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3-10 6:15am Tommy, Saints roster moves

Mar 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the latest cuts and moves the Saints have made

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like Julia joins us right now our friend tired -- WL NFL and college analysts talk about the move the saints may over the weekend and and good morning night. Good morning just to make sure Pierre Thomas is still part of the team. Appropriate time. But -- what time -- Malcolm Jenkins sweep it. I missiles start with him and ordered back is -- -- -- Pierre thomas' days numbered with the saints. Well public is going to be one or two going. Into this epidemic come with the knicks and their contract. -- yet some are gonna get released. I mean it's going to be one or two hopefully this year under that. -- contract. So I think what's being done not trying to be. In this football being. Trying to get an extension done with Pierre if not. -- -- -- -- -- Money crunch I mean you. And more than likely that release would equate to a group in order to -- you ever. The other release is one of the prize. What else about Pierre I think it would idiot -- corners inquiry. Good and you look out as football team that structured there in the oval will fall more than it -- In the best pass protect their state out at the running back position if com. When you look at -- this pass receiver. What are you meet god if not be buried there and gain a solid all around player. -- just got a problem is getting crunched the well. And you gotta do what you gotta do so is it important hill with more content ought to release. Did it come down -- Drew Brees didn't behind Darren Sproles or Pierre Thomas and he picked the cruiser. Ball on the skates when you look at the money they're -- -- and -- instill in it's we instill good football player. But you know you make an awful lot of money in -- football in court right now for a lot of reasons. And when you're oh. Not -- Jimmy Graham contract with about it's weeks. It's gonna happen down. Or candle. In the Olympics. That Google. That opens up a lot of different avenues so there's not on. You know one thing or not what it's like that he had promised a better -- Basically it's sort of like now. -- -- which Ukraine and rolls. You cut them mobile. Dad Jimmy grams -- out there that he's. And I'm paraphrasing here that are here got a right here in enemy he's. While unbelievable shot to disappointed on everything that's gone on in this offseason is that kind of disingenuous on the part and number eighty because all of this or a lot of this has gone on the causing him. Well. Ultimate goal of all because -- as usual will be. -- -- not involved in every minute of you basically that would economy now all of a sudden now it becomes. It's not about how. About that and sitting at the end certain products are and also money. So that they -- for six. So -- Probably shop and not because of -- I mean a lot of football club it. Look at what you ain't -- you haven't been in a bucket. And -- -- you at all. Either they'll pod player. -- jamming it -- expect. But it's part of the community the world of the NFL. We're -- they've been saying that all the old. All of their favorite etiquette again. Because -- -- entry money. So why Darren Sproles and set of Ingram. -- -- a much bigger number. -- implement -- in the contract. That most important early on. Well. Why -- Quote -- people aren't sold. It is -- -- You know getting that contract out of court below what. We look for why. I'm a little bit out of -- -- -- look like. What you did it. When the power ball. More that it. Collect important agreement. Those. Are not getting back on ball and what you got the -- -- -- 40. Pretty good number. It was going to be a contract where it. And that's what happened with right now spent -- Number. It out of position. In the world. Your pin what. Couldn't quite -- part of the running back one position. What about the are most concerned about why. Apple. Both guys like now when you look at it in the world. -- When you get out offered a 10 in. Is concerned that he bombed while. As well there might not -- position because most of those -- the the middle. Are a little. Like -- -- -- -- -- Actually did it. Oh when local. Oh. In but upon the same but. Then I don't. -- -- Long latency of the let them. It's probably a -- and that's what could afford. So if he's saying right tackle. That comes of the presumption that terror -- arms that is the guy that replaced Charles Brown what four games left in the season. Yeah I know when I look at it -- -- I think he's the guy that tackle position. It has been poured into orbit and been there done. Well. With the third fourth round pick offered a tackle and call one that let -- its. -- -- -- -- And that it will got to look -- -- is not what we ought to do well -- year -- new -- Those goals in the morning one. -- -- weapons. Actually that they don't. And I also don't want them -- off the board. I wouldn't want that it's yeah. Acute care that the one -- -- -- And Smart and law. The wind and that they. Born and -- in the -- well. We have a minute left when it comes I guess free agency starts tomorrow 11 thing you said that. -- exit that when agents could talk to players talk to. We column mud and teams so now nobody could've talked to anybody. I can talk to anybody until tomorrow's so -- Well -- that can't talk you can sit. Fair. So well. Always -- it on the on the. All you've done before -- time for me anyway. Kelly you'll -- in casino with a -- in front of his mouth right exactly what you're talking about. Exactly so. And that is why what happened that the white. The and how it goes on. No it was in the first. Week -- one dollar. Certainly we'll look at. The what. At the well is oh. My life. On W Evans and Backstreet. Mike I appreciate your time is always an old targeting and -- a week is free agency and adults are.

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