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3-10 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Mar 10, 2014|

Dave talks about the time change, laws you would change, and if you'd buy a wax statue

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners on the as the tenth of march 2000 and -- saying it's -- packed everything Monday yes -- if you're a -- pretty good real. Now that -- -- get -- up. Well literally you know. Saturday Friday Saturday was for ten right now. Now now it's 510. Allowed people to vote all weekend long -- gave him and he pretty jaguar opinion poll which it hard daylight saving time or standard time. And it's almost 5050 below zero cents and daylight savings. And 48 on that standard you didn't put enough none of the above are now. -- That it has done exactly and it makes people not long ago I don't feeling a lot of field does leave the damn thing alone he had his pick one and stick with it. It changing exactly flopping yeah yeah. For an hour now line. They now they say statistically. That there will be more car crashes. As people -- to war because there -- an hour earlier than they normally it would OK and it's a bit more heart attacks today. The department stressed out because the -- it -- I -- start off and that's a massive increase. In its it's relatively small but it is an increase them out as noticeable -- well they were able to statistically. Figured out. There's ego so which one was a wanna daylight again. For 52% to -- there are -- and two were on now. Maybe just look at on this and keep -- target now that -- It was -- country knows that does. Anyway that adamant that the legislature goes and yes isn't that something you Louisiana. Legislature and -- on issues it is lawmakers once again consider. 15100 bills passed probably about any of them. Yeah yeah I exaggerate it to get the point. The hot button issues that come up year after year generally nothing happens -- it. Will follow them keep track of them because it just never now. By generally speaking they'll pass a budget the past regulatory bills passed the -- Monday aimed and the things that nobody really the now. A lot of money this season. You still with them -- time to sleep wanted that he did. When Matt Wise that. Before we change the clocks. It would have been 412. Right now. -- of people are giving up an hour earlier now they went to bed in our last night. That's it you know what I'm not staying up to watch at 10 o'clock the exact I'm going to bed at 9 o'clock or whatever date they are normal routine is. And they were able to fall sleep because they're retired maybe then okay. They got him honestly -- if you're like me. Win bedtime all around you're tired yet because. Just couple days ago it was action earlier. Sure anybody has tested your bio rhythms and analysts on those otherwise if they'll implement them and to some day. You know 24 news cycle nominee's commitment to Smartphone to outline a time to. -- one of those things you do in and your in the habit of doing but you're right your debut got you lost an hour. Well and it's on your schedule my body thinks that it's for thirteen AM. It is how it's been trained for the last -- successful -- -- most of what one over 45 more minutes snooze. No chance but it is what. This too shall yes it well we'll get yours would. Thank you guardians fifteen minutes offers to beat -- and ticket forecasts -- Sports team gala -- that would happen over the weekend and what's gone on with the saints players go left and right. The past week. Things stabilized. What's going out here to protect Steve yeah government that is thanks for joining us on a Monday morning regardless of what time the clock says. We're glad you're here at WW. 518 things. Starting today -- early edition just WWL first news that it's a 518. If any of your clocks have yet to be -- that don't do it themselves. It is not for eighteen it's 518. And you're running an hourly two days ago to protect and it's seventy eights and -- I didn't hear you complaining when we gained. I wasn't complaining this morning either averages noting that if you're tired or your little off kilter it's because we move the clocks ahead. And -- now 518 at 418 and I was given the results of our big it's a pretty pretty jaguar painful. In which it -- percent of people say they prefer daylight saving time which run so. Days ago I was just noting that there are more heart attack the more car crashes right after the time change it is what it is it is time for your weather. A fairly quiet week ahead with the exception of tomorrow some rain moving in but before then today just to mix of sun and clouds and highs around 73. Later this -- 20% chance for a shower -- continue overnight tonight. With lows dropping to about sixty now rain becoming likely by mid day tomorrow as 60% chance. That'll put highs right around seventy and we -- seventy for a high on Wednesday but skies clear and we're back to some sunshine. For the eyewitness -- forecast center and rolled just far. Tell generally come winds across the region now clear skies 56 degrees at the airport in Canberra on the North -- in Slidell partly cloudy and 49 degrees. Sports time now on WW well things finally come down. For the saints just Latin players go left and right Steve Geller things are about to pick right back up with free agency hoping that tomorrow and I don't I don't know the -- the cost cutting has come through today. And for the nuggets really went to games or else. After last let -- make it the re -- Three games in row for the found it would not be denied well Andy Davis went anyway and one other player who. How many Blair may be able of part of who scored an incredible amount of points when all that and more in sports we say good morning to Steve yeah. Good morning everyone in the pelicans -- to a sixteen point hole early. But battled back in the second half as the world's won their third straight contest with a 1112107. Overtime victory over the Denver Nuggets. Moral stands Opel Wright shoots the fourteenth. -- -- -- good rebounding was out the morals really betrayed no. Spencer tomorrow. Night at the end of regulation and very -- three years they give the pelican fifteen point lead over time it. Anthony Morrow was clutch for the Pelz scoring fourteen while it -- -- Davis put up monster numbers the -- had 32 points seventeen rebounds and six blocks. The brooms were out in -- who ingest Alicia baseball swept produce this weekend winning seven to three in the series finale is on oh. Smack in right center field that is gonna drop for a base hit it back to get by the right fielder. Here comes the merry go around the big deal waved around Stevens is on his way to third we will Bill Clinton until the RB I triple. -- Stevenson and -- hailed drove in two runs apiece for the tigers LSU won their fifth straight game to improve to fourteen in two on the year. Meanwhile Tulane baseball was shut out nine nothing by San Francisco. The green Wade's defense committed two costly errors in the middle innings that opened up the floodgates for the dogs over. Doctor to college hoops were Wichita State has become the second team -- NCAA division one men's basketball. History to open a season with 34 straight wins and the first since UNLV and 199090. -- The shocker -- did it by winning the Missouri Valley Conference title game -- Indiana State. 83 to 69. In other top 25 action the fifth ranked Virginia Cavaliers were upset by Maryland 75 to 69 in overtime. Number seven Syracuse at the two game losing streak. With a 74 -- 58 win over Florida State. Brad Kozlowski is what NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway surging ahead on the final lap when Dale Earnhardt junior ran out of fuel. And Patrick -- won the Cadillac championship for the third PGA tour title in seven months he earned a one shot victory over Bubba Watson and Jamie Donaldson Tiger Woods. Finished tied for 25 shooting five over par. Today -- -- sports talk. Are the saints well equipped after parting ways with some veteran players is getting younger necessarily getting better -- Steve -- with early morning look at sport. I always laugh when NASCAR veterans. I just think that is so funny with all of today's technology computers and everything you think they know exactly how much they needed. To make it around the track the number of times after all around the track over and over and over. To get to the finish like that running may have happened to lightning McQueen in cars like this happened Baylor -- well now I guess it was a thing maybe that you may push it right if you stop for fuel obviously you lose significant placement. In the race I get it where it's going to be close and -- ought to take that advancement. And you'd think -- now in ninety. And the saints. Last week like go. Lance -- race. Lego there it's royals rate. Those two big names. They part ways. And now the discussion was as Pierre Thomas. Right Malcolm Jenkins had a scary tweet at news and with the with Saturday morning saying you know best of luck to Pierre Thomas -- it's more Darren Sproles and was like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Right he was saying to -- appear to -- right on -- -- he may be gone to the Jenkins could be a casualty. Of this out -- he's a free agent and it looks like the saints are willing say you know what we're rocket. Tried resigning right now go ahead and -- with another team -- for you know we're not done with some of the longtime veteran saints. Necessarily. Being. Kept on the team I mean what I'm saying is we could hear some more announcements in the next day or two about saints being gone gone including possibly appear to. Yeah a lot of notable names right now been wiped off the black and gold roster and you know what I think the biggest one though that's hurt everybody is when that Darren Sproles announcement came down so many people. Responding their utility could negatively to that fear it would step we've big fan favorite. The numbers. To get the bang for the buck if you get your value for the player and based on what they're worth coming up and they still work. But they're saying it would have to payment they kept them just scary that stands -- as they don't feel leftists there that Sproles was the fourth leading receiver on the team last year so big production. In just that the passing game that's that's going to be leaving with. As mainland they'd just let guys like this you know if Donovan and other entities out. And in that -- voice yeah it's definitely always the words. Yeah I know you'll be back to haunt us in about point -- -- -- W well -- -- -- them that he's the yeah I'm Dave Allen. The early visit WW LRs 5:25. PM McCain's -- o'clock yet you know it's five point five not -- -- Which year forecast the workweek started right after this I think it's time it's forecast. Asked mostly sunny skies to start with some clouds increase team by this afternoon -- at 20% chance for light shower here at air heist later at 73. And an increasing clouds tonight we'll keep that 20% rain chance overnight with lows dropping to around sixty degrees. Tomorrow rain becoming likely by mid day some thunderstorms mixed in as well with -- at seventy. But Wednesday were back to some sunshine and still looks say mild highs near seventy. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Self Tom wins 53 degrees under partly cloudy guys now at the airport encounter partly cloudy and 49 at the National Weather Service office in line now line gave -- at the early edition of WWL first news about a picked up that road work. On the night standing -- but be warned before 5:30 AM each day this week it's going to be down that one lane overnight. -- we got to travel through camera on the nights and wait till 5:30 each morning that if he can't. I'm Dave Cohen thanks for joining us on the earlier this. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners on the tenth of march 2014. And it's Monday. Hey it is and it is -- 37. Do you have any clients that they'll be set themselves anymore. Yeah Koppel attitude on the microwave a stove MarketWatch. One in the bedroom yeah now I haven't watched malware much anymore not -- with them. -- -- -- -- -- watching on a guy got -- much you stow it every second counts rubio is gonna that it now that the founders automatically. Days on the right to the table blocks did its thing all by itself that was nice and we -- we haven't. -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- on the bong bong. And my daughter told me yesterday. He's never gonna -- -- the next inning -- Does -- -- teenagers -- sweetly she stays up and sleep play that's their -- clocks having noise on the hour or half hour quarter hour which is trying to sleep -- -- -- You know especially brutal style ones that bong bong bong hit it yeah. The battle of the persians vs the Greeks wins the battle of the box and allow the film 300 rise of an empire brought in 5044. -- 45 point one million dollars -- -- opening weekend putting him number one. Sequel to the film 300. Mr. Peabody and Sherman was one. Chris -- that would be number one an icon of Oregon Wear them on that Iran no way not a chance -- -- on. But 32 point five million it's and distant -- the up at last week's number one non stop came in third with. Fifteen point four million Lego movie was fourth. Son of god knows this monuments men with six. With only Thursday if it is five or ten down the music sects and that oddly twelve here's a -- Filmed in New Orleans won the best picture at the Oscars. With them last weekend. Yeah yeah are resurgent. It's in theaters but it's also out on dvd already yet. People spent 2.2 million dollars if he's in the theater big screen now on the big scandalous is now apparently those statement that 2.2 million dollars. Once the on the big ice I spotted it in the store and I was kind of attempted now items wait a little while. You know it's in the pecking order right now it's in the sales that are trying to see the darn well from Wall Street and I got that one held captive he got a bite. Right now that not available for a novel non not at the red went to the red box like. Three days in a row was there did -- it was never there. It wasn't theaters last month and a man -- you know when they put on the -- movies yeah anyway. They -- to the recession is that is a legislative sentinel we talent as it is in session. And we've been talking about them bills and again and get some attention -- and that'll happen with them. Maybe something will happen with Merrill one this year -- he had it seems it's heading medical marijuana teams to have the governor's support. For medical marijuana under orders streets. Purposes yeah guidelines or whatever with his blessing Althea that it is asking him -- No bills ever become wall -- governor's veto in the Louisiana. So I think it's always funny when people talk about all these bills that are going through the Governor Perry said he doesn't support. And the governor doesn't sport maybe terrorism. There's never ever ever been -- gubernatorial override not one -- in the history of Louisiana that's amazing says the governor has a lot of -- and it and like it. -- even waste the time but -- ask our listeners this. Now if you could. Passed one law in which it change Y on Louisiana with the legislative Jones doesn't. What is your number one priority what would you change 1010000087870. -- here if you could change anything. And giving you the magic wand -- yeah range one off. What would it be. And I have to think about not one talk more about medical marijuana when you get back and when he minutes more for is Chris Miller has that fourth DN WWL am FM and now. An odd let's go live and -- the Eyewitness News forecast and -- figured more than I mean he's pretty in pink -- Colleges are about -- Kinda you know will spring to -- -- the year that is a -- three draft an Easter -- dress -- -- meaningless if you think -- it will come right. Yet but it freezing in your studio like began crying and actually a funny story I have a jacket on right now I keep that jacket right behind a desk and it didn't take it off parent -- -- -- on that kind of fun. -- with your arms on the air -- then they going to do as hiding certain -- -- enough -- known as soon after that seven day forecast up there on the screen the screen via cuts come back with the idea. You all like secret that. You know I didn't ask you just look at that at -- that'd force and -- -- I just want people to know that not creepy here it is you know cold and the studios though. No we got it is some of -- have blanket you know we do what we got him I really don't have a blanket yeah the -- that was -- -- -- yeah. It shows that on TV some ice -- yards on at the seven day forecast yeah it's seventies and. It's seven he's for the next couple days 73 later on this afternoon and mostly sunny skies just a slight chance of the coastal shower and looked like a pretty -- day ahead. Right. That that last all week you know tomorrow maybe they'll only -- -- speed bump I guess on that seven day forecast tomorrow we -- have rain and storms. At for good portion of the day deftly by late morning through midday into the afternoon but behind it were back to some clears skies especially onto a Wednesday and Thursday a brief cooldown for Thursday -- in the fifties upper fifties Thursday. But that's the coolest temperature have a map I have seventies date tomorrow Wednesday. And I had sixties on Friday and seventies back for Saturday and Sunday right now Cole. Yeah just that upper fifty yet just upper fifties on Thursdays it's really that can be that a lot of those guys are also on the -- -- going to be -- that it's not a big at big -- to get too hung up on that Thursday that he went to know it's going to be will be cooler but the rest the -- six and a seven days. Will be milder in the sixties and that. Us out -- much of the week in particular road true yeah. And we went to the in laws so I kept thing about the and we there as like me -- And you all winter yet over and over again it is Atlanta enormously relieved knowing with the all the time every time that I was asking with the lows were there to make that one of the -- the blast of winter and that I know. Bartlett over plain and -- then you know that kind of thing and it's for a ten teen. And you probably plant you know -- -- down pots that he wanted to be if you you can bring -- -- if we happen to have another real cold snap but. Yet it's still a little bit too early to get really overzealous with that with that spring -- Note that every year -- late February -- drives -- ready for went to the BO markets and every year in September match when the first cold right yeah that's right I think it's been yesterday added it'll be ninety seen enough so let's let's -- what's here while it's. You know about the -- Going to be -- and birdies for and then for awhile the nineties here at eight the eighth day that -- historical wars celebrity figured you'd like the acts. Image of your -- who doesn't mean that if that little creeping totally creepy the Gettysburg whack whack him as telling them it. -- figures. People have you know. Curiosity your net session with a particular person I element in one that yeah. OK to go and look at it wax museum row but it's like -- Q he backed a bill that night glass of water and just lock up a quarter. -- in a life size Abe Lincoln as a Monday that political figures that there's spelling. At the city to appease a party at a party scene maybe I missed one. There all the time X features a black wax figures -- out -- -- -- a bad news analysis. Especially when they're really -- that they either running it who would buy it but there are and how much -- go for woody Allen's. Predicted there hoping to raise -- significant money movement that they want to auction them long high water yet. -- don't that would minimum option it is. I'm not going to be one bettors bid on day. Maybe at Brad Pitt stats may be away to let. Him if this accident -- -- war. -- What you want Brad Pitt as you know I'm just really I'm really wouldn't have the whole thing and it is a -- it's a blues figures all the clothes and now it's something it's just -- the enemy. But they're not like eight and lobbies in particular horror movies you know the real person really in the and they can't out an accident -- You know and it mattered to -- and it works well close -- -- -- an off that makes you. That's kind of year. -- and I -- obvious jacket go on down yeah I will. But now live in direct from the Eyewitness News sports fans that are where weather go out. Perhaps you'll see it on TV -- right there have been asking it Texas today 7870. What's the what are you would change. Now with the legislature in session if you could what he really care about that lawmakers do they got like 15100 bills. But what's the one flaw that you would change if you could share some of those text messages and sports. After that. 5:49 -- morning nine -- of -- -- edition of WWL first news second a text message board at 87870. Louisiana legislature goes in the session today so last. If you could change one long what would it be in the Louisiana one person -- me just the word -- And change the pot law. That is repeal the stand your ground on notice as the only law I would change of the governor's veto power and we talked about how the governor. Has never had a veto over written in the history of Louisiana coast as medical -- Another says I'd eliminate its daylight saving time stupidity. Those as legalize marijuana that's what I would do for everybody. Moses left turn on read it turning line after complete stop if Paula say. After -- unread. Like to -- doing right now you can't turn left one way to one way. After a complete stop a lot of people don't know that it drives me crazy that -- have gone from one way to not 11 way to another one turn left on -- President front and they can legally do that to don't -- get rid of welfare. Right those I'd like to see them change the way we distribute welfare state. As this child support make the -- at seventeen. Pound estimate last page health portal a team would like to stop doing ago. -- After that we welcome and Steve Geller on Monday morning and David as five. 51 yes and I'm all about getting rid of the daylight saving daylight CB's time yet you don't like. I don't mind staying at daylight saving time does you know maybe stamp this but that just yet failed one time it was yesterday and I felt like he was still kind of right now when it was time for -- Get ready for bed yet I couldn't in. It was 11 o'clock last night publicly and now it's time for -- and only go to bed around 1015. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well good morning and happy Monday everyone the nuggets jump on the pelicans early but New Orleans bought their way back to -- 1112107. Overtime victory as the Burrell told Dan Burton not in my house Austin, Texas. Paraded. -- Davis tied his career high with 32 points and added seventeen rebounds and six blocks. He was relentless on both ends of the court as the -- won their third straight contest. LSU baseball is also red hot as the tigers won their fifth straight game in five days. But so long experience that today I'll deliveries. Swing in the best talking about that retires the side that is the ballgame final score LSU seven Purdue pray that tigers sweep the series. LSU outscored the boiler makers 21 to five over the weekend improving to fourteen in two on the year. To -- a shadow for the second game in a row is the Greenway fell nine nothing to San Francisco. That -- racked up fourteen hits and used a big fourth and fifth inning to secure the victory. The New York Jets have released cornerback Antonio Cromartie who was entering the final year of a four year deal and was scheduled to close the team. Fifteen million dollars to cap space. The 29 year old coming off perhaps his worst season as he struggled with the hip ailment while continuing to play as the -- number one quarter. Detroit Lions owner William Clay Ford to. William Clay Ford senior who helps the year Ford Motor Co. for more than five decades has died at the age of 88 of pneumonia. He was the last surviving grandson of the company's founder Henry Ford. Brad Kozlowski has won NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Surging ahead on the final lap -- Dale Earnhardt junior ran out of fuel. Kozlowski virtually assured himself of a spot in the chase for the Sprint Cup championship after missing entirely last season. And Patrick -- when the Cadillac championship for the third PGA title in seven months. He shot even par for a one shot victory Tiger Woods fired a six over par that left him nine shots back after entering the final round. In three strokes of the lead. Today a forum sports talk. The -- well equipped after parting ways with some veteran players is getting younger necessarily getting better -- Steve Geller that your early morning look at sports. All right so is Lance Moore is gone we know that Darren Sproles is gone we found that out on Friday Pierre Thomas was rumored to be gone and -- Malcolm Jenkins wishing him -- -- -- -- tweets aryan had been Jesus a lot of people. Do you think Pierre Thomas one it's also and at the still sent. I'm guessing right now that they are re doing his car attracted some way or else he would have been part of the the duo that was -- ready so. I think he stays because of how valuable. He is in the screen game and how often the saints do use him like a city just so effective with it they do need. I think his veteran presence there along with now marking -- Kyra Robinson do you think they keep. I think than that he could be. Tom nine others think that he's gone on so we shall see indeed. Tips for how to help you get to sleep -- percent says smoke medical marijuana once and make it legal battle because honestly don't have the munchies yet. Fifth. The services lots and lots of Benadryl that'll do it. And man as a mother side effects you don't care for and others as melatonin it's a lifesaver and help get to sleep. Again as a suggestion I can't really do you really it. And and usually if I started 38 count backwards I'll never get the applause that court. Now you're trying to mellow I don't picture she'd just don't get -- that's mostly what the Sesame Street of counting -- oversight isn't it works better when I count backwards that would account for. I don't know one off the truck that would accompany. The that would be within fifteen minutes here and a BW -- awfully burst. By average time we'll get your forecast after this and mortgage tax them on you want change. -- your forecast your Monday forecast 20% chance for a shower today and the mild weather continues 73 this afternoon. With a mix of sun and clouds and tonight those clubs will begin to increase ahead of Tim Raines still only a 20% chance overnight tonight. With lows dropping to about 59 but tomorrow rain will be increasing especially by mid day and into the afternoon. Maybe even a few thunderstorms look for high set seven. But skies clear on Wednesday with some sunshine -- high city at seventy from the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm urologists Clark. Tell -- -- three in the city 49 on the north. And ask him one law you would change more strict no smoking laws drug test welfare and other taxes make 7870 that immediately go to spank your fifth. If your -- why it.

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