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3-10 7:45am Tommy, best/worst La. governors?

Mar 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Pearson Cross, the Head of the Department of Political Science at ULL, about Bobby Jindal and the best & worst Louisiana governors

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker at the governor Louisiana Bobby Jindal -- -- -- last week that. Barack Obama was the worst president of his lifetime. And we thought to be interesting to talk to our friend -- and cross over review well Allen and turn the spotlight on Louisiana turnaround on us. And ask you and him who is the best or at least perception wise the best governor in our lifetime of Louisiana and the worst. So it that we want him and doctor Pearson cross as the head of department political science over it you allowed morning. Good to be whip -- good have you -- and I'm I'm glad he took the time Tellme. What history says about governors of Louisiana and and Heidi even set up some parameters -- determined who's good who's bad. Well it's tough because the college color bipartisanship. You know so that democrats' agenda look back fondly at you know indemnity Edward chin and the other -- and Republicans of course it looked back but I. In that case I think he can't do. You know comparison avoid it just so strict partisanship and saying rickety -- out for Louise and I remembered as having the the agenda of the state forward. And in terms of our lifetimes side you know I guess starting with as a child again remember McCants and once you have me in his. Campaign slogan. Just sense and what what does history show in terms of people benefiting in the state I guess people not doing so well businesses thriving in the state not doing so well creations of a business although it seems to me that's a relatively new thing isn't and governor. Yeah governments and -- for reading. -- -- I think trying to start wouldn't get -- the kit that kind of the last governor in the error of good feeling -- -- served two terms that the constitution amended bill. Allow him to do so won by an overwhelming majority in any -- very highly regarded governor. You know in the more modern -- you know. You have to really say governor -- standing out and get kind of maybe that best remembered governor a year ago. And I say it where you reference to our current governor Bobby Jindal. By regional theater be remembered you know overly partisan and has focused on his next campaign. And as having undermine some of the state really important institutions. It. Bobby Jindal is feeling kind down today after coming in tenth in Nazi packed -- 2% of the vote worse and he did last year and it. If I'm him I'm thinking I'm just saying mania I'm staying in man in use and the good governorship of Louisiana's stepping stone now. A part time job if you will further my political aspirations and it seems like I got a foot in both and neither is working. You know that's exactly right -- that -- been doing in this state opera and time seemed to be gained international audience -- that national audience is clearly not you know -- -- -- -- They're not buying into it and although he's gotten some some decent press here and there. Annika right there and you people like in Rand Paul and other people are are way more attractive and I'm sure you scratching your head and enjoy what more killer -- Have to do to kind of be on board we're just trying to Target Center right agenda and Obama such a bad guy you know but it's not work. When you say. Attractive than others out to menu meant attractive as a candidate but I want to talk about that in terms of political science and in history when it comes of voters and candidates because. Is it what he's saying is -- the way he says that the rapid fire delivery is it. That he's not believable is it is it that there are other people that are more believable and I'm not trying to running governor down I'm just asking you to analyze why it is. That Bobby Jindal considering you I think it's no secret the city spent a lot of time. Seeking national office why is it that he doesn't resonate more with conservatives. You know I'm not sure I think had to -- And Immelt -- worthiness I think there's something about that -- people nationwide just haven't said gee this is somebody we really think it's all. For whatever reason I think -- a projection. I think the public perception projections. I think quite frankly isn't solid anybody -- camp in terms of what east. You know it education. Is that -- course development -- you know changing outbreaks cause we're doing kind of things. To try to bulk up its current conservative credentials though. You know I can't the only thing I think that he has exude charisma deficit -- aren't people they meeting is okay but I like that they get better. And and sometimes you know and that's and Bobby Jindal as the guy to be president or nominee or anything it just seems politically some people. We might be better off as a society and I'm not talking about Bobby Jindal but if we would elect the nerds and smartest people in a room no disrespect I respect nerds alike is there. Smarter than I could ever be but sometimes. If we get away from the beauty contests and and go with legitimately the smartest people in the room we might be a little better off. Yeah that certainly separate the fact that you know the president particularly our governors have to lead and -- you know get people. Behind them and project and charisma to really start to move the needle on public opinion. And I think in the -- I think -- -- de Louisiana where we've been able to look past that kind of speaking. Speaking and at some other things but actually -- that made the sale you know. You need a leader that you can believe in that inspired you -- and let that leader you know works fairway you should not gonna work. I wouldn't -- and her argument with the artist and a dramatic arc entering the good guys next to a certain. All -- long -- Got you hey I appreciate your time doctor. Have a good day east and propagation editing and for my daughter he trusts.

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