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WWL>Topics>>3-7 8:15am Tommy, drunk gambler?

3-7 8:15am Tommy, drunk gambler?

Mar 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ronnie Jones, the Chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, about whether casinos have a responsibility to stop drunk gamblers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The boldest experiment. In advertising. In history you give us our money. Or get some money -- Think of the publicity that -- hotels as he billboards all over Los Angeles where the winners of these. Slot machine jackpot their faces are all over LA. I know that works I've seen people -- corners look up and saying maybe I'll go to the Hilton. Will you give us our money back. -- I don't even know now I'm just come off the top of my head but visual where it we had a billboard in the desert in handed us our nest -- back. This gives the desert him really. Vegas is not associated with feelings. First -- the people of -- aren't they won't you look. That's from -- that America my favorite movies and Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty and and they would result of their money and they try to get it back and that's his -- just now own. He says -- -- -- seal operates 816 Tommy Tucker with you talking about it. Guy California guy went to Vegas for the super mobile. He arrived there at the moment he was dating the Thursday before the suitable. He drank in a limousine from the Vegas airport to the grand parent with the guys -- of -- five. 100000 drank more during dinner with friends and says he blacked out was taken advantage of and -- 500000. Dollars now on the bad losses. The casinos can't. Continue serving drunks. War of people that are intoxicated and -- on a gamble but -- -- Louisiana laws say about this is an all a lot of this. -- I'll go to the casinos on the weekend Ronnie Jones joins us right now chairman of Louisiana gaming control board -- good morning you Dylan. Have you ever seen a movie lost in America. Man I gotta find it on dvd and it's kind of hard to get. He'd be the friendly casinos to get that you gave us our money back. Aka. Our. Ed tell me about you know Louisiana line being intoxicated I have a hard time -- is because it seems like again. If you're old enough to drink grownups liquor and plays some grown up games and you got to deal with whatever consequences happen. There you know they're probably been. And other cases now actually. That that it brought forward dealing with the same kind of count me the most -- the most notorious was that Terrence. One not being how to take that from 2007 he claimed it lost. Like a 124 million dollars at a casino look out they -- and during these drugs as well but but we the law requires and we. That every casino. Finally play again. Related compulsive game. And that's part of that compulsive gambling in a fine people -- at gambling problems are ordered that also -- look I did a fine. Gamers people who were in the casino compared to much to drink and continued to want to play any game. So we require the casinos to final plan. You're required them to train your employees or supervisors are pit bosses and -- or so or worse as well have to take training Nintendo Wii and on. So what has had too much to -- now know that's release subjective kind of the the good thing that casino. When it comes to the problem is. There's cameras there at you know if you YouTube video literally falling off the stool in dropping its chips. Dropping his call march. There's there's -- radio -- the and it would be difficult. Foreign currency to a place where you you know but. But usually very subjective. Decision and there are going to be you know the consulting on the casino floor that you and Michael Lansing singled to do is implement its patrons proceeding there. Playing again. -- said -- atlas 124 million. Yeah I would think it would. Street by individual. Count on 2222. Just another. The other laws that America reference so why would -- if you -- a 10124. Million. 87777. No ST OP could be an -- And ultimately their numbers please. That's -- gambling hotline. If he had a gambling problem. In the end and casinos I mean you know when when the law created casinos. The legislature -- yet to make certain that they were in. All been eating information out people who might have again. Indoor people who am gambling problems and and end -- you walk into any casino riverboat. Those numbers and those posters plastered everywhere there -- billboards all over the state. And the fact is the casino business and they -- the business of compulsory campers they don't want to be at that it is as. And businesses source and -- people who have and we policies don't want they don't they don't look back -- of an indication associate. On in terms of -- think determines 86 thing you can have -- 86 if you had -- that they can either do that to you or. If you have all a loved one that. Is having a hard time controlling their balls is can't you go to the casino the state police assignments they don't let a man. Yeah yeah I mean they're loose their exclusion list and and someone can make them -- part of that list on their whole process from that. And -- and -- and state police were very closely at sort of the book that's the boots on the ground those soldiers who do you enforcement. And the regulatory. All the properties and they were very close to the state police only on those so exclusion list making certain. That persons who should not be in the casinos -- or in the -- And one person haven't done to another do they need some kind of -- for history to the casinos and. -- just couldn't go in and you know in. Harassed a market economy Tucker I -- -- prominently in the at least once I don't let. -- days and let the -- -- Where IPO there's there's a process sport and I can't remember -- And work through the casino. And a identifying problem -- like. And sort itself on I mean you know -- people who at all gambling issues notably at the name and for whatever reason. They can't fight those -- and they will self identify. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had that nothing except that you know. Game industry in this state it's in the best interest of those so licensees to try and make certain that they run their property so appropriately according to law and the rules and regulations. And state police is gonna I don't think we've got a good record rental property industry. Ronnie Jones chairman Louisiana gaming control board you've been so nice I'd I'd like to do this for you as well. Okay and where it's. The golden yeah winning out. Good morning we're going to money to. Got to see that movie if you've not my favorite part as the gambler -- around at the end it's as voice your real like -- to. Have a great day running great -- appreciated I.

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