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3-10 8:15am Tommy, Edwin Edwards for Congress?

Mar 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ron Faucheux, political analyst & President of the Clarus Research Group, about Edwin Edwards potential run for Congress

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

820 now Tommy Tucker out and others about age at an all of this is about. Tom criminal history I don't know -- -- about publicity. Run Scioscia is gonna join us right now upfront -- political analyst and president of the Claris research group to talk about. The -- column rumors some pretty substantial reports and Edwin Edwards is actually gonna run for congress in morning Ron how are you. Under our. I know you have sources all over the place. Arguably did its at all thinking that this is a serious thing that. The four time governor would consider. What -- it it it it's really difficult to kill. -- Antoinette which has a political buddies despite is -- advanced stage and can get votes should look in an election is so what you thought that the end. -- can never be underestimated. But. But I think most people at the sport and politics or -- more -- -- then. They're taking -- seriously by but you don't know and if in fact it does get the race it would be a factor. So many times we hear about national perception and Louisiana politics elbow and I always go back to what -- Andrew then. The -- governor told -- congressional committee right after Katrina when he read them chapter and verse of different states. And different areas where there was a lot of corruption notches in Louisiana but when this kind of thing it would be an embarrassment to the Stater wooded just beat. Taken as you know. I don't know. A flight of fancy by the former governor. -- -- it would be necessarily an embarrassment to the state. You know. Label and threw it right the the -- in the in the country in recent years. You know social. The extraordinary. Numbers so they took a political corrupt and New York example should start off shore so. So that's not just les yeah that's that face this sparked. But I I think that. That. Because. Is is a I think that a lot of the the poison yen in in in. In people's attitudes toward it would Edwards as a result of corruption and it's it's taught in prisoners and and so forth and so on has mellowed some. In fact they were really war. A matter of just amusement. What he would do that and and I'm sure he's probably going this election. Common terms of seed -- and Bobby Jindal and and get numb. Come intent I think it is tied for tenth with 2% of their conservative vote there can case be made designers as seems. That because he didn't do so well with with hard right conservative base that maybe that makes him a more viable candidate to be elected nationwide. Well westerner. To get nominated but by the Republican -- you have to be able to put together. A broad coalition though -- books some of the most conservative. People in the portrayed as well as some of the more moderate people there reporting and and watching -- over and over again and it. Successful Republican nominees usually at the ability to do that. In some ways it in in terms of Foster the governor Jindal. Would be pretty well situated. The people wearing that the different elements of the Republican Party together should he become. Candidate for president should be taken seriously. He's so a lot of provocative things as well as a potential and actual candidate. Trump is referenced to the Republican organisms in the 42. This week at the -- packed conference since. Comments about. School watchers and standing in the low post award in the rebuke from attorney general holder in. And and so is getting a lot of attention. He's saying things that those people aren't saying. And he's breaking through by but it doesn't seem to be conferring votes were president -- the sport. Thank you run I appreciate your time and I'll -- have a good day.

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