WWL>Topics>>3-7-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on dishonest politicians

3-7-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on dishonest politicians

Mar 7, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Dan Shyti of 4Power Leadership about why Americans are so disillusioned with politicians.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And on Friday's -- Don -- -- filling in for Garland -- each and every Friday welcome aboard glad to have you with us hope you enjoyed Europe Mardi -- week all know it was done under some -- inclement weather conditions of those who forecast for the weekend. Getting much much better that's some really good news for those of you who enjoy giving great outdoors as I'd do. And -- I got a great show planned for you this morning in this afternoon Melancon and produces denigrate -- lining up some super gas we're -- winded up. With Larry Pratt a familiar voice -- on this radio station he's executive director of the Gun Owners of America. Are commenting on president Obama's pick for surgeon general. -- by the Murphy who suggest that gun violence is a major public health risk to anybody arguing that but. I should that be the opinion of the person elected on nominated as surgeon general. We'll get your comments on that and also that of GOA's Larry Pratt coming up in the 12 o'clock now 11 o'clock -- doctor bill Cassidy are United States congressman joins us now with a bit of good news. -- the bipartisan flood insurance bill was passed in the house this week. By an overwhelming vote of 306 to 91. This is a bill that would keep in that particular Louisiana homeowners from experiencing some enormous rate hikes on to the extent which people would no longer be able to afford their homes. Will this be able to. Muster enough votes to get through the senate well we'll get doctor bill -- talk about that also answer any questions you may have on. How this bill impact you this now we start off with talk about it issue. Have been hearing more and more on the surface. All across the nation national news local news. About leadership in this country. And I believe that's why many Americans. Have become disillusioned and I'm saying leadership I'm talking about leadership among. Our politicians are elected officials of people who were chosen to do exactly that lead. The records of corruption here locally Louisiana you can hardly find -- a parish in the metro New Orleans -- hasn't had someone gone to prison on being tried and found guilty of corruption and abuse and fraud. These of people that have been selected by us the voters took to Linas. On a little bit larger. Spectrum we have governor Bobby Jindal. Came out couple weeks ago 38%. Approval rating among people who Louisiana. In if you've been listening and following him over the last couple years you know although he has denied it there's certainly some aspirations to move into Washington and White House. I make in an attempt there would he be the type of person that would be a new National -- Ironically same percentage last I saw 38%. Had a disapproval rating of our nation's -- actually the leader who's called the free world president Barack Obama. According to what. Is out there and now failing miserably in his role as a leader. And there's very few with anything you contribute successes. To his leadership over the years and we've still got three more years ago. And again I think Americans are disillusioned and I don't think they may have been a time in history at least in my lifetime. Where America is not storming yearning for some type of my new leader. I'm talking about an economic. Talk in about. Leaders in in world issues world politics international relations. Things says that go on here. It's just and then the next question is will this greatly you know the next great -- come from and we've we've had a few idols -- anywhere where it's coming out. And that is the subject of -- ready opinion poll question for this hour. Where do you think the next great national leader will comfort would be a the Democratic Party. Be the Republican Party I don't see anyone there and it could emerge we see what we've got from the Democrats at this point. And as the statistics bear out not a lot of people happy. When it comes from the an independent party. Or some other source cast your vote. At WW all that comets and unscientific poll. But we love for you to participate -- it always interest. Also always got a text message board opened if you wanna participate in the program and please remember to text responsibly no texting and driving. That is simply 87870. Keep -- brief and to the point welcome those. And if you wanna call in Nam by way of the telephone call phone lines are open for US Bible for. 260187. Total free it's 866889087. And -- Thursday special guest to join us to talk about the issue of leadership what makes a great leader why do we not see great leaders. A -- mine on next great leader come from and how would we be part of the democratic process. That's -- that his name is -- shy team he's on the founder and president of the number before. Our leadership and thanks for joining us this morning. Well you're quite well on my pleasure to be with. Then if you -- you some background on your organization and also that the book that you Britain for our leadership. Sure I'd be glad to my probably clear it and actually -- federal contractor for the past when -- six years sort of gotten an opportunity. He a lot of Washington Colombian side years it. -- -- -- Actually across the Potomac. Are so I've been. Had a great career in. She. And then I decided to branch oh start my own company because so crying need. You talk about leadership. -- teachers more effectively. And I wanted to do something about it. So it took. Bull bottle or distort my own company and now compared what I view key leadership. -- seminars and -- -- as you mentioned several. Then you mentioned that you teach leadership and and and not been looking all over some of your writings in -- book and one of the first things you say is that leadership can be taught I think a lot of people on the impression that great leaders aboard. But conversely say no if they can be taught in order. Absolutely and New Orleans of course is of great football now and I'm sure voting here in this area in pencil bar. And a great quote that he said leadership. User because -- harper. Readers are not remain airborne. And it is not one arm made there may just like anything through hard work that the quote. And you know I mean it takes hard work you've got to be committed. What you can definitely learn to be -- You know the the leaders that we see. Attempt to lead in the number of ways sometimes and -- talking among elected officials and lead with promises they promise things that they don't keep that the broken later. -- sometimes it this smooth talkers they try to give in and an iconic compare this to the parent. Who doesn't wanna be apparent today -- child they would rather be a brother sister or friend and that's not always the best thing if you would tell me what you've described the new book is. What makes a good lead to what will be looking for in the future to have a great leader of this country which I think we desperately need. -- -- -- that we -- -- the word that it's all in all the rate. And we have a way society. To basically replace words we were on the words are easier to talk to -- candy code should make it more all. -- lead currently out on the word or. Right that is not discussed anymore publicly. When you ask if you birdie. You know argue virtual. How would be answered that question right away -- -- -- -- good or I'm not the virtues that really subject. Very wore a leader. And that's what I -- -- it came from speaking engagement were was the and believe me war years were caught up because they realize -- would become the conversation we got. Now what were partly it was -- law -- -- but -- -- become. Much more subjective and also become murky and he -- -- going and number can talk about simple were you talked about dignity. -- humility honesty. Fortitude just loyalty. Oldies of -- very powerful emotional words and thoughts that we moved the national rhetoric -- we're looking -- -- We interview them based on recent super. So Dan your reaction to -- is virtue verses values what are you hearing from people I'm wondering if we've been so far removed for so long from virtuous people and we look more for values. I don't know if that's what people looking formally will be able to recognize that in and understand how important it is and selecting leaders. I hope so and on and do my part. Leadership traitor to revive. The consciousness. Of the word trying to get people focused on the put -- that the war. What do leader would be I would say that -- -- the virtues will create strong character strong characters that. Is going to define individual. Use so when you have apparently it between virtue character and -- That will be great leadership we basically chop off the bond later ignored and we expect compounded good leadership is not gonna happen. Very -- and I agree with you on a -- danced they would new gonna take a quick break and we come back I'd like for you and our audience to listen to. What one of our leaders our state leader governor Bobby Jindal with a low 38% approval rating had to say about on national leader. The president Barack Obama who also -- 38% approval rating. And tell me do you think this is an example of leadership and also we have Joseph homer in dean will get to your phone calls. An atomic text messages and 87870. He'll listen to the think tank on WWL 8:7 AM on Don Dubuque -- Garland Robinette Good Friday morning. Not been a lot of 2012 point around the country saying that President Obama was the most liberal and most incompetent president. In my lifetime ever since Jimmy Carter. Now having witnessed the events abroad these last several things. As we see the president of Russia invade a neighboring country and our president wants a downsize our military. Our president brags about the increase spending on -- -- seeing a president that does. Understand that a strong America leads to peaceful more stable world -- your president doesn't understand that a weak America leads to instability. Singapore as he does seem to understand that our allies or enemies alike need and want a strong America you know. We have long thought that this president is a Smart man. It may be time to revisit that is not currently used to make a distinction between the books marketing truly wise and so today let. Let -- be heard I hope he's watching the President Carter I want to issue a sincere -- it is no longer fair to say he was the worst president of this great country in my lifetime pres Obama has proven me wrong. And that was of course the comments on -- on national scale by our governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal who was suffering from his own. Leadership abilities and popularity at a 38% approval rating. Talking about another 38% approval radar president Barack Obama with me is stand shy TUZ founder of president of four power leadership. Dan it is that the remarks of a good leader to take shots that you opponent line in as far as a way to. Try to get people to get on your side and select few as a leader. I don't believe so but that it is unfortunately -- stated politics today in our country we. Sound -- society where. You know hyper partisanship. Mudslinging and character assassination. You know -- or -- weapons of choice. And it. You know I really tried to analyze. What people need. In leadership with the country needs some leadership from the very fundamental level. And of course you know. Our political alliances like others users it's normal thing. You have to really take a look. When government takes action on something what are -- doing for the heart of the individual services. When you analyze a lot of what's going on today it is good -- people. And what other examples is to have the -- expansion of food stamps and welfare system and so court. You know I realize that that you know we cannot be cork much we must help our old Americans when they're common people when we create a -- -- Things like that. It just creates humiliation of the government's seal of approval -- all. And when you go back and look at the virtues you know one of the virtues like talk about his industrious next and -- -- you know perpetuating the world for -- Promote industrious efforts resourceful self sufficient individual. Pride that work and grow their own self esteem Kruger industrial. So -- you're seeing in Europe probably urgent work. How -- do individual people are great citizens and -- rhetoric regatta not the mudslinging and character assessment. Danica and agree with you more as far as what needs to be said to the American public by a true leader but I'm kind of wondering it looks like them the last president and got any got in on promises he didn't encourage hard work and and sucking it up and getting off for the dole it was more like promises and -- and distribute news redistribution. Of other people's wealth to others and I don't know once you get people into that frame of mind and now it's been several generations. If you could check him in -- around to recognize of which is saying that it's good to be virtuous and industrious and hard working in. In in you know pull yourself up by the bootstraps like it happened so many years and pass that made this country -- was. Well I'm not. Gonna ever give up on America okay pick it up to. People like so. It'll mean who it -- announced -- or you -- -- you were a week ago current. India asks what would you rate the problem there aren't always the leadership on Wednesday example. And that's all the talk about virtue and how they create great leaders -- the very. Very reticent to talk about it because you liquidating. -- And that's not sold we need to have the discussion about churches and pursuit of -- And I liken it to. Soldier who goes into battle and you'll -- east pitcher -- the standard which we're at the album of the unit and regretful. And one -- -- and so. Immediately -- about that your -- So I used that a war from virtue -- talk about it as leaders should talk about and you didn't you fall if you make a mistake. Then the standard does it left on the ground or throw away your car the next guy picks up -- -- -- that's what banking standards exist. Externally an individual leader so we ought not be throwing out the standard time -- your bad example. Exactly we're talking with bench ninety Tennessee author of the book called up four power leadership. Also the founder and president of an organization. The book full power leadership Europe pathway. To leadership success discusses. Four hour planned -- on the leader of what makes a good leader. Dan can you think back to any of our past leaders who would you say it was. One of the more impressive leaders of this country that may be any future leaders would try to emulate. In order to interest on what the country once stood for what was. Well we legal -- first that are pretty good gold standard. Pulpit for. We're talking about her or Abraham Lincoln and George. -- and when -- as leaders community. And -- sitting in perfect cause no one has everyone has their issues. But those two guys probably buckled standard leaders more recently and in will pick one from the both on. I think the design team really really co locate -- was wrongly it. Because probably. Came on the scene at a time when America at its chain on the ground. And we really needed installation. And we really needed somebody who's willing to restore America's street itself and he inspired. -- -- -- -- But -- war was Beijing there aren't that great tribulation for the country where a court cheering mechanical world. And the on the board in school between. You know using and -- and Mercury -- and current Koppel on your equipment -- -- -- basically card that people are simple way. So those people that are out here and I encourage people wanna learn. About leadership Nicholas the beauty mark make sure they're pretty are your income correction. And then try to model what they did that was great and the and you got perfect example of political. I did a very -- stay with -- gonna take a local breaking of the news will come back and we got the phone lines -- -- -- a couple of calls on the wanna comment also on his round -- -- opinion poll standings are right now we're asking you -- you think the next great national leader will come from. It's pretty split pretty evenly 23% saying Democratic Party 33% Republicans 23% independent party. In 20% from some other source what do you say. Cast your vote at WW dot com dean and Joseph will be back with your calls right after the news. And this morning with thinking about leadership how where all the next great national leader come from that's a subject of property opinion poll question witnesses and show ID Dan. As authored a book. All about leadership we've been talking about what makes great leaders and I virtues verses values in his opinion agree with the his book is called the numb before power leadership -- pathway to leadership success. Down we've talked about some of the that in history some of the leaders of this country Washington Lincoln. Reagan FDR Churchill I would throw in one Benjamin Netanyahu in this form as a powerful leader with a lot of respect. But now let's bring in some of the of the listeners SE with -- assailants -- a -- listening to -- uptown Gil thanks -- -- north and -- Yeah. -- which you get disagree with you -- and at least 7%. Would be you know and thought Jindal would talk about the strong portrait never -- you know what goals we -- people want to go to war. -- veterans that not being taken care those same people. Don't take care that they are I mean it is just truly. More -- -- you know then the piano which you aren't spent in this country. Under that for so -- it'll work program. You know. Usually go are now mood when I heard congressman called president. Up next week a lot. There -- not -- national press conference speech what do you know if you take it they'll look -- put this country right now. Joseph Joseph what do you think the next legitimately come from and and what do you think you know he will be like what will it take to be greatly the next. Well. Next -- probably will be in the I'm not generation because. Basically the people that he now -- I'll. -- -- -- -- you -- pander to go but it constituency that with a unit if between -- and -- -- morning. And for the whole country and all that. Mean I mean you know even with affordable care company is not -- -- -- And they went to fall. And so it will. You know ego. Might be the president that there -- called the people's. All of a ball called -- is one of the warts and all that -- you know and you would expect a a yeah what. At this school sure -- you know get people consultant in an office yet. People talk about how weak. Well it's a bit -- bit. George Bush let let the so if you -- -- like that there at the challenger -- to me but yeah I mean. It. Hi thanks for the call Joseph Dan you and your thoughts on Joe's comments. Well he's. Very insightful letter and would mean one thing I'd like church people who say you know -- got to stop playing in blue Jean Ritchie and the American people that the wives. And it -- that the caller line a lot of I can achieve how it is. You know poor leadership as one of those things -- definitely reaches across. And what has -- -- -- acting -- is the failure of leadership to walk the talk and then try to use. But you want on the console credibility. That's it that's our report walker. Congress has exempted itself from. So he only -- good leadership if you're telling me that the portable here is the next best thing that is widespread. Then by god and remember congress ought to be signed an outburst that put their children. OK if they don't do that then what are they saying to a certainly stay up walking the talk. I -- let's go to dean in Metairie on line for dean thanks for the call you're on the think tank. Yeah I agree with. Him to get more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. But. And you. Know talked to those people. -- that is much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it is a you get. -- -- -- -- -- A bad. Joke. -- first black. -- What to -- -- as. An it company. -- and the world. -- -- -- -- I thank you dean. And you comments. As a sales assessment do you think it's on target. There bird and so. And eat dog again. We could weaken -- spread. You know the criticisms very picture caller you're gonna wait to. I agree with him on on the release issued. I think that that would -- in the -- opportunity. For president. Can heal the racial divide the country for Carter and I think he missed frankly. And I'm Wednesday something that I think people are going to final controversial but I tell you that systemic races. Systemic racism in this country you're dead and they're okay it's a thing of the past. Now there will be people that they absolutely. And and embryos that are green means that's where they put -- all these people that he should song. Dumb reason I'll teach you because you might be too I -- -- -- -- -- houses being. -- -- small minded people in the world. -- by and large they have a tremendous opportunity Barack Obama is living example. Of that opportunity. And he could be a tremendous role model just come out until everybody could use can you truly accomplishing anything in this country -- that you are too. I danced they would -- another -- tech welcome back at Dixie in -- -- listening to listen -- -- and maybe we'll have a chance to get some of -- text messages. We talked -- -- -- and shag team Tennessee author of the book would suggest strongly you greeted the number four power leadership. You a pathway to leadership success. We'll be right back after this time out on the think tank under the WLE seven DA. And taking a look at the results of our unscientific ready opinion -- are right now or asking you already think the next great national leader this country will come from 27%. From the Democratic Party 31% say Republicans 25 independent and sixteen other. I'm kind of reflecting what I thought the response would be that we don't know whether yankees coming from witnesses stand -- he's been talking about what it takes one as some of the qualities. The virtues of a leader and who some of those leaders are and we're also talking with you the listeners let's go to Dixie listening to us in Metairie line one Dixie -- -- -- I'm well. Well what I'm gonna say is. One of the very expert. Things that you look for. In a leader is honesty and that's what we don't have. Everyone is enriching themselves. -- has excuse me the to say how about term limitations. How about no pension. How about being a public. Servant. No one does that and we see in Louisiana every day it was this. The leader -- investigations. About you know Louisiana purchased. I mean these people have no qualms at all. To enrich themselves. -- take money from the -- Go to Ruth's Chris Steak House. And they don't do anything for the people. And the people of Louisiana should be set up with it but obviously. If you're Republican you're gonna vote for a Republican no matter what if here Democrat you're gonna vote they have this blind. Jesse -- that that's what I think has to change. As as Matt pointed out in and you pointed out very very well to you've got to vote for the individual the character of the person the virtues. We've got to start by and that line not what we're gonna get out of it what their experiences is what their values are it's who the person. And so we've we've lost to Spaniard your thoughts on -- -- comment. Obviously. -- be leaders in -- birdies on and and honesty is the one characteristic that people you are steady and the surveys are conducted servers as well it always comes up. -- number one. And unfortunately. You know politicians have a pecking order and they respond to. And it goes like there's goes from one -- open interest -- to their party of the year people. And the only response to the people to the degree. Which you know will enable them -- -- Otherwise -- -- -- you're and in her typical the figured your local congressman. Console that was constituents are. Say all right thing goes to Washington -- -- -- you because once you get inside the beltway. And across the Potomac River other you know that the party -- takes over. And he's no longer representative of the people as partners already burst. And we've seen that time and time again. -- let's go to our mark in Baton Rouge mark thank you for calling you won't stand shy. I get devoted a good deal you know you're as good spot on it at all. It is followers are what -- -- on now what does never and I'm pretty younger I'm thirty or never in my life my adult life. She structure could be seen -- so we. Buy it by foreign countries ever in my life. I'm mark -- guy announcing in the same thing Diana but you. Yup I'm getting -- he's gone into active part by yeah. And you know typically vote libertarian now. Oh -- structure of authority to more people. They actually found out that. That party Q. With the tragedies -- strong at least third party maybe short. When you know when you -- two evils. -- Or you'll be able to. Get. Thank you mark in and -- you know them mark brings up -- problem mine you know the two parties with all the money how you get this person with a real virtue in the character. How does he get known how does he get his message out and perhaps maybe the new technology the Internet will allow that to happen. Oh yeah I'm not -- argument Opel workers Oregon period we. He's been a lot of responses not news you know it's gone on paper for ages and you know party. Actions began. I think in the third elections that the country pad and Thomas Jefferson -- began. -- party system created. First political. So the it's going all along on a -- party's war. We've had these these dynamics. And so well you know you look at the history and you in Lincoln broke -- -- he did. And that he remains the gold standard for character leadership. So he did it it's possible so don't give up somehow that leader will emerge. He just can't be and so you know and and you're one thing -- will say. You're right the technology. Plays a big part. I'm in Lincoln's time. You know we board didn't travel with the -- today BitTorrent world. Instantaneously. Everyone knows about it and -- good thing and the bad -- Put Lincoln broke through and I think the next readers can be mastered the technology. Getting that down and not sell -- once he gets elected. All right we'll be right back after this break in the oval get Diana tell you how you can get a copy of his book and we'll get as many calls we camp got -- number one -- them to the mid city. Said except now and carols and no matter -- will be right back listening to think tank on WWL 878. And then shot TI we're out of time but don't have time for is if you would give out your website where you can find out more about your newsletters and also you book. Peggy Dolan and is the number of war power dot com or power dot com and -- it straight to the website and you could order the book through their border from. Favorite that source. I thank you so much at least helping us think about what takes makes great leadership and where might come from thanks to and we appreciated. US congressman bill capacity up next on I think right here on WW well.