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3-7-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on the Surgeon General

Mar 7, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America about Dr. Vivek Murphy, President Obama's nomination for the Surgeon General.

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-- -- -- -- Put a cap on this Ferrell -- issue a lot of the text as a still -- in now we're gonna continue to talk about this on tomorrow's more outdoors program on -- on from seven to nine. In the 8 o'clock now each first Saturday of every month we have the wildlife and fisheries department come on enough talk about some of the commission meeting actions. And we'll bring this up to them we gonna talk about the use of helicopters with. Sharpshooters. Being used on two of our management areas -- -- cost efficient cost effective way to control Ferrell hawks will pick up that. Discussion tomorrow. This hour we're going to talk about the president Obama's selection force surgeon general has been called an anti gun doctor. Give a little bit of background on -- a directive the event mirth the he was born to Indian parents in the hundreds field England. He moved with his parents to Miami Florida when he was three years old. These -- called -- child prodigy went through high school graduated in 1994 was valedictorian. Went to Harvard. Graduated magna cum laude in just three years with a degree in biochemical sciences. Seven years later he graduated from the Yale school of medicine -- MD an MBA from Yale School of Management. At just 27 years of age he then. Founded three medical service and support companies called trial networks. In permit us envisions a world wide. Now along the way he found time to found an organization. Called doctors for Obama in 2008. Yet some 151000 positions around the country. Supporting then senate to Barack Obama for the White House. He also supported the what is now the column known as Obama care. Which was the Affordable Care Act acting he got that it is initiative and said he wanted to get involved in that because he. Knew that you know he would be able to contribute along with his fellow doctors -- any organized some marches on Washington. He filed friend of the court briefs before the Supreme Court in favor of Obama care. And has taken some very strong positions in opposition to the Second Amendment so. -- feel looking at his history like me I don't see where he spent a lot of time in treating patience and performing medicine practicing medicine. As much as he has been involved in politics. In supporting anti gun rights in the obamacare. In any great joining us to talk about disappointment in that we're gonna ask you -- going to be changing up ready opinion poll question. Two do you think it's a good idea to have an anti gun. A proponent as a surgeon general under the two things John does that make sense that it's of that either. The philosophy of this surgeon general someone who was opposed to firearms and if you don't think he he is -- saw a lot of evidence out there where you know he has made statements about. What do you think should be done he says it is -- quote. Before the 2012 reelection of president of bombings and I'm tired of politicians. Playing politics with guns putting lives at risk because this scan of the NRA. Guns are health care issue. His doctors for America which is DF they exhibited it's extreme agenda pushing congress to ban assault weapons. High capacity magazine spending more tax dollars for more research to prove. It fewer guns could lower the crime rate also -- in this one -- out there. His group also thinks that doctors. Should be allowed to invade privacy by asking patients if they have guns at all. And I don't know what that has to do that but anyway he seems to be spending more time trying to prevent the use of firearms in the ownership in the Second Amendment. Then any practice of medicine which I think is the wrong a selection to make for the years surgeon general. And -- Larry Pratt and you know -- know Larry -- been on the program many times executive director. Of Gun Owners of America Larry thanks for joining -- thank you have a little losses we talked I guess has been kind of quiet on the -- front for at least a little while anyway. Well here and there there's always something going on but nothing perhaps as big as the hullabaloo following the Newtown tragedy. There that was the media frenzy for proof maybe a month. But they weren't able to whip up anything politically. And that's where this guy seems to. And I can't find where he works and I'm sure he's an institutional medicine. If you -- practitioner with a all the time did you describe it is he spending and trying to get my guns. He he wouldn't. He would have an income so he's he's got to be at a bureaucrat somewhere. Well you know people are saying this is nothing more than a payback for the support that you guys I don't know couldn't be a move soon. Put in gun control gun restrictions through. A different venue that's ever been tried before by saying and it's hazardous to your health which. You know certainly is a lot of things hazardous to your health and it's not so much in the parent in firearms is we don't know and that's always been the argument is it is in the person that. Yeah it's it's not like tobacco where is the product and here. The gun and my guns and -- killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's core. So you know it's a big. Hullabaloo and they I think of most graphic striking way to see that they get it just absolutely backwards. In the District of Columbia. When they had it done basically. With their highly restrictive. Well you can't have a gun outside she's -- -- you can't because of the Supreme Court ruling have at least own a gun in house. But when you're out on the street that you're fair game to the criminals of course will feel free to have a gun. And the murder rate in the District of Columbia right now is about nine per 100000. In Fairfax county Virginia across the river from Washington. Over a million people come to Russia hour now. Convention that we are and urban county are murder rate is one per 100000. So it is it makes a huge difference but it's just the opposite of what people like -- -- It's where people have more guns to be able to protect themselves. Where you find lower crime. One of it. Most dramatic examples of self defense. Was the home video footage from the security camera. Over. Detroit home. And the mother -- children was there at the time and it turned out that two weeks prior to home have been invaded. And she immediately went and bought. -- a short barreled rifle. Well two weeks following the first invasion she was invaded by like three guys one of them had a handgun. What they hadn't capital apparently she had that rifle right in the kitchen and -- sheer. The shots being fired by her and maybe by them to. One thing it's not at all it usually gunfire is nobody is shot. But they anyway or wait around receive -- ain't got any better and they ran out of here. And then the one guy -- was apparently I had to be drug. It dropped his gun he picked it up and start to run back in the house that -- Police anyway again and he decides that maybe the -- it's great footage of the. -- taco Larry Pratt executive directive Gun Owners of America we're going to be discussing president Obama's pick for surgeon general doctor David Murphy. He is a proponent of anti gun. Opposition and now a lot of the concern is what is gonna happen to research funds that would normally be used to fight diseases them part of the surgeon general's job and will would be used to. Provides some opposition to the Second Amendment will be back to take your calls and continue our conversation with Larry Pratt. Charles on the north sure you'll be up first 2601878. 8668890878. In securities at text message board please text responsibly to 8787. And this afternoon with thinking about president Barack Obama's pick for surgeon general doctor vivid mirth the end he's at 21 -- 27 he founded three. Companies but we don't know exactly how much. Madison his practice over the is apparently has spent most of his time him. Promoting anti gun sentiment is fact he sent a letter to congress signed by an organization he founded which was called doctors for America. That was requesting that anyone purchasing guns and ammunition and mandatory firearm safety training and tackling as well as licensing. Our question is is that a good choice to pick someone that is a so biased when it comes to Second Amendment Rights to serve as a surgeon general. Larry Pratt the executive director of gun owners of America's what is let's go to Charles on the North Shore Charles thank you for calling in human Larry Pratt. A thing called the point. The night is that I don't think his views on gun control or more relevant to sergeant general views on. Freedom speech -- like about it or citizens -- -- -- whatever those political views not medical news. And I think the general as medical. And about second point is that it seemed like you may be potentially -- -- And I had a little dignity. Didn't have much medical practice experience. I don't think that's nearly so important to set policy. And have some power. Potentials. And it is too many patients as we've seen or ordered certain -- for a needle. It's intimate. And all match instead of focusing on the real issue. Is he qualified to be surgeon general has bought for angle as you walk or. You -- you. Look back in October of 2012 -- put that statement. In which he's started guns are a health care issue so it's not that we're. Making our objections just because of statements in general he's made about registering in licensing which he has. He thinks that guns are -- health care issue. And -- like it or not he's put that target on himself for the. Yeah out you know the call -- Charles said that you know he didn't think that does the medical expertise in the political have any bearing on each other. And I agree that's right but then again he said he does not so important his medical practitioner experiences it is to make policies so it's kind of a contradictory statement. If you'd like to think that he knows something about what he's making policies to deal list. And he may have. That experience but the problem that we see is that he's going to. Have an opportunity to direct research funds to direct. Study finds. And it didn't grants are given by the surgeon general and that it it came up in committee here. And he was pressed on that but AM what are more than senators and so -- promised that he was not going to make. Any grants are based on. Gun issues well Wilson was going to be watching that. You know well again we're asking you to call in and not tell us do you think this is a good choice to 60187866889. 087 if you can't issued -- text message comes directly into the broadcast Booth as simply 87870. You know Sotomayor she was it hearing had said that she viewed. Of the Second Amendment as an individual right and that that would be her. View on the court. As soon as she got on the court actually ruled that it was a collective right she ruled in the minority on the Heller case so. There is some history of these. Folks saying one thing. When their under oath and trying to get the job and another thing when they -- the -- and -- not on the bench. Larry do you believe there's any likelihood that anything could could come out of this as far as making changes tune. The Second Amendment gun rights in this country something that would say well the surgeon general has deemed that final of this so now we're gonna support this legislation. Does -- have any teeth in the same surgeon general statement. Well it's all a matter of public opinion and that's ultimately -- the war the war is going to be won or lost. I remembered it may -- twenty years ago OSHA was. Involved in this same kind of activity. And congress -- -- An amendment to its funding budget which carries over to this day. As saying that they -- not in use. The presence of firearms in their determination. Of the safety of the work place. -- good Larry stay when we're gonna take a break here for the news we come back and we'll share some of these. Text messages that are coming in an 8787. Remember please text responsibly do that text and drive he's a designated text. To get a call in a phone lines open 8668890870. That's not toll free number. If you're in the 504 dialing -- simply 504260. 1870. Will be right back after the news you listening to the think tank on WW LAM. FM -- 105 point three in our worldwide that WWL that -- Now welcome back into the think tank -- way -- thinking about this afternoon nom president Barack Obama's choice for the new surgeon general. He is a self avowed anti gun doctor by the name of -- Murtha. 36 years old owner of three medical service and support companies and an avowed. Anti gun. Rights person in and we're asking you this question does that now logical choice should that be a choice. A consideration for appointing the position of surgeon general law Larry Pratt executive director of Gun Owners of America. Is our association is non polls to this election let's see which you have to say Peter in Baton Rouge on line one Peter thanks for calling. Yeah really very very intensely fascinated with this. One quote you have not put out there because he's left so many is this. -- the Americans need our fascination. To own arms. If it should indicate mental issues by itself can derivative of that. Whether that when not in sync now nominees that we. He tweeted that. And -- not very obviously this is like a far left liberal guy who just doing -- -- The current administration. And I think it's your analysis that you start -- program that hasn't been seeing me patiently he's probably an institutional doctor. But I am absolutely stolen if he should get the nomination -- get confirmation. It would only be one quick step to acquire. Guns and gun ownership and real mental. Threat to the society at large. One of the things he proposed peace proposal kind of gun control is that the point you can even buy a box of ammunition. You have to go through all matter of options -- so forth so. I have no dead may it may be paid back mr. Obama in May also be that he just an extension of mr. Obama's. Basic philosophy. Remember that this past week this that it turned down his nominee for the high actionable right position in the government. Underneath mr. holder. Because that same nominee lobbied extensively to three. They cop killer. Currently doing like. -- blunt force murdering a policeman thirty years ago. And the man who defeated him and try to get him freedom pardoned. Mister Obama turn around especially in nominated that same person. To be the highest ranking civil rights. Official. Right -- mr. holder. Which is just a politically economically heavens it's a field. The -- several Democrats realize that -- devote confirm that -- would be in their careers. But I am very concerned with the president that would put somebody in this country out to be the surgeon general like that I think that's red flags. My gosh. All over the place. Well the -- clearly political he made numerous statements connecting to politics and medicine. And he's gonna have -- handle our money so that means he could be heavily engaged in the war of ideas. And that's ultimately what we're talking about that's that this is the political process -- ideas are exchanged in. You and I are gonna have to fund our opposition's. Ideas factory. -- I'm ready in the I think without hope that we have. Miss the nomination -- -- -- people out to be unique to be the highest ranking civil rights attorney which would be at all. That was shot down the college police forces and police officers. Across this country just literally came out of the woodwork. It was an insult to every law enforcement officer in this world to try to put as many civil right position. To defend a complete cop murder if moment entity -- murder. There were two witnesses. Who heard him say I hope that and that's -- didn't. Don't want him was his brother. Then. But the recently shot down the coast and grass roots. Just came out of the woodwork that we are not believe in the two man at the top of this country is gonna nominate that guy. Where we need to do the same things that we can't believe we're going to nominate this man who. Is so opposed to everything America stands for and make him the surgeon general. That we need and you -- your ride on the market began at millions of dollars it is it is and and also this -- in general we think -- amount. Just -- soul -- they'll control. The surgeon general concern the team such and so it be part of the food group in -- Grading this be a danger to children. It is an all kinds -- laws immediately fallen -- after the after the declaration. So we need to did you and your group in all the groups like you guys are true Americans. And we need to just rise up and becoming mighty mighty force and so you know can you know connection of this -- on the road in this country. Item is seen any signs that we are fixed in the rise beginning in the primaries. Cleaning out some of these Republicans in name only -- and then moving on into the general election to do the same with Democrats. On time I'm ready to see that thank god. Here in Louisiana we have and absolutely pathetic senator Mary Landry who's basically -- country you know this. And -- thing for all things Obama. The rubber stamp for Obama care Robert shepherd people to believe -- this week again what would you vote for -- yep yep whatever keys and I'm hoping that she's dragged out of office screaming this. This poll. But you -- your your in your group great view on the program. You just keep you keep rallying the troops letting -- know where we need -- -- line. And the folks one be informed on a regular basis they can go to Afghanistan organs have for our actions. Alerts. Very good very good thank you on the program you -- yeah. Peter thank you for your call Erica another break you be back to continue our conversation about president Barack Obama's appointment. Of the surgeon general and anti gun doctor is that a good idea bad idea to 601878668890878. Text message board opened for you -- 870 eights and be right back. And welcome back into the think tank we're talking about president Obama's pick for surgeon general he is to put it in terms of off firearms owners might know the cross says have gone -- across the country doctor of a bit calmer mirth the is suggesting that gun violence is a major public health risks marches -- surgeon generals warned that smoking can cause cancer. You agreed that gun violence is indeed a major public health risk. And is -- the proper place for the surgeon general to get so actively involved businessman is in sending off letters to congress trying to bring about. 48 now waiting periods licensing the ball gun sales mandatory training. Limiting them high capacity magazines. Larry Pratt the executive director of gun owners of America's been would listen and Lara failed to get -- mention about Gun Owners of America. As I'm so used to it and you've been -- program a lot I know what -- is all about but if you would explain to listeners them about Gun Owners of America. Well we lobby the congress and sometimes we. Find that we have to them. Lobby our friends a little bit as well that last year there was a major push for expanding the background check which. It was also the same is expanding gun registration because. We're pretty sure that's what they do with -- -- in fact use that -- they're supposedly destroying. In that day that I to keep it more than 24 hours. Had -- been explained that they do longitudinal. Studies. Based on that -- Obviously they've been retaining it illegally and so we have. We're we're just whale it away from Newtown. And sometime in March we begin to realize that. You know don't look like generators getting involved in this that we put. An email to our. Email list and said look we haven't heard from a would you please contact this guy at this number of their. Encouragement that. All excited and publisher of their opposition to the bill along with bill peace corps in part of their ratings. And I just think most of got a few phone calls because a week later they announced they were going to do that. L what surprised -- was that simultaneously just about like boom boom. Senator mentioned the cosponsor of one of of that bill that we were trying to kill complained to wait a minute and now one thing. You've betrayed me when -- still poor working together. -- They've been out to get the. Larry you know for all the efforts of the nine anti gun proponents. It seems that the I'm not making a whole lot of progress and just this week Smith & Wesson reporting record sales in the range of firearms industries to a X trim extraordinarily well. Banquet honoring the president. I think that was brought up a couple of years ago when it was eighties it was hard to find the registration form that was a bit. -- Now what are we. They would do that we'll be right back in got some -- you wanna read to you get you to come -- and those would talk with Larry Pratt the executive director of Gun Owners of America. -- weigh in on president Obama's pick for surgeon general. Call -- 2601878668890870. Text message at 87870. And welcome back into the think tank Larry -- -- -- of America -- not taken some time to speak with us about president Obama's pick for surgeon general -- of the -- mercy. And reviled anti gun enthusiasts and Larry among all the text at a common in besides of one of the call on both humanize races and I'm in the when they get that from I don't know of anything racist he put this. You know if you have no argument to. Combat what we're saying then that's the only thing. I guess that I guess that's that the default to go to the race card when nothing else works in on this saying we're accused and president Barack Obama is to a racist and. I don't really limited. That is to say thank you for conceding the debate. Exactly. I don't ever called President Obama using race in saying that he's been criticized because of his race. -- -- say that everybody else defense team with a but I never heard him say. Well why aren't you -- like trade. I'd Larry let's go to some of the one of them says -- and this is a -- it's. It's a rhetorical question he says so just tell me why would the president -- anti gun put someone in a position who has not anti. Right it's not a surprise that it's not something we should be rolling over and accepting. We need to fight something like this and frankly if this were to have happened next year. After the election where we think is going to be a different senate. Somebody like this would get shut them. And also a position like a surgeon general should be about medical urged them should be about politics -- And this and that it's some guy himself -- injected the gun issue in two. The consideration. Of his candidacy and his nomination. Two lead surgeon general so that Noah a nobody to blame but themselves. There's another -- so what's wrong with going through a tough background check to buy ammo and guns. Everything the president and is done is magnified come on man stop whining. Well the background check is used to get out thirteen convictions. Last year -- record out of some eleven million checks. That means it's not. -- successful tool for fighting criminal but it cost a lot of money. And it has paid a lot of bureaucrats salary for almost zero output. And after this day after I terrorists it seems to me that we are very justified in suspecting that they violate the law that they do keep. The names and addresses -- definitely and it's so much as admitted as I said earlier. When they say well we're gonna do this longitudinal study. Using that background check. Information on names and addresses -- they shouldn't have -- longitudinal study possible because they're required by law to destroy that information. With it before 24 hours. Larry is another one -- says more people die from cigarettes and guns each -- so why doesn't he does little warning label on the box -- -- comes in when you buy it. Could be hazardous to your health do you think it's gonna be is innocuous is that is that the labeling of gun box is gonna satisfy the surgeon general. He'll take what -- can get and if he could get that he would probably take but. We would fight that -- on the grounds that it's. Perfectly obvious that pollutes and rifles. And guns are dangerous. And people know that and frankly. Civilians have a whole lot less problem using them even cops do. Think the average gun owner as an extremely. Good record with his guns what are these safety or in the commission or just in the case. They're not committing crimes. What is the surgeon general two were to announce that cars and vehicles are hazardous to your health. There are certainly a lot more people die in vehicle accidents and injured in the spirals. True that many times over that would. Hopefully be resisted with the same -- active I think they're -- they're saying is happening right now with his views on guns. And I think if if he were to be confirmed and if you work it is something such as he said he would like to do in the past. I think. Into that particular program courses salary. Something would be. Larry is it is is this accurate that the rules have changed -- with 51 votes. Will confirmed doctor Murtha you and that's the case looks like he's going to win. Yes but there are some Democrats that might be looking over their shoulder this election year. This is a volatile issue. And frankly if they want it -- to vote like that. We will see them at the polls. Hourly men don't have enough time for this question it's a pretty broad when directed that you and wants to know what is your solution. To the gun problems in this country needed to identify what they saw -- problems sold take command. Will encourage more people to be able to defend themselves with a gun like that. Marvelous. Mother in Detroit then if you are attacked you have the means of resistance. And she she and three -- -- Pretty good for one mom. Right as far as gun problems I would think keeping the guns out of the hands of the bad guys that I probably got a problem with that -- in that one instance yes. You -- this -- truck or a little. A little -- We're not gonna keep bad guys from getting guns that's what these gun laws of normally accomplished is to keep the good guys. From getting guns -- make it much more difficult. We don't discourage. The average person from getting it currently one -- facilitated. We've got to force states of our country right now where you can carry handgun concealed. With no government to permission whatsoever. And those are not the crime -- is in our country either Vermont Alaska Arizona and Wyoming. For -- called places. So we would think that that would be good prescriptions for other states to make -- so that people can. Carry without having to build other and the expense some places it's several hundred dollars to get a permit. And then it in other places it's permissive. At a major breakthrough came with a three judge panel of the ninth circuit in California. Said that the bureaucrat. Permission. At their discretion in was unconstitutional. And the only thing they could do is require background should make sure the person's. You know good clean record. Not a nut case and and they must give them a concealed carry permit. And the request for permits are letting and in California. -- -- -- -- Crime is not going to go -- in California most certainly it's likely to -- to -- In places like San Francisco where it was impossible to get a permit. It's happened in many other places Larry always interesting -- conversation with the look forward to on next visit. All right Larry Pratt executive director of GO way Gun Owners of America. All right I'm out of here coming up next a Skoda believers filling in for Angela with open Mike I'll see you tomorrow morning 5 AM we call a darkened early for the outdoor show off -- get more outdoors seven to nine on three W well. See you next week on the thing.