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WWL>Topics>>3-10 9:40am Tommy, missing air plane

3-10 9:40am Tommy, missing air plane

Mar 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to John Hansman, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT, about the missing Malaysian plane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking earlier about that Malaysians. Plane -- just disappeared big old giant -- 239. People hitting it was on board. And no idea what happens Hewlett professor John Hansen and joins us right now he's a professor of aeronautics. And Astro not accent MIT NA aviation expert morning professor. Thanks -- -- in -- time winners from palm. What you know of this UK and can -- think of any explanations and in terms of you know prior history of airliners some -- happened before. All we don't know a lot -- -- point right to know that there they're missing. On the end you there was an area where her the communications weren't very good so. We don't know whether alone the only winner and -- quickly indicates that. Something doesn't happen and they're playing in the we didn't have time circulated -- distress call. Home. In this case where potential that because during an area where they wouldn't may be able to make CDs radio call. Our home I'd eat it. There have been cases that deal on blogger and lots of water while to find them. That's sort of most notable recent -- see. It crash in the south Atlantic. Warner. If it took a long time on the electric -- Better play next week it. Satellite communications building new -- -- -- -- when the proper. Cure and we really don't have anything. Home. You know in your. On. The number Kris K content you know ranging from some sort of mechanical problem airplane. Two. You know terrorism and on cases there was one case of intentional suicide -- book I don't -- -- we've had all -- chief. When it comes to you know. Homing devices or whatever you wanna call -- and trying get a a feel for where this thing is I am just came -- cell phones and Lincoln. Pretty well tell weird if he loses cellphone where it is planes or jets don't have anything -- It would've probably thought those were good we're -- hand you know -- -- -- in the middle. The potency and work well either so you need to be. And a place where you can get to a home. We have radio communication. What should go over the water. You either have to communicate through the satellite. On -- true effectively you know radio. So. Home many -- and can communicate through satellite that is expensive so you -- do little time. In the normal air traffic control. That area is it actually buying. By this you'll hear radio which is not ready to use so it's. And so on with the pork or the -- -- well. So would it be cost prohibitive on all airlines to put some kind of beacon or something -- and a -- even what the word is that good but it tracking device where. They would at least know where this thing was all the time every commercial -- is that not me. Yeah well all airplanes have an emergency. Beacon onboard. Of the battle goes on and after impact. On an incredible leader under water so that. Can't be heard from. -- home familiar. They're playing the black box on the airplane that have under water -- So. Once ships get close enough to word it is. Well normally you can learn and apply in we're. -- the -- -- from that here. And again. Right now because it's a big area in days or so trying to figure out where to focus on. It cannot from the and crap like that you know -- winners crash. Other will be wreckage and the churches in the pool. I saw that they're testing -- closely to see if it came from that plane and orange yet they would be able to do that. Beat because 7770. Sevens can use certain pennant oil -- they know what kind of fuel its plan. Yeah their own. I've been looking for decent fuel grade so if there was an oil -- became from a -- from ownership. That would be different type of little alleviation -- very distinct from all of a little -- I'm sure I -- hunting and about a plane to -- fuel or something like that would that not be a scenario that would confuse them. Pretty first we don't dump fuel very much these days in normally. Fuel dumped an altitude would evaporate he wouldn't welcome. I guess is why shouldn't get my information from Moody's and talk to a professor of aeronautics and astronaut makes and MIT if you had to guess would you guesses and you hate to speculate on this but from your experience. From the dead you've gotten so far from what UC would you suspect -- things on the water. The end yeah. Com if it wasn't. Welcome my suspicion is that it's in the water on you know it didn't come down in somewhere on the more likely. Neither would be. The emergency beacon would be answerable and someone -- seen and so on. And again in all likelihood here in the water. Well then that's -- horrible news and it's not news minutes is speculation on the lighter note. Did you watch at -- -- -- Her own scenarios. Actually in -- -- -- -- the end you probably knew all that stuff. Well I heard it was it was -- it yet thank you professor appreciate it sure in the.

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