WWL>Topics>>3-7-14 1:10pm Scoot: on Jindal and Obama, part 1

3-7-14 1:10pm Scoot: on Jindal and Obama, part 1

Mar 7, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and takes calls on Gov. Bobby Jindal's comments on President Obama.

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The Los Angeles Times reports. That two members of the academy admits that they voted for twelve years Sicily for best picture. Even though they never watched it and they said they never watched it because they thought it was going to be too disturbing. So they voted for best picture because of the movie social significance even though they didn't watch it and apparently this does happen. I talked to a member of the year academy before going on the air and he said that this is something that does happen. -- The interesting thing is why why vote for told here's a slave if you haven't -- it would because you think it should be. Such a good movie because you think it it should be the best movie because of the social content. It does this talk about the pass guilt. And why we can't really be honest about racial nations today. -- there have been a lot of movies that have accurately deal with the mistreatment of blacks in America. And I has seen many of those movies but they're also have been movies about white Americans helping. Make equality for blacks a reality. The movie 42 the movie to help. And Guess Who's Coming to Dinner which was on this past week and I forget which channel one of the one of the cable to just getting text your son is out in Baton -- joke I knew it would be on the way. So what will place him very up music because. The sun is on the way when a -- to break here in the -- World Series -- thank you for that Texas a really good news and it is expected to be just a great weekend. But I can't help but think about the movies that. It seemed to get the most attention -- the movies that deal with. The negative aspect of how blacks were treated to this country and that is a reality that we should all recognize and understand that. However. The movies that that. Point out what whites did -- and how we do get along those movies don't seem to get the same amount of attention and I guess that's human nature. We tend to focus more on things that are negative. That things that are positive. And quite often people blamed the news for always being negative will be -- is a reflection of of the audience. And the audience ultimately tells the news locally and nationally what to put on and what they wanna see. And so if the news is more negative and positive it may be because that's something that just response to human nature so we're gonna talk about that a little bit later in the show also talk about movies that. Going to be good for race relations and movies that have been banned for race relations. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said the President Obama is the worst president in his lifetime and he essentially apologized to president Jimmy Carter who has been. A Republican punching bag for years and Bobby Jindal has -- said it. Jimmy Carter was the worst president in his lifetime now he says he knows Carter an apology because now. Is President Obama here's our Debbie W a pretty -- opinion poll today who's doing a better job Obama as president. Or Jindal. As governor of Louisiana. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WW real dot com -- detects are coming in now sun is out in New Orleans east Sony -- they'll hang on just 12. Slipped out of the studio when this year had a VW well and I just see clouds but it's nice to know that the sun is appearing. A sun is out and slide all right so the sun is is coming. And will the place of music on the show today going in and out of our breaks to reflect the fact that we're gonna see some -- it has been cold it -- been cloudy. -- -- a day it was a miserable although they were still a lot of people out. I was part of it Mardi Gras mambo review until 6 o'clock got a -- six I was at the quarter by seven. And by 7 o'clock there were a lot of people a quarter promoting broad day ways -- desolate down there it was. It was empty the balcony at at noon in the middle of the day -- -- -- -- the balcony of the royal sinister and urban street. Essentially empty. And I never seen that before. An article date no matter what the -- -- so we are going to celebrate the sun coming out it's going to be a spring like weekend especially compared to the weather that we've had. So I hope your make your plans to. Into this weekend even if you might be just a little party doubts from -- dropped. So let's get back to. Governor Bobby Jindal the comments that he made about president bombing he made these comments in a speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference. And he also compared President Obama to George Wallace saying that the president is trying to stand in the schoolhouse door. And stop minority students from attending charter schools -- was promoting his voucher program. Do you agree with governor Jindal that says President Obama is the worst president in your lifetime and if so. What exactly has the president done. That has affected you personally. Or has affected your business. Now don't go by what you read on FaceBook. Don't go by what you hear on the Internet which you read on the Internet don't go by what you hear on talk radio. Don't go by anything other than how has it affected you. Quite often hysteria in this country builds around. Things that people here but don't really experience. It's almost as if people believe what they wanna believe they hear what they won here that's something that I can attest to it every day when I do to show. People hear what they wanna hear they don't hear what's actually being sent as so often people just buy into the things that they want to believe as opposed to the things that are. Our our -- center of the things that are real idol I would really like to know. How President Obama. Is the worst president in your in your life. Now what is he died or what has happened under the Obama administration. To you personally. Now there'll always be things for the Obama care. Debt affect affect people negatively but there are people who have had positive experiences. With obamacare. And there are some people very close to be personally in my life who have benefited tremendously from a pocket that assuming that everybody does but some people are. Are are getting coverage that they never had before some people are paying less so this rhetoric that. It's it's all bad. Just. Really -- credits. The argument against Obama. Because there are some good things about it and there are some people who are benefiting from it. One of the problems with both Republicans and Democrats is neither side wants to recognize that there's anything good about the other side. And one problem that I think we can anticipate. From now probably through 2016. Especially this year with the mid term elections coming up in November -- I think we can anticipate that nothing's gonna happen. Nothing is gonna happen even if it's in the best interest of the country. Nothing will happen to make things better if making things better. Make the president look good. And so right now and this is the way it is when one parties in the White House and the other isn't. There will be attempts to stop anything that benefits America if it makes the person in the White House look good. And isn't that -- it. And isn't that the main reason that all of us have become and should be totally. Disgusted. With politics. It's a game to them. They're sent their -- percent they don't go through what you would I go through. They had a -- they're not affected by the things that affect us. On a regular basis. And they will hold back on something if it makes the president look good and the opposite would be -- was well if a Republican was in the White House at this point and Democrats were on Capitol Hill. Did that the same thing would be taking place. Which is. Absolutely. Reflective of how politicians. Think and their mentality. It's all about advancing their ideology and what since in the best interest of the party as opposed to what's. Best for America. -- blog -- about Bobby Jindal is -- good or bad for the Republican Party you can read that and share with others give us your comment if you like. It's on our website at WWL. Dot com. And we'll talk about them with a mid term elections coming up. A Bobby Jindal said some. Is derogatory things about the president even questioning the president's intelligence. Is this the right track for the Republican Party and by the way this is coming from the same guy who -- months after the election in 2012 said. We've got to stop being the stupid party. Is a Republican Party still being the stupid party. To join -- share with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 Texas 87870. This is for those of you who are experiencing this on on this Friday as we head into the weekend however as I look out of our studio Windiz downtown it's still cloudy. In downtown New Orleans but the sun is on the way and is expected to be a great weekend good afternoon I'm -- in -- Angela here -- to VW property jaguar of people this afternoon. Who's doing a better job and is. It in that well in their position. Obama as president where Jindal as governor of Louisiana. Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com right now it's a very close poll 49% say Obama is doing a better job as president. 51% say Jindal is doing a better job. As governor again give -- -- opinion at WW dot com also -- they're the astute to blog today is titled general's comments on Obama not good for GOP. And this is something that. This hold. This whole. Attempt to transform the image of the Republican Party is something that time I talk a lot about -- -- this -- show -- night in fact. I'm gonna say something in the air right now. And I've never said. With the exception of the first time. I registered to vote. I have registered as a Republican. Or independent. All of my life. And the only reason I didn't register the first time I've I've voted for starters to devote was. On the advice of my dad who was an ultra conservative. My dad said because Republicans. I don't seemed to get anywhere in the gubernatorial. Races here. The the democratic primary really determines who's gonna be governor so if you register as a Republican you can't vote in the democratic primary. So register as a Democrat. It's -- register as a Democrat when I first turned eighteen but that is. That was the first and the last time I ever registered. As a Democrat now you can vote for whoever you want to vote for. When it comes to a general election. And I vote for whoever won a vote for this is not saying who I vote for but I I thought about this earlier today I have registered Republican or Democrat. My entire life. But I like to talk about this. This attempt to transform the image of the Republican Party because it really is important and there's a lot of this talk it's coming from the the Republicans themselves and it's a recent things that have happened I thought were clear indications. That the Republican Party was ready to change but Bobby Jindal saying what he has said about President Obama and even questioning the president's intelligence. I think this does not serve the Republican Party very well. You might totally disagree with -- or agree discuss blog is general's comments on Obama not good for the GOP. You can read that to share with others it's at WWL Telecom forbid city Jeff you're and -- BW real good afternoon. Pace troop and material long time I'm glad you're back in the Moreland. -- -- Com. -- So very so bad. And I realized. That someone who is approved being teaching creationism in the school. It doesn't believe in evolution you talk about stupid. Hand. I can't whether Jindal and the governor currently haven't had a governor -- you would elect because he's been out. -- eight years become president and the like. I'd vote for the first. Proud registered Democrat -- were. So I could kick myself. As it turned out to be just. Another Republican still -- that to -- there. I died I thought it was interesting when I thought about that earlier today that it hadn't occurred to me along time that I I voted I mean I've played the system and how info but I registered Democrat the very first time I've registered -- voted -- but the rest of my life I have been a registered Republican. And for a less amount of time a -- registered independent. But again you can vote for review and vote for Jeff I'm glad you called -- nationalistic on -- -- to be WL. Case -- -- nobody. I mean I'm not really overly political person our current -- looked and they think that they'll vote this whole you know. Political you know devotion to party thing is ridiculous -- -- common sense person OK if you know it's in ninety. It's you know mixed accents and eat it hadn't been content to go to web. I noticed that with the Republican Party is all about the Republican Party. And beat -- arrest at a country and the quality of the people. You know I mean I think so that acts. In in congress specifically are almost impeachable I mean just it just by doing out there I mean. It and that's what it was sent it to gain data at it to to prop up their party. And intentionally established itself -- -- little cushy career. You know an immigrant you know make an artist you know regime need to in this Lynette and you go any which way that there. As long ago I mean what about it and then -- Just that people in general. Well and I don't think. In fairness and -- In fairness. For Democrats do that is well and -- Hilton's politicians in general. I don't really -- regardless of what they say they generally don't care about what's in the best of America. Or the state they care about being reelected which is really at the right. I agree I agree but -- -- has actually. Jerusalem amidst the -- stuff with the way. That's silly Republican -- is predicting that they say and there are it's it is I don't. Idol stage and they almost like out to lunch. They think some of the ridiculous in this decree yeah. It's and I think that just does not make -- Actually it would be out at big morning. For a hell. Of it. -- its seems that most of the polls indicate that those who were under forty really have differing view. On social issues and bringing social issues into the political arena. Most people under forty. Are released starting to steer this country in a different direction and those who were part of the establishment today which I am a member of the baby boomer generation. The new establishment today is having a very difficult time trying to reconcile the fact that. Maybe they don't really controlled the prevailing opinion in America I'd like you you've represented much of America even in the south. -- It's like the Republican Party. Allies there actions -- election years. I mean it's terrible it is that it is trying to India and accomplish because you have basically carry the fact that give them black president and that it's bad let them back. Making it needs Larry. Older white male -- -- could do no wrong in Malaysia's -- England's -- and try. I mean. I just do that does what you -- and rightly so many people -- works -- Bloomberg is just six and stop. It will should be -- and not the eighty year in Dayton. It would match -- and in need. A true. Any anyone's itself. Four for the appointment for a position. Republic in. Majority -- the other day. And now he's apologized for the way he treated us. It not that -- I mean it was that was just wish that the world wouldn't count I don't know if you saw the video. But I do. I mean a kid in high school who who aren't committed that paid better and that apparently just that was terrible time I don't. You know this comment that the at all look Horry hit it and it would -- how to do you could. Absolutely amazed at that we can -- forward and that's a compromise is not take it everything you know. Graham I'm I'm going to call a show and I got a text here that says while on now I want to echo Trace I appreciate your opinion if you gonna defend the Republican Party certainly can. But out of the last six presidential elections Republicans have lost the popular vote five times five out of the last six general elections. So there definitely is an image problem here and it seems -- CF and and -- the the last couple of days that I've talked about this on this issue at night the last couple of days I've seen things that indicate that. Maybe the Republicans are getting an in May be there. Starting to understand that that hateful. Ugly derogatory things are are not going to enhance the image and -- -- the voters and bring back the voters that have left the party. I mean that's that's political math that's not my opinion that's political math. And Bobby Jindal and question the president's intelligence. Saying that he's the worst president and then. Saying that he simply George Wallace because he's trying to stand in the in the schoolhouse door to prevent minority kids kids who haven't had access to a great education. He's trying to prevent them from going to a better school. Hi this does not help the Republican Party if you wanna join us with a -- this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. It's nearly seventy protects him receipts of the gates -- more of your comments and many more of your techs are coming up next. Is it every WL news updates with Steve Cohen good afternoon -- student for Angela today I'm -- -- -- in downtown New Orleans Specter you might be inserts on right now it's all around the New Orleans area so if you're not in it. It's it's honestly quite often we talk about the rain being on the way well the sun is on the way it's going to be a great weekend with. Temperatures expected in -- low seventies around -- degrees tomorrow and Sunday with partly cloudy skies and now we've been through some really cold weather for this time of year. So it's going to be nice to see that WWL has your tickets to seed Memphis it's a Tony award winning best musical it's going to be this anger -- march the eleventh. And just listen for the song underground. From the musical Memphis I'll give out the number if you -- caller you're gonna win a pair of tickets valued at 233 dollars. It's easy to win tickets to go see this Broadway hit Memphis it Matheson the -- have a lot in common. We're both on the river. Jazz blues very much part of the the soundtrack of our our lives and in both of these cities so it should be really interesting I've seen the TV commercials for -- and it looks like it's going to be great at anything it's saying there is wonderful -- Be listening for your chance to win tickets to see Memphis. From the VW well here's an update on our dividend you'll pretty -- opinion poll. Who does a better job. Obama as president or Bobby Jindal as governor of Louisiana 44% say Obama's doing a better job as president 56% -- -- -- a better job. As governor. If your opinion Michael -- -- website WWL -- come we're talking about governor general's comments before the Conservative Political Action Conference. This week. He said that he was wrong about Jimmy Carter and President Obama is the worst president in his lifetime he also compared the president to George Wallace. And said he was -- minorities from from going to school he was promoting his voucher system. And also the president questions. President Obama's intelligence. Is this a way to bring people back to the Republican Party -- blog today's title general's comments on Obama not good for the GOP you can read that insurance on our website at WW -- outcome. For -- to a rose year on WW real good afternoon. I'd -- anchored a tick in the column are are really -- to comment on Jindal. To begin with I think he's the worst governor what we can't say that -- -- And that I think that people that we can't get short memory because before Obama was even an office. And Jindal was open believes that hospitals system he ruined it for Louisiana. Not just support people. But that middle income people. And then as governor. He was closing. Eagle -- and not cause -- ER at the end -- can't hospitals but it and that terrible acts. And so that's pretty it would incur -- that hospitals that we all. And also get. People forget that at all -- middle -- A -- -- describe yourself as a Republican or Democrat. The modern okay -- and -- I'm a radical moderate so I can totally relate to. Do you do you think -- general's comments about Obama are good for the GOP's is gonna rally voters. Not at all. Not at all. It may affect on the people that we cannot see that the the percentage is that gone up on to handle and that's why I think we get such shot term memories. Well we do and politicians know that it doesn't matter what a politician does or doesn't do early in their term it's what they do right before reelection. That matters to the voters because voters don't think -- it's it's not convenient to remember things it's it's very convenient to just pay attention to what's right in front of your face. Yes and then another thing is he -- it. For the psychiatric people in Louisiana. Closing down and a psychiatric hospital that's why he has so many more people in the jails. Should be. Getting psychiatric. Helped. Rose before -- let you go -- it's sunny and budget to look. At how that's great that's straight. I appreciate you listening in going to call from K it would Jimmy you're on WWL. Has gone through that. I think -- That Obama do about the yen. -- -- Clinton and into. We will bring. -- right there and and where the body. And to -- -- we want players. They get. Did you. Guys didn't do me in re in the. Yet he does seem to still have this belief that he is a legitimate presidential Juan. Candidates or that he could at least positioning itself to be. A running mate for the Republican nominee. And now I'm I'm not sure it fit to do it the problem with Jindal is that he. He can't figure out who -- -- you know he says one thing right after the election and then it seems as if he subscribes to the very thing that he was bashing the Republican party for doing and it is being stupid. In other comments that he made about the president a border on being stupid I Jimmie is it's sunny and get bored. Yeah its on going and whether it's right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we're talking about this right now just because I don't address absolutely every thing that's involved in. And overall discussion does it mean that I'm ignoring the hateful liberals if you read the blog that I wrote about general's comments about Obama not being good for the GOP I recognize that there are hateful liberals. There's hate on the right and the left no question about it but we're focusing on this and -- had on the left sometimes you focus on that. I'm -- differential. We'll be right back to be WL. Good afternoon I'm studio for Angela today so the saints have released wide receiver Lance Moore that'll be -- -- story on sports talk this afternoon. We've got the information on our website at WW dot com. And ulcers and a date on something that I know you've seen in the news and I talked about it on the -- show last night. Of the pregnant South Carolina woman who drove her minivan carrying three young children into the Atlantic Ocean. I'm in Florida and she is being charged a question about whether or not she would be charge she is being charged with -- attempted murder and aggravated child abuse. With the year 2014 mid term elections approaching and early positioning for the 2016 presidential election already underway. The Republican Party is still trying to figure out who -- York. This week speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said that he was wrong about Jimmy Carter that President Obama is the worst president in his lifetime. Jindal also compared President Obama to George Wallace. He is saying that Obama is quote trying to stand in the school -- door to prevent minority kids kids who haven't had access to great education. The had a chance to go to a better school. Now. If that wasn't enough Jindal essentially said the President Obama is not very intelligent. He said we have long fought in said this president is a Smart man. It may be time to revisit that assumption. Now those who agree with gentle questioning Obama's intelligence and remind me of the many on the left. Who said the George W. Bush was not very intelligent because he only had a C average at Yale. Really he went to Yale so what if he got a C average. He still should be considered intelligent. So that the battle that I see in this country right now is just. It's it's so opposite of what it was when bush was in office and so the very people who are so critical of Obama and critical of just use the the -- how he's handling being president of the United States. -- the very ones who told those who are critical George W. Bush you might not like his policies but respect the office of the presidency. While the Republican Party has had too many members who have showed total lack of respect for the office of the presidency. Disagree with policy disagree with ideology that's fine. But derogatory comments. Are not going to help advance the image of the Republican Party. You know what's flashback to January 2013. Only months after the surprising defeat of Mitt Romney and and many people were shocked that Mitt Romney lost. Governor Bobby Jindal stood before the Republican National Committee meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina and said the Republican Party needs to quote stop being the stupid party. And we might need changed just about everything else we are doing. Jindal also told members of his own party we had a number of Republicans damaged this brand this year. With offensive and bizarre comments I'm here to say we've had enough of that and from that person. Comes to comment a year later. And that I think it is misguided today to kind of personally attacking. The president attacked policies not disagreeing with the president or any president on on policy or ideology and that's part of democracy. I think America is growing tired of personal derogatory attacks from both sides of political. MSNBC host have been guilty of hateful derogatory speech that should be denounced along with the same attitude. It's often only attribute to the right. Democrats were less need of an image make over Republicans are. Also a frightening for Republicans is a new pew research poll that just come out. Showing that 50% of Melinda -- that's the generation between 1833. Think of themselves as independents. That's up from 38%. In 2004. Currently 27% of millennial describe themselves as Democrats only seventeen say they're Republicans. And polls consistently show that Americans under forty. Have more -- -- liberal position on same sex marriage and other social issues and yet many in the Republican Party continue on this crusade. A -- promoting government involvement. In social issues and and moral issues which is something that really contributed to the defeat of Romney in 2012. So where's the Republican Party going seems like it's it's still bipolar. And you've -- Jindal saying one thing right after the election -- can't beat the stupid party. And then I think -- resorts back to things that gave the party the image of being the stupid party. I just a year later. And and now he's. Now I don't think he's helping the Republican Party at all if you're gonna join Russia with a comet are numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text number is 878 Saturday. And I -- -- a number of text about the sunshine no one of the breaking stories around here today is to breaking sunshine -- the sun is coming out it. Was really cold promoting -- really cold and wet this week it's been unusually cold this time of year. So we are relishing the -- if you're not in its you'll be units soon. I hear is attacks about gentle he is definitely the worst governor in the history of this state as a matter of fact any state. And here is attacks Bobby Jindal is just plain old stupid. Here is another text love your fare dispute at a few cardinals -- witness I'd -- differential will be right back into the W well. Who do you think is doing a better job Obama as president or Bobby Jindal as governor of Louisiana that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll here's an update. 45% say Obama's doing a better job as president 55%. Say Jindal is doing a better job as governor. That's -- WW a pretty general people give your opinion by going to our website -- bugle to outcome we're tracking that polls throughout the show give -- -- coming up. In just a few minutes it's Friday afternoon for many of you it is a beautiful party afternoon effect it looks like that look at the studio witnessed the sun has finally breaking out. In the CBD it's going to be a great weekend and two we have been so. I guess our feelings in some ways have been repressed because of the weather or cold -- -- draw it's that cold this time of year. We have a great day today -- -- cycle you're making plans to get out. And -- we're talking about comments that -- governor Jindal made before the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC. A question the president's intelligence. Compared him to George Wallace talking about keeping minority kids from having access to great education. And this was the guy who said not long ago that the Republican Party needs to stopping the stupid party. Recent Republican condemnation of very derogatory comments made by ultra conservative rocker Ted Nugent seemed to indicate that the Republican Party might be eager to reject. What is perceived as harsh hate talk. And this week New Mexico governor Susana Martinez publicly said. But the Republican Party must change its attitude and even those who disagree with the president should tone down their rhetoric. And yet there's still those who. Want to bring the Republican Party in another direction from New Orleans Elizabeth you're on WW a good afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- And at that many people own Becky in the works -- I can't think she. We aren't at an eight year increase. -- -- -- -- me back lately the way in error. Pretty bad definitely agree. On. Among them that worked in the worst president we've ever he hit again -- they knew that he he falling. And and -- earnings. He. Been. Odd that race is -- can be brought together. I TU. BP. -- -- target in period. Armed -- you won't take it personally. I think you climbed a lot near chairs and it. Because -- a -- determine if they weren't plants where it there a lot of we have been hearing and earning you -- -- not -- here are some of your earnings. On him well. All of you are you saying that Easter. Term and I can count on healing in category that you Beijing. Well. You're learning Mary. Blood that you -- -- -- way they might now you can and and empowerment. Is did not wind there could be chart -- -- when are you keeping. Children -- -- -- make actually that there is keeping more. Heat and I'm doing. And acting because they write proper teaching tool educational tool. -- There isn't here we are certainly entitled to your opinion and John I know a lot of people agree with you and I appreciate you taking time to call the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- There are so many uninformed listeners as you'll hear momentarily I'm about to go to a news break which way -- I don't controls that happens in. There are times that we have to conduct business on the show it doesn't mean they were cutting people off I'm not sure what else Elizabeth felt like she needed to say it felt like she said that. Everything that she felt like she had to say. I don't try to make everybody happy I express my opinions and there are many many who agree and some disagree. We'll get to more viewer techs are getting some great texted here we'll get to abort your tax -- more here. Phone calls coming up I'm shooting for Angela general's comments on that President Obama I don't think you're good to the GOP that's the -- blog and we'll be right back after the news.