WWL>Topics>>3-7-14 2:10pm Scoot: on Jindal and Obama, part 2

3-7-14 2:10pm Scoot: on Jindal and Obama, part 2

Mar 7, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and takes calls on Gov. Bobby Jindal's comments on President Obama.

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We have ads. Cold. Wet weather it's been cloudy for awhile. Last night it was caught buckle for the station at midnight last night it was cold we go from from shorts discards and we're back in coach again. But the sun is coming out I'm scoot -- for Angeles afternoon. It's Friday the beginning of the week and -- not party down from all the audio stuff last weekend and Tuesday morning grow a day. I don't be ready to get out and enjoy this weekend because it is supposed to be beautiful. A graduate this about what this is not a joke. A legally blind woman in Florida. Is suing a nudist Condo association. Because. Her service dog is no longer welcome. Legally blind Florida woman suing nudist Condo association because her service -- -- -- I know I have the same question that you that. You blind why bother going to a new discount -- be part of a nudist. Condo association but I guess. If if you're nudist and you wanna be naked. When you could see you're not you would just enjoy the freedom of not having clothes off. I'd beast applaud today's title general's comments on Obama not good for the GOP and that's it not only on our website at WW real dot com. You can read that in this year give us your comments if you like I'm sure there be -- people who disagree with me. But also it's trending on our FaceBook page which is to be an annual radio and here's a comment to applaud this is from. A Charlie a posted on our FaceBook page let them keep digging their hole. I'm going to be amused at all the weeping that will be coming from the GOP after the loose again in 2016. While they're doing everything but blaming themselves. Here's -- comment on FaceBook from Jeremy Republicans are on the wrong side. Of history we can't allow them to control. Anything you can join the conversation by going to WW real. Radio and read to us more of your comments coming up before the news had a call from a woman who. Accuse me of being liberal because I spent time in the Pacific northwest. I spent time all of this country most of my career has been here in New Orleans -- I'm from New Orleans. And I can tell you that there is no part of the country. That actually changed my political ideology. I have experienced many different parts of this country I am thrilled to be back home to be back at home -- -- WL. And I'm simply honest with my opinions and I don't feel like because I'm on talk radio I have to be far right there are far too many far right talk show host around the country. They get plenty of attention and there's no reason why simply shouldn't be. Honest even if they're not right wing now in many ways that things that I say might be considered. Conservative. But many things that I say might be considered lippold and there are people in this country who don't think that that it if you're not conservative you shouldn't be on talk radio. And I don't I'm not exactly sure where this. Ownership came from like well the right owns talk radio or the right owns certain no that's not true this is America. And one of the things that I love to talk about the -- Cilic indict your Adobe have -- Is how we should be able to disagree. And and not hate hate doesn't have to be part of a disagreement. And recently we talked about the the condemnation that came from Republicans about Ted Nugent torture harsh words about the president. We talked about -- New Mexico governor Susana Martinez this week saying the Republicans need to. Even if you disagree with the president need to tone down the rhetoric. This country is is dominated not by the right with the left it's dominated by people who were moderate. I'm a radical moderate and I love that description of myself because I'm I'm very very. And decisive with opinions IE. Have conviction but yet I'm not right or left. And yet there are people in this country to feel like you need to be one or the other when in reality the majority of this country that has been silent for too long. Needs the voices to say hey wait a minute. We are the ones in control. And we need to do what we can to stifle the hate on the right and the left off from the CBD Carol -- WW well good afternoon. Hello Carol. I will put Carolyn told the mark we get a chance to check with currency she assistant with the -- for New Orleans Brian your Adobe WL. Barrier and go home and I know the monitor it. Vote at all 21 diet -- for longer you know although polls to buck her parents don't want memorial execute those stroke. A post about Curtis what would -- -- Like all the knowledge for example like the percentages of late these people say like oh we've taught there Obama not doing and are. And it started doing better while -- doing better so in some of that. And then. Well for at every show we've just decide before going on the air with a -- a dual party general opinion poll is going to be it's a pretty much up to the host and the producer of the show when. Our poll is who's doing a better job Obama as president or Jindal as governor. And an update on that right now is 45% say Obama as president 55 -- agenda was governor that's not a scientific poll it's not a scientific poll of the country it's. A poll of those who were listening to the show and responding to the poll on our website. Eric and bill no longer because remember those people to see in the mall and out of all the people at the plague America. Yeah you know a lot of and I think which are bringing up brightness is nobody's asked you where you don't participated polls to Wear to the polls come from. There are a lot of people who do participated polls and the the that the system of determining. A prevailing opinion based on the sample of a few. Has said that the methodology of that has gotten very very sophisticated and in most polls that people don't wanna believe the polls they disagree with. And the agreement the polls they agree with but most polls are relatively accurate of of the overall. Population. I talked to a pollster once and he said. You know you you only have to take a sample of your blood for a doctor to know what's going on -- your whole body you don't take all the people and that's what they do with polls. I don't know I don't know the Warner and that's the longest because people when -- Coleman's own you don't even talk to America this. Well and a lot of people don't but there are the people who do spent time in. The pollsters go out of their way to make sure that they have a representative sample of the population when it comes to polls it doesn't mean that polls can sometimes be slanted based on the the way the questions are are asked. But to there are a lot of reputable polls. They do represent South America bright a political issue and hope we answer your question a -- a Walter here under the WL. Hey you need good -- things. I don't think people disagree with the opposite the president they just don't like when he -- so much. And Bobby Jindal. These are problems on -- -- he's -- the most. Hidden government have ever seen in my life. I mean if -- more clear this whole problem. Term and term limit the congress and the congressman. And will be on his heat that somebody's been in it thirty years I was the other side is the problem but keep it in at thirtieth and fixed yet. Water and this is this is a problem and -- they're never gonna vote for term limits for themselves so I. It's not but it's up to -- to limit terms by voting somebody out of office and we do you have that power even without term limits weakens and people out of office. We don't have the power because they have the money okay. But we technically have the power now they have the money to try to sway us but he we are swayed we allow ourselves to be swayed. Well I EU would -- gallon but you know that not everybody's in the same intellectual. Level. And sometimes you know you can you can make it's it's one person a certain level job when the other person of the different level would match. I don't know whether this would solve the -- I don't disagree with that I don't know if this would solve the problem but I would like to -- and I don't know how this would be implemented but I'd like to see a salary -- when it comes to campaigning. -- like in the NFL all the teams have a salary cap so no team can spend more than another team. And that does to some degree level the playing field I'd like to see that with political candidates and political parties. Public you're from Louisiana I mean is that -- in the congress but is states senate. Who would spend. That 20000. Dollar too much money put into much money from -- And that she's that -- change in the law since she came back made -- not be ball. Of course they -- -- No we we do Walter and I liked the way you worried that we allow a T and if the media or politicians. Sway us it is our fault for being swayed and we need to understand that we have the power to. Not to make those changes. Again we can limit terms but we have to do. And there -- classic examples of how people don't. They don't they they they condemn congress but they embrace -- old senator but their own congressman. And it's like well OK I've got a senator who's got power and I got a senator who can do a lot from my state so. You know I don't vote that person out of office even though I might not agree with the party that there are associated with. It should never be about. Longevity in office no matter how much power they have. That's selfish and that's one of the things that -- destroyed this country overtime when destroyed but it's one of the things it does not help this country. The selfishness of -- do for my -- but -- with the rest of the states to -- to cut back on their spending because we can't afford it. So don't vote for somebody because they've been in office a long time and they have power vote for somebody because you agree with their policies. I'm -- in for Angela and we'll be right back at your comments and -- zero. It's turning out to be a beautiful Friday afternoon that we are heading into another weekend and the weather's going to be great all weekend long I hope you plan to do something to get out and enjoy it. Good afternoon unsuited for Angela today. Here's an update on our -- W party general opinion poll who's doing a better job Obama is president or Jindal is governor of Louisiana. 46% say Obama's doing a better job as president 54% say gentle. Is doing a better job as governor if your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and there's always something new and -- website it has been confirmed and Christian Garrett has the story on our website. The saints have released wide receiver Lance Moore who's next also Darren Sharper returns to court in Los Angeles trying to get out of prison. And we got the latest including information about some witnesses that say that there -- sharper. Confessed. To -- That's not good. Also could today's young generation be the first generation not to live longer than their parents. He got a credential heels blog gets was on -- show yesterday also her podcast about frightening health trends. Now with America's children. And the -- blog is titled general's comments on Obama not good for the GOP is something gonna talk about quite often on the school children right here at WWL. A you can read that gives your comments and share with others all of that a more on our web site. At WWL don't count also coming up later this hour you gonna have a chance to win a pair of tickets to see the Tony award winning musical for best musical Memphis. At the singer coming -- Tuesday march the eleventh when you hear the song underground from the music Memphis. You BV caller I'll give out the number and you -- a pair of tickets valued at 233. Dollars. Get to abort your text here -- in just a moment and from -- far Willie -- WW real good afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- The economy and we're working. Towards tomorrow. As Florida worst president ever about it seemed to be about abortions. But bush has got to be a lot worse and -- You know. Willie you bring up an interesting thing they were there were people after the scandal with Monica Lewinsky they did not like Bill Clinton. As a person they didn't like Kim. Guy and his behavior they didn't agree with that. But they liked him as president and at the time the economy was was doing well. And I think the same thing can be said of Edwin Edwards a lot has to do with how you were doing when somebody was he was in office. That's right. Are and NBA nudging -- called -- chemical weapon a good president obviously that would eat better and bush and the with a better. Then he probably the best person who's ever served as president of the United States for -- little -- the peacock and he. The work to be gone out return now. A lot of people believe that I appreciate you listening to register to under color show. I hear is attacks to that reads. If you were up to me I would vote out all the incumbents the entire system is not working. We need new blood pack. They can't do much worse and -- -- -- here's a text a -- my mom always said when you keep talking about somebody. You are. More than likely jealous. I yeah Bobby Jindal went out of his way speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. To criticize the president which is fine criticizing a president that that that's that's part of democracy. But to go so far to say he's the worst president which a lot of people believe and that's that's an opinion. But to compared to George Wallace and I'm standing in the news school -- dorsal schoolhouse door to prevent minority kids from having a better education. And to say we have long fought and said this president is a Smart man in May be time to revisit that assumption. These are the kinds of things that. Did I think damaged the image of the Republican Party for Picayune Mark -- WWL. -- -- report that they could bring. Like quick and I'm I'm openly and one you know. I don't agree with Eric -- President Obama goes and and -- -- -- say it. And let it Egypt's. You know economy in and their bank and in our industries is don't want my paddle and at Japan when he took out when they're angry that this. If he can count Lil bit to do it in what it would be to president. And other things that he a Republican and you Republican -- Democrat you're Democrat. There is no way we -- that we can't agree they're kind of -- -- Republican and you're a good car. -- -- This cannot. Market might call the show of course is going to be divide within the parties but. So far that divide in the Republican Party has been much more striking that did the defied the pin is that the party of Democrats. And whether that's fair or not that he is reality and if Republicans continue. I'm hearing more and more Republican leaders say this is something that I was talking about leading up to. The the presidential election in November 2012 and -- conversation that I've been consistent with all this time. If the Republicans want to continue to make social issues the political issue. They're gonna have a difficult time winning back younger voters and -- younger voters are talking about voters under forty. Women voters and minority voters and by their own admission the Republican Party has lost these voters and they're trying to win them back. But if people like governor Jindal. At one point say we've got to stop being stupid party and then. Make comments that would lead you to believe that he stated he's continuing the image of the stupid party mean again who is Bobby Jindal. Is he bright is he left DC middle. There are a lot of people who were still hauled like he is he's his ego maniacal view of seen himself as the presidential candidate. I don't see it but maybe he can do something that would which totally changed it and you know what are the great things about America is were offering to talk about politicians. We're not free to threaten their lives were not free to do certain things with the First Amendment but we are free. To disagree and talk about a politician's and that's one of the great things about America. Coming up in the next hour we'll talk about the Los Angeles Times report that two members of the academy admit they voted for twelve years asleep for best picture. Even though they never watched the movie. And they didn't watch the movie because they thought the content was going to be too disturbing. So. Is it OK to vote for movie just because well because of the message you think it should be. The best moving. It is it's all part of the past yields that we suffer from what it comes to on this race relations today. And what about the movies that that are positive about race relations we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour I scoot before Angelo on this Friday afternoon. Here's a heavy WL news updates with Jim and so. All right it's the beginning of the weekend if you're not in the sun you're gonna be in the sun really soon which is good news especially thinking about the weather that we have had to very recently here. I don't forget this is the weekend where use spring forward do you set your clocks and watches in computers and phones. No they do it automatically nothing good thing is I would forget to do it set everything ahead one hour at 2 AM Sunday morning which is Saturday night four and many of us. 2 AM and so you're gonna lose an hour's sleep and a lot of people freak out over that produced just just deal with it it's kind of like jet lag you know if you kind of know it's coming you. Should be able to adjust and to deal with it. Here's an update on our -- -- pretty general opinion -- who's doing a better job Obama as president where Jindal as governor. 46% say Obama as president and 54% say gentle. And as governor give us your opinion -- to our web site to be WL dot com and studio for Angela today. The -- blog is about general's comments on Obama not good for the GOP that's my opinion. You can agree or disagree. Rita comment or if you like -- with -- others it's on our website at WW dot com also it's part of the conversation. On our FaceBook page at WWL radio. And here is -- comments -- from Donna on our FaceBook page he just said what everyone thinks. Here's comment from Shannon. All I'm gonna say is thank god he can't be elected again. Obama that is his comment from Kevin. Too many people were or worried about image if more people spoke the truth instead of worrying about hurting someone's feelings we might not be in the states where -- now. From Metairie tenure on the BW or good afternoon. -- -- -- -- Italy. -- a liberal. You mean you. That discussion that went through typical. Of them -- political. Portland. And it changed at all. I was so what a particular year you are probably. -- -- -- the leaderboard. Liberal each year certainly. In the middle. Well it depends on you know it depends on the issue and and I think that is as a nation we should all be more. I'm interested in judging each political issue based on how we feel about that particular issue as opposed to trying to view everything through the same myopic political perspective. A big big. And to the -- -- a week ago with president. -- you read him but he's Smart guy. And now the -- Because the things that we get the appropriate. I mean I. You can say that you partly because it -- -- a good thing and get -- -- so. -- -- The title. From the you could be -- it back. -- you would push. -- -- Feel for it a little. The candidate elected. -- it's ridiculous statement. The owners in the present and at the united state. On the fringe. And good with the national the -- much. -- -- logical and I I agree with you and and those who rally around somebody like Ted crews -- yeah I agree with what Ted crusade before the Conservative Political Action Conference what he said. The Republican Party needs to stand for something. I don't know that Ted Cruz is the one to figure out what the Republican Party needs to stand for in order to win back the voters the party has lost. Any attempts to embrace. And -- The extreme right and to continue to bring up social issues as political issues. -- he's going to lead the Republican Party down the road that they've been headed -- that is they're not gonna win a big national election. So you kind of have to figure out wall okay what are we want to we want a moderate Republican like I said this before I'll say it again. I think the the Republicans are in great position to win the presidency in 2016. Because America likes change that to some degree America doesn't like change in America does like change in the White House. And when you have two terms of one president it's I think it's easier for a person from the other party to win and that would be the Republican Party. But if the Republican Party fields a candidate is bringing up social issues and is an extreme right wing candidate like a Ted Cruz. Now I consider him to be -- extreme right. Then that the Democrats would win even by default even if they didn't have the better candidate and a lot of that has to do with the opinions of Americans under forty. If you wanna join Russia with a -- are numbers 260187. To all 38668890. Point seven. In a text number -- is a 77. Players in my opinion there's just far. Too many Republicans who still want to steer this country to the right. When you look back over history. And and right wing Republicans have not won the presidency. And left wing liberals have not won the presidency. Candidates have to present themselves in a more moderate light in order to win. And Mitt Romney was a moderate governor and yet the party image wise to the right to appease the right. Now I know when you're in the -- you might think that the whole country feels this way because she talked to your friends in your relatives and you think everybody feels the way you do. Well not everybody does -- sometimes you need to try to project -- the whole country feels. You know dubbed the last time the self felt like it was right in totally independent didn't we have a civil war. I'm not suggesting that that's gonna happen now. But you also have to kind of figure out how the country feels if and maybe you know on interest in this if you -- elect somebody to the White House. If you wanna join our show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A -- him receipts have BA seven in my email address is scoops at WW real dot com and if you wanna join me on Twitter. It's act scoot. -- WL. Angeles coming back on Monday -- will be right back into the WL. Saudis coming -- is dead media where you are now an issue listing somewhere and it's still cloudy a good chance you're gonna see some sun really soon and it is expected to be just a beautiful weekend sort of you make your plans to enjoy it. I'm -- for financial today the -- blog something we're talking about a a wrote this blog about general's comments on Obama not good for the GOP. Before I get back to your calls we get to a couple of these text here's a text that read says Cisco -- personalize. And they are president of the United States use they respect. I'm sorry but I can't respect anyone who lies and lies constantly but you probably will read this well every president -- Every president lies. And the argument could be made that the Bush Administration lied about weapons of mass destruction. So if -- talk about lying -- see how you could say that when president does that I'm more than another president. Eat you don't have to respect. The person. In the presidency. But there has been such a wholesale lack of respect for the presidency of the United States the office of the presidency. That it's disturbing and there was also a lack of respect for the office of the presidency when George W. Bush was in the in the White House from the other side. Here's a techs -- what are you talking about the most popular president of the twentieth century was Ronald Reagan and he was is right wing as it gets. No actually Ronald Reagan who wasn't if you look back he was not as conservative as he is perceived to be. I am certain. That if Ronald Reagan ran as president today. He would not run the same campaign that he ran in 1980 and 1984 were that was a different time it's a different time from today. Also want to Reagan had this very inclusive persona. And he could get away with saying things that politicians today can't get away with saying because it was Ronald Reagan. Reagan invented the term Reagan Democrats. He attracted a lot of Democrats. There's no Republican today who's attracting Democrats. So. UTE it's so easy to to try to transplant history. In the context there were the world we live in today but it's not fair to judge Ronald Reagan. Who he was -- and who he might be today I think Ronald Reagan would win but I don't think he would run the same campaign. But he ran when he was running an eighty and 84. From Metairie -- like your under the W -- He can. -- let me get a little damage control here. When you look at -- two different people to people one front in the country and the other one is one -- the state. You know one of those people and different parties. Opposite party neither one of them really do that on their by themselves to have a lot of help. Characteristic -- they -- I was extremely shocked yesterday and to hear mr. -- think something like make commonplace morally and ethically and -- villages and educational background. Realty. That should say something different I was always have a higher regard for him I was shocked a ruling was. I hope that changes because I didn't really think a lot more cost him as far as his educational. Point of view all. For mr. Obama President Obama. Mr. Kendall has. I decided to do really quick fix on education and it states. He's giving and all of pre selected people -- Which the money comes from the public school -- fixing it on the back -- left over in the public schools system and he's doing absolutely nothing to. Fixes the rest of the public school system the public schools system is the system for the minority and for the poor children. That should be the best that's where his attention should be -- We need one to fix education for my Norton has done absolutely nothing to do. For anything for the 8090%. Less in the public school system. Other then -- tracking system through April a core program. That has 50000 different little program. Headed by principals and teachers union representative. And with one. Like to -- which of course I'm going to fail most of the students because none of them are educated that should be tested. So far most gentle and quick fix and education plays a lot to be to -- and that's my comment and Alicia that your you get to meet its opposite effect. I'm glad you are ticked under color show. From Gonzales Gary you're under the WL good afternoon. Yeah I was I just want to comment on other people are a speedy. Art and structure identified themselves over and and so that the Communist corrupt Democratic Party up to date. Does that -- without -- that million people pulled statue -- today. We have not -- godly. Scandal bar on that got debt debt and I think that the president donate. Auto body was directly involved -- we had me. Are all Obama care system that we have been lied to shoot it wide. And still change it fixed their parent Jim. Hard to meet their agenda. And that -- -- -- -- With a bit upset by a bonus if it is stroke. Our segment memorized it could be who else did as president. And he she made a comment on the -- -- -- Here. It has jobless what it was OK can you protect -- -- with guns well in the case of Mr. President we're gonna protect -- oil -- About sudden I'm like potential arguable. Let me -- -- easier and -- until -- ahead. All Bob is the worst candidate in this country's history. And I don't know if they had there'll ever be another president -- at credit. That's part of history. But Gary you you said -- first of all reports of my duties and reminded of all those of -- -- paranoid and -- my duties as head into the weekend. I you know like -- Second Amendment Rights. And -- and there there is this hysteria that your solution second amendment rights and that is not gonna happen there's no sign of that happening. And yet there are people who become hysterical about that because it's what they wanna -- they are people who so worship guns it's dates their religion. And they've become very paranoid and hysterical. If anybody on the Internet or FaceBook or whatever suggest that you can lose your Second Amendment Rights you're not also find it interesting that. Since the the word socialist was constantly used to and to put down Obama. Now the -- Communist is being used because I guess socialist wasn't really work and so now it's been able elevated to Communist. I'm scoot him for Angela and will be back into the WL. I this is this song underground from the award winning musical Memphis and he -- tickets to go see Memphis its anchor. Coming on Tuesday march the eleventh he caller number eight right now in our contest lining up to six so winds its 260. 9467. If you believe -- you win. We're having a -- well. I've stood in for Angela a couple of comments about the last caller we had. Who I was critical the president for taking away his gun rights -- the prediction that he will I think a lot of people who were hysterical Owens country that -- Texas please ask your Gary. Odyssey actually nobody's talking about here is another comment I wish you would have passed the gentleman to defying communism socialism I'm guessing he would have had. I'm guessing that would have been quite entertaining people need to read and learn. On their own instead of spouting any party talking points think for yourself that is so true I meet people regurgitate you know I think it's a really good way to say it. People regurgitate. A party line. Comments rather than think for themselves this country's Communist. Countries not heading toward communism. And I I find it interesting it's socialism what's the word that everybody was using to condemn the Obama administration while I guess. That didn't work didn't catch on so now only elevated to. Communist and I think as. Reality sets in. That the far right does not control this country any more than the far left. Did those who were clinging to this idea that we've got to make this country extreme right we've got to get back to that. They're going to be louder and louder. Because they're desperate to have their opinions heard as they diminishing numbers out from the food channel -- WWL. Yes. Yeah. -- mr. Written general I'd see that in the paint and they bought it. You would do. The best president to speak. But for. Well we're talking about we're talking about on general's comments that Obama is the worst president in his lifetime. You yeah. It would -- so. -- companies could do need to be. We did so well. And though it to him at least -- -- -- -- Part of our presidential. I feel it and again but he YouTube as presently. Interesting that you would pick a Republican and a Democrat. Anyone who would discussion boards tolerate contacts. And the bunch of people would get a break today. And -- certainly entitled to your view than I appreciate taken time to call our show here is a text that read scoop my husband -- issue. But I always enjoyed listening to you on until just now how can you defend this president. And what he has done. -- used and a what he has done to this country. Well I'm not defending the president as -- I don't agree with Obama when it comes to a lot of things. I'm not defending the president but I'm gonna always defend my position is a talk show host. And I'm not gonna buy into the hysterical. Rhetoric. That. Is is -- in the same way to suggest that President Obama is not intelligent. Is the same is suggesting that George W. Bush was on intelligent because he got to see it Yale. That was ridiculous when you graduate -- -- Italy and Italy in meal fri he's the winner of tickets to go see the musical Memphis for WL.