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3-7-14 3:10pm Scoot: on Jindal and Obama, part 3

Mar 7, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and takes calls on Gov. Bobby Jindal's comments on President Obama.

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In friend Angela I'm skewed glacier where they see it's a Friday in every time -- -- here on Friday here in as a matter of which showing doing Disco show at ninety to -- nighter filling in for Angela Miller Garland or Tommy. I always like to play this song in a Friday because it's the beginning of the weekend. Now we've been through some very cold weather it's been whipped him Mardi -- was a miserable day though some people went out and party anyway in a quarter was crowded by -- on night. But it's the beginning of the weekend the sun is out it's gonna be a very -- pleasant weekend temperatures around seventy degrees Saturday and Sunday with partly cloudy skies. So just reach over and crank it up because this is what you've been working for. A Montana Koppel is facing charges for allegedly letting their two year old boy smoke pot. Lucas Wilson and Camille Samuels. We're charged February 27 with felony and misdemeanor counts. For endangering the welfare of the child a 50000 dollar arrest war was issued for Wilson no -- -- was issued for Samuels. The investigation began back in August when Samuels mother told investigators that she found a video of her daughter's phone of the -- dollars phone showing. The sun. -- I put that that the demand putting the the -- the pot pipe to his son's mouth. And prosecutors say that they let the boys smoked marijuana five times. Since August. And they said they did that because it made the boy now. Now if you haven't ruling kids. Kids with -- DD year whatever. I'm sure there's times you would like -- to be more mellow but let me not suggest that you let them hit the pipe. The couple recently had a baby that tested positive for marijuana. And meth. When he was born what an outstanding. Example for parents. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal says the President Obama is the worst president in his lifetime and apologized for saying that of a president Jimmy Carter. -- I he also -- also said that essentially the president is not intelligent Cyprus to revisit this idea that the president is Smart. And he said that the president bombing he is like George Wallace saying that the president is trying to stand in the schoolhouse door and stop minority kids from attending. A better schools are getting better education that was part of the agenda promoting his voucher program. He made these comments before a meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC. A -- crew spoke to that group governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and a number of others republic and other number of other Republicans. And you know this is that this is a time -- the Republican Party has to define itself. And there has been a civil war within the Republican party for. A long time now at least since before the election of 2012. Discuss blog is on our website it's also turning on our FaceBook page -- part of the conversation there it's title general's comments on Obama not good for the GOP. That's a WWL dot com also on our FaceBook page to be if -- radio. In my position -- a talk show host. Sometimes what is perceived as meet defending President Obama. Is not defending the president as much as I'm trying to defend. Logic I'm trying to defend. Common sense -- trying to trying to defend tolerance. And the idea that in America we can disagree. But we don't have to be disagreeable. We can disagree that we don't have to hate. And recently become instant -- Were made by Ted Nugent the ultra conservative rocker. -- said ugly derogatory things about the president again. The Republican condemnation of that -- top Republicans. I thought was an indication that the Republican Party was ready to reject. On what is perceived as derogatory hate talk. This week New Mexico governor Susana Martinez a politically said. That her party needs to change its attitude and even those who disagree with the president should tone down their rhetoric. Disagreeing with the president is is never a problem it doesn't matter who the president is. And I think about those who who hate the president and disrespect the office of the presidency because Obama is in it. I can't help but think back not too long ago when there were those on the left who had the exact same feelings about George W. Bush. So this is not something that is brand new and America. And there are people who criticize me -- for not taking aside well times I'm sorry but I I tried to fight hypocrisy. And there's so much hypocrisy in this country when it comes to politics in debating social issues but I think it's about time that more people stood up and recognize the hypocrisy. Lucky if you if you. Told people who didn't like bush fine. But doping hateful adults say ugly things about him personally. If you say. To those who say it will bush isn't that Smart as he only had a C average at Yale -- -- went -- -- If you're. Saying that those people needed to at least give bush a chance or at least respect the office of the presidency even if you disagreed with bush. Then why those same people doing exactly what they told people to do they're not doing that when it comes to Obama. And therein again -- political hypocrisy and social media has made all of this. A lot worse. Because people don't take time to actually think about issues they don't take time to think about history or read. They foreign sound bites and political party rhetoric that fits what they want a belief. And they regurgitate that over and over again. And for those who. Who don't agree with my opinion that's far. I did in this business a long time and even when I was doing music radio -- in the morning there were people who did not agree with some of the things that I did in the year. It doesn't offend me because we can't make everybody happy. But in a world where talk radio has been absolutely dominated. By extreme right wing voices. There are a lot of people who are finding it. Finding compelling. That there is a talk show that doesn't buy into the rights or the left and that really does reflect the great majority of America. Contrary to what you may have been led to believe. Here's -- WW a project opinion poll who's doing a better job. Obama as president or Jindal as governor 46% say Obama as president and 54% say. Gentle as governor he was your opinion like going to WWL dot com. There's a report in the Los Angeles Times debt to the members of the academy admit that they voted for twelve years -- slate for best picture. But they never watched the movie and they did watch it because they thought it was too disturbing. They voted it best picture because of the movies social significance. -- 6000 members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Now -- only to members have admitted this voting for two obviously even though he didn't view it. But I talked to a member of the academy earlier who did not want to be identified. When he said this is quite come. That there are many people who vote for best picture and I don't see the picture. But to vote for something because of social significance. Seems to draw up this idea that pass guilt. Is causing us to do things that that are unfair. Causing us to be less than honest that there has certainly been accurate movies about the mistreatment of blacks in America. But aren't they are also many movies about white Americans that helped make. Black equality a reality. And yet we seem to focus more on those movies that -- only focus on. Did the negative aspect. Of what whites did to blacks which cannot be denied its day air. But that seems to get more attention. The new movies that really make us feel good about race relations. Shall I order in it I haven't seen twelve years a slave I admit it. I wanna see it I just haven't gotten around to -- yet I will. I wouldn't vote for for best picture if I didn't see it. And I'm sure it's an excellent movie and very hard to watch as some movie star. But I like to also focus on movies that make us feel good about race which don't always get the same kind of attention that movies that accentuates. The differences between the races and the reasons we should not like each other. So this hour we'll talk about movies that helped. Race relations. Did you think of one. -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 point 78 a text number is 87870. Here's a text that you didn't defend bush. Well. I wish we could make that bad but it's illegal because it's -- bet you would lose. I'm scoot it for Angela and we'll be back had to -- WL. Big local story is the son is a -- it's going to be a great weekend. Lot of people -- says that their party spirit was repressed and entering -- Gromit and a lot of you route there anyway and had fun and it was a great thing about Mon ago. Those who were out there were out there by choice and they had fun even though morning to a Dave bird street in the royal sinister balcony at New -- picture this at Tweeter now. It was it was empty -- Could never seen -- alimony to a date no matter what the weather was like but it was -- at noon. I was a part of the W a bodyguard -- review. Tuesday afternoon it was on until 6 o'clock so by 7 o'clock I was in the quarter. I took a picture of the same spot. The balcony was packed and the street was full so people went out a little later. But they still win now if you're gonna join me on Twitter it's acts scoot. Every trivial but it's -- your text here in just a moment the saints have released Lance Moore. Wide receiver. On that full stories on our website at WWL dot com Christie Garrett has the latest on that. The -- blog is titled general's comments on Obama not good for the GOP that's that's my opinion. You can agree or disagree read it and share with others it's on our website at WW dot com also on our FaceBook page and wanna start talking about. Some of the movies I want to bring attention to the movies that -- relieved on major feel good about race relations. And they don't seem to get the attention that the movies that showed the divide between blacks and whites in this country. The movie the Butler. -- was an excellent movie but it really focused on the divide. -- twelve here's a slave and I sort of thinking about this because at Los Angeles Times has a report that two members of the academy admit they voted for twelve years a slave. For best picture even though they didn't watch the movie. And they didn't watch it because they thought the content was going to be too disturbing. -- of those kinds of movies that that are still needed and they're they're excellent and it's not that there are not based on fact. It's just that there are other movies that don't get as much attention that do tell us about. The good things about race relations. So what's a movie that does reflect positive race relations in this country. The one thing that I thought of and I'm getting a number of text on this is remember the titans. What a great movie but that doesn't inspire as much attention as a movie that points out the negative things about race relations. And I guess it's human nature. Which and to respond more to negative things to make more noise about negative things in the positive things. I haven't seen it yet but I am gonna watch 42. The story about Jackie Robinson and watch that this weekend and I hear that is an excellent move up from a -- springs Tommy you're on WWL. Telling. A good. I'm just gonna say. First and -- Listen viewed for years. He can that you'll be crimes and war is such as well I. And it really doesn't Angela does a great job and there are people who had -- her to come backs don't. -- -- YouTube and you want to puke. That book -- sport pointed his condition. OK where is war. Bat. You know. -- You know. The government does not Primeau. And Austrians. And hard work in check today in the real world. Basically that was estate. And I agree with. And you know. You know when Obama -- story -- I would -- -- I really -- yet say. You know he's all right. You know. And again. When you start promoting peace and share in the well. That is contradictory. Capital. And you know -- kinda gets a gets a big way. He -- You know. I really. -- Term limits is great you know I think problem is this country today. As we have almost certain actors out there what's. That pin their ears. And you ovals or -- We like what they can do for our state so we keep them in office but that goes on in every state and that's why there's not enough change. -- in. Fresh fresh -- appear bad parts you know there are a lot of -- You know there was so there was a retired -- read a recent study about some of the the new members of congress and with the new Tea Party members and it and they're being criticized because. They really haven't lived up to. What they were campaigning on and they have quickly become part of the system. What was so. Important -- problems could and you know. You -- -- -- -- call of the and he was. You know all excited about it Second Amendment Rights in the and I'll let. You know at two. Dad are there. You know strike it out or art you know -- -- -- because of what's going chipped. Nobody in their right to keep and bear arms that is hysteria. Exactly. And you know I'm I'm. Middle class you know not work hard every -- But if you look at the percentages. Who pay taxes and welfare. I'm not a black -- -- don't misunderstand. OK I. If you look at the percentage who pay the majority of their actions. Broken right. And who -- -- -- black white. Mexican Hispanic. -- -- You know it's it's really. You know. Ships it would precedent that -- you -- promotes peace. Can absorb most news reading and you know certain -- -- -- -- Tommy I've got to get to a news break a really glad you called wanna continue this a train of thought will be come back after this to be a real news updates with Jim and so. It's Friday the beginning of the week and look at the weather it's great it's gonna feel it's gonna feel like Southern California weather all week long temperatures aren't sanity and partly cloudy skies. I'm skewed in Port Angeles today we're talking about the Los Angeles Times report that two members of the academy. -- admit that they voted for twelve years asleep for best picture even though they did watch the movie and they didn't want to expose themselves to the disturbing contest and I understand that it's it's rough to watch. Some time to watch movies that. Are good movies but sometimes they're they're difficult to watch but I can't help but think about it and I'm not saying anything negative about twelve here's a slave. But movies that accentuates. The divide between the races. Movies that. Remind us and not we we should never forget but movies that focus on the mistreatment of blacks. Seemed to always get more attention at the movies that make us feel good about races. Like 42. Remember the titans. Blind side. Got a text from someone who said their fried green to latest. So let's let's start talking about some of the movies that actually made us feel good about race relations in her I really can't think of a better when -- and remember the titans. A relatively recent movie just an unbelievable movie about. A school -- believe it was in Virginia and their Denzel Washington played the -- like football coach would come in. When he was just respected just because he was black. Didn't give him a chance. Did he -- team into winning team and they were players that it did realize that judgment. About black players was wrong. And it really was of movies that. It focused on uniting. The races also are gonna Texans somebody To Kill a Mockingbird its announcement if you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text number is 87870. Here's a text a Bronx tale is -- I did not see that but to suggestions of movie that makes -- few good about. Race relations had a caller just a moment ago was talking about. Obama and he is so idea that we share the wealth and everybody gets a piece of the pie. I would agree that that's wrong and I would agree that there are a lot of things that Obama does that make him appear to be arrogant I don't know what's in his heart. But it makes it appear to be area there have been many times and I think Obama has missed the opportunity. To unite the races. As opposed to reach out to. I just black Americans not all black Americans but those black Americans who. Who might honor him because he's a black president. And there's no reason to dishonor him because he's a black president and and many people do but the idea of a sharing the wealth that the idea of getting a piece of the pie. That is that is indeed contrary to our free enterprise system and two to capitalism and to the freedom that we have in this country. The reason that communism didn't work in the old Soviet Union. Was because it didn't allow it didn't allow humans. To. Two. To better themselves. Everybody was equal. It didn't allow human beings to respond to the spirit of trying to improve themselves on the road. Now you might wonder well why is communism working in China communism is working in China because the Chinese have been Smart. They had maintained a Communist form of government because they have allowed a free market society. So they allow people to two to better themselves. And that was not the case in the old Soviet Union and in the eastern European Communist bloc nations and that's what communism failed. But it's surviving in -- -- Cuba it's a little different situation but surviving in China because they allow a free market society. I'm not in favor of giving somebody anything. The only piece of the pie you get is an opportunity. To get a piece of the -- There are actually conservatives in this country who don't realize it but they do have an entitlement mentality. They think their entitled -- You're only entitled to an opportunity. And the idea of of sharing the wealth should only come in the form of giving somebody an opportunity. There are people who do need the government. Unfortunately they are so many people who have made a career. Out of depending on the government. And that is wrong and that has been going on for decades and decades. Arguably since the beginning of of the new deal which many argue was neither new nor -- deal. But this this entitlement mentality that the government will take care of me. Is contrary to everything that we should stand for in this country. And we're also losing the idea of personal responsibility that we are accountable for our behavior. What happens to us sometimes we can't help when bad things happen to -- don't get a break. -- you can't help that. But what you can do something about is continuing to try. And you do have the right to never ever give up. And to accept responsibility. For where you are in life in a -- not where you wanna be don't blame it on anybody else figure out a way to get where you wanna be. I'm scoot -- -- -- and we'll be right back into the WL. Welcome back -- show I'm screwed in -- Angelo on a Friday afternoon beginning of the weekend and the winter looks like it is going to be great can't wait to get out there. Here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll who's doing a better job Obama as president or Jindal as governor of Louisiana. 44% say Obama's doing a better job as president 56% say Jindal is doing a better job as governor. It was European by going to our web site WW dot com following -- show its sports talk with Steve courted time Manassas. And there's a lot to talk about. No more. No moral Lance Moore saints have released Lance Moore. What is Steve and to Bobby and Todd had to say about this all of this coming of the sports talk. Four to a four to seven this afternoon here on WWL and it's going to be pelicans basketball their hosting the worst team in the NBA. The Milwaukee Bucks on our flagship station 1053. WW well FM -- we're also talking about movies that have made us feel good about senate race relations from New Orleans -- your Adobe WL. They're -- good. Okay I'll I'll walk on. All you have a lot of people in Asia ex do we'll. You're right American history that was a great movie with -- I like liked about it was the the the attitude it is the character hand plea by Edward Norton in the beginning of the movie and then. What he learned in prison what he learned about how we're we're all people. And and Carl how wrong he wants about his hate it's really hard movie to watch. Like -- literally made it definite. So what -- You know it wouldn't it would -- Egypt you know you're out and you'll -- and the person you know don't it don't judge a person. Achievement in the oh they're all people you know you get your personal. You know people -- It and bird you know get the cup well. You know you -- About it and get pitched -- you don't know. Where I'd I totally agree with you and I appreciate you calling has so often. We are divided by a things that we hear on the news -- by -- stories and and politicians and and talk show host and then the the cable news networks they benefit from division. They they benefit from dividing us because that creates conflict and that causes -- people to pay attention to the the different the different news outlets and and and it forms of entertainment when it comes to -- politics. But we really do have more in common than we think. And I wrote a blog about how morning draw is about more than just -- box three units are still on the dispute page on our website at WW dot com. And it was a blog about. About how we we come together -- morning draw and we don't think about what separates us we think about what brings us together. The the orgy of wearing masks on morning draw goes back hundreds of years and it was about hiding the class that you orient. Because the classes were not associating with each other. And yet if you were a mask you didn't know which class you belong to. And therefore everybody partied together. And it seems to me that that's kind of a microcosm for what morning grow in its. And Jazz Fest and the saints in the things that bring us together but we seem to focus less on the things that bring us together and more on the things that that that separate us. When we only we all just wanna be happy we would take care of our families we want a nice job we wanna be happy in life. And that that's not black white. Hispanic -- that has nothing to do with anything other than just being a human being. And that's what we need to remember that we are first human beings. We -- American second. And third were Democrats and Republicans. Black and white and you could start dividing us into any -- -- divide as him but so often I think we forget that we're we're human beings first. Upper Mississippi San every year and a BWL. Good. We have been at it right but you're not. We it's the art and -- Haven't seen. Radical green repeat it where it. Cheap and she is working -- apartment aren't all day and she think she. And it really -- -- island. Really a positive light -- -- Like an eight. Hour. Not. Do you bring. Do you do you agree that it seems like the movies that they show what separates us and it shows -- that the mistreatment of blacks which is reality which we should never forget but that those will be seem to get more attention in the movies that show is coming together. You what you bad about the make up maybe what the twenty about 42. -- not out of the right maybe I hit it out something Kate because that are. It Currie to a hand and how it might actually. Twenty bit or was really made it. Never. Now I haven't seen it I'm gonna watch it this weekend I was talking to die in Newman our operations director yesterday in the office about this this topic and -- she said one of her favorite lines in the movie was. Someone who who said I want somebody who is something about a courageous enough not to fight. You almost it's almost easier to fight -- used to be courageous enough. Not to fight and to stand for what you do you believe in without without fighting. Some of the. People really truly read and really into what partly to a net. Net. History at bat and I I still really bad about what happened but I -- Time for healing as a country and I look at life. Our country has elected I say I may be pregnant. And work no more. Yeah and it was a it was a it was a fair election. Aren't I I Sandra I do agree with you think things are changing -- having gonna talk about quite often on the -- show died here when my feeling. A during the day -- WWL. The very hateful voices on the right and the left or are slowly being drowned out. By a majority justice OK you know enough of that said I hope you have a great weekend. All right I just thought about a couple of other movies that it really say something positive about race relations have excellent movies. Would about a time to kill. With Matthew McConaughey inseparable when a great movie about race relations. And also a movie that I guess this was indeed the late eighties or nineties Grand Canyon. With Danny Glover. And Kevin -- Grand Canyon. If you haven't seen that written Grand Canyon it's it's it's serious but are really great movie about race relations. -- security for Angela. We'll be right back on deputy bureau you're a couple of more movies says that date is too good about race relations they help glory driving miss Stacy Brian's song and radio. Sports talk is next. To my apartment or a studio producer Diane Newman -- Centennial producers. Agree weekends like -- New Orleans.