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WWL>Topics>>3-10 7:15am Tommy, Obama worst president ever?

3-10 7:15am Tommy, Obama worst president ever?

Mar 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to John Maginnis, the Publisher of La Politics, about Gov. Jindal's comments about Pres. Obama

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Over the weekend. At seed -- Bobby Jindal got. 2% of the vote finished in tenth place. Which I think means he's not gonna go to the BCS title game but he will get it to speak at the convention probably in the afternoon on one of the early days. A way I think is struggling to him is that he finished. Way behind Ben Carson a -- a neurosurgeon. I'm sure is well known and could very conservative circles but he got 9% of the vote. Chris Christie 8% -- and it moves on Renee John Maginnis with flop politics joins us right now to talk about something that governors said last week morning John. And tomorrow are you well thanks taking the time with a soapy okay to refer to. -- adult. We'll get to that in the second -- -- about Bobby -- deals. Comments Barack Obama worst president ever. Red meat for the conservative audience and guests and. Well it sure but he's been swinging from the heels lately he would. He got in the president's state -- -- in the driveway. Last week and talked about well. He's level was late in the -- like history and on the economy. He kept up his rhetoric and I take it you know elected its -- back finished they weren't too impressed. But maybe they'll pick him as a president of camera which can come. As I wrote my column this weekend that they you know love politics -- but -- is the he's auditioning for vice president. That he can be the attack dog. -- vote in Florida Republican ticket. Go after the the Democrats lead candidate who could probably beat Hillary Clinton you know help you an example for. So he doesn't do that let you know who's stupid take on on on what -- -- been doing lately. But in terms of aspirations. Is pretty much -- vice president Desi NI -- done. Well. It in the first George Bush didn't think so. No I mean vice president unity -- you're going to be the front runner phobia. -- Republican nominations so you know. You know Walter Mondale and the runner president. So. I didn't put -- push aside that have been a lot of vice president that. -- -- the Oval Office. There have been -- view -- especially about succession at all. And so ballots -- vice president is is is -- -- -- political situation I think it might be dubious at best job that well but something has two years away and ideas about LA game because the well. Sure that's a real public good news gentlemen seat back is -- never been right they've never -- the ultimate winner. And so that should be sobering news to lower Rand Paul -- I did you know one thing I wondered about it before we get to the session is. You know the governor comes out and India's gives the president held in the driveway -- just wondering what was going on the actual losses or is it common for politicians and say. Do each other what they actually -- to the media. Well I don't know another bit and deserves have been those those those meetings but that no I don't think he. I don't dvds personally. Made those remarks to the present. The problems that -- So what the president to say it is feel a -- -- -- probably different -- almost. And so I think you view eldest son utility outside. Tell me about the legislative session -- what the deal we have a lot of foolishness over things that don't matter well -- things it really matter you lost in the shuffle. Well now that we always a lot of foolishness but there's always time to take up things that are important to 85 -- session they'll -- about you know it is of those days. And built a couple of controversial issues this is -- with the governors had taken a backseat. He's not presented a big agenda has some issues he's really adjusted you like crime. It's not about the lawsuit the -- is losing in the flood protection authority east. But for the most part he's going to be you know he's taken out Burton and -- there later this week. And I ended the legislators who -- going to be dealing with issues seems like common core of the education's standards that was so that rose up out of parental discontent over the over the -- propose those senators that are being implemented. And the green army will be on hand to protest in the attempts to stop the -- losses in the of the other -- -- in order for public agencies are expected to CP lawyers and it has -- a raft of issues is an attempt to make it. Easier to have a jury trial. -- appearance here if -- are dependent businesses strive to. You know when velocity. So. And then just -- social issues that really -- a little -- -- level for. Gay marriage to you know lessening -- penalties. So. It's that is accountable pent up. Demand by the legislature -- at the world say all on a lot of issues in legacy. Quite quiet these things bill will be doubly interesting but these -- Thank you John I appreciate your time I got to have a good day we'll talk to again.

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