communications manager for the national -- association.

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