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WWL>Topics>>03-08 1:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

03-08 1:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 8, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 kill -- medium wave. Fifty quadrillion. -- watts of power zooming across at the speed of light all of North America. And out to sea and around the world really and I'm not exaggerating about every now and then we'll get a report from somebody in China or is something. Since 1922. WWL. New Orleans first radio station and WWL. 105 point three FM New Orleans first FM frequency. This is stomp the forests with the second chorus of the food show in New Orleans longest running talk show and it's nice to be here -- -- you talking about eating. And we have people on home soil or shut up all this blather of mind. And pretending that it's 1942. And here is -- Linda I don't I hear someone. Out of basically what I am trying to do it I have invited and -- that asparagus but out of the garden. Oh really he's throwing his own asparagus yeah. That is not easily done. I now but they are doing beautifully. Good and I am trying to learn how to -- them. The best way in my opinion to cook asparagus is this team. And UP you can do this even if you don't have a steamer by just. Getting the bowl oh aura of metal colander works pretty well in Europe pot of water boiling and you put some -- thing in the top. And you can cover at that'll make it quicker but you don't even need to do that though the steam will come up in Coca very gently. Song and then have some cold water like a pot of cold water hanging on the side because once it gets to the point where it is no longer gonna snap. But it's it's flexible. You you take it out and you stop the cooking by putting it in the cold water just for a minute it'll stay warm up the -- And then that set the only other thing you have to know is that. If if the bottom part. Is a little witty sometimes it can be. I just cut that part off. You can you can save it and you make a great. Asparagus soup with that -- with all that that would be kind of stuff down the bottom but I -- it that's all I -- -- with that. And the ultimate the classic thing the servant with a some holidays sauce. And babies they want that the tough right are you saying that they can take. As -- cook it long enough that we'll get tender. Well 89. Not always. He you have to figure out you know how far down you wanna go with this. And I say you know there -- a little bit on the side of tenderness after it. Yeah restaurant where they -- open and I and that's what I was. Well if you if you can if their biggest Paris that they have to be pretty -- altitude it. And but that's that's nice that's really nice I would still hole. Steen a little bit -- -- -- it would bother and then put it on the grill. And you just let it sit there and cook all the way through until you you know some. Grill marks on it. This scrape it off with you -- medals bachelor. And that that does come -- that's really nice are. Beaming and maybe once it's horrible out and that's the way. -- not even that long you know more like about two minutes three -- Yet the posted it happens quickly asparagus -- fairly quickly. Okay that's what I needed thanks so I enjoy the growing -- oldest Barry did we have like the rounds in the put him in the ground -- and. Mean when he did and maybe they look like bandits Aaron and indeed during the summer they got back. And cut them down low to the ground. And burst -- computing Mecca. Well the ones you get from that. Motion -- tend to be the big ones so you've got just the right time to grow great great I had no idea he was into it that much asparagus. When he grows up it's it's the funniest looking playing -- ever seen you've ever seen it's. About. It's a bush really in pretty would be brought bush except that all the tips that are growing a little baby is back at all over the thing it's really funny. Well thank you thank you I don't believe we've ever had anyone on this show in 25 years. Who asked that question before Steve welcome to the food show. Thank you -- it's more outside a resident. Here for years and I thoroughly enjoyed your show little -- thank you I have one comment for the person and -- -- -- I'm not a lover I'm not a brought lover but there is one excellent choice and make -- in large parties and -- -- -- -- On either -- Saturday morning. Well that's true that's the simple -- It's -- really a true they have -- and you know I'd been there and they're quite recently in who really. Google on on loan to neutral ground. Is the piano player and -- do you know who are out yeah. Yeah he's he's very funny he's a good musician too and you know he was playing over there. We are. Okay I it's been awhile since I last was the -- for brunch but it's it's it's an off. It's one that doesn't get talked about a lot frankly but it's always been good and it's always been a good bit less expensive than most of them. Yeah I have one and if I may not sure -- -- about revolution which is obviously wanted to audit and that -- -- down. At one point in May -- heard this before. -- the -- the is it solid ball if you bring your long and that's it I've I've heard anywhere in the country. They don't want. It discriminated against locals. Because it's local and. Well that's -- I I don't. I don't think that that it's something consortia obviously. It's it's Tuesday. That's too -- they just don't want you to do it in the I know the reason why it's that they put like two million dollars in the building new ones. And it's they have a huge. Wine collection there. And they did you know that that cost -- a lot of money to maintain an inventory like that and so -- guests are discouraging people from bringing their own line but that is that subsite that's just saying don't. They didn't exactly ordering beer. Yeah that that could be. Thank you don't think you'll see. The food show and never. God that is being. But discrimination against locals. And that certainly I'm sure now what it's intended to be. But. -- Court could be in case you don't know what we're talking about is you bring year old bottle of wine and know you're thinking maybe. You can do that when he used to be that you couldn't but now it has become popular. And the restaurants. Will go only so far trying to resist change some of them do that. But not the Smart ones anyway. They kind of gave in and said okay bring your wine put we've been charged to a -- tree which is nothing new this goes back a long long way. But typically. It's somewhere between. Ten and 25 dollars. The -- recently Georgia that is personable. The sale of all kinds of beverages from Ice-T up to cocktails and line. Is it this a disproportionate. Part of -- business model of the profits from that. Who you get a great deal in the food you really do actually and the and the news. You know exactly get ripped off by the wind but it could be considered that way most -- bunch George. Somewhere between two and three times what you would pay retail stores -- -- And anyway the court -- sweeping there are some restaurants. That do not have a court huge fees the most outstanding of them is the entire. John -- restaurant empire all seven of his restaurants here. -- have that policy including restaurant August no cork tree you bring a bottle wine -- no problem. They like that. I think there is a price you paid no. No there's no way to quantify this it's just a feeling and it may only be me. But in my mind. A bitch you get less good service if you bring in a bottle -- with a record -- fees and if you don't. 2606368. Especially given the fact that on there right North Korea has -- the wrong number just 260187. Do restaurants lose in that empire that are up at the top level. With a -- -- unity and somebody who's bits of the guy or the girl who takes care. Of the oh points. And orders did you know makes a brilliant. 260. 187. Call right now you'll get right in the food show in town boards and our program today is sponsored by parents or voice. -- or boys these old school. In most. Ways. But there is one way in which they are right up with the times. And I'll tell you what that is in a minute but let me tell you the old school partners. When they make a roast beef -- boy that roast beef did not come. From -- food services. Wholesaler. Already cooked already sliced. They. Bought a round of beef. And they roasted the beef the raw beef the big round of beef. And then they collected the juices that came out. And -- a few things to it to make their own gravy from scratch he did not come out of camera or a jar. And that's the way in which brand for boys is old school. But. It's right up with the times in that they have added to their business model. Ordering them online. You can do with this through -- and all of a Smartphone app now. Does go looking for you know how to do it better than I do I'm sure and I get that put on your cellphone. And you'll be able to make a phone call. Or really just punch it only in the air and get your order in. And that way you won't have to wait for it to come out as a duties wanted to time. Or if you're really having a party and you want a bunch of stuff from them they can do that for you to know just all done right they -- -- Smartphone. At brands or boys which lately has also expanded its hours they are now open from 10 in the morning until nine at -- seven days a week. RR a an apostrophe S 3939 veterans just as Cleary. -- -- -- -- 2606. Threes now almost did it again I saw it coming and I -- couldn't stop at 260187. Here is -- You know. Your radio down would you please. Welcome to our show. Thank -- I just wondered. My terrible why can't -- tires terrible and I'm not like it is not. I don't wanna do. What are you what what are you trying to accomplish tell me what the finished dish is going to be. Opera. Like OK are you doing a pot roast with like potatoes or rice recently. Okay. Step one what it would kind of be for you by. And you try to get on. A rump roast is not bad. That's nothing wrong with that. -- that's one of the two common ones in the inside round and restaurants mostly use that is to cut it's a little too big for you would meet with the and then there's the shock. Which will give you the I think the best flavor in the best gravy but. It doesn't slice very well so if you don't mind change you know chunks of beef and shreds of beef. The truck is a good choice but to but though of -- -- is is fine so. Brown at first you get our big skillet you put little oil or butter in the air and heated up. And then you in the meantime your salting and peppering this thing you need more salt than you usually put on because when you look at how big thing you have there how much salt you putting -- it's not like salting the -- in the woods is more out. And so was assaulted and -- it well and then brown -- all over. I don't put it in a -- And chop appear onions into -- big chunks you know it's already and whatever else you like putting their -- leaves seasonings of various kinds. -- run the water up. To about halfway up the side of the peace before maybe even a little more the the best. Roast beef maker I ever knew said that she won so it feels like it's almost about the start floating. And -- -- and then then you you put this in the open. At about 375. To 400 degrees. And with the top on and you let it roast for. Obama. You know 34 hours. Until the -- meet starts pulling apart and being very tender. And then what you'll have is a very nice piece of beef. In the a stock. That if you decrease it. The easiest way to do that is supported in the refrigerator overnight then you can just pick it off with your fingers but the but you need to do it faster than that you can. You know just can skim it off and I think you'll find that that gives you a lot of flavor that's that's the that's the essential part of that. How I didn't -- from what you're doing. Actually not much -- an -- but it usually a -- -- Well -- that ought to work pretty well because what you're doing the -- you have this nice gentle long cooking time. And I don't know maybe you're just needed a little more than four on the season but that's that's the way -- -- Well good luck let me know if you get anywhere with that. We will come back with more of the food -- in a moment but first please this pump pump -- hello it's the food show big 870 WW well I'm -- -- -- And Lucy who's next Mac Mac welcome. In Mac you there. Michael Moran. -- next week. -- I can hear you. There -- They are not. I'm about. -- -- Accurately well. And -- Mac hang on as certain music down please thank you. Okay now we're where we're -- We -- anywhere start over. This is not a this -- Oh start there. Yes I'm participating in the -- for -- street art are you won't hurt her preacher and a couple weeks. Certainly -- -- when this witness it happened. And the outlook we ended march -- -- -- when you or nine. Are very excited I got -- -- on the team. And our responsibilities. And jobs yet the truck a couple of there are options I've found. The type of being that I want to kill. -- order. What did she yet. You're by. You've -- doubts our consistency. Of being in July. Out of the flavor that I like but. In terms of it's a competition so judge you we're -- to -- -- -- -- Well. The new great northern it's also known as I can believe beans by the Italians. It's actually is close. As you can get the red beans without actually being red beans -- you were dealing with something that's a lot like red beans and cooks to the same techsters in. I would say it is exactly -- -- flavor but if in a blindfold tasting it would be tough to tell the tool part. So wise anyway you start off like red beans but I would not take it to the point where they stop being firm. At that point I would remove the liquid and then put it in the hands. Barbecue kind of seasonings in it. We used to do this for a while and and our kids were stolen grammar school there had a big festival every year in. Some friends of mine and I got together and we did you know 750 pounds of brisket and a whole lot of beans that my wife was in charge of and we came done this formula which is in Michael book by the way it's also on my website. Of with a fairly good amount of molasses in it a lot a certain Obama's cinnamon in it. And bacon and we bake it in big big pain ends in the oven and it took. Hours. To get done but it was really good. Yeah I have currently have a patch. Maybe perhaps little bush two you burger. That switch you have to do you have today -- you and I think you do have to boil it you know books emirate. But -- it -- like you would red beans but not as long that nearly as long like about a half an hour 45 minutes at the most and clearly we then you. Bake it in the -- the rest of the way. That that's that's one way of course are a million ways to do beans. And Eddie -- so aren't. -- to be issued and a crock pot and you don't really. Think about it earlier. -- really. I'm at a loss about that because I don't have a crock pot they have never collected one and so I'm and without a database on that but. You know I I think the end product for a four barbecue beans -- With something like what they're doing over there. I I like the idea of a little sweet more than a little spicy and definitely some. Soma spice. Aromatic spice guns and things like cinnamon and -- -- to take it easy on that -- it's the little bit that of that goes a long way. All right well good block. And Q and will publicize that when we get closer to it it's a very nice event here's Michael. Yeah it's I I kept notes of for a long time -- art school actually. They're Tillman and -- never been in the war on and they wondered as crop as -- note early in the season form that is currently in the quarter be -- to go to foresters and. -- Crawfish. Ordinarily. They would be around in pretty good numbers but the cold weather -- has really got them down. They are not being served in a whole lot of places just yet and the price is -- sight unseen things like dollars a pound. Four for a crawfish so this is this is out there. We don't have a lot of places at two crawfish in the French Quarter to begin with dean niece is probably the best. The one of the detainees on the corner of your -- bill and off theme. Well okay I I hesitate to say that because I'm not a huge fan of detainees it through and I think is actually better than the one but count. But today. -- -- you may or may not. You know find crawfish I would get ready for the possibility that you don't oysters. Everywhere you turn. In the project. Okay -- under appreciated. All right thank you see here it's been a slow time for crawfish this year in the U. The traditional season for crawfish. Is Thanksgiving until the fourth of July. We actually have seen. Crawfish often all instance two maybe a week or two after Thanksgiving this year which is lately bin on the early side. But it never has really gotten off the ground and I've been getting a lot of calls from a lot of people who say that they've gone here and they've gone there. And were unable to find. Of boiled crawfish and when they did they were super super expensive. And when it comes to things like that. The high price is an indicator of pork quality usually. The lower the price gets on crawfish the better the -- -- We're fortunately were not through the peak of it yet that that's late April early may that the peak of prophecies. Most of the time mob -- runs late this year. 26 so. 187 here is Keefe Keefe welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All you would you would you think of that. -- every -- I was about chef Roland from the you'll Christians that Tuesday. And it works just as it was totally you do notice the track on the want to -- it back -- the great. Good here you're welcome the you know I've -- That book is full of my favorite things at the the theme of the book really and that I always love that -- that used to do there was little casserole. He gets some bread crumbs kind of toasted on the -- it was green because he had a lot of parsley unit and so mushrooms and a lot of garlic it was great. Well good thank you. Very nice I appreciate it. Thank you. Yeah the name of the place where he got that -- we can get a 12 ways you can -- out and get enough that. We go to my website no menu dot com and click on recipes in the here's the thing that pops down that says. Alphabetical index and you just go down there and then -- -- viewfinder. Or I have a book called Tom Fitzmorris is New Orleans food Melanie tell you what it's about. Led seat Paul is over here on the yellow phone basis of sort of pale orange. Paul welcome. There. I'm looking forward and sausage and the on the level of commitment piece that you know world but I can't fight them here. Well they'll probably the best placed ago. Is a little grocery store on esplanade avenue but three blocks from city park it's called or no. In the world and make it in house. And it's it's it's a little supermarket it's an old style supermarket going way back mainly what is these cases mostly meat market. And he is the people won't really into the -- But there there Italian sausage I think is really. I know that Chad are you sure that remodeled -- There you -- thank you the food show continues on the big 87 EW WL. I'm Tom Fitzmorris and we will come back with more of our thing here in just a moment but first please this. -- -- This is the food show on the big 870 WWL and WWO 105 point three FM. Who's on hold over here -- who run the news. Ronnie who area here let's see Ronnie -- welcome to the food show. Yes I'm going to make of a smoke -- and sausage gumbo. Screen it has remained cool. -- -- an X injection maybe good appetizer and a good side dish to go with the. Okay. Appetizer. Let's see this as a chicken sort of a program and that sort of -- to -- gumbo with rabbit. We start with something as some seafood. Shrimp -- wide comes to my mind. Crab apple still kind of expensive but truth is it is -- -- nice. Yeah oh. Yeah OK good well that's that's what I think that we doable neat way he conservatives. These two putted on top of -- thin slices of -- made you know those. Plum tomatoes. We've got him plump tomato slice those about maybe half an inch thick and then put the true problems. -- it's nice combination of players. Oh yeah and they say worthy of -- -- 20 with a side dish this is gonna sound funny. But that's the way I grew up eating my mother -- chicken gumbo just like every week. And she would -- sweet potatoes on the slide in what we would do stickers spoon and go into there and like -- about a third of the spoon with sweet potato and then. Go right into the gumbo -- it and pick it up and we'd have sweet potato and gumbo at the same time. And I know that sounds funny but boy oh that is good at royal. -- -- and let people take -- what it feels sweet potatoes and chicken in the middle of them. It's not a crazy idea it really works. Okay enough of them to the question if you don't mind of my ballot my palate and extensive. But -- always heard that this isn't a difference between a -- made all those loopy high he is there isn't it true is it. -- areas. Because you will have. On the night -- you'll have X amount of the flower will get a little bit burned and you get a little bit of a smoky taste which is desirable enlisted goes big time and -- which is totally different thing -- a really bad. And I've seen some chefs who were alive and a lot more deafness in the and I do. And they just beat the hell these pants and they put them though the oil and it gets really hot then they dump the flowers in hand is all this smoke coming up and and two minutes later their finish whether it's -- the park on grew I don't have the guts but that. What the -- I got to believe that it does taste for. Okay absolutely as the single ballot did -- sensitive sure you know that would -- cut both ways and I had really good to know what really killed. And yeah may be maybe this threshold and how high you need to make it the notice that I don't know. Yeah but again I tell you don't have the guts where are you with the slot. All right thanks so getting my pleasure seeing you again here is dale dale welcome. -- -- Question. Well -- not nearly every. Option lunch or so. And Eric. When you optic cable and local market pie and that problem and a Lotto like well we're at war. -- Like that where there were extremely your hand. Out. Is there -- because. You know that is something I have never noticed before. I tend to think it has more to do with. Under and over cooking than anything else although it could be also what stage of maturity to cribs that -- I I don't know you've asked a very interesting question and I don't have an answer for. What do we throw this out to the crowd to people who boil -- more often than I do and we can find out something. I appreciate. But. I can't find an answer anyway. Yeah that's that's a new one on neat -- whoops let's let's see what people come up with. -- hang on. But don't don't don't hang on keep listening that's what I meant Tuesday and then will Lucy we in turn will come back with more of the food show after first please this tie -- Puccio. -- give one more call in before the hour ends here's Aaron Aaron welcome. Under -- on an article earlier about the Crawford and orchard in the current quarter. Back. At any -- -- talk about an hour now yeah which is Courtney and coached and -- but the -- or years and years. Have come from the government now. What it is -- are on top of the -- That's terrific -- that that's mr. Dick Brennan's idea that's all -- did Dick Brennan senior that's terrific. No question about it. And it if you go for the first time and I thought I was. -- boot camp. Well you got a couple of real nice things working on your behalf there. Absolutely. Are like Olympic and -- -- that long ago are okay about it. I don't think crawfish over here but that's that a couple of people called up. And said that the way to make your crabs juicy is called a caller go while wanted. Is that after their boiled to the right degree turn him upside down with a big chill upward and downward in the collects it. -- WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM -- New Orleans and HD one. Where the -- -- of most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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