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WWL>Topics>>3-10 9:10am Tommy, Louisiana legislative session

3-10 9:10am Tommy, Louisiana legislative session

Mar 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clancy Dubos, WWL-TV's political analyst and Editor & Publisher of Gambit Weekly, about the start of the Louisiana legislative session

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Clancy Dubose. Joins us right now -- WL TV's political analyst and editor and publisher gambit weekly legislative session starts today and let's hope it's not a sleepy Monday there -- -- Clancy. It's never -- -- legislatures. Should you vote with sticks. Founders. Not when you're leaning back in his chair and go after it sort or so so much to. Wouldn't or wouldn't post apocalyptic thank you to stick of course but. They're upsetting that that. It's going to be -- -- out of fuel and sometimes. They vote with some audio is the only person gives -- Nazi. What has so much a proxy very what happens. Legislative will be in the back of the -- talking to someone about an upcoming bill. And he can flashed a thumbs up or problems and the clerk. But the sort of been asserted certain muscles and yet so represent muscles and the -- in the -- indicating articles departments that. And that happens whenever a district that that's and that's certainly a bad thing. -- -- -- -- -- And the machine -- noted that the problem than it used to be more apartment and has now -- attention and culture so that. Did as a group involved become much more. Responsible or whatever and in terms have been in the chamber. When the vote is taken. And I guess -- led -- shorter voting stakes. Leno telling about the session what you know I guess -- handsome was able things -- is introduced that. Lot of notice would have -- No chance of passing and I guess that's appealing constituents. But about some of the -- that Louisiana border and it is. They'll be Clinton or red meat just sessions so that might be a good way to describe the ghost is going to be a red meat section aren't yet people attacking army corps yet people such a lawsuit by the liberty forward local people against. Some court gas pipeline companies she. It's been a more generalized. Broad side are attacked or go to trial lawyers on. Defense companies like those insurance company of electrical tort reform. Not that's just transforming of course that the usual site like the budget. And spending. This is not -- you and which taxes can be introduced so that will be tracks. Yet the fight so world you know how much can we do have to moderate level -- comment. It's over it's. A lot of angst over that one. So are the retirement -- to fight over. In terms a hot button I would think that common core is going to be one of the hottest. It is going to be one. There's. It. Very vocal group of educators and parents out there who are not happy and when voters. Legislators spring into action. The distant perspective that needed on that issue. I'm -- -- not something unique to Louisiana. It's a national -- which adopted our support for our state somewhere in the forties. And actually originated interest in me in order a summer 2007. And that the first. Group and the public sector to embrace common core. -- Republican Governors Association so politically this movement counselor Republican governors. And what's interesting is that now most of the pushed back is being carried -- Republicans. Again and it hasn't comical about standards. And are not met anybody who's a sound mind who against. Having our standard rate in the Bart case because you have to live and a competitive world not just a competitive country. You're gonna compete in any moderates in athletics or. Academics so the business world are constantly raising the bar to compete effectively. And that's what our record at all about. Well as often happens with public policy. Setting the goal as easy getting there are actually in -- and getting care where we have problems with common core. The rollout over the implementation. Of Concord Louisiana and some of the state. Kind of like in the rollout for obamacare and came -- urged them. Put it -- I think not talk to a fair amount educators about the that's what I'm hearing that. In some school districts. The district was pretty well prepared. And they ruled that out overtime if it works fairly smoothly which change is never -- -- the amount awarded bigger ball. There's human beings are very nature park all of we're trying to change -- we get comfortable with the situation room like world war Iraq but what are we doing that's an actual human inclination. On the court. Is about change. So there's a built in resistance just in -- -- on the fundamental level. Padilla -- school districts that -- not that well prepared for a for whatever reason probably demonstrate the public education is critical demonstrations -- -- we do it looked -- meted -- to restrict. To me where the rubber meets the road as his parents in their kids. In a Littlejohn available soon become home and Betty yeah Marvin I understand. It's a new thing now on the parents. We know what collaborate to sentinel chickens to local school. He or she doesn't understand that and parents freaked out but understandable that so. Got sucked a lot of parents who are quite upset about that. Some school district were prepared. -- probably more school districts want not all of -- prepared for what ever read. But it kids seem to be paying the price of so that at the post election list just repeal the common courts and that's with a flight going to be in the legislature. -- hole swapped them bills. Doing various things were and that there's as a pop landscape of bills that some of them just wanted to tweak it. To a more tweak little more -- have attacked things -- -- would architecture permission. Common core supporters saying we don't Sharon palatial hotel yet should do is going to be that big debate. Of people blame. Barack Obama to interest in which the whole comical content Republican government not the Obama administration. Common core existed or Barack Obama even became president so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well and it's become so politicized. Just like to take on now. What what comes through here what wins what prevails is it cracked or is it politics. But that site has yet to be wage what wins I don't know. We usually do in this old saying in war the first casualties -- so true but probably not win out here. -- -- that you deal with parents and indicated that can be a very emotional issue for a look at combatant here but. I think at the end of the day we're still gonna have standards. May be well call it comic Corbett who called something else. But -- into the -- about what you do to raise our diplomatic. And I think that the message has been received at the state public education we could do about it -- implementing changes. Low interest -- knows when you said medial only common chord that's not. Nikita compromise. Is increasing handers but you just don't know what that's the politics -- -- Thank you Nancy appreciate art -- you are.

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