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3-7-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on flood insurance

Mar 7, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with U.S. Congressman Dr. Bill Cassidy about the flood insurance bill he co-authored.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the Friday edition of the think tank down to -- in -- Garland -- gonna we'll be back with you on Monday this now with thinking about the passage. Of the grim Cassidy flood insurance amendment that passed the house news of that came out earlier this week which is good news. It's a very important step in providing for over one half a million will we easy and a family's flood insurance rates that a fair and predictable. For those Louisiana families in the men whose name is born on that amendment. A bill Cassidy -- congressman joins us now senator Cassidy thanks for joining. Don thank you for having me it to British talk about it there's so much good news about it right now. We have been talking -- No you're exactly right this subject is come up any number of times on the radio program -- really had a lot of people living in fear that they would not be able even stay in their homes with the result of these exorbitant insurance rates. It was and it was a version of it passed by the senate but and now that was amended what was the nature of this amendment. And what was it that and bipartisanship. I came through in approve that made everybody happy and got such a good strong -- bonus. Well that went for the difference between that film for the bills is that the senate to the warrior let the way. And whatnot pay for live in the permanent repeal all the worse section and they -- -- so we think it's better bill. And the way we do it. Is that my officers right in the policy if you will not solely the work in order on on the policy and the working with other areas of the country. Which are terribly affected. Think the northeast after hurricane sandy article all four. And so we work with them to build -- mentioned there was both. Culture Republicans. Helped Democrats. And then senate Democrats and other Republicans. -- -- leadership the importance of the issue at all to come up with a policy that -- -- your leadership to accept public two out anticipating getting to the senate. Well the opponents of this sent in and when you're looking for. An issue like this everybody wants fairness and people want fair insurance rates by the same token tax -- who were not affected. Don't wanna have to pick up the -- for that. What provisions in this amendment within two to satisfy taxpayers to feel like they're not footing the bill for someone else's load. It's paying for so what we do among those who have primary residence and their government National Flood Insurance Program. As a twenty. You'd hear an assessment. And for businesses and second on the 250 dollars a year so from -- a decent day. The people in the program get as stable program. Got a lot of tax -- people who are not participating. It is an Astro which is commonly done an insurance program. A chance eighties and today -- stabilize the program. Began actually to rebuild the read on. Sort of future of that. After the money in the paper disasters and that -- is really want taxpayers. We think it's good for all children isn't good for taxpayers to. There was a case that was quoted of a sixty year old woman who lived in Rhode Island that was purchasing a second home. And she was told that -- flood insurance policy would go to 66000. Dollars instead of the 5000 dollars she was expecting. Whether a similar instances of that in Louisiana were you hearing from you constituents saying that there was things like this was gonna happen is bigger Waterston is where it once. All over a woman saint Charles parish in -- home which is never -- She -- policy on Saturday so powerful. But don't like -- thousand dollars the year 2000 -- a year. In nine years issue had been more that are almost more. And there was a lot of these stories and not just believe that all -- -- And so absolutely and that's part of how -- there -- leadership. We have. Now because people were -- increases now so we have reduced the we. OK we. I'm sure that this is gonna communal reinstate him and make sure that some of the grandfather on flood insurance rates are gonna hold and you put a cap on increases. But -- -- any provisions in this for future building and development in those area uses is there anything there as far as what those rates could be in will be. The only way someone -- continue to get a good rate is -- -- built to code. So -- will be code you know all parts of the national insurance program. If you. You could be put -- if you -- could be -- -- average of what four plane would be. And so. So you built because what you do it right. You'll be -- -- -- that for a plane -- absurd degree or certainty regarding your rate increases are -- -- so the next step business goes to the senate do you expect opposition there are do you think now from what you're hearing. Account reports across the Oliver and go with this is as strongly as it did in the house. Well -- -- which -- -- -- that is that one got 64 vote so on the -- and 36 people voted again but it is more than enough to pack. The bill that we sent over and they better bill. And the the senators are acknowledging it is it better bill and so we got 64 votes last time. Oracle or at least get 64. Bit maybe a couple of more ticket again this bill is. Is paid for -- that he felt if you will and the -- they support last time was -- pretty well. What impact do you think this will have to the real estate values in Louisiana and as some of these other states like Florida California New York. I spoke to a real during the war. He sure that is somewhat sober house now imagine a woman in Portland. Should go out into the living -- cheer at the seller well now. He that you're sort of the flood insurance market. Has decreased. The value for all. 40%. Just because -- did not know. What the premiums are going to be. Now look at certainty. They come back up to its original you if you will they're in the 40%. And a put back the where is really should be. The effect will be -- Very good very good. All right so it's passed the house. Really -- everyone would be really surprised that doesn't pass the senate is as you say a bill that was not as beneficial made it through. -- -- the president not sign -- -- although you know destructive things have happened -- -- hasn't always agreed with what congress does but given this bipartisan. Blessing you would think that he would side is there any combination of problems there. It's not over till it's over. But as we are working on the bill in the house. Part -- team if you will catapult the other people manage in the politics you know they're pitching with a -- What we were working with that -- and it. Also there were speaking to the and off the bubble burst in my office was speaking with humor and other speak with FEMA. Making sure that war itself its concerns were addressed. To the present whatever bill unacceptable. And history that been would it would feel Arlen Leach and interpreted the way that we wish to to be interpreted. -- -- knows that's an ambiguous we were trying to refine it further. So we think we've covered the three -- -- major entities we've two in order to get it only sign but also implemented in the way that it's intended. Of course have the program was found to -- 24 billion with a B dollars in debt. Do you think that this will if we have another disaster anytime soon that they won't be enough money to go ahead and and do the payouts and provide the coverage. We are putting money back into the reserves fraud. But we're not going to be able to pay back to 24 billion in a year or true. Not just Katrina but it's also superstores. Superstore. You know made it. So well ever. This sort of program which in the long term will be actual early now. In overtime in those trees are foreign so we think we're better position now it would have been under bitter waters amended. Or even with the candidate bill which passed the senate which does Cassidy grim grim Cassidy bill replaces. Very good. Well bill as you said it's not over till it's over other any suggestions that you would have vote constituents in Louisiana to do is it worth the call. To this senator off letters to the White House sign expressing their opinions and views on this on. Do you think it's pretty much gonna take care of itself. Centers. That are currently Andrew. Have endorsed. -- -- -- Vietnam. They see this is better than what the senate produced. For example -- Richard Shelby of Alabama might have some concerns. To me and Tom Colbert has some concerns. It you have friends -- local Pennsylvania Alabama. Coal. And and the called senators. Well understand that this is the potential problem. And it's not just Louisiana it is higher. Pennsylvania actually has some of the worst issues and flood insurance -- our country. So that's where one of the so called friends and other states. And the colder winter and shipping get more importantly. It's good while it's good for a while. We talk with US congressman doctor bill Cassidy about the passage of the grand Cassidy amendment was gone too. Flood insurance rates here in the state always in and other parts of the country. We have a lot of parish leaders and city leaders who listen this program. And we have been in touch with them and it was a major concern of them and I know they've all been working very hard on this would you have any advice -- suggestion. For them and things that maybe they can do to get this thing over the hill. I'm a compliment them because parish officials of the first to bring him back to. The issue of quality Charlotte Randolph. John don't -- frustrated on the list. Did you think a year and a little. Brought two and that -- first kind of get on the they have been contacting the international organization. County officials. And then asking them to lobby for passage sort of -- fishery association and other examples. And -- them or national organizations. -- street association. The federal. Contact those senators and state should not yet decided the better for. So -- -- -- in your member national association. Contact that a patient go to the -- And that your constituent groups and -- to contact their senators. And -- simplicity sake -- give us the number on that bill in case someone you know a lot of people text and email there. Their messages into elected officials what is the actual number of the bill and they should refer to. I would call the program Cassidy but I think it's HR 3370. Yet they -- 3370. And but it do you call that the calm the national flood insurance bill. Don't know what it is but HR 3370 is is the official title. Very good bill before you go any final words of suggestions to the constituents. You know -- last -- there's still all the things we have to do to reform the program -- -- efficiencies in the National Flood Insurance Program. They can generate further savings for policyholders and for taxpayers. But this in the right next step. And I guess what a compliment all the people of Louisiana. You brought work and your concerns are all honesty police in the big help other members of the Russian delegation you torture concerns. That's the -- representative democracies post war. The people represented bring it in terms of the represented as we work together would -- something good. And as well thank the people listening to you right now all their artwork on the. Our -- please pass it along to a congressman Michael Grimm Steve -- all the other house members from both parties that really works on. The draft and get this legislation -- because this was all about the salvation of of coastal Louisiana no doubt. It thanks again bill we appreciate you visiting. Bill Cassidy US congressman on the good news about the flood insurance amendment has passed the house now goes to the senate and eventually to the president's desk. I while I got a couple of minutes before the news we've been getting a lot of calls with regard to this. Louisiana department Wallace and fisheries Daryl Hall control that set for next week on pearl river actually is not just on pro rhythm management area. Also takes place on another state wildlife management area share -- and not to kind of go into detail about what this is all about. It's no secret that we've had a major problem with federal hall of population explosion all crossed not just this state but many other states across the south. And this some efforts to try to control them and we have relax the hunting regulations. Allowing our hunting seasons to be extended to -- night. Not to do baiting and trapping world all of that has not really been successful enough so now. The latest effort is going to be aerial population control with firearms. So beginning the week of march 10 and they going to be putting signs up Sunday in this weekend. On the pearl river management area to alert and Warren uses. -- of people who are still out there it was very few hunting seasons opened the as a few new Treo owners of course fishermen are out there are people who participate in non in some sports like bird watching in high eighteen. Are -- going to be helicopters flying over with gunfire. And this is going to be done by agency personnel. I'm basically trying to control the wall and Ferrell -- population in coastal Louisiana there's been some opposition. I'm received some letters from people who say this is not safe. It's not needed is not necessary as a non. One and expensed -- -- you may be advised that that is taking place. And be careful you don't wanna be on the boat of the in the marsh particularly if you're going to be out there. Where some orange blaze orange clothing. Because again is going to be helicopters flying over. In association with the is -- -- control. I don't count that talks about that story will be back to open up the phone lines also to check on up ready opinion poll question tell you. -- where your fellow viewers in visitors to our web -- think -- next great national leader will come from will be back with that. Right after the news right here and the think tank on WW.