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WWL>Topics>>03-08 12:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

03-08 12:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 8, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the trouble with -- voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris and this. Is there well already right off the bat I screwed up. -- the big 87 WWL. And WWO 105 point three FM it's time now for the food show. And boy we have a long one today that he will we get three and a half hours that -- it's. Infrequent. Makes up for all of those fifteen minute show is we've had to do over -- you know football season and everything else but it's great to be here. We are in -- convincingly now it is no two ways about it this is your last chance to make good on. That resolution. That you made to lose weight or to make more money -- to do whatever it is that you wanted to do. Lent is is a good time for it because the temptations are. Slightly fewer we do have the French Quarter festival in the -- coming up not too soon. And also we have next week -- Saint Patrick's Day in two days later saint Joseph's day in that both of those have a food aspect of the and so we never escape it entirely but you know at least whether you're a religious person and I think it's a good idea. This idea of laying off of meat. For awhile for two reasons first of all it's probably good for your health almost certainly it is and secondly. You get a chance to or or -- reason. To. Explorer. More fully. The riches we have in the way of seafood. In our area. There's enough that talk about that every year I do 33 part series. On my website. Inspecting some aspect of the seafood world as it relates to our eating this year have kind of a funny -- I'm. It's something I've never done before although have been doing these surveys for about ten years ago. This win. Takes a look at all the eggs what I call exotic. Only could probably come up with a better were exotic seafood and by that I mean. This and varieties of seafood. That come from places other than our home waters around here and not -- the -- not under the river not out of the lake. But from a may be far away maybe things that are familiar annually go lobster for example scallops and mussels. Certain kinds of fish salmon. Most members of the salmon family in fact there are a bunch of them. And don't quite a few other fish that that come from other places. And -- also included on this list and I just started so it is not much there to look at yet are fish that are local. But they are rare that we don't see him all that often. One example to me that I don't understand. Is Spanish mackerel. Know there are people listening to be right now we're -- Spanish macro you don't understand why anybody doesn't like that. What Willits because. It's it's a big full flavored. Fish that some people would describe his -- and fishy. That's what I like about fish is that it tastes like fish and so macro is a good one to be I mean I like it. If it's something that used to be very common investments none anymore. The only place you're you know you're likely to find MacWorld. In the New Orleans area is in the sushi bar and then it would have to be a pretty good sushi bars that. What I'd love particularly. These little. -- passionate about maybe eighty inches long maybe maybe ten inches long. Our whole fish where they were caught off the Feliz. And serum a little bit. Conservatives -- she'd -- And then they come back around with the head and the backbone and all the rest that they deep -- that and then. You can actually eat the whole thing bones and all it is it's totally digest we have to be careful course dislike -- -- any thing Els. But anyway. That's what's on my mind this week what kind of fish do you like. Tell me about it we were also on a weekday show I've been running a poll. That I'm calling the on seafood league playoffs. I've been hitting three. In strategist who like a sports game that we do three because I can fit three on the page. Three species of us seafood that are similar to one another for example the first day it would lose the choices work. Speckled Trout red fish. And black drawn up -- drawn. And I was very surprised to see the red fish. Came in first I was expecting throughout the run away with that. My favorite among those three frankly is the black room. A small black drama I think it's really fine fish from our waters. So anyway we keep doing this and figure out. Which ultimately is the favorite seafood of New Orleans and will do that every. Every day on on the week racial I don't I don't think I can do it here and I don't know how we can set that up. But anyway. Seafood is on my mind but whatever is on your mind if it's -- food that's good enough for me go ahead and call. And we can talk about any aspect of eating of cooking. Of restaurants dining in dining -- cocktails. And whenever it's all open game always on this show there is no. Who smaller restaurant to be talked about there is no two larger restaurant there's no to cheaper restaurant there's no too expensive. Or any other kind you know we'll do Chinese will do time will do Middle Eastern you know whatever you like give us -- call. And tell me what you have been enjoying lately. I have mark on hold here. And and we'll see where is he hiding over in though he's not fighting it's just this but more crude uneasily OK here we mark welcome to the food show. And take one who politely. Tell me a little bit above. A rep brought -- call up apple. Apple lean you know we had and -- club dinner there about two weeks ago. It's it's very good it saw a beautiful. Renovation of a shotgun and double. They did they redid the parlors and knocked out the walls except for the parts of the brick wall that support the fireplaces that they don't use unfortunately but it's it's still -- pretty cool space. And the the food is is kind of -- I would say half New Orleans food half American new American food. Beautiful presentations. -- really a good place it's one of the best new bistro is open in the last few years. Well what did you all enjoy as far as. -- -- seaweed we had a lot of stuff and in fact Joseph Torre this is unusual for us but we had two choices in each course. The ones I had to work you re yet a rabbit this is is that sounds more complicated than it is it's rabbit that's been cooked counts does such appointments practically falling apart that. -- sort of pull it apart in shreds almost like pulled pork. And they make a little -- it's like a -- pay almost the way you heated on some pieces of bread with Damien they have their own homemade pickles and a few other things. I thought that was really delicious they have this group or dish with corn -- -- And a kind of a red sauce that was the most beautiful version of corn met -- of every scene in the of the fish was really nice to. And let's see we have a great. Great. Chicken on do we gumbo that they serve -- booed -- instead of rice they just you know opened up the -- take the casing off. And then they put that you know it's mostly rice anyway and they put that in the bowl. What a great flavor I don't know why I've never seen that before. -- It's a good restaurant you like it. And because -- plane and go to achievements such as sort of your show and see. What you like -- Televised fellowship -- said hello is name is Matthew far -- he's. Real nice guy and did a terrific chef and that's a beautiful little rest and great -- place really a great atmosphere for that. All right thank you have to -- is the name EPO LL -- in the east on magazine street. The closest -- I can think of is Bordeaux it's kind of in the middle of the block. It's like half a block from Bordeaux here is John John welcome. And I happily. Get -- back to back it was. Are great restaurant. Q but out that there -- out. Yeah -- -- figured out that late Brock but you know. Everything's gone. There are not many restaurants that do that because first only had to do was get a flounder but I know a few. And -- but -- -- remember that you can't really count on them on the you know because it comes and goes. The the least expensive place for it he's furious right across the highway from door next. About a half block in towards the Lakeland Marc Berman in Metairie. They they buy it fresh always which means that sometimes they can only get frozen in in that case they don't buy it at all. But they when they can get it fresh which is most of the time they do that the whole flounder the whole flounder broiled or fried the stuff with crabmeat if you want. And it's it's real good there. Another good place. This is at the other end of the scale this is a pretty upscale restaurant but it's not what I would call really expensive it's called the pelican club. It's on B and -- street. Between charters and royal and you know I know a lot of people. Hesitate -- in the quarter that this is an easy win because you can park in the modeling on parking garage and they validate. So it's like ran across the street he -- right street from me where you park. And dot -- -- Do that dish in fact -- some -- talk that the shuffled Nicky says that that's the number one dish on his menu in terms of sales it really is good. I didn't I didn't think that. One got caught on a cup several. Liked it and -- it or -- well. Those are those are an incredible bargain but they lately -- They lately have had the the flounder there just about every time I've been here lately they say it's been a big hit for. And you. Don't -- up. Exactly like a -- one. Thank you all. That. -- A lot yet it out. Technicolor. It you know your site. We're good what thank you very much for that. Hearing from you enjoy your flounder. She is their -- hole 400 good dish when west and shut down -- went away almost totally but so few places run that. We will return with more food show in just a moment but first if you will this dude dude dude dude who who -- pop pop pop up up a little -- it's the food show. I'm Tom Morris it's great to be here -- are you talking about eating. Hear his comedy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couple years have been in Africa -- -- -- away straight ahead of abuse. All the black briefly and come out there at all is part of a refuse to control would suggest. Yeah you know. The difference among these things is so small that whenever somebody sends me some and it seems like everybody in America. Has made his own creole cajun seasoning blackened seasoning. And they put out there. And ID usually statements in place that deceit that anything strange about it and then I -- that into this gigantic jar right of the all -- And on top of that in Michael -- I am a recipe for making all by yourself. But I don't think it makes no difference to the hard part with blackened fish. Use to get that can mean quality that super -- Without burning. And there you you do that by. Pretty much drenching it with that's going to conform but a lot of water. -- -- and then the seasoning. And then you put in that hot hand and that throws off so much smoke that have always said that it's a better idea to do it outside. There -- alcohol and black and ultimately our members in order. Good to have -- it opened well all of this. So much. A factor and a. -- think -- -- but most supermarkets have a big canister of just by any. The the typical sized model that's for people living -- Moines Iowa and we do this twice a year ago Nicklaus who actually go up. You know -- to create -- I thought. I. So -- by the food show. It is its interest in we're all that came from all of a sudden they are wise and we've always had seasoning blends. In the market now if you go to the supermarket you look at the McCormick's session section. If they don't have fifty different blends of seasonings. In addition. To the straight paprika and straight diesel and all the rest it. If they don't have fifty of them than they have a hundred. Because it's this one for hamburgers as one for meatloaf there's one for Turkey this one for -- in this one for Cornish and probably went for -- -- for all and 0260. 6368. It's the food show who would you say. Oh I gave the wrong number it all already and so. CEO what happens is that I do was show every day for three hours. And have been doing it for 25 years on thirteen 53. W -- this is who WL here. And I save that number so often over the air that I come in here and it's you know on one semi auto pilot. And there it is but -- 260187. That's our real phone number 2601870. And we would love to talk review but that there really anything on your mind about food about cooking but restaurants. I think we have pretty much put Mardi -- to rest. -- nothing more to say about that this is the time of year when there is a dish that appears. On the New Orleans food scene. And depending on what your family's tradition news you either have it on Ash Wednesday. On Good Friday or holy Thursday is also common one of those three days or he just needed a win every -- throughout the land. Whether you're religious or not it's gumbo is there. Or green gumbo as it's often known. And if you do with the most traditional way it's me just with vegetables know no meat no seafood although very few people make it that way anymore. You have a little bit of -- rule we have a lot of different kinds of greens the more of them the merrier they say you gotta put an odd number of mean there. And you often more often than not you'll have some shrimp in the air and sometimes you -- -- -- things like sausage and brisket and stuff that's how Leah chase makes errors and that's pretty darn good. What's went to Nevada and I don't know but then again they say that -- holy Thursday isn't part of it anymore so. Don't ask me. Oh well all right so. Doubles there -- many anybody with thoughts about that. Will will figure something and talk about when we get back from a check of the news here I think on -- is hanging out round you're somewhere Don oh pompano but I Obama. Hello there it's the food show it's. The big 870 WWL and WW 105 point three FM this Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here with you talking about eating. You're welcome. Anything you guys always. Can help you -- call Carol welcome to the food show. Hey Carol with a minute to the push this hard enough I think it did. -- I'm hearing on all your money. I and in on itself. I had a quick question. I'm a bullet used to be all right maximum. Yeah that might think well and they probably he would gulping it down played in 88. I -- on the -- in the you know anything about him. I I know in my and I know about him but I don't know that I hadn't heard that he was opening up a restaurant that's news to me and if it has opened it -- that has gotten past me to and outspend -- I spend. A number of hours a week scouring looking for its places like that so. I don't think it's open. I'm sure there and I. Haven't heard a word. But they'll work this out to the crowd and and see it is not uncommon for newly opened restaurants to take him. And time to get back open or to open in the first place. Even though the people involved might be. Very very good at what they do this you know system it's the permitting I think that is just a nightmare. More than anything. A fair way I haven't heard anything about it. Well maybe somebody listening to his hands. That would be great to hear that where it is right Covert action. Now well. All right thank you shanks who can't see everything and I YouTube it's the food you hear is Tommy welcome. It's now merited an undoing full income in the long time today. I've got a long showed up and it got nothing better to go. Okay. Just wanted to give view it adds up on the people who ask you about things in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area it's such. Just got a report from almost a friend of mine who has a Condo on my same building over there. That he went to the newly opened at -- oyster house in -- doors. And then he's been a one -- that aren't quite a -- and says this relate. Matches up favorably. -- pretty good day I can say that they they really do have pretty consistent stuff and they do a lot of that -- That gold chain restaurant. Technique of having the central commissary that does a lot of the cooking for images ships about -- what do you think most cases that that 200. Oh sure. -- via absolutely. That that that that goes on a lot. But if I don't mind it if what comes out of it is is pretty good -- find the acme is pretty. I did too and I think if we don't have a whole lot of good places to eat over there I'm looking forward to trying to go back over. Why not. Send send your wife and daughter over to check it out form. -- I sure will he had probably. The -- over there -- OK don't have a good Saturday. Thank you you to see the food show anybody. When there was no question went up to six -- It confused the 260. 1872601870. You know we. Have had to turn down some people. Who asked me if they could have a challenge them. On this Saturday show and I have to say no because I did have waited seven so I could do it but I figured out that way. So. If you wanna challenge them and you haven't had time to call me during the week. You can get one today here's what you need. All you need to do. Is call and -- a good question. That is an effort just ask your question other than economic novatel number. Or tell me something interesting. That you learned lately and you've done it that's all it's all you have to do. 260636. At -- why would I want one your probably one well we give away stuff on the ball in the week they should. Based on the child. In this and sitting here telling you all of this on looking world food for the memory stick the oldest is on the nineteenth. That would figure wouldn't. After all this talking to 606368. Crist is so over here on the blue phone Chris come on in. Chris you there and try again. Well Paula needs. Now we got Chris I think. Yes that's for a bird. I I'm. If it he had ever troop -- and outward and at a -- -- along the street Paul La. Instinct for all of them. You recommend like a full audio of fairy people. Like approach. And it's all you're doing it on a Sunday. Okay well the -- the ball it's a block it's not on saint Charles avenue but it's only using like -- two blocks away is commander's palace. Now on Washington avenue to block off the votes in Charles. They invented the jazz brunch and they do really really well and you probably been there yeah right like jazz and everything. That I did my first day. Are you there one like the Paris so. Why isn't anyone like -- truck that like. The I. Although probably -- Eiffel Tower. Yeah that's -- that has not been operating as the ala carte restaurant -- for a while it's mainly catering facility. I I I if they have changed often enough though since the current owners took over. That. It it's a possibility that they might be running our -- service now but I haven't heard that and I don't think that York -- might be worth call. Them. And then let's see what else do we have you know it's funny seeing Charles -- who doesn't have all that many. Restaurants are on it you want it right around saint Charles. Is the don't Monaco but objected to a brunch. I don't know it they won't do brought trot out all right. I don't think so they they I know they recently expanded to doing Friday lunch which they weren't doing but I don't think they do brunch. Or any you know are indeed downtown area on call. Well -- well yeah that's that's east the corner of saint Charles and pointers or close to it anyway. You have the hotel Intercontinental which has one of the very few remaining both face and talent I'm not big on the face but they always did a pretty good job that I thought. And if that would work for you there it is and right across the street is John -- is most successful restaurant it's called. -- It has. And who won -- over the use so it looks like it ought to be pronounced sudden. But it isn't it's not German or anything like it it's -- pretty much American food with some French accents on -- and they do a very good Sunday brunch. OK that's good so Intercontinental. And -- -- LUKE it's in the hotel is a hotel right behind one. When -- square. And that's where it is you'll see it as a big sign it's it's hard to this. And they are good -- those two places are across the street from one another. -- -- -- thank you very much. Okay see the card show rules -- A break okay then it doesn't roll right ahead we stopped cold. But will come back in just a moment after first if you will this button -- -- -- Do it to the tune hello hello it is the food show. On -- gates at WWW -- WWL with a five point three FM. -- see we lost who was on -- next but it went who's over here it's Ron Ron welcome. Hi there you know why you it says here you know where shift thomas'. Yet mature he. -- at Mexico. And they get -- art. And lucky rooster. He's on there. It will not show up but at least Burroughs street. OK Andy closeup shot equity. Will -- it's flat it's five to nine LUCK. Yeah it's it's on -- wrong tree just off point -- And if the lady who called looking for him is expecting to get the kind of Italian food that they used to get over that Maxima is she is probably gonna be very disappointed because that is an -- street food. -- -- Oh yeah he's terrific -- Well thank you think thanks Colin and I certainly didn't know that. You see him well that's what happens. It does happen Richard welcome to the food show. Hello Tom powered unit and I wanted to tell you would not play so I enjoy. Put brunch that's a block of the canal street car line which is redemption. Yeah that is it. Yeah everything -- or this methodical and stay there. And I think Greg could easily accommodate a party thirtieth state you know gave him an awfully. Sure gap they the he certainly could east he's not one of the real pros out there I think. -- but I had a pleasure -- and have a brunch. Flights in the past six weeks and it was beyond reproach. Good and and did you get away with using that expression. Every time it every time I put that in an article somebody gets offended by it. Beyond reproach which means that it's so good that you couldn't possibly complain about it. Is what that means. But some people say beyond reproach it means even if you look up the word reproach and they say well it's beyond that it's even worse than that. -- exactly the opposite to what it means. Well well I never thought about what I needed that I but then I've got I've got every time I used that expression I get 12 emails from people -- -- you say that about that brilliant -- -- But Greg he'll never cooked anything -- Yeah. So skillful at that you really use it's that -- has really come a long since he has been there. And it was pretty good to begin its you know. And he he would now he's doing a great job but anyway I just wanted to pass it on thank you burn my cute. You very it's the food show what's the who's here it's Michael Michael welcome component. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not afford that the year earlier caller about Earl restaurant Villa on the other Egyptian -- think. Is superiors he. They're they're good very but it won't play out -- -- you get into Joplin group and you'll -- the do. A big news. It's not that. The the restaurant report is it's it was bad and then it was good and if it was it was a very. It was kind of comical. I am. Today yeah. This was a national change in battery so that. We are there for a birthday with a group of about speed of and the birthday girl ordered a medium rare. And where they came out it was clearly not filet -- -- the only thing on the menu and look look while there. And it was -- Definitely not what you're not right and it operates wage yet. Probably. So we. We called a waiter we told situations. They take care. Everyone else started out their attitude. That we started. About twenty minutes go by for. Unused spectrum. The world that it. Eating -- statement that an NC next. It also would definitely not that I'm taking you to someone else and order a it looked like a so. So at that point we got a lot preparations and everything. They finally -- the manager reps and acknowledged today. They never do bring a layout that certain that we -- right they get spring ball line and then they came -- where. Thanks for different search. Comps. The stakes for the poor girl tan. And we -- kind of had a good laugh about it. You know that that's that's a good ending to what it was obviously -- disaster. And you know that's all I ever ask of harassment and humility at least admit that you screwed up and then do something to make good and in if they do that. I know it's gonna gonna be perfect all the time but but that's a good way to handle. They couldn't figure out as you know we kept element -- play somebody back to. Did you figure out what went -- delay purchases. You know a startling looks like and try to play it can do it but but they've made -- courtly etiquette and that was but there's. -- all okay well what they are you go or. The your problem was ordering state in the in the bonefish grill and I would say going to the bonefish -- to begin with -- Well could be your probably right. For a change it's these chains. We gotta stop. We cannot. But I listen I'm sorry I got I have to break but it thanks a lot -- -- -- 260. But did they handled that well 260. 621870. We'll come back with more of the food show after first if you will this. But up -- up. Though. Those food show. When we have some -- -- only -- bed while calls back. Which I'm -- him much. Which is saying. After the news yeah. Or program today's sponsored by and one's. And I -- it went in all of that but you know if you can go to and ones and have lunch. Guess on Saturday it is available on Saturday Monday through Saturday that's when they do this. Twenty dollars and fourteen cents. There was a three course lunch waiting for you it is not cheap junk. It is real and -- food in -- and an interesting mix actually because they have some of the classic issues on there. They also have some of the year -- is that have only recently been invented. And then some that are kind of a combination of the two. Three courses you get three choices in each of the courses too so you can find some new world. And then once. Which if you have never been to it in your life is sort of like not ever having been to Saint Louis cathedral I think it's the oldest restaurant in America and purity is family -- the whole time. Right here at 713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter in all the world there is only one and ones. WW. -- radio New Orleans WWL FM and HD 110 -- New Orleans with a new loses next over most of these same frequencies from CBS they Colombia of broadcasting system at 1 o'clock.

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