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3-7 8:45am Tommy, gambling addiction?

Mar 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. James Becnel, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at LSUHSC, about gambling and addictions

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Google's. Casino gives loser money back. And there's nothing unfair about that side is alert out for this guy from. Los Angeles that soon casino Wednesday diseases he lost 500000 dollars and he took advantage of him. So wants -- money -- at least he doesn't want to honor the the market that he gave. -- addiction abducted Jim Beck now joins as the assistant professor of psychiatry at DL issue Health Sciences Center morning doctor Jim. More dumb or you tell me about. Drawing the line here between. Addiction and and bill who's responsible for lighten -- about the casinos responsibility and while nobody listening has probably lose 500000 they could lose 1000 that is as important to them as a 500000 was this guy. Yeah absolutely. War first well you know we've learned quite a bit or are now. Addiction and issues in terms of how the biology. Of the brain works in terms of addiction. And that really change that actually did last year. I'm Pamela gambling losses reclassified from -- disorder actually. It's. You know operate and function in in biological in much the same way. As we learned that the brain changes. In the present our groups is. Chemicals of abuse. So there are some. Oh and that something fairly new and turn them and operate and work. So it's it's that that it -- country -- gambling addiction and probably -- Oh million people who have or addicted to gambling. The little under. It. That is of great concern. From the same agency in terms. Mechanism that go along. She's disorders and power for example where -- see at the court increase in. Use of the chemical to the same. But that. Same sort of thing we now -- -- -- that again. Over on the require more war. Pretty. -- to achieve the strain local. Pleasure from activities please -- people moving from. Video poker to. Blackjack gore you know from a pink -- just now watching you see an increasing there. There around the risk taking -- that go along that course. Gambling addiction. I presume this involves the -- with a pleasures senator the brain whatever it is it gives you a pleasurable sensation. Yeah absolutely and again the same as -- drug abuse. The reward system -- system of the brain says. Several circuit from the brain at the memory the pleasure -- relations Richard print exporter of war that. Lead this award. Lives being like eating. The and they get to eating is a motivation. To continue the same thing procreate. Species that sort of -- -- -- or Barbara. So every time you -- activity to get -- that it is in the chemical. That stood at that provide the lectern sort of governed that pleasure reward system the brain. When you stimulated with a drug abuse amphetamines cocaine marijuana and other drugs. The reward system disperse about ten parent as much pain and usually that's. So that is where you see -- -- of the brain adapts. To these high levels -- being. So they'll think. There's not a different deal mean for gambling or to go to saint like this. -- and is if you develop a tolerance and you need more and more -- mean. But he's not gambling to just gonna go find some announced that it gives you that same time program. Yeah you look you know you'll be moment. And you'll see that same attribute it it it's got to stay with in the gambling bill will increase the risk reward vs -- yeah. Which I am also that there's -- war between. People who disposed and adequate to. Chemical addiction and gambling that well so -- in chemical. Make it -- any drugs that are abusing him again as well. -- trying to be cynical and certainly this is scientific Gonzales anecdotal but I'm just wondering if if you vulnerable winners it's an anti gambling problem. Non Indians -- that. Well. The reality. What you people blow. They create these distorted. Images about you can't always -- -- all I'll always went and went -- 120. Win but they'll make things like. Well -- too cherries in the video poker and pretty threatening to -- went away and or somewhat. And general do. Those -- -- -- distorted. Are continuing gate they complete that they continue to engage in war -- because. But I have heard people say it again it's anecdotal and all I always when when I -- I mean unless they're the statistical anomaly chances are this night is some kind of self deception going on there. Yeah I mean it's hardly anybody in all of -- questions. Campbell Bernard rail and a possibility if you. And sure there -- a small sample -- frequent patrons. That's unlikely that set to distorted view more than likely that. They're remembering the win -- -- the losses which is against him what to live. With drug panic in terms of there. But that record being. It impacted. -- that the court system they don't get it connections in forming off memory so that they should get the that were directly related to reduce and they remember all only the it's. Doctor appreciate your time and now we're out of time but I. Thank you for that the time you spend with a snow we talked.