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03-08 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 8, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Didn't do do do do do. Welcome back to the third -- of the food show and we have an extra cores today we have a well what's the opposite of -- moves boo if we have one. At the end -- extra half hour. On thirteen no on the big 870 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. It's the food show this town that's Morris a yeah that passing is a cultured person. And almost getting away with -- and it's nice to be here with you talking about my favorite subject it really -- and I can about that. Eating and drinking and they're going out to restaurants and cooking and just the whole food thing. Which when you think about it even a for a moment you realize is essential to our life and you may as well do the most -- right wind. Like everything else. The more you put into it. The more it puts beckon to you or some like that 260. 1872601870. If there's a restaurant you have been through that either greatly satisfied you or. Did it into a horrible job. Call me and tell me about it and will analyze the situation and see if anything can be done. 2606368260. Excuse me sorry sorry sorry. 260187. -- as you heard -- -- -- the reason I do that so much and make that seemingly obvious mistake. Is that -- four or five days a week three hours today I give that phone number out thousands of times. And it's so imprinted. On my brain. That I can't quite shove it off. Although you know it occurred to me the other day. That this show this Saturday show. Saturday edition of the food show. Has been on the year for eight and a half years. All of its own. So what's that worth not much yeah that's about what I think 2260. 1878 here is Alex Alex welcome. It's our might go -- that I'm doing great come. Yeah -- squadron what do you have that take on any good Indian restaurants in the area. Well as you probably have learned if you've been around a little bit we don't have very many of them at all week we are right on the entire bunch of them you've got the Nirvana on magazine street which I think is quite good the same family owns the Taj Mahal of in -- it's a little rest by the it's not much on looks but I think they're cooking is pretty good. And then there is the most usual fall. Is this little place on the West Bank that's only a -- all day a week. Who sat on Nolan. And it's on Greta -- boulevard right off the Belle chase highway and all they do is Friday night's. And sometimes they'll do Sunday I mean Saturday occasionally they do Sunday they do they have been known to do with Sunday brunch but most of the weekly they spend doing catering. I just open that 11. Nice that they're nice people very nice folks and great food beer but -- sit we've come to the end. Someone told me. Over a form though we but what are you should outskirts of baton -- dot October holidays you know anything about. The I don't get to Baton Rouge too much but it would that would not surprise me because in Baton Rouge you have another story going on there. There are a lot of the Indians who were at LSU who are teachers or students and -- issue probably a lot more teachers. And because that alone you know they they assume a much better market than there is here. Followed triceps problem make the trip out -- Or cook it yourself. Or go to India organize it or go to the best place in the world for Indian food London. Yeah our -- but there when I was there when actually had a opportunity to go on the saints played here. No kid the -- a saints played in London. The saints played in London and -- American goal probably in a year ago did he win. With they beat the other -- double. The -- I'm being told by our producer Dave. It. -- well thank you nice food -- which we did have more Indian food round here because -- use -- good it's easy to get hooked on -- in fact. Scientists have proven that you do indeed get hooked on it it is an addiction to the spices. That fortunately is a very benign addiction because. All of those spices are pretty good for. Here is Harry. Harry. -- for at least talking -- Why. Sister in law or has been current count a lot -- Arts and or -- well that's -- aimed at -- I had people over here fourteen months from religion out cheers for 21 years. We went to. I think is called new ball or. All our eggs yet name for Ozzie oh new below are you who in the 1930s was a race car driver. Forty now. Did you know but it got huge beautiful inside and now we had to get me a lot -- specials to get the ball. And a wife and sister in law bill is -- Special what they want. A bucket of ice. During nice atmosphere -- -- furnishing glaucoma but not identical. Yeah. -- it's a nice place hey it's an historic building to that building was the old general store in the bill a hundred years ago. And they they did a pretty significant renovation of a back in the mid eighties that's when the people won't -- took over. And I'll always liked I always have thought they. To a good job although I must tell you. That the dishes you god -- not the best issues that they do. -- out of -- break out of that red sauce and meatballs and opinion try some of these seafood in other stuff they really are good. Harry. -- I think Gary's phone. Giving out there's that's. Let's all move over here to David David welcome what happened he dropped all about being and then three in the world. The end. DN. Won the world -- there come on in hello there. -- This debate and yeah I know I'm fine how you. -- are -- as it your opinion on direct current moderately it. You know I am in beta in the little angered dealing -- -- I -- -- It. Is brilliant. You're you're you're you're either going to be blown away by it. Or you'll say I don't understand with the big deal is and I hear that the two things I hear both of them about equally. And I can't seem to make up my own mind about it it's a beautiful restaurant that he writes that is a different we we know that. You could not or -- it yeah. -- -- out of the how would be so good. Yeah it's been around they've -- right it was really really really -- out -- at that point. -- -- -- -- -- -- You have a couple of really major shifts plea in that game over there the guys do you know John -- who's been at it for a million years and -- month it was a younger man but very accomplished in Chicago that's where he came from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah well I go to it. More often than I probably wouldn't my own because my wife just thinks it is. Just the past. -- -- -- And it was like each month. Yes on a beautiful beautiful restaurant with a beautiful -- are very serve as. A little expensive. But you know went in the yet you have a place like that serving that kind of food it's going to be. Around. -- -- -- Our money. I. Thank you your review I appreciated the he went to rest -- revolution which is in the -- and this console and Lisa royals announced that -- Working my way up to and I'm getting very close to a here is David David welcome. Thank you. -- -- -- and people buy it out and they. -- increase. -- -- that you. Want. The typical you know. Year. It. Didn't like maybe under twenty dollars and -- You don't question. Are no. I I think you'd be better off just spending another five dollars in the -- the -- one more good okay. Mister b.'s. On the corner of Libreville and in -- It that. Mister -- It's so it's thrown by the Brennan family Cindy Brennan is in charge of that when. They make in my opinion the best version of all the following crab cakes. On. Barbecue shrimp you know New Orleans style barbecue shrimp. They do. These beautiful scalps that are just good that's not a local dish particularly but that's really good they -- I what I think is the best gumbo anywhere into wallets and chicken and do we -- -- they call -- gumbo yeah -- yeah. They also have a seafood gumbo they have two kinds of gumbo there all the time. They and then their menu goes on and on and on they have grilled fish over would. It just a terrific restaurant it feels good it's casualty of a nice wine list that usually of a piano player in the corner. It's a fun fun place with two restrict food. And casual and I think 25 few yeah if you can you can certainly feed yourself very well that. That's great. And you mentioned by trail. Yes you know -- years ago I was Munro. And I at a restaurant and ordered by future. Which for oracle. Yeah you that's not now what you want is you clearly know it whenever I'm out at Allen and I see that on the menu. I ask no way to do it okay we're actually Seminole. Yeah OK yeah you'll love that place 260. 1870 we will come back with more of our little broadcast in just -- moment. Dude dude -- Hello hello hello it's the food show. Thirteen fifty no big 870 WWL saris are -- Where. Lloyd Lloyd welcome to -- -- We were program there are finally -- out -- -- -- him. There are you good good I'm looking for Iraq and in Metairie. That would serve old grilled fish. Hold grilled whole grilled fish right. I I don't know who would do will hold grilled fish it's it's kind of a challenge. To do that. -- but but I can tell you -- place that won't get close to -- if what you're trying to do is avoid frying. We married well then where you wanna go is almost any Chinese. Because the what they do is that steam. And while one you know use in Metairie fortunately you have a few good choices there. Warren would be the royal China. Over the years in the general vicinity of door next supermarkets little place but -- foods always been very good. It the China. Name -- it's on. Couple blocks in back of Broncos heading toward the lake on the -- street north Arnold China China China -- So companies and wrote China rose that's -- China rose. -- and both the those 11 -- the happy east. On and it's just off clear view parkway on the other side of clear view from the shopping mall just you know the -- that's a very nice restaurant with a big menu and all of those good to a whole fish for you -- -- -- that it's not. You know not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And comes a great. Look at it thank you see a WWL. We got was -- and now over here used Nancy. I. Sort. Art we sure we -- let's hear it. I'll read and it -- -- we. Are -- and that people. And they were you know how. You think about that -- you can't act. -- -- -- -- -- And we you know point -- we do it easily. -- what street and now we eat out at forty. They had no idea that. They are -- by one pars out. But they did -- the great thing here and understand. Just want to. Well it's it's like when every travelled you eat the food in the place you're going if it's a good place to eat it's gonna be different. No absolutely it. And if they don't want different than they ought to stay at all. Or anywhere else you travel anywhere else. Eat the food the region you'll be happy. It. Thank you it's -- Yet exciting crawfish to people for -- now it's always good almost immediate laugh -- -- normal. Norma. Kabul and and sit down and join me here in our little -- studio. Show. -- Did you not call me. Yet I wanna take it on -- home. You're worried as you all -- and they pitched 88 -- no. Yeah it should uphold I don't. -- former -- I don't know you know I should have thought of that. Because I've hurt I've mentioned it to about two hours ago somebody called the different form and see what had. Oregon -- grow older -- because you don't want to get I don't. I -- -- cultural sometimes in the whole catfish. Her carpet because it's no secret I I'd bet that it can be trial that -- They felt a Little Rock idol -- -- We dropped in. On accuracy. All French. And I would you bet you're not what you. Well you know fury is very good -- they know the two most important rules of food one of them is it's got to be fresh or they don't buy it and another and is. And they cook everything to order they don't have anything sitting around -- so that's why it's good. Our current special you know like such a big check in the economy. In a long that they AG the I want to -- that you bunker and I are etched thanking. See -- in fact we earlier for a different question we'd we didn't. Say that. And its fury -- right across the highway from door next supermarket and they indeed. Do hole flounder when they can get it fresh which is most of the time. They don't open for dinner until 430. This is during the week they stay open all day long but on Saturday they just do dinner 430 home line. To a 60. Menu no that's not 260. 1872601870. Call right now and you get right -- -- we'd love to talk with you but absolutely anything having to do with eating. -- -- Or recipes or drinking or anything. We're in the -- season now. I am on a regiment that I put myself on mainly because I like it he can't really call being forced to eat seafood. Pennants -- to warlords have been weak it is do you you don't like fish they've. Who don't okay well it can't solve all your problems -- But. Last night. My wife and I took some friends of ours who in the restaurant business themselves it's the the parkway poor boys. Place anyway who we have been talking about getting together and having dinner because he and his wife of delightful people and and we are not so delightful but we will just feed off of them. So we went to Hoosier acts I have not -- institution -- since it underwent all the big changes that came down. About. Coming up on a year ago and -- Almost a year they almost lost the building. High end but it did but they didn't. And then they did lose. The man who has been running it for the last thirty something years. And he be passed away years of little on the early side he was in the sixties. But his son took over. And his son went in there and has done some fantastic. Enhancements of that restaurant they have a much much bigger menu than they had before. It's much more interest in any -- we had a great dinner last night we had some lemon fish a couple of the stayed with two different -- he got one I got a different -- -- my wife had some black and red fish that she thought was very good they had this. Ridiculously. Delicious. New rookie dish Nokia is possibly out of potatoes and flower. And it was served with crabmeat and mushrooms they served us a little moves pollution of it at the beginning -- the meal and Jason or wife loved it so much that she got a big one is an entree. Anyway. If you haven't been to jags. Since all the changes mark is is doing it. Gotta go you gotta see this it is. They've they've brighten the place up a lot the food is much better. And they still if you want the -- time dinner where with a trip -- laden and the -- in the the brisket then the country of the day in the desert. They still have that you can still get that. 260. 187 -- He's here hello art welcome. How he got -- -- I have a court for you are -- Outlook fracture in America elected to -- myself. -- and I'm I'm just looking is is. There a public marinade or Azeri preparation that you use or and -- fracture in. Do I don't want -- chicken flavor but yeah I do -- it's. Well this thing I do that I mainly do for the reasons of getting a more Easter chicken and -- -- Brian. That's something I picked up leaving you know when I was working at the times paperback in the sixties when I was in my teens. We we did project in there believe it or not and the guy who ran that whole thing Regis it was a service we had come and we did the triangle. And he said you've reported in this mixture of water and salt. Overnight he rinsed off and then you do if you coated with the coding in the way -- and it really made a difference it made the pieces. It doesn't solve the strangely enough but it made everything very moist and very good. And other than that I like. Kind of a little on the short side in terms of -- Seasonings you know creole seasoning on the outside. Elected deep -- rather than the pan -- If you get away with that but it's you know a lot of lot of commitment of oil. -- -- That's all I've got. Relational -- or insurance and you can go you know idea I'll. Makeup you know basically. Bury it and take what -- get partial but at least. Million don't even need that here's the way I do it mainly do this for turkeys at Thanksgiving time. What I do is it's a gallon of water but you won't even need that much. A gallon of water a -- -- or you can also substitute that with half a cup of salt half cup of sugar. Or you can -- that. Anyway you do is all of -- completely in the water. It adds a little something it really does that you put the the chicken you know food storage that whole chicken. The pieces whichever you know food storage bag of -- sides in the -- the U Brian in the -- squeeze out all the air and you just block it put it in the refrigerator usually quoted in a bowl just in case springs the week. But the and just leave it overnight but very important the next day or eight hours later whichever you doing. You -- rinse under cold running water very very well you do not want that brine solution to carry on to the cooking because he will be salty but if you rinse -- off he won't have the problem. And the job will be done. That's very under it would salt and sugar Google. -- -- hopefully. But it wouldn't be sure if you do my pleasure. Thank you and I appreciate your call to. And here is Walter I think it is is that with -- Walter does -- -- there. I -- you a better call earlier this week. Coaching -- wish. Put him. Out of Canada they're crazy about it again. Ride but I don't like him. Traders and I don't know -- Israel. Are you this body and I couldn't remember who was tell me who it is. That was the one I was trying to think yeah Eric is there only a block away from the radio station. That's our place to eat that is not something I'd like there but that's a good place to eat out like the Fries that they they do Fries with like gore -- or something those are great. What callers on the electorate. The -- and kinda pushed. Out. And gross it's it takes perfectly good fresh cut French Fries and turns -- in the this mess in in in and that's not just them that's anywhere I've ever run into. -- -- you know would be let -- and we we enjoy it. Actually true. Reduction. You -- oh great place. Each chef Greg piece on top of that that that smoked soft shell crab when they start getting that again I don't know if it's -- -- season not right now. But boys -- good. Yes electorate electric Kershaw. It or have connections are shocked. Well that is the -- he's in the wholesale seafood business himself. You know when that they're very nice people we really like them. -- -- -- -- -- That's the food show -- carry on or shall I drop dead. Here is Gerri Gerri yeah welcome or not yet it is Jerry. -- -- There at the apple -- date. Yeah well any any good Rezko will do that. Who will let me ask you. What do you mean by that because they're two different versions of that one of them is where you crunch the the peppercorns you do the best way to do that is to put him in a little bag and then paying it with the underside of votes skillet until they break. And the other and then you push it yeah actually east push it down into the meat and completely and crossed it. With the peppercorns and then you cook it normally from that point on the other way of doing it is to just go at normally at the beginning and then you put the peppercorns into -- -- -- -- That's don't want to create the art. Okay any steak house in this city will do that for any one at all everything from gala tourists who roots Ruth's Chris Morton's. All the good steak houses will do that without the without any big deal that's very that's a very classic. -- request. Yeah I lived there at that and -- -- there and let it. Only to. The -- Or. Are -- -- -- -- I built -- little. Weight around 230. So it. -- -- -- Yeah go ahead why not. That'll -- cream sauce will get you know watch out only to have them. All right well look thank you good luck. So yeah. That is one of my favorite -- each speak with the pepper corn -- songs love that love that Russell. It's on -- I -- so well apparently not the usual before but anyway. Who bought the restaurant tonight. Partners dot might EO Eric. Yes -- -- objects to be exact. I know that it hasn't been opened long enough for me to go there and the reports I'm getting. Our our -- I'm getting people who are very enthusiastic about it I get some people who say -- Who wasn't what they thought it was going to be but the reason for that. Is that you know the guys that run -- same people that don't -- Three -- And they are to put it mildly very creative. And this menu that they've come up with most people go there either knowing or not knowing that it's a Mexican place. -- either way are they satisfied because that's. -- the debut is pretty far out in a lot of ways. But it and it's. All the time and I think it's too soon -- Yeah a lot out just to be climate where patients and it's so that. -- good and -- that the general gimmick. That is yet. -- anyway. I don't know what that one. The -- go watch the -- -- But so critical and very very cool yeah. Here so -- know what my. No -- I will let let us know call me back and tell me how you thought it was my wife has been once and she -- wanna go again either just yet but they'll get it together these guys are good. -- but did they every -- but they do is like a complete original that nobody's ever tried before and I've got salute them for that. They're they're -- well thank you. You know parts. Thanks -- it's the food chose this time the -- it says. What do I what do I do Dave keep going. We'll talk to Joseph and then we'll take a break on the food show on the -- age seventy WW only here is Joseph. Go to that. And he's one. Here's -- there you go the portrait of a one out tonight and the far left who are called border and -- have never heard that we certainly have. On your opinion aren't you know body. This is that I ever here of one ignored ignorant about it. All are now I can I can top that up in there about seven times. I think it's it was one of the better new restaurants open last year. It to get the impression right off the bat that it's a kind of almost on the edge of being -- me. This stroke and a place but it really is in its neighborhood styled as and it's just the big neighborhood style restaurant. They're real good bar. They have. Everything on that menu from raw voices on the hand Shelby do grilled and ate oysters a couple of different ways they have. Or boys they have. One of the candidates for best fried chicken in town they do seafood platters they do grilled fish they do a lot of Italian food. It's really huge mix of all of those things. In some ways it's like a much more modern version of Indians. -- But but I I do think it's really good services good it's a nice looking place very comfortable prices are real portable family friendly it's it's good. Well turn left turn and you're welcome -- you have a -- not tried to not have a good. Well good yeah give me or call after you in the future I don't think you'll like -- and -- and if you feel like fried chicken thing go by getting it it is very very good there. All right thank you we will return with more of the food show -- just a moment but first please. Up. Well hello there it's the food show on the -- have any WWL -- WWO 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris. And here's David over here or somewhere. No it's hard to work -- most with your left hand here right handed. A David welcome. Thank -- Are you saying I'm going to be -- daisy and I -- -- -- what do you recommend over there. Well as much good stuff at some of the issues like they do with this oysters appetizers and it seems to -- changes every time I get it but I always like it has a a little bit of four Rockefeller quality to it but it's not baked on the shell it's kind of like a little -- roll to real good. They also have. A chicken dish I'm wild about the coated with what they call. -- -- dust. And what the the way they get that. Is they have dried mushrooms -- describe him up but the food processors and make that part of the coding of the chicken so get this little mushroom beef flavor in the chicken that is just delicious I I really like that. They always have had a good filet they -- the beautiful baked Alaska it's different from the way they make it and and once they actually flame it with a blowtorch in the back. So way that's a very good grass and I have always been a big fan of it. Okay look -- about a comment on shall. And well I know what it is no bodies aren't what we're. Structured judgments and that's what I like you Woodson. Well you know because I want me to say the name of the restaurant at the end of every call. Right. Well it's. I try to everybody gets in on the middle everybody whoever calls -- show -- just two runs in a show is always getting in in the middle of something -- -- -- Sent here indebted. Over and over again I would just do repeats of everything of already said in other words. Just for the benefit of the three people that started listening when I first said this. If I waited until it is the end of things in and said everything I had already said over again. I'd have to do it all over again for the people who came in in the last point one seconds now in DC -- -- but I tried to try to remember at night and you can always call me and ask me. I'm miyazato. MI EZ -- hole -- on the corner of Metairie road and I ten. It's where the -- assemble -- used to be if you remember that right there in that spot it's a different building to building burned down they built a brand new building but it's it's. Looks like a great idea the menu is very interest. But I think it's -- its -- hasn't been open long enough for me. Aren't thank you nice talking you and now you know it hasn't been opened why in the name of his ms. Otto in case you just joint notice. 260. 1872601870. You'd love to talk with you by eating entry -- a break already. And we just take a break. A new ones are. No way we could do that -- show sponsored by. Iran spore voice. PAR -- in the past he has arranged for boys. But he is exactly what it sounds like news you if you know what your -- is then you go back to the oldies of New Orleans and everybody was at least a little bit French. And that's where it came from my had a program that's what we call them PR RA INS so it's really spelled the spell it RR EN. At the at the -- -- up but I know why the guy who started this guy went to high school with that figures. But anyway he did a good job of it and it goes on after all these thirty some years. And Al horn -- cool to these days has recently made a few -- changes one of them is you can buy I think even if the buyer and I think it's free. -- can get an app for your computer that allows you to place your order from your cell phone. And on your way there and then when you walk in and it's already to go or do an order for us some catering job board. -- a bunch sandwiches for a meeting you're holding whenever. They have a big menu to work with everything from all the poor boys you can imagine to red beans and rice. Bill. Italian dishes of all -- seafood platters so it. It's a neighborhood restaurant New Orleans style the only difference is that the group boasts of a place would be on the corner vote Backstreet another Backstreet in town. In Metairie it's in the strip mall and veterans highway because that's where it has. I guess. It's brand -- boys 3939 veterans just pass Cleary. They are now open seven days a week from 10 in the morning till nine at night par -- -- voice. OK now we can take a break I guess we better -- -- will be back with more of the food show after first please this. Do that it we've run out another hour but believe it or not we have another half hour ago on the food show here on. WWL radio New Orleans and WW LF them HD one -- New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from the CBS the Columbia are broadcasting system. At 3 o'clock stay tuned. Thank you.

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