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03-08 3:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 8, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you do you do. -- independent of welcome back to overtime. On the food show on the big 87 EW WL and WWL 105 point three of them. This is -- that's Morris. Relentless. And indefatigable. As we pursue. The best eating around the world where you go for dinner tonight let's talk about it. Where you can tell me what have you enjoyed what have you not. But he cooking and it's it's it's all about food that's what we do here. For 25 and a half years to a 60. 1872601870. We'll talk -- you buy anything anything at all we to -- voice and witches. We do racks and lamb with four Brussels. We do Chinese food. We do Middle Eastern food we do red beans and into the hole. I asked the question the other day. It was something that came to me as I was on the elevator coming up to the studios. -- to me that when you go up in an elevator he suddenly find yourself with new ideas or maybe. Yet even more of them going down who's the blood rushes to your head some anyway. Putt -- I I realized that there was a question that I have never. Asked. In 25 years on this program and it's such an obvious question I couldn't believe that I happen. So I'll tell you what it is in the -- tell me. What food or ditch. Is something that is well liked by a fairly large number of people. But you absolutely. Hate it. A tell you with some of the people said beats. Liver. Expected both of those. Our p.s who wasn't expecting that grips that seems. Julio as well we have to disqualify that lady if she was not from here. And olive news. And we went on and on and on but who is -- -- food out there that is generally believed to be reasonably decent you know we we -- Say all right will. A Stew of chicken. Honestly means. Would probably not be something you'd like but we're we're leaving them alone and -- I don't know anybody who would like that. But there and there are people like liver I likely right in fact I love letter. But not everybody does so what you can do that or you can ask me about anything also bring up anything else you want that's how it is here all the time. On the big 87 EWW -- here is show is that right. Yet there is -- our arm. Here welcome. You outlook don't have election night -- action I want you like -- -- there what you recommend parents. -- a couple of times it is that probably either the thing that people talk about most is the whole fish. They always have a whole -- on the menu it's always some pretty good and it's also. They buy species that are big enough that you can get at least three servings out of it that seems to -- maybe even four. Although police say they're -- for two. The it's mostly -- seafood restaurant as you might imagine. They do a lot of growing they have a huge open pit in the back that there making their own charcoal basically and then roasting all sorts of different things. And the soups are very good in the appetizers are very good routes and -- if you like seafood you'll love that they do have a couple of stakes -- other things on the menu for those who don't. I would tell you one thing I really don't like about it I'd like their food very well and news service is pretty good good wine list to. That is one of the noisiest restaurants I've ever set foot in these are out of sight in terms of the the noise level -- You know we have a lot of restaurants like that -- -- you could say so. There share are you enjoying -- -- do you go thank you. Aren't Arnold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually when you. Oh we work together well. You know. Alia who is. Jim attachment. Jim McCutcheon. Yeah it is. No kidding we'll tell mom wearing one of his ties right now. In that makes you weren't -- bring. I have about forty of them idea I am not joking about that by the way. Yeah yeah yeah well well I hope he has a good time and done and and have fun. -- tell tellem I I have full experience with the eight years 62. And it's not it wasn't so bad. And -- severely. The food show rolls ahead here his role players -- -- really welcome welcome Colombian. Eight. Weren't coming in from out of town. And I'm debating on two things to do is a real. And that need a recipe for sure I'm Crayola try to -- up what I -- and sometimes they come out to fly every case. Yeah in my opinion. Shrimp creole is the worst -- in all of creole cooking. And it in for that reason. I I don't feel like I'm qualified to give a recipe for an old boy do I have one in my my book. I actually do. All for the -- But you're -- doing. Okay. And -- back we that a lot and do something in the moment than any recommendation. In the oven -- the best way you can do it in the oven a lot of pepper. Lot of pepper no barbecue sauce until after it's finished cooking. On and let's see what else do we want the season that with. I'd like a driver of. A dry rub yeah you think it was just straight ahead. Creole cajun seasoning that's what I use on just about all my barbecue. Okay and reason right kind of do -- put in the and. The -- on my thinking about this is that the way to do it is is actually outdoors on a pick but you shut that door already. What what I would do is put it under the broiler. Pretty hot broiler about maybe four inches under the broiler and -- royal -- on each side until it's. -- and sizzling and be careful cause that can catch on fire so you carefully. And then after that once it's reached that point where you have some little edges. Very dark brown and say you know the Fed is gonna bubbling. Lower it to about 250. And and let it go for about another hour and a half. He is low but viewed this as something that if you want any kind of tenderness in this at all -- that's how you do it. Do you have. That is the -- clip right in my opinion that's the single worst thing you can do any -- And I would yeah okay so we've we've we've failed you Lawler we shrimp creole. It was a non started. And -- is the primary. Do I have water and it was well. Do you that you could cover even wrapped in aluminum foil actually that would be all right. I keep that that would keep the steam which is what you want. -- I -- lose John inquiry. And in part okay. Yeah there you go. We will come back -- the food show after first please this. But confident bump bump bump up trying to stop when I'm out hello hello hello hello hello. The -- show. It's the big 87 NE WWL in here areas Marty. In. He. I'm sure they don't -- -- did not let me. All dumb questions are my favorite ones are always the best question what -- -- do you. The line -- initially. In the -- That deep vein you mean. You you don't -- To did not do it at all I I don't I don't never keeping track there's no reason to. I do you mean that he can. They need -- in things like my life. Now I I would tell you that that people from up no life no. We'll look at that like any good but they don't know you know we're down here we each shrimp like it's going like it's the end of the world you know. And we love it and you know very few people deep -- shrimp. It yeah around the Luis yeah it's it that it doesn't need to be done there's no problem. -- -- -- -- Let it in the stock yeah. You. With news. What kind of stuff. And -- -- you wanna put it pretty safe behind them. Ever. Is this going to be. Oh. Hell yeah. In corrupt. And I put that in. Oh sure absolutely. -- -- -- And it you don't cook a very long and you don't cook at very high either you just have a very low boil. And a half an hour will do with -- all the shrimp shell shrimp heads and everything you've got just throw it in the air. With the bell peppers in the unions in the salary in the rest of it. And didn't you know and keep the reason that will be fine what you don't know how much. Well good well I. -- I'm trying to talk everybody else out of purely -- out of the training trip it's really unnecessary. Out all right well thank you very much. Enjoy we're rolling ahead here because we're running out of time here's Tony Tony welcome. -- Ago. You know a notebook. And you know I love -- to. Then. A little bit too much news in the this event. -- -- like liver and grits that's the that's the magic combination to be as it is is part. Well my question is about liquid -- and where -- -- completely. You know that it's not something you see a lot anymore -- if you went to an old time he kind of the supermarket or place adorn -- serve playing inside enters apart those -- one of those. They probably still have it in the deli. But do you view the already sliced packages GC hanging from a -- I haven't seen that years it's not. It's gone way out of vote. I when I grew up eating it all the time I liked it. All of my mind though that even what. Yeah. You write the fat back you the fact that you know. And I. Yeah well this. You know is one other place on this and you too I'm not sure if they have it but I bet they do it's on magazine street at the corner of Jackson it's called spines Delhi. And he says everything there my. Magazine in Jackson right. Only looked again and I appreciate you know them. Thank you and I appreciate your calling 2260. 1870. Let's see who's over here this is Jeff I think Jeff -- this this stupid mouths OK there Rio. We can't -- there. I think he had taken by. -- friend of mine gave me days. Nine week old Scottish Terrier that I immediately. And -- -- still can't stomach but all I need to accurate and we went -- is that what it takes like and I appreciate. I can't tell you have ever had it before it the only place you'll ever see that is in Scotland I mean do you doesn't get out of Scotland too too much. And I've never had that before but they make a big deal about it and everybody else like the British in particular. Say oh my goodness -- -- -- does anybody still leads us. -- -- It is or isn't he yeah I I I know I can never remember what exactly it is that has something with this comic has something to do with a few that they -- it's not something I've ever had it's something you don't have to worry about him in the get if you will go all your life so much you go to Scotland. Without ever running into. Well I'll run into because -- -- on the point York right now all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And here it is again and welcome to the food show. It gets called out that would achieve is still -- -- this -- paper that. All. Right well. Okay well. -- You know the the police we usually habit but it's I remember when I was working in the grocery store when I was growing up at it it always came -- package it was already slice you just opened a package and you know peel off that back if you wanted to always like that actually when I was like political. Predict it would have achieved and that's true. Important Schwab but they used to tell us. Very very little very little except that the -- Schweigert is softer. But it's basically the same idea. -- Oh yeah it's certainly is a while deliveries. I deliveries you know this is not you wanna eat you -- -- course and I'd love that. I get completely speaking at -- what we're prepared McCullough was looking for a Webber might get you know you don't like. Go get the impression that question the market product in the post to a deli. David Delhi in a supermarket the same thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's terrific. It's interesting because he has both kinds of -- he has. Jewish deli items and he also has Italian deli items which you know if you -- applied the Jewish rules that the Italians are. Good as it's Albie you know it's mostly -- you. He really does have the best of both worlds both of them first class and that places just. Well. We'll enjoy the show now. Thank you thank you I appreciated especially the very end of it which we have reached. I think I made it I think I -- Well. Will be back no you know what I'm not going to be here next week. And I'm not going to be here in the week after that either my wife and I are going to Los Angeles to visit our son who lives there. And we're going on the train. The sunset limited. The oldest train -- in America since the 1880s. Over the southern Pacific line mostly. And out here to Los Angeles who days on a train. My wife is saying give me strength gives me strength. Me. I'd love every minute I love it when trains are late because it gives me more time is that problem. Dinner in the -- nothing could be finer. We have what is it baseball now. WWL. Basketball WWL. Radio New Orleans and WWL. FM. HD one -- New Orleans. -- later have a good dinner tonight.

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